tagIncest/TabooMother In Law's Gift Ch. 03

Mother In Law's Gift Ch. 03

bydroopy dog©

It was an unseasonably warm Saturday for March. Rick had been busy doing small fix-it projects around the house all morning. He had other things on his mind though. He was wanting another 3 way with his wife and mother in law. Spending 2 sex filled days with them a couple of weeks ago left him craving more. Around 2 o'clock, he made a suggestion to Jill. He told her to get all dressed up. They would surprise Karen with a dinner out at that new Italian restaurant in town. About 5 P.M. as Rick sat in the living room waiting in his coat and tie, Jill came in ready to go. Rick whistled as she modeled for him. She was wearing a black silky top that hugged her beautiful tits like a second skin. Down below was a short red skirt that was split to her ass up the back. Jill lifted it enough to show him the tops of her silky black stockings. All of this was perched upon her 5 inch "come fuck me pumps" Rick reached out and ran his hand up her thigh only to discover that there were no panties covering her freshly trimmed pussy either. Jill gave a slight shudder as he ran his thumb over her clit.

When they reached Karen's house Jill was surprised to see her step father's motorcycle in the driveway.

Jill said, "I wonder what Mike is doing here? I hope he and mom aren't fighting. They used to have some real battles. I haven't seen or heard from him in 5 or 6 years."

"How old were you when he and your mom divorced?" Rick asked

Jill replied, "I was around 17. He used to pat me on the ass every chance he got. He was also fond of pulling down my halter tops and looking at my growing tits. He always said I was going to have bigger tits than mom."

"He was sure right about that!" Rick smirked

Fearing they might walk into the middle of a fight, Rick and Jill quietly let themselves in the door. No one was anywhere to be seen downstairs. From upstairs came the sound of soft music playing. Rick and Jill crept up the stairs and looked in Karen's bedroom. Jill couldn't believe her eyes! There was her mom, dressed in thigh high leather boots and a leather harness bra. She was on the bed, on her hands and knees, furiously sucking her ex- husband's cock. What surprised Jill more was the fact that her ex stepfather possessed a cock that looked every bit of 12 inches long. Karen was doing her damnedest to get this monster down her throat.

Jill whispered to Rick, "Shit, if I'd have known he had a cock like that, I'd have been doing more than flashing him my titties!"

As they continued to enjoy the show, Rick reached under Jill's skirt. He found her dripping wet. Rick pulled out his hard cock and lifted Jill's skirt. As he slid inside her, Jill let out a muffled groan. He grabbed a tit in each hand and pumped her with each stroke Karen made on Mike's big cock. As Jill continued to watch her mom, she noticed her step dad was uncircumcised. When Karen would pull the foreskin taught, her well placed licks on the underside of the exposed head caused Mike to thrust his cock in her mouth. Rick slammed his cock in Jill exceptionally hard once, making a smacking sound. This attracted Mike's attention and caused him to look toward the doorway. He smiled and motioned them inside. Rick pulled his cock from his wife and silently stepped behind his mother in law's upturned ass. He grabbed her hips and plunged his cock deep in her wet pussy.

"Oh fuck yeah!" groaned Karen "I was just thinking how nice it would be to have a cock pound me while I sucked this big meat!"

A big grin appeared on Mike's face when Jill walked to the bedside. She had taken off everything except her garter belt, stockings and spike heels.

"I always knew you were going to have big knockers!" said Mike

Jill leaned over and offered her big tits to her step dad. He went to work squeezing them and sucking her hard nipples. She reached down and stroked his massive cock while Karen continued running her tongue around the head. When Jill could stand it no longer, she straddled Mike's stomach and ground her tits in his face. She slowly eased her way down in the direction of his cock.

"Are you wet enough to take daddy's big cock?" asked Karen

"I don't know." Replied Jill

As Karen leaned forward she said, "Here I'll help!"

With that she ran her tongue from the tip of her daughter's clit, all the way back to her ass hole. She tongue fucked Jill's pussy while her son in law pummeled her hairy snatch. When Jill was good and juicy, Karen inserted Mike's cock in his step daughter. Little by little Jill eased back until Mike was buried deep in her pussy.

"Oh God Rick, can you see this? I've never felt so full of cock in my life!" Jill said to her husband.

As Jill began to ride Mike with a fury, Karen ran her tongue over her daughter's ass hole. Every few strokes, Karen would pull Mike's cock out of Jill and lick the cunt juice from it before re-inserting it in her daughter. A few moments later the group heard Rick let loose and fill Karen with his hot jizz.

Jill climbed off Mike and instructed him to get behind her, doggie style. Karen lay on the bed in front of Jill. As Rick slowly stroked his recuperating cock, he watched Jill fasten her mouth to her mothers cum laden pussy. She ate her husband's cream from her mom as her step dad plowed her pussy doggie style. As soon as Jill had cleaned the jizz from Karen's snatch, Karen squirmed under Jill in a sixty nine position. From down there she could lick Jill's clit and tongue her ex husbands cock and balls too. Jill returned the favor by burying her head back in her mom's bush. The feeling of his step daughter's tight snatch along with his ex-wife's tongue on his balls was too much for Mike. Jill felt his cock swell and begin to pulse jet after jet of scalding jizz deep inside her. At just about the same moment Jill and Karen each reached their orgasms. Jill pussy spasmed so much, it caused torrents of Mike's jizz to flood out and over Karen's face and tongue. Karen greedily lapped it all from her daughter's pussy.

By now Rick was reclined against the head board watching the action with a raging hard on. Jill crawled over to him and began giving him a blow job. Karen stood, walked around the bed and offered him her hard nipples that were poking through her leather harness bra. Mike moved forward and played with Jill's big swaying tits as he enjoyed the show. Karen soon became excited again and had Rick stroke her clit while he sucked her nipples. Both she and Rick could see that Mike's big cock was ready for more action. Karen regretfully pulled away from Rick and went to her nightstand drawer. Rick continued to enjoy his blow job while watching his mother in law put on her own strap on dildo. She pushed Mike away from Jill as she lubed the silicon cock. Rick felt Jill moan around his cock as Karen placed the head at Jill's puckered ass hole. Jill grunted and groaned as Karen pushed the cock up her daughter's sweet ass. When she had it sufficiently buried, she kept still while Jill got used to the intrusion. As she began to slowly butt fuck her daughter, Mike stood on the bed fucked Karen's face with his cock. This ring side seat made Rick's cock twitch and throb in Jill's mouth. When Mike's cock was good and wet from Karen's saliva, he knelt behind her and pressed it towards her ass hole. Karen tensed up and stopped fucking Jill while Mike worked his cock up her ass. When everyone got their rhythm going, Rick thought Jill was going to suck the head of his cock off!

Karen was taking every last inch of Mike's dong up her ass. This was causing her to ravage Jill's sweet ass with the dildo. Karen was leaned forward enough for Rick to get access to her and Jill's nipples.

Rick stopped Jill's blow job before he shot his load down her throat. He maneuvered lower in the bed until he was underneath Jill. As Karen pulled the dildo out of Jill on the backstroke, Rick plunged his cock up Jill's pussy. He kept it in her and felt his mother in law pump the fake cock back in too. Jill began making all kinds of strange sounds while being double penetrated by her husband and mom.

Karen was the first to reach another orgasm and immediately collapsed on the bed beside everyone. Mike just move forward and took the place of the dildo that had been up his step daughter's ass. Now Jill was being double fucked by her step dad and husband. Rick could feel his ex-father in laws cock against his own as they both thrust in and out of Jill's pussy and ass. Rick wondered if Mike felt his cock as it throbbed and emptied its load in Jill's pussy. With Rick spent, Jill collapsed on top of him as Mike continued his assault on her ass. He didn't last long though when Karen got behind him and began rimming his ass with her hot tongue. Jill felt him tense up as he buried his load deep within her ass.

After they had all rested and cleaned up, Rick noticed that Jill couldn't keep her hands off her step dad's cock. She was constantly touching it and stroking it. Rick himself couldn't keep his eyes off his mother in law. He loved to watch her sexy ass walk through the house. Karen had kept her thigh high boots and leather harness bra on. As she walked close enough to Rick, he reached out and smacked her tight ass.

"Oww!" said Karen "Now kiss it and make it all better."

Rick did as he was told and showered Karen's ass cheeks with kisses. As he did this, he observed Jill giggle and run toward her old bedroom. When she returned a few minutes later, she was dressed differently. She had changed her garter belt and hose for one of her old halter tops and a pair of her old hot pants. She had kept her spike heels on though. She looked delightfully slutty. Mike wasted no time in patting her on the ass like the old days. As he pulled her halter top from her big titties, his cock became fully erect. Mike grabbed Jill's ass and pulled her towards him. She ground her crotch against his hard cock while he chewed her nipples.

Jill quickly shucked her shorts and pushed her step dad down onto a chair. She quickly impaled herself on his thick cock.

"Now daddy, fuck me like you wanted to when I was a little teen cock tease!" Jill told him.

Mike took her hips and lifted her up and down on his cock. On every down stroke he would suck a hard nipple. Across the room, Rick and Karen were watching the action and getting hotter by the second. Rick was jacking his cock and rubbing his pre-cum on Karen's ass cheeks.

When Karen saw Jill plunge her tongue down her step dad's throat, she lay down on the floor and spread her legs wide.

"Come on, fuck mommy with that hard cock!" she said to Rick

Rick leaned over his mother in law and kissed her deeply as he pumped his cock in her dripping pussy. Karen wrapped her leather covered legs around her son in law as they began their fast furious fuck!

Soon Jill and Mike joined them on the floor. Mom and daughter lay side by side as their son in law and step dad pounded their pussies. Rick was the first to come. He pulled out and coated Karen's thick bush with his load. Before Mike let go he moved up and let Jill wrap her tits around his cock. Jill would poke her tongue down his huge piss hole as his cock came through her cleavage. Several strokes later and Mike gave his step daughter a huge pearl necklace. Karen moved closer and licked the jizz from her daughter's chest and neck. While she did this, she and Jill fingered each other to quick orgasms. Dinner was forgotten for the evening as Rick and Jill dressed to go home. They kissed Mike and Karen goodbye. When they left, Mike's cock was getting hard once again as Karen was performing her best deep throat.

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