tagMatureMother-In-Law Gets Freaky

Mother-In-Law Gets Freaky


It all started as a simple conversation between my wife and I, joking about why it was that her mother was so mean to everyone that she came in contact with. My wife was telling me that her mother had been in only two relationships in her entire life. The first of which ended in her giving birth to my wife now and a second that just ended without warning. Having had a little to drink, I jokingly said to my wife that maybe what she needed is some serious dick from someone that understood her pain and would be gentle with her but at the same time would violate her very insides with passion and lots of semen. Not taking anything afterwards that was said serious, my wife said then why don't you help her out, she seems to have place lots of trust in you over the years.

About a month had gone by and my wife was asked to take part in a speaking engagement for displaced children. She told me that she would be out of state for at least a couple of weeks but that she had arranged for her mother to come over and help out with the children while I was taking care of our business at her at home.

That very first night that my wife was away, Rosita (her mother) had dinner all prepared and the children were at the table already eating when I arrived home from the office. I came in spoke to everyone and went straight to my bedroom to shower and dress down for the evening. Forgetting that the wife was gone, I came out of the bedroom wearing nothing but my silk boxers and slippers. Quickly my mother-in-law said, "You know I helped pick those out for you, they look very nice on you son", "thank you I responded". After all the children were placed to bed and the house was shut down we passed each other in the foyer and she made a comment that went a little something like this, "Before Sharice left she told me to make sure to remind you about a gift you had for me in your bedroom"?

My heart sank to my stomach fearing that my darling wife had set me up. What was I going to do? How was I ever going to tell my mother-in-law that this gift she was so ready to receive was me? We just sort of stood there looking at each other until she said, "whatever it is son I'm sure I will love it coming from you". That wasn't what I needed to hear at that moment. It was good, but carried an awful lot of weight with it at the same time. See my mother-in-law isn't hard to look at in the lease, she's short (5' 3") but has all the right stuff in just the right places and then some. She is very religious and always wears dresses or skirts, but when she comes to visit she almost always sits on the floor with her legs just open enough to get a glimpse of what she has to offer.

Grabbing me by the arm, she led me to my own bedroom and with a glow in her eyes looked at me and said, "I'm closing my eyes and when I open them I was my gift". With that I ensured her that she would get just that. So I told her to turn around and close her eyes and when I was ready to present it to her I would whisper in her ear.

She smiled and did what she was instructed to do. Moving quickly before I lost my nerve, I removed my silk boxers and slippers and turned the lights down in the bedroom very low (dimmer switch). Then I slowly moved behind her and whispered in her ear, "I'm going to have to put my arms around you to give you this gift mother". Giggling like a pre-teen school girl she stood there waiting while I positioned myself behind her naked. Then deciding to myself that I just needed to go for broke, I placed my hands around her waist and moved her backwards towards me until her hot ass was in full contact with my throbbing manhood. At first I expected her to turn around and slap the shit out of me, but instead she seemed to accept what it was that was going on or for a better term, going to happen.

Sensing now that there wasn't going to be a struggle, I turned her as so she was now facing me and with all the love and gentleness I could muster slowly pulling my face closer to hers kissed her as she was my virgin bride. Softly she moaned giving into the feeling of being loved and touched by a man, something that hadn't happened to her in almost 27 years. Suddenly I felt her hands beginning to show signs of life and movement, raising her hands from her side she was now inserting her fingers into the opening of my boxers finding the head of my hardened tool. While never loosing physical contact we slowly moved closer to the bed and I began to remove articles of her clothing. At first she was timid and put up some resistance, I guess it was her Christianity kicking in.

Feeling that if I didn't do something to make her forget what was entering her mind, I may loose her and she would never get what we all knew she really needed. With one swift movement, I planted my face into her mid-section and began to give her gentle kisses with occasional flicks from my tongue right in the center of her bellybutton. Then it happened, I felt her body shudder. Taking mental notes I then moved my hand between her clothed legs at the bottom of her dress and began to move slowly upwards. After a mere few seconds that seemed to last forever I made contact with the her panty covered preciousness. "What was this", I thought to myself….was she getting moist already? Moving my fingers to the center of her panties to confirm my thought I came across more wet material. Inserting a finger into the lining of her panties, she quickly closed her legs together and at the same time allowed them to come back apart.

Using all the strength that I had, I used it to spin her around and onto the bed with me, and shot that dress of hers that she was wearing up above her waist. Then next thing on my sexual program was to place my face where it was apparent that no man had ever gone before. I continued placing little soft kisses on her stomach tracing my way back down to her moist flesh while at the same time pulling those panties down to her ankles. Once they were removed, I began kissing my way back up until I came into contact with her vaginal lips, with my tongue I slowly spread them apart and inserted the tip of my tongue and gave it a little wiggle until I was able to locate her "Pear-tongue", I know I must have lost track of all the time in the world because the taste, the aroma, the juices had me in some type of spell or something.

Suddenly I began to feel a tugging on my ears, she was reaching down attempting to get me to stop and move up to mount her. Thinking I had done this pleasurable favor for her I began thinking that she really needed to return the favor, but how does one just ask his mother-in-law to suck his dick. Then it flashed in my head, I would position myself to the level where she rested her head and attempt to reach over her to grab something, anything from off of the nightstand. I was just about on my way back to my side of the bed with success when I felt the tip of her tongue touch the shaft of my cock, slowing down I stopped once I was able to maintain my balance.

Not saying or thinking anything for fear that she would stop, I slow placed my hand upon my rod and slowly began to feed it to her. She hesitated for a moment and then swallowed and then it was off to the races. Maybe she didn't know what to do, maybe she was scared or maybe she was trying to remember her best technique. Whatever it was, when she started back I just knew that I didn't ever want my mother-in-laws lips to ever leave me. Figuring what the hell, I decided to go for broke and threw a knee on either side of her head and proceeded to 69 her... the rest later, my mother-in-law is calling(smile).

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