tagIncest/TabooMother-in-law Games for Real

Mother-in-law Games for Real


Some of you may have read my stories about my fantasies involving my mother and the games my husband and I often play involving her even though she is not actually with us in bed at the time (See Mother and Daughter fantasy + Mother in law games).

Well last weekend we took our fantasy a bit further and managed to include another woman in our fun.

My husband and I are both 41 and enjoy our sex life, especially acted out each other's fantasies. My mother, Joan who is now 60 is the main focus of those fantasies which often include her underwear borrowed from her house. The more we act out what we both want to do to her, the more we become desperate for it to happen and my husband has been flirting with her outrageously in the last year and even though he thinks she is softening it is not quick enough for either of us.

Therefore my husband hit on the idea of seeing if we could get an older woman to join us in bed and for her to pretend to be my Mom, Joan. I was a bit hesitant of this idea at first, but having such a filthy mind it didn't take long for me to come round to his way of thinking.

We therefore looked on a few web-sites for an older female who would be open to anything sexually. We got plenty of replies, (mainly from men, weird?) but as we explored our ideas with the few older females who did reply, they all dropped out. Okay so most people think we have very perverted minds, but each to his or her own.

Anyway my husband wasn't going to give up and kept searching. In fact he was amazed at the number of older women 60+ who were looking for casual sex.

Eventually he made contact with a lady named Irene who answered one of our ads and they exchanged E Mails and she actually sent my hubby some photos of herself naked. Irene is 64 (she says, though my husband thinks she might be older) medium build with short grey hair and she lives about 25 miles away from us. When she sent the photos she asked him to write back about what he and I would like to do to her and therefore we made up a nice fantasy about her, how much we'd both love to suck her tits and lick her pussy etc. This sort of exchange carried on for a couple of weeks, we sent her some naughty photos of us and she responded with some more of her.

My husband then suggested that we meet and asked if she would be prepared to carry out our fantasy if we both pleasured her body.

Irene said yes.

We decided to meet at a pub near to her home, which we did on Saturday night. We got that a good half an hour before her because we were both so excited, but when she arrived she was very nervous and that was plain for both of us to see. My hubby bought her a drink and we just sat and chatted for a while, not about sex at all, but about her life and a bit about ours. We learnt that she was a widow and had 2 grown up children and 3 grandchildren whom she talked about for ages. I have to say I was getting a bit frustrated, but my hubby was great with her and after an hour I saw a real change in her demeanour.

After another drink Andrew, quite out of the blue, said

"So Irene, when was the last time you had sex?"

She blushed, giggled and said "Oh only about 6 weeks ago, I met a man on a dating site and we did it in his car."

I was really surprised but it relaxed me, because I realised that Irene wasn't as new to this as I'd first thought.

My hubby questioned her more about her "date" and we both learnt that Irene loved sex, in fact as she started to open up, we found out that she was as much into fantasies as we are.

After she had talked a bit more, she asked us what we wanted from her.

I spoke and said "I am desperate to have sex with my own mother, but I don't think it will ever happen, so we want you to pretend to be my Mom, Joan and then you and I can have some fun and then Andrew will join us and fuck us both, because he really wants to shag his mother in law and to be honest I'd love to watch him do it."

Irene nodded, "Okay so all the way through you will call me Joan and I'm to pretend you're my daughter."

I nodded and Irene said "I've never done it with a woman before but always wanted to and as long as you don't mind your husband fucking me at some point not only up my fanny but my bum as well, because that is what I really want, then I am okay with anything that turns you on."

We therefore finished our drinks and went along to the hotel, about a mile away, where my husband had booked a room for the night.

When we entered the room, Irene asked how we would play it out and I suggested one of my fantasies which is catching my Mom naked in the shower.

So Irene went into the bathroom, closed the door but didn't lock it and our fantasy begun.

So as not to confuse the issue for you readers from this point forward, Irene has turned into my Mom, Joan and that is how I will refer to her. She slipped into the role perfectly and the dialogue is to the best of my memory, albeit clouded by passion and lust. Even though up to that evening Irene was a stranger, in that hotel room she became my mother and what follows is as near as I am actually going to get to sex with her for the time being I think.

I opened the door of the bathroom and saw my mother Joan in the shower. She had her back to me and was soaping the back of her neck. My eyes lingered on her lovely arse and I wanted nothing more than to touch it and kiss it. Mom must have sensed my presence because she turned, covering her breasts with her arms.

"Allison dear, I didn't hear you come in, what do you want?" she said.

"Sorry Mom, I'm desperate for the toilet and thought you'd finished in the shower."

"Well I suppose if you need to go, you'd better," Mom said.

I walked over to the toilet as my Mom turned away from me again. I pulled down my trousers and panties and sat down all the time staring at my Mom. She turned and looked at me, this time not covering her breasts. I deliberately opened my legs as wide as I could so she could see my pussy.

My Mom stared at me and I opened myself up with my fingers to show her more.

"Oh Allison darling you are a naughty girl showing Mommy your pussy like that."

I held myself open with 1 hand and gently rubbed myself with the other wanting her to see just how wet I was. My Mom reached for the towel and started to dry herself, fully turning towards me so I could see her lovely large tits and her bushy pussy. She stepped out of the shower and came towards me.

"Oh my little girl is vary bad, does she want Mommy to kiss her down there?"

I nodded, the butterflies in my stomach were going mad as my Mom knelt down on the floor and for the first time in so many years touched my vagina. Her touch was like electricity running through me and before she had even got near me with her lips, my cum squirted long and loud into the toilet bowl.

"Mommy's little girl has cum, she was supposed to do that in Mommy's mouth, I hope you have some more for me," she said.

I then felt her lips on the inside of my thighs and as I eased forward, her lips brushed my wet pussy.

I love having my cunt licked by my hubby but it is over 20 years since I have had a woman do that to me and I have to say it was bloody fantastic. Her lips were smooth as silk and her tongue went straight to all the right places and it wasn't long before my Mom was lapping up the hot juice from my cunt into her mouth.

"I want to do that to you Mom," I said.

"Mmmm in a minute babe, let me milk you dry first," she said.

After another couple of minutes, Mom stood up, took my hand and we went into the bedroom. My hubby was sitting on a chair naked with a stonking great hard on, but we both ignored him.

My mother lay on the bed and told me to lick her fanny and that is exactly what I did, firstly kissing her grey/black pubic hair and then running my tongue the full length of her labia before delving into her lovely soft wet honey pot. She opened herself with her own fingers and I kissed and licked her, finding her clit with my tongue and using it to make her cum into my mouth.

"Mom, that's wonderful please don't stop, Mmmmm cum some more and more please," I moaned.

With a mouth full of her juice I moved up the bed to kiss my Mom for the first time passionately. She was as hungry as me and our lips met and tongues entwined, both of us reaching for each other's tits. I fondled my mother's large breasts, nipping her nipples between my fingers as she caressed my boobs.

"Suck Mommy's boobies darling, like a good girl," she told me.

I did as I was told and licked and kissed and sucked every inch of my mother's magnificent tits.

"Yes bite me babe," she said and I pinched her nipple between my teeth, not too hard, but enough for her to yelp in passion and pain.

"Ally darling I want you to suck my tits all the time, I want you to be Mommy's good girl and suck them when I tell you."

"Anything for you Mom," I said.

We carried on for a while, just the two of us and then my hubby said, "Look this is fucking awesome I can't wait any longer."

The 3 of us then agreed that Andrew would come in and catch us and strip off, (though he was already) and join in the fun.

So he went into the bathroom and came out exclaiming "What the hell are you two up to."

"Mommy's baby girl is just keeping Mommy happy, how about you keep Mom happy too," Mom said.

Andrew came straight over and joined us on the bed, grabbing hold of my Mom and kissing her passionately. He squeezed her tits and I watched her wrinkled hand reaching for this throbbing cock. Watching my mother and my husband enjoy each other's bodies drove me over the edge again and my love juice ran freely onto the bed. Andrew was going to be able to control himself for long and a couple of swift strokes from my Mom was all that was necessary for him to send a long thick stream of cum over her stomach and up to her tits.

"Oh yes," Mom said, "That's wonderful."

I dived straight in and licked Andrew's cum from my Mom's stomach and then from her tits as my hubby pushed them into my mouth.

Mom still had held of Andrew's dick which was now only semi-erect and she told him to stick it in her.

I watched as my hubby mounted my elderly mother and started to fuck her in front of me, after a couple of minutes, he pulled out and I noticed that he was as hard as ever. He pushed my Mom onto her side and started to fuck her from behind. I moved in front of her and we stared to kiss again. In between she kept asking me if I was turned on by watching my husband fuck my Mom and if I would let him do it all the time whilst I just watched.

I just said yes to everything, as Andrew pounded in and out of her and I tasted her mouth with mine and fondled her large saggy tits.

After a bit more of that, Mom wanted Andrew to lick her arse and then fuck her there. He went straight down and tongued her rectum and I soon joined him and we took it in turns to lick and tongue Mom's lovely arse hole until she was wet enough for him to fuck her arse. I watched up close as his cock slowly moved in and out of her arse and Mom told me to lick her pussy whilst he did and it wasn't long before she spurted in my mouth and he did the same up her arse and as he pulled out I watched as my hubby's spunk drained from my Mom's bum.

It was obvious then that she was exhausted, as was Andrew who was completely drained and the three of us curled up on the bed together in silence for sometime.

For me it had been a wonderful hour, a chance to live out my fantasy and as I write this now, my pussy is leaking profusely just thinking about it.

What is even more wonderful is that Irene has promised to do it again and is happy for us to go to her house next time.

After the session, Andrew took Irene home after she had cleaned up, whilst I stayed in the hotel room. He did tell me that she wanted him to go in and fuck her again before returning to me, the horny bitch, but he didn't as he didn't want to do anything behind my back. However if she keeps helping us out with our sex life, I'm quite happy for her to have some fun all to herself as long as she keeps being Mom for me.

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