Mother-In-Law Lust


I watched her eyes as they fluttered again and she let out a soft murmur, "uhhmm," almost as if she were in pain and she kept her lips stiff against mine. It looked as if her eyelids were struggling to remain open, but slowly lost the battle as her eyes sluggishly closed. I felt her lips soften slightly under mine so I tilted my head and my lips sunk a bit more into hers, but she still stood perfectly still. I wanted to ravish her mouth, but fought against the impulse and just let my lips languish against hers. I began to slowly move my head up and down, my lips caressing hers.

Eleanor's eyebrows raised as she let out another quiet sigh, "uhhm", allowed her neck muscles to relax, causing her head to swivel along with mine, all in surrender to my kiss!

The kiss had no weight to it at all and yet it was the most lustful kiss of my life! The room was silent except for that soft sound joined lips makes. My libido was in over drive and my dick was pulsing like crazy. I felt the overwhelming need to grab hold of her and press her body against mine, but the island was between us and I couldn't get at her. The kiss went on, almost in slow motion, our heads gently moving up and down in unison as our lips softly brushed against one another.

Almost at the same time we stopped moving and slowly pulled back, our lips clinging in places for a moment until they gradually parted. I pulled back just far enough to focus for a reaction. Eleanor still had her eyes closed and she was breathing in very shallow, quick breaths through slightly parted lips. I was intoxicated by that kiss as she lifted her eyelids in a droopy haze and focused on my mouth, looking like she was trying to come to grips with what had just happened. I gazed at her and found myself staring at her glistening lips.

"GOD THOSE LIPS" I screamed to myself, "I have to taste them again"!

I was worried that she would come to her senses and slap me, but it was like I had become addicted to this woman! I creeped forward again, looking at her for a reaction, but Eleanor continued to stare at my lips as they came closer and closer to hers. Then, to my surprise, just as they were an inch apart her eyelids drooped and she lifted her head slightly and tilted it to align her lips with mine, parting them as she waited for contact! I hesitated for a second, our parted lips hanging in anticipation, and, as I resumed my descent toward her, she moved forward to meet my lips with hers, merging them in steamy, sinful kiss! The feeling of our parted lips meeting somehow felt more illicit and caused us both to let out a soft moan, "uhmm".

This time we moved in unison, our lips lightly joined, our heads gently swaying up and down, caressing our lips together. The gentleness of the kiss was maddening and salacious at the same time and I realized how much hornier it made me compared to my usual brute passion.

My dick was pulsating like crazy in my pants as we continued, our heads bobbing, pressing our lips firmer together, yet maintaining the delicateness of the kiss. The feeling was incredible! After a few moments she stopped, placed her hand against my chest and gradually pulled back, our lips slowly prying apart. Her eyes slowly opened and she looked at me, laboring to breathe.

"Stop.. Michael, this ...this is very wrong! We....can't...let this continue!" she moaned.

She was looking dazed as she stood straight up, her eyes downcast.

"I..I...don't know how..this happened, but we have to stop!" she cried.

I looked at her, trying to think of the words that could get her calmed down so I could continue to work on her.

"Eleanor...I um...don't have an explanation...for my behavior.. I just got a little carried away.." I said. She looked me in the eye, and said "I..I don't blame you entirely, Michael." She looked down again and said "I mean...It started out somewhat innocently...that first kiss could be an impulsive.......but when you kissed me the second time...I...I.. should have pushed you away....and yet...I...I...allowed it to go on....I yielded to it! I..I..don't know what came over me! And then, as if that wasn't bad ..tried...again...I should have gotten a grip of myself, but...I...not only allowed it to happen..I...I it....I god...I...kissed you as much as you kissed me! How am I ever going to face John and Patty after this?"

I stood there thinking and then began to move around to her side of the island, but she suddenly looked up with a startled expression and began to move back. I stopped and rested against the far end of the island and she stopped along the side. She was close enough that I could reach out and touch her, yet far enough that she felt comfortable.

"Eleanor...I wouldn't worry about John and Patty, they never need to know. It was just something that happened and it can remain with us" I said in an attempt to reason with her.

God, Patty can't ever know about this!

She didn't look at me, but said "Oh, Michael...I wish I could explain to myself how this happened! Nothing like this has ever happened to me.....I...I....just...."

"Eleanor, I'm to blame." I said. "I got carried away. I can't really were standing there...and I was noticing how lovely you are...and I...had this uncontrollable urge to kiss you! I couldn't help myself! Then after I did...I..couldn't stop thinking of how good it felt..and I was overwhelmed with the need to do it again! It was an irresistible urge, and I couldn't help myself!"

As I spoke she would glance up at me and then divert her eyes down, as if she were embarrassed by my explanation.

She interjected "Well that may be so, but it doesn't change the fact that I'm old enough to be your mother...and..Iam your mother-in-law and this kind of thing just doesn't happen! It may explain part of it and you might make a case of us being a bit hung over and perhaps not thinking clearly, certainly doesn't you......when I..... kissed you that third time....!!!"

I remained silent for a few moments, measuring my response carefully.

"The only explanation I have for it was it was almost intoxicating." I said in a quiet tone. "The look on your face, the way your hair reflected the light, the way your lips felt on was all too much. I never gave any thought to who we were....I just the feeling. I...Iam so sorry, I don't know how you could ever forgive me"

I was laying it on thick, trying to play on her sympathies. She looked at me for a while and then took a step toward me.

"Well, Michael, I guess there's enough blame to go around. I just feel so....dirty!" she cried.

I interjected "Please don't, it wasn't like that. This wasn't some primordial urge I was acting on and I really don't believe it was on your part either. I was captivated by you just now. You're an incredibly attractive woman and I can't remember the last time I felt so lost in someone's presence."

Her eyes widened as she took in what I was saying

"Oh Michael...I don't know what to say. No one has ever said those kind of things to me before. I can tell your being sincere, I...I'm just in shock..." she replied.

I scanned her face for a second for effect letting it all sink in.

"I..uh..didn't mean to make you feel awkward or uncomfortable and it wasn't my intention to put us in an unwelcome situation,.....I truly couldn't help myself." I said.

Her eyes softened and she replied "I believe you Michael, I do. Your words just took me by surprise. I..uh...guess I know a little about what your talking about, I experienced it with ...that...last...kiss."

She stopped speaking and looked down again. At that moment I don't think I've ever wanted any woman as much as I wanted her. It was like an ache that went to the deepest part of my groin.

I leaned toward her and said "Eleanor, I..I...can't explain it, but I know I can't resist it"

I continued to lean forward, her lips in my sights. She seemed frozen in place, eyes widened at my approach.

In a hushed, small voice said "no michael....don't........please...."

She placed a hand on my chest as she moved her head back a bit to keep our lips from making contact. I slowly closed the remaining distance, my lips coming closer and closer to hers until I felt an electric thrill as my lips touched hers and then rested against them in a feather-like kiss, causing her to let out a muffled "huhmmm"!

I moved my head in a slight up and down motion, brushing my lips against hers as her eye lids fluttered and the fight going on inside showed on her face. I pulled back, our lips parting slowly, waited a scant moment and then leaned back in, lips parted and captured hers with mine. I lightly caressed her lips as she let out another soft moan and I felt the tension in her face relax as the pressure of her hand on my chest relented.

I pulled back once again, peeling our lips apart, until we were a few inches apart and focused in on her face. She looked at me under veiled eyelids, her breathing was short and rapid, her lips parted and wet. I started to bend forward again, keeping my eyes on hers as she kept glancing from my eyes to my mouth and back again.

As we got within a couple of inches, Eleanor steadied her gaze on my lips and softly moaned "Oh, Michael!!".

She tilted her head and began to match my pace as she leaned toward my mouth and parted her lips. Together we closed the gap between us, parted lips touching and then melding gently together in a fiery, wanton kiss!! We lingered for a second, the feeling of the kiss robbing us of our ability to breathe, to move! Then gently we began to sway our heads, our parted lips rubbing together, sending sparks between us as we pressed our mouths firmer together. I reached out and placed my hands on her waist, grazing them up and down her sides and then gradually pulled her toward me. Eleanor showed no resistance, as she seemed to float across the distance separating us until I could feel her large tits and hands come to rest against my chest. I moved my hand around to the front of her robe, untied the sash, and then slid both arms inside the robe and around her waist.

I gently pulled her towards me, pressing her tits into my chest. As we continued to kiss, our heads bobbing in a slow lustful dance, I felt Eleanor's arms slowly snake their way up my chest and around my shoulders until they came to rest tightly wrapped around my neck. Our bodies were pressed firmly together, her tits crushed into my chest, our groins jointly meshed. As the heat from our kiss began to rise, Eleanor let out a muffled cry and our lips opened and ground against each other in unbridled passion.

Our heads were bobbing madly now, as if we were searching for a way to get our mouths closer together. My hand were running up and down her frame, taking in all those luscious curves I had been dreaming about. Without breaking the kiss, in one motion I pulled her arms down and pulled her robe off her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. She quickly wrapped her arms back around my neck as I crushed her body back against mine! I could feel her hardened nipples piercing into my chest as my hands resumed their ravishing tour of her body. I was out of my head with lust as our open lips continued to knead together, both of us moaning into each other's mouths! I reached down with both hands, grasping the hem of her nightie, and pulled it up over her waistline. My hands shot back down, grasping her two silk covered ass cheeks, and pulling her groin tightly against mine.

"HHHUUUMMMM!!!!" she moaned, but never broke our soul searching kiss!

I had to have her, now, anywhere!!! I quickly placed my arm under her thighs and lifted her into my arms, briskly walked down the hall into my bedroom and gently sat her on the bed. She looked totally disheveled, eyes all glassy, her mouth red and wet.

She looked up at me and "Oh Michael, we can't, WE CAN'T!!!" and began to scoot across the bed.

I reached out and grabbed her upper arm pulling her back to me as I placed both knees on the bed, crawling towards her. As we met in the middle, both of us on our knees, I wrapped my arms around her once again. I pulled her against me and looked down into her eyes, which were wide open with anticipation.

"No Michael, please, let me go, we can't do thmmmppphhhh....!!" I had cut her off with an open-mouthed kiss.

She struggled for a moment as I kissed her deeply, and then went limp in my arms for an instant before she began a low moan and began to return the kiss. Her arms slowly made their way up my chest and around my shoulders as the kiss grew hotter and hotter until we were both lost once again in the throws of passion. We were moaning loudly, our mouths fused, churning against each other. My crotch was buried against hers and I could feel my load begin to boil in my nuts, wanting to rush up my shaft. I reached for the hem of her gown and slowly raised it up over her hips to just under her arms where it caught and hung between us.

I glanced down and felt my dick lurch as I eyed Eleanor's long, sculptured legs, her taut, creamy thighs and her sexy hips encased in silky, black panties! I couldn't resist the urge and let my hands fall down her sides and caress those legs and thighs I had been drooling over for these last couple of days! God, I wanted this woman like I had never wanted anyone in my life!!! Our hips began a slow, hypnotic, dance matching the rhythm and pace of our kiss. My hands made their way up her hips and across her ass, caressing the twin moons through the silk panties before continuing up to her sides to the edge of her nightie.

I pulled my chest away just enough so my hands could push the gown up and past her heaving bosom.

The material clung to her heated form before it slowly gave way, climbing up her tits, catching on her erect nipples for a moment before clearing its way up to her neck. There they were, those globes she had kept hidden from me, now suddenly exposed, ripe and calling out for my touch! They were melon size with a bit of sag, with big extended, nipples surrounded by the largest areolas I had ever seen! God, were they hot!!

I put my hands at the base of each tit and slowly made my way up, caressing each globe, pulling it up until I captured a nipple in between the fingers of each hand and teased and flicked at each one.

Eleanor moaned into my mouth "EEEHHMMMMM"!! and pushed her tits into my hands, slowly undulating each boob and nipple against my palms as if she were trying to satisfy an irritating itch. I broke the kiss and lowered my head to her left tit and captured the nipple and her areola in my mouth and began to bathe and tease the nipple with my tongue! She let out another moan and grabbed my head with both hands, running her fingers through my hair. I wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her towards me, pushing more of her tit into my mouth and sucking on her extended nipple. Her hands were tugging and pulling at my hair as she continued to let out a low moan like cry.

Her hands left my head and traveled down to my waist, paused for a moment, then hesitantly reached under my shirt and lightly caressed their way up my chest. As I altered my tongue bath between her two tits, her hands became more deliberate, running across my chest, lingering on my pecks and nipples. I felt that by the attention she was paying to my chest she had probably (and I confirmed it later) been thinking about it since bumping into me coming out of the bathroom last night.

Without missing a beat on sucking her tits, I grabbed her gown from around her neck and pulled it up, forcing her to abandon her stroking of my chest, and cleared it over her head. She seemed to take that as an invitation, because no sooner had I flung her gown to the floor I felt her hands tugging on my shirt, forcing me to abandon her juicy tits in order for the shirt to clear my head. We looked at each other for a brief moment, both of us naked from the waist up. I then slid my hands around her waist as she wound her arms around my neck and our mouths met in another wanton kiss! The feel of her naked tits buried against my bare chest sent my nerves into overdrive and I knew I had better fuck her soon or I'd come in my pants!

My hands made their way down her back, slipping past the elastic waistband until they came to rest on her round ass! I caressed her buttocks, kneading her rotund backside before latching my thumbs onto the waistband and pulling her silk panties down to her knees. My hands made their way back up her thighs and hips, lingering once more on her ass before coming to rest around her waist. I leaned against her and, with no resistance, lowered us onto the bed, her tits buried under my chest, my legs straddling one of hers. I struggled with my pants, working them over my hip and finally freeing my painfully swollen cock. The touch of my rock hard dick against her silken thighs sent another jolt through my system and I moaned into her mouth.

Her panties remained strung across her knees so I put my foot into the crotch and pushed them the final distance down her legs and off her feet. I renewed my efforts with my own pants and managed to maneuver

them down my legs and, with some struggle, off my feet. I returned my arms around her waist and my full attention to our kiss, which, with our naked flesh splashed across each other, began to increase in vigor and needful lust. I shifted my lower half across her thigh until I came to rest between her splayed legs, my dick nestled in her furry twat!! I began to stoke my dick against her soft bush, foretelling the action that was about to start, which caused our heated passion to reach the boiling point. We were groaning into each other's mouths as our hands were running all over each other. I knew the moment had arrived and I reached down to her twat and rubbed two fingers against her swollen pussy lips. To my surprise my fingers were quickly enveloped into the fiery, soaking confines of her sucking cunt!! I had never felt any woman get this wet as my fingers were quickly swimming in a flood of cunt juice as they sunk all the way in! This caused Eleanor to groan into my mouth and roam her hands wildly up and down my back. I couldn't wait a moment longer and removed my fingers from her dripping snatch, pulling my hips back until my dick was poised at the entrance of her steaming channel.

My dick head made contact with her wet outer lips as they easily parted, allowing me entrance to the hottest cunt I had ever felt!! I quickly sank all the way into her scalding canal, my balls coming to rest against the crevice of her ass! The incredible feeling ran through us both, causing us to clutch one another in a vise like grip.

"EEEEHHHHMMMMMMMM"!!!!! Eleanor moaned into my mouth and wrapped her legs around my hips.

"OH.... MICHAEL!!!" she cried out, breaking our kiss.

I slowly began to churn my dick in her blistering trench, sucking franticly on her neck. This was the moment I had been dying for, my dick buried deep inside her, her gorgeous legs wrapped around me, and my chest crushed against her luscious tits! It was too much and even though I had only been inside her for 10 seconds I knew I couldn't last. I wanted her too much, to possess her, to spend the rest of my days buried inside her!

As I began to pump my cock in and out in short strokes I felt a tingling begin in my feet that quickly spread throughout my body. At the same time Eleanor's twat began a relentless, insatiable, milking sensation around my cock and I knew she was as close to coming as I was. All this was accompanied by an ever increasing, loud groan from both of us as the feeling washed over us like a gigantic wave!

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