Mother-in-law Peeping for Halloween


Yet, in hindsight, other than some mutual flashing, I'm glad nothing more ever happened with my Mom. With a history of lusting over my female relatives, aunts, cousins, my mother and my sister, I have enough to feel guilty about without being pained by the reality now that I had sex with my mother then. Then, as if I'd ever forget, there was my sexy sister.

When I think about hiding in the closet, probably because I'm standing in a closet now, I haven't hidden in a closet, since I watched my sister undress. Like mother like daughter, if hiding in the closet worked on my mother, I knew it would work on my sister.

Always walking around the house in their nearly see-through nightgowns, while giving me plenty of down nightgown views of their tits and up nightgown views of their asses and pussies, they were oblivious that I was intent on seeing them naked, naked, naked. They had no idea they were living with such a horny, incestuous pervert or did they? A son who wants to see his mother naked and a brother who wants to see his sister naked, how could they now know how much I lusted over them?

My sister being a younger version of my Mom, their naked bodies were so very similar. After I saw my mother naked and then my sister naked, I never looked at my mother or my sister in the same way. With the naked image of them forever implanted in my brain and my mind forever filled with incestuous lust for them, I always wanted to have sex with them. Yet, even though I masturbated over the thoughts of having sex with my mother and/or sister every day, I never did and I'm glad I didn't.

Maybe I should take heed of that as a warning and not try to see my mother-in-law naked. Maybe, once I see my mother-in-law naked, now being an adult man, instead of a young adult boy, I may be more apt to take the next step and have sex with Jennifer's Mom. I could lose everything I have worked so hard to have. I could lose Jennifer for some quick, hot sex with her mother. Is it worth it? Yes.

Again, just like I did after seeing my mother naked, just having to call up the memory of that day, I masturbated for years over seeing my sister naked, too. Yet, somehow, just in the way my Mom turned to face the closet, before slowly undressing, I suspected my sister knew I was hiding in the closet watching her get naked, when she turned to face the closet, too.

Just in the way she moved around the room, always staying in view of me and in the slow, sexy way she stripped out of her clothes, I think she liked the idea of being seen naked by her brother. Naked, naked, naked, I can't believe I not only saw my mother naked but also my sister, too, and now, hopefully, I'll add my MILF of a mother-in-law to that naked list of female relatives.

Why the mere thought of hoping to see my mother, my sister, and now my mother-in-law naked, while hiding in the closet and masturbating, so excites me is a real puzzler. Is it the incest that makes me crazy with desire for them? Actually, I'm not related by blood to my mother-in-law but the thoughts of seeing her naked excites me in the same way it did seeing my mother and sister naked.

I've seen lots of naked women, none of them from inside of a closet, other than my mother and my sister, of course. Yet, now with the hope of seeing my mother-in-law naked, none of them have excited me in the way that it did when finally seeing my mother and my sister naked from inside the closet. What the Hell is it about hiding in the closet to watch female relatives undress? Why does that excite me so?

Even though at 20-years-old, I wasn't so pure and innocent then, maybe for some unknown reason, at 35-years-old now, seeing my mother-in-law naked from inside the closet is my way of recapturing that pure, innocent, albeit incestuous excitement that I had when I watched my mother and my sister undress. Yet, now, aroused with the sexual anticipation, the mere thought of watching Diane strip naked, never have I been as sexually excited as I am now. Unable to stop now, I need to see my mother-in-law's tits, ass, and pussy. I need to watch her remove her clothes. I need to know what my mother-in-law looks like naked.

"Naked, naked, naked, I can't wait to see Diane naked."

I remember that I was so sexually aroused watching my mother and sister undress that maybe they heard me stroking myself in the closet, while watching them undress. Maybe knowing that I was hiding in their closet masturbating that's why they both gave me more of a show. It excites me to think that they did. It excites me to think that they knew I was standing there with my hand around my cock and stroking myself, while watching them get naked, naked, naked.

Maybe, knowing that I was hiding in the closet watching them strip, they were just as excited to show me their naked bodies, as I was excited to see their naked bodies. It excites me to think that they were. Knowing that I watched them undress and saw them naked, it excites me to think that they masturbated over me later, in the way that I masturbated over them then.

Now, fifteen years later, married with a sexy wife and a MILF of a 50-something-year-old mother-in-law, here I am hiding in the closet, yet, again. With some things never changing and so many things staying the same, I couldn't help but wonder if I'd still be hiding in the closet to spy on my son's girlfriend or my daughter-in-law getting naked, that is, once I had children and if I had a son. Or maybe if I had a daughter, I'd be excited to watch her and her female friends strip naked, too, while hiding in the closet. Maybe by then, I'd have money enough to afford to build a custom designed house with secret passages that led to the built-in closets in all the bedrooms.

"I'd see everyone naked, naked, naked, then."

Whatever the reason, obviously it's incest that so excites me. Whether it's my mother, my sister, my future daughter-in-law, daughter, daughter's friends, and now my mother-in-law, I wish I could feel that same excitement watching my wife strip naked in the way that I'm so very aroused with the thoughts of watching my mother-in-law removing her blouse, unzipping her skirt, unhooking her bra, and wiggling out of her panties. Now that I think more about it, returning me back to the time when I was a horny, testosterone filled, young adult male, maybe the closet has something to do with the experience of peeping and seeing something so forbidden and so sexy that I shouldn't be seeing.

Maybe the next time my wife strips naked, I should hide in the closet, that is, along with a few of my friends. I wonder knowing that I was hiding in the closet with my friends, if my wife would continue to strip naked, while pretending she didn't know we were in the closet watching her getting undressed. I wondered if she'd put on a striptease show for us. Along with her MILF of a mother in the orgy, I wonder if she'd have sex with us, a gangbang, that is, before calling her divorce attorney.

Notwithstanding my history of hiding in a closet peeping, while masturbating, the perfect opportunity, with Diane drunk and me horny, I was hoping to watch her undress for bed. I was hoping to watch her unbutton her blouse to expose her abundant cleavage and her bra clad breasts. I was hoping to watch her unbutton and unzip her short, tight skirt and allow it to fall to the floor to expose her panty clad ass and pussy. I was hoping to watch her parade around the room in her sexy bra and bikini panty, before, God help me, removing her bra, taking off her panty, and (gulp) getting naked.

"Oh, yeah, naked, naked, naked, I was hoping to see my mother-in-law naked, naked, naked."

With the sexual fantasy of seeing her reach around her back to unhook her bra, I imagined her tits every time I masturbated over the thoughts of her topless. Having never seen her tits, other than imagining her naked and other than seeing her in her bikini and seeing the sides of her breasts exposed, when she unhooked her bikini bra to allow me to rub sunscreen on her back, I've never seen much more than her cleavage in a down nightgown view and her bra in a down blouse view. I always wondered if her tits looked much like her daughter's tits, except not as high up.

Did they have the same big nipples? I wondered if her areolas were brown or pink? I needed to see her tits to know. I needed to see her tits, so that I could imagine them, every time I masturbated over the thoughts of having sex with her. If nothing else, if I could only see her tits, I'd be a happy man.

I held my breath and stroked my cock faster imagining her removing her panty to expose her ass and pussy. I needed to know, is she trimmed, shaved, or bushy? Oh, my God, for a mature woman, she has an incredible ass. She has one of those Hollywood asses that plastic surgeons give their older actresses and that, until she turned around, judging her age by her ass, you'd think she was thirty years younger.

I'd love to see her panty clad ass, while imagining feeling her ass through her panty. I'd love to see her naked ass, while imagining feeling her ass, squeezing her ass, spanking her ass, and fucking her ass. I wonder if she ever took it up the ass.

"Oh, God, I'd love to tap that ass, while reaching around to fondle her big breasts and finger her nipples."

A sexual fantasy come true, I was hoping to, finally, see my wife's mother naked, naked, naked, or at least topless and in her panty. A long shot, but another sexual fantasy come true, I was hoping to have sex with Diane. Only, it's one thing to think about having sex with my mother-in-law and quite another thing to actually have sex with my mother-in-law.

There are so many other ramifications and repercussions to consider. Unless I was in the process of divorcing my wife, a line that should never be crossed, once I had sex with my wife's mother, once I even tried to have sex with my mother-in-law, the grandmother of my future children, nothing would ever be the same and everything would change, forever. Did I dare risk losing my wife over having sex with her mother? If the answer was the same when I was sober and relaxed as it is now that I'm drunk and horny, then, absolutely. Yeah, for sure, I'd risk everything, Jennifer and my marriage to have sex with Diane.

I'd never be able to keep that I had sex with her mother from my wife. Somehow she'd know. Women always know the lying and cheating dogs that men are. Sadly, no woman is safe from us, if not our own mothers and sisters, especially not our wives' mothers, our mothers-in-law, and especially our wives sisters. If my wife had a sister, I'd be trying to see her naked, too, no doubt, while imagining having sex with her. After I saw my mother-in-law naked and if I was to have sex with her, too, from then on, my relationship with my mother-in-law would always be filled with as much sexual excitement as guilt over having seen her naked and, if it was to ever happen, after having sex with her.

One step at a time, needing to see her naked first, if I could, before pondering the possibility of having sex with her, did I dare have sex with my mother-in-law? Am I so incestuous insane to dare have sex with my wife's mother? How depraved am I to even think such thoughts? Besides, how would I even go about having sex with my mother-in-law? I'm actually mad hiding in her closet, while hoping to see her naked. For me to even consider the next step in having sex with my mother-in-law is just total madness.

For me to get away with it, without doubt, she'd have to make the first move. Even then, it would have to be a mutual thing with her wanting to have sex with me as much as I want to have sex with her. A very discreet and special relationship, if I was to stay married to her daughter, sex with her mother would have to be consensual, not forced, and not even coerced. It would have to be our dirty, little secret.

Still, I wonder what she's like in bed. I wonder if she talks dirty. I'd love to talk dirty to my mother-in-law. I'd love to hear her talk about my cock, before taking me in her hand and then in her mouth. I'd love to hear the sounds she'd make, when she had an orgasm. I'd love to feel her legs wrapped around my back, while I fucked her, really fucked her. I'd love to shoot a load of cum in her pussy and another one in her mouth.

With both of us being a little bit drunk tonight, I don't see how having sex with one another would work. Then, again, with both of us being a little bit drunk tonight, able to blame it all on the alcohol, maybe this is our perfect opportunity to explore one another's naked bodies. Oh, yeah, I could see how having sex with one another would work.

Our little secret, if my peeping plan worked as I hoped it would, Jennifer must never know that I saw her mother naked, never mind had sex with her mother, if my perfect plan was to go that far. She'd go ballistic if she knew I was lusting over her mother in the way that I should be lusting over her. For sure, she'd throw me out of the house, if she knew I fucked her mother.

While standing in the hall stroking my cock and waiting for my mother-in-law to come to bed, I wondered, what would it feel like to hold her tit in my hand? What would it feel like to finger and to suck her nipples, while she fondled and stroked my cock? What would it feel like to fuck my mother-in-law, really slam my big, hard cock in her warm, wet pussy, and her hot, shapely body in the mattress?

Would she be as excited as I am? Would she cum, as I surely would? Would she scream my name and tell me she loves me? With our sexual antics hidden from my wife and a total embarrassment for her daughter to find out, forever able to coerce my mother-in-law and blackmail her to continue to have sex with me, would she forever be my sexual slave, my sexy sex kitten, and my red hot fuck buddy?

Consumed with incestuous lust, panicked with worry, and sweating with fear, my need to see my sexy mother-in-law naked overshadowed my sense of decency, negated my commonsense, and vetoed my consternation of being caught. I didn't care about the consequences later of my desperately despicable actions now. If my wife caught me spying on her mother undressing, no doubt, she'd call me nasty, along with a few other choice words, after she treated herself to a shopping spree with my credit cards and before she contacted a divorce attorney.

Would she tell her mother I watched her strip naked? I didn't care. Yet, with Diane knowing I saw her naked, it excited me that she'd know that I saw her naked. Would Diane be excited that I lusted over her enough to hide in her closet to watch her strip naked? Would she masturbate over the thoughts of me having seen her naked, in the way that I'd, no doubt, masturbate with the memory of having seen her naked?

What would Diane's reaction be to know that I was interested in her enough to peep on her? I didn't know. How would she react to me seeing her naked. I didn't know. Yet, as if I had tunnel vision, myopically focused on just one thing, and caught up in the incestuous excitement of the real possibility of seeing my mother-in-law naked, everything else didn't matter. I didn't care if my wife caught me looking, I needed to see her mother naked, naked, naked.

Stealthily, as if an Indian sneaking up on a white man to scalp him, quietly, yet quickly, as if I was on a sliding conveyer belt, I moved from the guest bedroom to the master bedroom. I listened at the master bedroom door to make sure Jennifer, was still asleep and, once hearing her snoring, I stuck my head over the railing to listen for Diane downstairs. With the excited sexual anticipation of a testosterone filled, young adult male peeping on his mother undressing and stealing peaks of his sister stripping naked, too, an understatement, after having already watched my mother and my sister strip naked, anxiously waiting for Diane to come to bed, I listened for the expected arrival of my mother-in-law with the hopes that she'd strip naked, too.

"Where is she? What the Hell is she doing down there? What's taking her so long? Just come to bed already, so that I can watch you undress from inside your closet."

With my drunken wife asleep on the far side of the house and my drunken mother-in-law picking up the kitchen downstairs, hoping not to be caught between a rock and a hard place, hoping not to be detected and my intentions deduced, I stood in the hall between the master bedroom and the guest bedroom quietly listening and impatiently waiting for Diane to appear. What in the Hell my mother-in-law was doing downstairs, I had no idea. Why is she was taking so long to come to bed? I didn't know. Taking too long for my peeping show to happen, being so exposed and with so much that could go wrong, scared enough to change my mind, but excited enough not to, I anxiously waited for her to come to bed.

Supposed to be in bed sleeping with Jennifer, with everything so quiet, fearing detection, I dare not move. I dare not cough, sneeze, fart, or make a sound. Fearing my sexual intentions would be discovered by my wife and/or by her mother, fearing my peeping plan would be ruined and I'd never have another opportunity to see my mother-in-law naked, I dare not breathe. Wishing I had a pair of security cameras, one to watch the movements of my mother-in-law downstairs and one to see if my wife was still asleep, where is she? What is she doing down there?

"Just come to be already."

Then, I wondered, did she fall asleep downstairs? Is she passed out drunk on the couch? I imagined her sleeping on the sofa with her skirt bunched up around her waist and her panties so exposed. I imagined creeping downstairs and watching her sleep and, as soon as I saw her, wanting to touch her, feel her, and grope her, but daring not leave my second floor perch for fear of detection, I didn't want to ruin my potential, perfect, peeping plan.

What if she's unconscious downstairs? What if I'm missing my best opportunity to touch her, to feel her, and to undress her? What if she's not unconscious but downstairs waiting for me to come to her? Away from the prying eyes and the supersensitive hearing of my wife, yeah, of course, that's it. What if she's purposely downstairs waiting for me to come to her? I don't know. Do I dare take the chance of ruining my peeping plan to go downstairs to see if she's sleeping on the couch or waiting for me to come to her?

What if she's so far gone drunk that she has no idea where she is or what anyone does to her? I could touch her, feel her, strip her naked, and stick my cock in her hand, before sticking my cock in her mouth? Because of her drunkenness, what if she'd never know what I did to her unconscious body? Nah, I'd rather have a willing sex partner than one that was dead drunk.

Yet, what if she used the pretense of drunkenness to suck my cock? What if pretending to be drunker than she is, is her perfect plan to have sex with me? Still, no matter the pretenses, for my incestuous lustful plan to work, I need her to want me, as much as I want her.

Yet, because she was taking so very long to come upstairs, after my wife went to bed, I couldn't help but think that she was downstairs waiting for me. What if she willingly wants to have sex with me and is waiting for me to have sex with her? Oh, my God, that's so incredibly exciting to imagine that my mother-in-law wants me, as much as I want her.

Dreaming of someone else, would my mother-in-law give me, her son-in-law, a drunken hand job? Would she give me a drunken blowjob, while pretending that I was someone else and knowing it was me, her daughter's husband? Or would she be wildly angry and screaming that I touched her and tried to have sex with her. Now wondering all of these things, having sex with my mother-in-law taking the place of peeping on my mother-in-law, I didn't know what to do. An overload of incestuous sexuality, I just didn't know what I should do or not do.

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