tagMatureMother-in-laws Lingerie Story

Mother-in-laws Lingerie Story


My long widowed mother-in-law, Ann, and i were left alone forthe week, when all the other family members went to the Mardi Gras in NewOrleans recently. We, of course did not mind at all. After leaving work thefirst day, Ann called and said to pick her up at her house at 7:00 pm. forareally "different" evening.!

I arrived on time, and went in to get Ann. My heart almost stopped when isaw her. At 60, she was beginning to show her age, but tonight you wouldhardly think she was a day over 40, at the most. Ann is slender, about5'6",with short light brown hair, small titts, a nice round ass and very, verylong,sexy legs. She usually dressed very proper, except of course for whatwas secretley underneath what ever she was wearing.! Tonight however, sheshocked me, i almost was unable to recognize her. She had put on a longsilver grey wig, had on false eyelashes, and lots of extra make-up, and redlipstick. To add to this she was wearing a very short black skirt, whiteblouse, and a push-up type of bra that made her tiny titts look 10 timeslarger, and grey shiney nylons, with black high heals. She looked like ahooker.! Before i could speek, Ann said that we were going to have some funby pretending that she was a younger, trashy woman that i just picked up.She knows how much an older woman turns me on, but just wanted to trysomething new. Wow, What a situation.! Right away I got hard as a rock, butshe just would not let me touch her, and she would not give me a clue towhat was under her outfit.! She said we were going to wait until we gotbackto her place.! This only added to my exitement.!

Well we went out for dinner in a nice place in the next town, so we wouldnot be recognized. After a few drinks, dinner, and a few more drinks, withme pawing, groping, touching her legs, and trying to kiss her, and her ofcourse trying to fight me off, we left for the car. As soon as we gotoutside in a dark area of the parking lot, I grabbed her from behind andburried my face into her neck. She of course, playing right along, foughtmeoff, or tried to. I spun her around, and kissed her, pushing my tounge intoher mouth. My hands went right between her leggs, only to haver her pullaway.! She was so sexy, and trashy, I almost came in my pants.! This hotlady 20 years my senior, was prick teasing me.!

Well after 15 minutes of this we got into the car, and with me trying togetmy hand up her skirt, and grab her titts,it was pretty hard to drive. After20 agonizing minutes we got to Anns house. She opened the door, just as Istopped, and ran into the house, with me right behind. Once inside she didacomplete turn around, by wildly grabbing me, she pulled my shirt, pants,shoes and socks off, all the while, kissing me, licking my lipps, chest,andjust missing my huge hard dick with her bright red lipps, on purpose.

Ann now began a semi strip tease, while she pressed against me as she triedto get her crotch against my cock. Her tounge and mouth tasted so hot, shelooked terriffic, and even over her strong erotic perfume,i got my first whiff of her pussy juice. My god, she must be soaking.! Bynow she had pushed me back onto the bed, and was dry humping me, as shesucked my tounge into her mouth. I lifted her skirt, and grabbed her ass.She was wearing the silkiest thigh top nylons I have ever seen, a fullpantygirdle,and panties underneath. I pushed my dick against her sopping crotch,as she groaned and sucked on my tounge.

All at once she sat up, and pulled a pair of her worn panties out fromunderthe pillow, and placed the stained crotch area under my nose. Ann then wentdown on me, teasing me again by jacking me off, licking, andtounging the hole in the end of my cock. I begged her to suck me, and sheswallowed the entire shaft in one downward thrust. I almost came rightthen.The soft light in the corner of her room, shed just enough light for me tosee how erotic she really looked dressed like this. Her dark eyes battingopen, the long silver grey hair, those sweet smelling panties under mynose,and those red lips around my cock, and her hand inside her panties, so icould see her playing with her pussy. It was to much for me, i came likecrazy, with the first shot of cum so strong that she could barley keep upwith the swallowing, and some leaked out from the sides of her hot mouth.Ann finished by licking me clean.

When she was finished with her treat, ( Ann just loves to suck my cock ),She squatted over my face telling me to sniff her cunt, which I didwillingly. I was suprised how wet she was, her girdle crotch was soaked.!She then slipped off the girdle, and re-mounted my face, placing her pantycovered pussy over my mouth, and ordered me to "eat my pussy, baby" as idid, she fucked my face like this was the first time. I eagerly sucked ather slit, looking for my "prize", her stiff clitt, and began trying to getit and some panty into my mouth.After about 4 minutes of this she got stiff, and as I looked up at herface,she rolled her eyes back, and let out a loud scream, and began grunting asshe pushed her cunt farther into my face. After about 3 orgasms, she turnedaround in a 69 position, and swallowed my prick once again.

I had by now taken about enough of this, and begged to fuck her. "Not yetbaby", Ann said. She rolled over and laid back, and told me to "fuck mypanties", which of course i did. I put the head of my coch against herslit,just the way she likes, and pushed against the pure white panty. Ann pulledme against her, and raised her face up, kissing me and shoving her toungeinto my mouth, looking for for and finding my tounge. Ann was going crazyhumping against my dick, and ordering me to "panty fuck me, fuck momma,fuckme hard,baby".!

Well, Ann came once more in a wild bucking against my cock, which was bynowabout 2 inches into her pussy, along with the panties. It felt greatfuckingher sopping wet, nylon lined crotch, with those long soft nylon coveredleggs wrapped around me. I pulled off after she came, and turned her overonto her hands and knees. After rubbing against her big round ass for awhile, i was ready. I pulled off her panties, and got behind her, pushingmyface into her smooth shaved ass. Ann slammed back into me, as I took thesoaking wet panties and banged her swollen clitt, which was so long andstiff, it was almost like a small cock.! I took turns sucking on her pussy,and ass hole while this hot lady enjoyed another cum, gushing her juiceinto my face, with her clitt throbbing against my panty covered fingers.

Ann now turned over, spred her legs, and ordered me to mount her face toface. I was so turned on looking at her with all the make-up, the silvergrey wig, with long hair around her shoulders, i could have cum just bylooking.! But I wanted more. I slowley started to insert my cock into hervery tight, half shaved pussy, as Ann moaned and barked instructions, "fuckme, slow and deep baby, fuck your old lady real good". As this was happening

Ann reached over and got the panties I had pulled off her, and inhaled her order very deepley. A long husky groan told me she was very aroused be herown smell,which i had to admit, was out of this world. I've never tasted a sweeter pussy as Anns, in my whole life.!

As i bottomed out in her cunt, she offered me a taste of her panty, as isucked part of the crotch gussett into my mouth, Ann did the same. We shared panty, as she screamed "fuck,fuck,fuck me, i could feel her hand go down toher swollen clitt. I stopped for a moment and lay flat against her, and could feel the added cushin of her pumped up bra, into my chest. My hands roamed over her nylons, which drives her crazy, as i pumped my dick in andout of her sopping hole. Our tounges were twisting around, tangeled insweet tasting panty crotch, as she pulled me tightley into her mouth and pussy,muttering for me to fuck her. I managed to get a finger into her ass, andweboth came together, me pumping cum into her as she squirted her juice out.

As we lay on the bed relaxing, i told Ann how turned on i was by her hookerrole playing. This 60 year old beauty is still hotter, wilder, and morecreative than my wife, and most other ladies 40 years younger.!

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