tagIncest/TabooMother-In-Law's Accidental Nudity

Mother-In-Law's Accidental Nudity


I have read many mother-in-law stories and never would have believed any of them had I not experienced it first hand with my mother-in-law, Charlotte.

It started long ago when I was first married. Back then, my mother-in-law was an attractive 40-something-year-old and I was a horny 20-something-year-old. My wife and I had a third floor apartment in her father's 3-family house. Living on the third floor was great because it gave me access to the roof where I would go to tan in the nude. Since this was the tallest structure in the neighborhood, no one could see me, unless, of course, they were flying overhead in a helicopter but no Paparazzi wanted to take my photo.

One hot, summer day, I was tanning on the roof. Horny and naked, I started stroking myself and had an erection within a couple of strokes. The hot sun felt good on my erect cock and every time it became flaccid, I'd stroke myself back to hardness. The teasing felt good. I did not want to cum, I just enjoyed that feeling when you were nearly at that point but stopped and did it all over, again.

Yet, all the while I was alone on the roof, I felt like I was being watched. When I turned my head, I thought I saw my mother-in-law's head duck down. We had a bulk head door that led to the roof via a 10 foot ladder.

"Nah," I said to myself, "I'm just wishfully hoping Charlotte is watching me stroke my cock."

An hour later, I headed downstairs for a drink. Since I lived on the third floor and my mother-in-law lived on the first floor, I would climb down the ladder, go in my house, and climb back up the ladder naked. I took my time. I went to pee, grabbed a snack, and poured myself a cold drink. Only, when I returned to the back porch to climb the ladder, my mother-in-law was standing near the top and peeking over the side.

"Son of a bitch." I was right. She had been spying on me, the slut. I tiptoed over to where she was and looked up.

Clearly, I could see up her housecoat. She always wore a housecoat and never wore anything underneath her housecoat, no panties and no bra. Whenever she stood in the sunlight, you could clearly see her naked form. Whenever I was in her apartment, I always positioned myself so that when she was opening the refrigerator door at night, I could get a glimpse of her naked silhouette through her housecoat. I spent many days jerking off over the thoughts of seeing my mother-in-law naked, but it never happened, that is, until that day.

I walked underneath the ladder to get a glimpse of her bush and was not only rewarded with a good look of her pussy but an up blouse, or in this case, and up housecoat look of the underside of her tits.

So, here I am standing on my back porch naked and holding a cold drink while looking up at my mother-in-law's naked ass. She looks down, sees me standing there naked (Hey, I'm a guy and did not care if she saw me standing there naked and looking up her housecoat) and nearly falls down the ladder trying to get down while trying to make an excuse why she was up there in the first place.

"Oh, there you are. I wondered why the bulkhead was opened. I knocked at your door and there was no answer."

Knocked at my door, my ass, she did knock at the door because I would have heard her knocking. I was right there in the kitchen by my back door getting a cold drink.

Suddenly, she loses her balance and slips off the rung and falls down the rest of the 8 or 9 rungs trying to regain her composure and maintain her modesty as she is falling. Only, an exposed nail catches the hem of her housecoat and pulls it all the way up as she falls. Do you get the image?

My mother-in-law is standing on the back porch hooked by a nail over her head while her housecoat is bunched up under her arms. Still holding my cold drink, I take a step back to view the scenery and she cannot even put her arms down to cover herself. "Ah, sometimes, life is good."

"Freddie," I say to myself, "take all of this in because you will be reliving this moment over and again while jerking off at the replay of it."

First of all, she has dark brown curly hair on her pussy and it is bushy looking like it needs a trim. I avert my stare up a bit to view her C cup tits and she has dark areolas and dark erect nipples. Her tits are just like her daughters only they sag just a little. For a mature woman, she has a voluptuous body with extra weight contained to her ass and tits.

As I'm staring at Charlotte naked, my penis slowly grows to an erection. I see her eyes look down, dart away, look back down, then look up at me, and back down, again. Obviously, she has had a thing for my cock as I have had for her body.

She struggles trying to free her housecoat to cover her nakedness but to no avail.

I put my drink down to help free her, and I am standing so close to her that the head of my erect cock is touching her belly making it grow bigger and harder. Because of the tension, there is no way that I can free her. I cannot even rip her free from her housecoat. After a few minutes, I tell her to climb up a couple rungs. She climbs up three rungs and her pussy is at mouth level. I can smell her.

My hands are trembling trying to accidentally touch strategic body parts while trying to free her and while trying to make my inappropriate touching appear accidental and necessary in the effort of freeing her from this beautiful nail that could not have been in a better place had I nailed it there and planned the entire thing. I love that nail.

Still unable to free her, (darn) I tell her to remove the housecoat and she does and climbs back down. She stands there with her arms folded around her tits. I think to myself, wouldn't a woman first cover her pussy with her hand and cover her tits with one arm? I climbed back up the ladder, now my cock is at her mouth level and she is staring at it. I take my time unhooking her housecoat, climb down, and hand it to her. She puts it on as she scurries away red faced and embarrassed. Her hasty retreat gave me a good look at her ass, though.

I spent that day and the next few weeks reliving that moment in my mind while jerking off. Man, I had some horny days that summer and I jerked off 3 and 4 times thinking of Charlotte standing on the ladder with her housecoat bunch beneath her arms while her pussy and big tits were exposed for my viewing pleasure.

It was some weeks before I saw her, again. It was obvious that she was avoiding me because prior to her accidental nakedness, I saw my mother-in-law every day.

Yet, after that day, we spent the next few years exposing ourselves to one another. That is another story to be continued.

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