Mother-In-Law Lust


I froze as I felt the cum rush up my shaft and exploded out the tip in the most mind numbing orgasm of my life, one that felt like it was coming from my toes and pushing my entire being out through my dick! At the same time Eleanor tensed up, mashing her pelvis against mine, her pussy franticly sucking around my shaft, sending her in the throws of an equally powerful orgasm. "OOOOHHHHHHHH......MMMMIIIICCCCHHHAAAAAAEEELLL!!!!!!!!" she screamed out my name.

As wave after wave of pure pleasure hit us, we clutched at one another, mouths wide open.


I came in buckets, her famished twat wildly sucking at my shaft, my cream spraying the walls of her scalding cunt as her molten juices bathed my dick. The sensation went on and on, as I felt we were cumming for hours and long after the final drop left my cock we continued to clutch each other tightly as the emotion continued to surge over us! As the feeling subsided we attempted to catch our breaths and regain our whereabouts, our heads spinning in the aftermath of that life-draining climax. I softly rolled off her and onto my side as she turned towards me, her eyes shut tight, her mouth open, panting.

I closed my eyes for a moment in an attempt to rest and regain my strength. I had never felt so drained and depleted after sex as I did right now. It must have been the build up, the longing, the desire finally culminating in a short, yet intense fuck, that, while it wasn't the longest or gymnastic of my life, was the most draining. It was the act of fucking my own mother-in-law, a woman who absolutely drove me to heights of lust I didn't know were possible, that made the whole experience so overwhelming!

I opened my eyes and was surprised to see her staring at me, her eyes filled with tears.

" Well Michael are you happy now?" she cried. "We betrayed the people who mean the most in our lives and for what? So you can brag to your friends that you got your wife's mother in bed? Another notch in your gun? I never felt so dirty in my life!" and she buried her head in the pillow.

I didn't know what to say. Was she right? Was this all it was about, another conquest? I looked down at her and took her naked form in. The way her ample tits spilled out onto the bed, the nipples brushing against the sheets. I looked at her soft tummy and wide hips sloping down to those creamy thighs and the most stunning set of legs I have ever seen. Much to my amazement I felt a stirring in my loins and my dick began to harden, all from just looking at her. I realized then that this was more than lust, more than just a lay. I had real feelings for this woman. She stirred something in me that I had no idea existed and I wanted her again, not to fuck her, but to make love to her!!

I looked down and her and said "Eleanor, its ....its not like that. I..uhm....I don't take what we just did lightly. Its just that over these past few days I felt myself becoming more and more attracted to you. I would just look at you and I could feel it in the pit of my stomach."

At this point she lifted her head and looked at me through teary eyes as I spoke.

"I...I..can't explain it, I was just drawn to you, I...I think you're an incredibly attractive, sexy woman and I just felt compelled to try to get near you. When we just.....did it, it was the most incredible experience ...." She made her eyes roll for a moment as if agreeing with me

" left me weak. When I saw you in the kitchen just now.. I...I...just couldn't fight it anymore...I...I needed you....I...wanted you so just took control. It was like trying to resist some preordained fate...I didn't have the strength...I..I..didn't then and I..don'"

I brought my parted lips down on hers and kissed her softly as she stared into my eyes. The kiss lingered and I began pressing my lips firmer against hers and I heard a soft moan escape her lips. I saw her eyes begin to flutter as she began to respond to the kiss and, finally giving in, she closed her eyes shut and gradually inched her arms up over my shoulders and around my neck. I slid my arms around her waist, squeezing her body against mine, as she began to return my kiss with furor, mouths fused together, heads bobbing in a lustful dance.

We were consumed by the passion all over again, as if it had been days since the first time, never mind barely twenty minutes! Now I pride myself on my recuperating powers and in most cases I can be ready for round two in an hour or so, but never in my life had I been able to get this worked up so quickly! This woman could ignite unbelievable passion in me with just a look and I knew I'd never be able to get enough!

Our bodies began to rub against each other, following the rhythm of our kiss, sending sparks across and through our groins. I couldn't wait and quickly positioned myself between her legs, feeling my dick come into contact with her furry mound. I lowered myself onto her and began to rub my engorged cock up and down against her swollen pussy lips, fueling our lust as we began to moan into each other's mouths. I lowered my hips, pausing for a moment as I felt my dick-head line up with the mouth of her twat, and slowly plunged my cock once again into her steaming channel. I felt a combination of my cool cum mixed with her hot juices bathe my dick as I sank deeper and deeper into her boiling snatch. I hit bottom and began to slowly pump my cock in and out as Eleanor let out a deep shudder and grabbed at my arms while she wrapped her legs around my hips. We broke the kiss and Eleanor froze in place and then cried out as if she were wounded

"OH,MICHAEL!!!OH...MY...GOD...MICHAEL!!! she cried.

I felt the same overpowering feelings and began to moan as well


I sucked on her neck and ear as I tried to control the intense feelings in the base of my dick. My lips blazed a trail across her cheek until our lips slid wetly against each other. We began a leisurely pace of slow, sensual penetration that matched the pace of our deep, soulful, kiss. It was the most erotic fuck of my life as we writhed and moaned, Eleanor hunching her hips to receive each of my thrusts, her pussy clasping and releasing my throbbing dick.

It went on and on, neither of us wanting this feeling to ever end as we clung to one another, grinding our hips against each other in an illicit, sinful act! Suddenly I felt those familiar sparks ignite at the base of my dick and travel up my shaft, warning me that I was about to loose it. I picked up the pace as Eleanor gurgled and sobbed in ecstasy, our hips flying at one another. Just as I felt the cum race up my shaft Eleanor's pussy convulsed around my rod, gripping it in flexing waves!! Our mouths parted as Eleanor's back arched and we both let out a strangled cry.

My dick shot wad after wad deep inside her as her snatch furiously clutched and milked my spewing member! We held onto each other for dear life, both of us shuddering in the throws of an overwhelming orgasm! Long after I had stopped cuming my dick continued to twitch, and pulsate, sending small jolts through Eleanor's pussy, causing it to quiver around my shaft and, in turn, return those jolts to me. It was too intense of a feeling to move, so we continued to clutch at one another, riding out this final surge of sensation.

When it finally subsided we loosened our grips on one another and slowly relaxed, my body resting on hers. Our breathing was heavy and labored and we were covered in a light sheen, a result of our unleashed passion. I pulled my head out of the crook of her neck and focused on her face as she did the same. I think we were both feeling the same thing, a sense of overpowering emotion that had taken us to a place neither one of us had reached before. I slowly lowered my head and gently pressed my lips to hers and she raised her arms around my neck and kissed me back. This kiss, while it lacked the passion of the last few, was deeper, more ardent, and with more affection as we fused our mouths together and languished in it for several long minuets, still joined together. I could feel our co-mingled juices escape Eleanor's twat and puddle beneath us as we continued to kiss, lovingly, gently, caressing our mouths across one another's.

I finally felt my dick fall out of her warm canal as we broke off our kiss and lay side by side, drifting off to sleep.

I was roused from my snooze by the jostle of Eleanor getting out of bed and grabbing her nightie from the floor. I raised my head and was about to speak when she looked at me, quickly lowering her eyes in a guilty fashion.

"John will be home soon..I..I've got to...shower and get dressed." she said.

With that she left, leaving me alone and wondering if this would be the last time I'd get her in my bed. I quickly realized that I also had to shower and dress and get over to the hospital, since it was nearly noon. As I finished getting dressed I heard John come in and go to the guestroom where I could hear him in conversation with Eleanor. When I was ready to go I headed out to the kitchen and found John there alone reading the paper. He said Eleanor was still getting ready and that they would see me at the hospital. I said fine and left, driving to the hospital to visit my wife and baby, the same wife whose mother I had just fucked royally!

I was at the hospital with Patty and the baby for about an hour when her folks walked in. Eleanor was in a

blue striped short sleeve shirt with an elongated neck that revealed part of her shoulders and a pair of pleated, white shorts. She avoided all eye contact with me, hardly acknowledging my presence in the room,

a result of being filled with guilt. She and John sat at the wall opposite the foot of the bed making small talk with Patty while I sat at her side. While John was somewhat obscured by the bed, Eleanor was clear in my sights. During their conversation, Eleanor crossed her legs, causing her shorts to ride up. As I gazed down her frame my eyes came to rest at the sight of her exquisite, creamy thighs fully exposed by her creeping shorts. It was too much for me as I stared at those luscious legs, remembering that just hours ago I had lied between them, pumping my dick into her hot, wet snatch until I exploded deep inside her! I felt that familiar lurch in my shorts and was soon overcome with desire for my mother-in-law once again! With the doctor's decision to send Patty and the baby home tomorrow, I was truly depressed to think I may have had my one and only shot at her mother.

I needed to get out of there for a bit, so I told Patty I needed to run to the store for some gum. I ended up walking around the streets of the hospital like some lovesick kid, trying to figure out what I was going to do with this relentless desire for Eleanor. After thinking about it for a while, I realized that I still loved my wife and the life we were going to have with the baby and I would just have to get used to the idea that I had the hots for my mother-in-law. After all, how often would we see them anyway?

I made my way back to the hospital and found out that Patty's folks had left to do some shopping for her homecoming. I hung out for a couple of hours holding the baby and spending some time with my wife. I was looking forward to getting them home and getting our life back on track, including fucking my wife again! I was sitting on the bed with Patty, getting kind of frisky with her when she reminded me that we were still five weeks away from being able to have sex again! Just great, I thought, no nookie from the wife and my mother-in-law still at the house for another week driving me crazy. I'll be spending a lot more time in the bathroom with old rosy palmer!

It was suppertime when I got home and I found the folks in the kitchen preparing it. They had been out grocery shopping and buying supplies and clothes for the baby. John gave me his usual stoic greeting and Eleanor just looked at me and gave me a pained half smile. This was going to be a long night. I decided to go sit in the living room and read the paper while they got supper together. Before I left I couldn't help take a sly glance at Eleanor, watching her bend over to get a pan and giving me a wide eyed look at her round ass and long legs. I felt my pulse quicken at the sight and quickly retreated to the living room, burying my nose in the paper.

About a half-hour later John announced supper was ready and I tossed the paper aside and sat there for a moment envisioning the setting at the table. John at one end, me at another and Eleanor in the middle, no one saying much, just getting through the meal. But sometimes fate plays a hand in things and offers you an opportunity you didn't count on. As I made my way to the table John had taken his seat at one end and Eleanor was placing her plate down in her customary place, at John's left. However, they had left all the bags from their shopping trip on all the other chairs except for the one next to Eleanor! John offered to move them as I got there, but I told him it wasn't necessary and I sat right down next to Eleanor, much to her dismay!

We began to eat with John making most of the small talk, with Eleanor grunting or shaking her head at him, but never even acknowledging that I was in the room. At one point I glanced down and caught sight of Eleanor's silky thighs, framed by the napkin in her lap. All through dinner I kept stealing glimpses of those thighs, being careful not to get caught. I lost all control at one point and was overcome with the need to touch them. I let my right hand drop to my lap and then slowly slither across my leg to the side of my chair and then up the side of Eleanor's chair, all the while watching them both. They were in some uninteresting conversation about the golf course John played at today and not paying any attention to me. My fingertips came in contact with her satin thighs and my dick jerked in my pants while Eleanor took in a sudden gasp of breath! John asked her if she were all right and she covered by saying she felt a chill and tried to relax as my hand roamed up and down her thigh. They were so soft and smooth, I knew she must have shaved them just this morning, an image in my mind that made my dick jerk again.

Eleanor struggled with trying to regain her composure and tried leaning away from me to escape my wandering hand, to no avail. She tried crossing her legs, but that only gave me access to the underside of her thigh and brought my fingers close to her bushy mound, which was beginning to emanate some heat. John announced he was putting some coffee on and started to get up and I froze with my hand on Eleanor's thigh where it meets her ass. The moment he was gone Eleanor grabbed my hand, looked at me with exasperation.

"Are you crazy???!!!" she whispered, exasperated. "Your going to us caught and we'll lose everything we care about!! Now stop it!!!"

She threw my hand back onto my lap and got up with her plate and went into the kitchen. I sat there and thought about what she had said and it confirmed in my mind that she was obviously scared of this thing ruining our families. I had no idea what to do next, so I brought my plate into the kitchen and turned right around and went back into the living room and turned on the t.v.. John and Eleanor sat at the table drinking coffee and making small talk for a while and eventually Eleanor got up and left the room.

I heard her enter the bathroom in the hall and soon could hear the shower while John joined me in the living room. We didn't say much to each other, partly because he was reading a magazine and partly because I was feeling a little guilty.

I mean what would I say to him, "Gee, Eleanor is a great fuck, would you mind if I did her again?"

It's not like we had a lot to say to one another before, but now it seamed all the more difficult. We sat there for a while, him reading and me watching t.v. while I heard Eleanor come out of the bathroom and go to her room. It was obvious after a while that Eleanor wouldn't be joining us and in a short time John got up, said goodnight and went to bed. I watched some movie for a while, but couldn't really concentrate, so I gave up and went to bed. I must have just lie there for over an hour, replaying the events of the day in my mind, especially the time spent with my mother-in-law this morning. Sleep came slowly, always more difficult with a raging hard on, but eventually I drifted off.

I was awoken in the middle of the night by the creaking sound of my door opening. I'm a very light sleeper, so it doesn't take much to wake me. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 1:45am and then focused at the door, trying to adjust to the dark. I strained to make out if someone was actually coming in or if the door just happened to creep open. I could make out a form slipping thorough the door frame and quietly closing the door behind them. The majority of my room is flooded by moonlight shimmering in through triple windows along the far wall, except by the door, which remains in shadow. It took a moment for whoever it was to walk into the moonlight and for a moment I was afraid that someone may have broken in and was about to try and rob me! Those fears were pushed aside as the figure walked towards the bed and I could clearly see that it was Eleanor!!! As she reached the side of my bed I sat upright, looking at her.

"Eleanor, what...what are you doing here?" I asked in a hushed tone.

She looked at me with a pained expression.

"Oh, Michael, forgive me, I..I didn't mean to startle you" she said "I..uhm...I..I..couldn't sleep. I...haven't been able what happened today off my mind. "I.....I'm so ashamed... and yet....I....couldn't


She looked down and grabbed the sash of her robe and slowly undid the tie and let it fall, causing her robe to part and exposing part of her naked form underneath!!! My dick lurched to attention as she grabbed the sides of her robe and pulled them off her shoulders and allowed it to fall to the floor. She stood before me, the moonlight illuminating her body, her heavy tits tipped by erect nipples, her womanly hips framing her blonde bush leading down to those heavenly hips and killer legs! I drank her in for a moment and then held out my hand for hers.

She looked at me for a moment and then cried out "OH, Michael." clasping her hand in mine as I anxiously pulled her onto the bed with me.

Her arms went around my neck as mine encircled her waist and our parted lips met in a crushing, urgent kiss! We fell to the bed, me on top, as we were consumed by the fire of passion, holding onto one another in a tight clench. Our mouths were fused together, grinding against one another's. My raging dick was resting on her sopping wet bush as we continued to ravage each other, hands wildly caressing each others body, fanning the flames of the white hot lust that threatened to carry us away. As with before, I couldn't stand much of this before I felt like I was going to explode all over her.

I lifted my hips and felt my cock head fall across her swollen pussy lips and into position at the entrance to her steaming channel! I gave a gentle shove and felt my dick make its way up the smooth walls of her tightly clasping cunt, bathing it in searing pussy juice, until I came to rest with my bloated balls slapping against her pivoting ass. Every nerve ending in my body came alive as I slowly began to pump my distended member in and out of her hot snatch, her body tossing under me, slipping and churning in a delirious spasm. I broke the kiss and attacked those glorious tits, alternating between the two, sucking the pointed nipples between my teeth and bathing the huge areolas with my tongue! This drove her to new heights as her cunt began sucking hungrily at my aching dick, convulsing tightly around my rapidly plunging hardness!

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