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Mother-in-Law Nude in Public


This is a true story of the first time i saw my mother in law naked and exposing herself in public.

I was going camping one weekend a few weeks ago with two guys from work. The day before my father in law tells me that hes going upstate and that he needs me to take out the old wall unit from the living room. So i figured i have the guys from work with me so ill head over there early before we head out and they can help me take it outside.

So i figured my mother in law went with him because he didn't say that anyone would be home. We get there around 5 in the morning, its not light outside yet. So i unlock the front door we all go inside, i don't hear anything so i figure no one is home. As we start to try and more this thing we realize were gonna need the dolly from the basement. I tell one of the guys its in the garage downstairs and he goes to get it. Two seconds later i hear someone screaming in the basement, I run toward the basement steps and i see my mother in law running up the stairs trying to keep this little towel that barely went past her hip on as she runs up the stairs.

She looks up and sees me, but shes was so freaked out that she didn't realize it was me, she turns and opens the side door and runs out of the house, but as she does the towel gets hooked on a nail in the frame and it falls off. So now my friends are looking at me like what the fuck is going on. I run out after my mother in law, i see her big sexy ass bouncing as she turns the corner into the back yard. I yell to her in Greek and she finally realizes its me and not someone trying to break into the house. I get to the back yard and shes just standing there naked trying to catch her breath looking at me like WTF are you doing here.

By now the guy that lives next door comes outside because he heard the screaming, he runs to the back yard and when he sees my mother in law naked, he just stands there smiling. I look around and notice even more people looking out there windows, i'm sure all the guys that have been drooling over my mother in law all these years were loving this.

My mother in law was still freaked out like a deer in headlights so i just scooped her up and threw her over my shoulder and took her back in the house. I get her back inside with the guy from next door right behind me and i put her down in the kitchen. Shes still totally naked in front of four people and she starts talking to me like nothing is going on, telling me that shes so happy it was me and that she forgot my father in law told her i was going to come by and take out the wall unit.

She asks if we want any coffee, so i tell her in Greek that maybe she should get some clothes on. She looks down and says of shit, so im thinking shes going to go get dressed. What does she do.. she walks over the towel takes it off the nail and puts it back on, not that im complaining because shes got a great body and the towel while it covered her tits it did not cover her past her waist, so from the waist down she was totally naked and shaved so you could see everything.

I get the guy next door the hell out of the house, my friends from work are talking to my mother in law like nothing is going on. And of course when she offered them coffee they definitely wanted some. I look at them like im gonna kill them as they sit there smiling from ear to ear. I start telling her in Greek that she's still half naked, and should go get some clothes on. She turns around and gives me a dirty look faces my friends and asks them if they have a problem with what she's wearing in her own home, before they could say anything she holds the towel open showing them her huge tits and flat stomach and says or maybe it would be better if I took this off, and right at the same time both of my friends say, yes that would be much better.

She takes off the towel folds it up giggles her big booty down the hall puts it on her bed and walks right back still naked. She tells us to go sit in the living room while she gets the coffee ready, so we go. After a few minutes she tells me to open the shades to the windows in the living room to let the sun in. So you know the living room has one huge bay window it 10x12, so I go and open them up all the way like she wanted. So by this time the sun is still not all the way up yet so we had to keep the lights on in the living room, so pretty much anyone outside can see right in the house.

By now im starting to realize the situation and that besides us everyone driving by or walking down the street is going to have a perfect view of my mother in law's naked body, and I start getting turned on wondering what she's thinking. After a few minutes my mother in law walks in with coffee and I can tell she's nervous as she looks out the window.

I figured she was trying to play it off like being naked was no big deal but when she realized that with the shades open and the lights on anyone could see inside, she started to get scared of the neighbors seeing her naked in front of three guys, and that she would be the talk of the neighborhood, but by now it was too late for her to back down. So I figured I would have some fun with her. I made sure to make her get up as much as possible and bring me more coffee or napkins anything to make her stand up so that anyone outside could see her.

After a while my friends noticed what I was doing so they got in on it too, dropping things on the floor so she would have to bend over in front of us or asking for more coffee, after a while I could see her looking outside and her breathing changed and start getting red in the face like she was going to have an orgasm. I turned around to look out the window and saw a few of the trouble makers from around the neighborhood in front of the house pointing and talking to each other.

This was my chance to see how far she would take this game. I turn to her and tell her that we should invite them in for some coffee, she stared at me and turned an even darker shade of red. I tell her to open the door and tell them to come in. I got up and waved them over to the house, they all started walking up the front steps to the door, she waited a few seconds trying to get her breathing under control.

There was a soft knock on the door and I told her it would be rude not to answer it. She stood up breathing heavily and there was a very visible wetness between her legs. She was shaking when she reached the door and they knocked again. I walked up behind her and opened the door all the way so they would have a great view of her naked body. After I opened the door I noticed they all had there phones out flashes started going off as they took pictures of her, she was so surprised she didn't even try to cover herself up.

I was going to close the door but when one of them told my mother in law to turn around so they could see her big ass, her breathing got heaver as she turned around and looked at me as more flashes went off. One of the guys slapped her ass a few times and she jump with excitement and I could tell she was getting turned on.

A few seconds later someone said bend over and she started shaking as she bent at the waist in front of all these guys. More flashes started going off and I put finger to my lips to let them know to be quiet before the whole neighborhood was out here.

She held on to my arms so she wouldn't fall over from the excitement of being on display to these guys. The same guy started slapping her ass again and she let out a soft moan, this really got them going and they told her to spread her legs so they could get a better view. She spread her legs as far open as the door way would let her and again more flashes going off.

By now the sun was almost out and people were starting to leave for work and the street was getting a little busy. people were slowing down as they drove by to try and see what was going on. One of the guys told her to come out onto the porch and put her hands up against the house like she was getting strip searched, as soon as she did it seemed like everyone in the neighborhood was outside. They spread her big ass open and all of them moved so everyone could she that the prim and proper Ms D. was an exhibitionst.

One of them started to finger her wet pussy and another held her ass spread wide. Her whole ass giggled with his thrusts and my mother in law was about to cum. I didn't realize it but one of the neighbors, a real asshole that hated my father in law because on some property line dispute, was on his porch right next door filming everything with a camcorder. He had a great view of everything that was going on, before I could do anything I realized my mother in law was looking right at his camera, as she starts yelling faster to the guys fingering her.

The neighbor yelled over at the guy fingering her and told him to get her to my back yard before anyone called the cops. Before i realized what was going on they we're all gone. I closed to door and ran out from the side of the house but they were already inside his yard. I ran up to his fence and tried to open it but it was locked. I could see through the fence, the neighbor had the camera up close to my mother in law's face, as she was bent over a chair, still getting fingered by the same guy he told her to look into the camera and say it.

She looked up at the camera while trying not to moan, My name is Ms D. and I'm an exhibitionist slut. The neighbor told her she did good and that she had to give her permission for him to record her and before she was allowed to cum. She looked right into the camera again and said, Yes you have my permission to record me, record you doing what, the neighbor said.

Record me being a slut in public, now can I please cum. Not yet he said, I want you to look right into the camera and tell everyone in the neighborhood that this is what you do when your husband isnt home. My mother in law wanted to come so bad that she would have said anything. She looked at the camera one more time and said

My name is Ms. D and this is what I do when my husband isn't home. My neighbor then told her she was allowed to cum, the guy behind her started fingering her so hard her whole body was shaking, she started moaning and It didn't take her long after that for her to cum. After she came she somewhat regained her senses, and realized what just happened and who had recorded it.

She didn't know what to do put stay there bent over until someone did something, for the next hour I watched as my beautiful milf mother in law was put in every possible position for these guys to take pictures and videos of her. I watched my mother in law anally fucked for the first time in her life at 57 years old, her legs spread wide open in front of the camera begging for someone to put a hard cock in her pussy. I watched as these guys came all over her face one after another then take pictures of her mouth open full of cum. And this is how it all started.

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by DAPSlittlelady5005/16/18

Very interesting

If this is really true, I think it’s very wild and would love to hear more about her.

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