tagIncest/TabooMother is an Uptight Redhead Ch. 02

Mother is an Uptight Redhead Ch. 02


People think that because I carry myself with dignity, I don't know what's going on. But I pay attention. When I'm at the canasta club, I can tell when Mr. X has started fucking Mrs. Y and is no longer spending any time with Mrs. Z. It's the little details, like how the fuck-partners try not to make eye contact with each other.

I noticed that my second boy, Junior, never had much luck with women. Junior is 30 now. I'm 50. At mass I used to pray that he'd find some sweet girl like Paula, who lived next door, but it never happened. It was one stupid slut after another. Mostly with red hair, like mine. Mostly tall, like me. But none of them smart, like me. Now I just pray he doesn't father some brat with one of his sluts and spend the next two decades paying child support he can't afford.

Last Sunday, I went over to Junior's place like I usually do. Being a widow, I have a lot of free time when I'm not at my job at the bank. The canasta keeps me busy two nights a week, but last month Mr. B retired from his job as a high school English teacher and he and his idiot wife, Charlene, moved to some dinky town in Nevada where the houses are cheap and the taxes are low. Without Mr. B's fat, Viagra enhanced rod to prod my cunt every few days, I was starting to feel pretty lonely. Besides, I had nothing to confess now when I went to give confession to Fr. Vincent. I felt bad, having no mortal sins to confess to him and so nothing to let him fantasize about when we yanked his meat. I felt I owed it to Fr. Vincent to offer some exploits of my struggles with the flesh so that he'd have something worth thinking about when he looked down on me and preached God's love and forgiveness. Christ knows, he'd been forgiving me for 10 years!

Anyway, I knew that Junior was feeling low. I thought I'd give him something to think about when it came to his relationships with women. I put on a skirt that fell midway between my ass and knees. Neat, not overtly sexy, but a lot of leg. And my blouse was just one size too small, so my breasts were nicely outlined by the fabric. I put on my reddest lipstick. It goes so nicely with my hair. I figured that once I went home to make dinner, Junior would have his cock out in a flash, jerking to the thought of his mother, just like he used to. That would cheer him up.

A few minutes after I had my first cup of coffee, I started to feel very relaxed. It was a feeling I remembered from the doping I got when I had my babies. Junior had put something in my coffee. It made me feel incredibly mellow and happy. My cares melted away. Everything was wonderful. I tried not to let on that I was aware of what was happening. I could not imagine what Junior was doing! But the drug, whatever it was, made it seem as if time was standing still. Suddenly, he spoke to me in a voice I'd never heard. It was a commanding voice. It was a MAN'S voice. He told me to spread my legs far apart. It took me some time to register. Why would he tell me that? He commanded me again, like I was a small, stupid child. I did what I was told. I hadn't felt this secure in years, not since my own daddy had used that very same voice to tell me what to do. I used to go home to daddy when I'd had a fight with Junior's father. Hearing Junior's firm male voice gave me a thrill.

He commanded me to close my eyes. Junior? Daddy? Who was commanding me? I didn't care. I closed my eyes. I think I fell asleep.

The next thing I remember was the delicious feel of daddy's mouth on my nipple. It had been years since daddy had done this for me. Then, like a hundred times before, he put his huge hard cock between my breasts and pushed them together with his hands. He thrust it between them in powerful thrusts that pushed me back on the chair. I loved the power that was concentrated in those few inches of man. Then he asked me about my panties. Why was daddy asking me about my panties? I looked at this face. Oh my blessed Jesus! It wasn't daddy, but Junior. I told cum smells good. Or at least that's what I tried to say to him. I don't know how it came out.

My pussy juices started to flow once I realized that I was about to fuck another generation, this one my own son. I hoped his cock would be as big as my daddy's was.

Things got fuzzy again as I thought about daddy's huge cock initiating me into sex in each of my holes, but they got very clear when I felt the yielding flesh of cock-head part my ruby lips. I adore a cock in my mouth. Nothing else is ever so intimate. My tongue can sense every ripple of pleasure in the man, and the dribbles of precum are like warm syrup to me. Junior wanted his mommy to suck him. Mommy was delighted! Then Fr. Vincent came to mind. How many Hail Mary's would I get when I told him this while I sat in the dark confessional and massaged my clit?

Junior was still a relatively young man. Sucking wasn't going to make that cock any harder. Nothing was. It was as hard as the leg of the kitchen table. Normally, one of the pleasures of sucking a man is feeling it swell in my mouth. Even an erect penis will swell after a few swipes of the tongue and a little moaning for effect. It's stupid to moan. It's not as if he's rubbing my clit. But all men are little boys. They need to thing that what feels good to them is bring you closer to orgasm. So cock sucking must be accompanied by moaning. But Junior's cock didn't swell when I sucked and licked it. I guessed it was a drug-enhanced erection, then. Once they start to swell, they tend to stay at the same level of rigidity. But that was good. Hopefully, Junior shot his load earlier that morning, and this erection would last long enough to do something interesting to me.

He pushed me down, and I was aware that I was on his couch. I wondered how many slutty whores had been on that couch before me. He rolled me so that I faced the back of the couch. So Junior was a back door man. I liked that thought. There were all those hours when he sat in the kitchen, doing his homework, and I faced the sink or the counter or the stove, and his view of me was my ass. My ass and legs are my best feature. I was glad to know that Junior at least appreciated a woman's best features.

He was awfully fast applying the lube to my asshole. I'd have to mention it some time. The ass is a major erogenous zone. A little foreplay there can go a long away. But there would be time later to correct Junior's mistakes and adjust his technique.

When his cock started to press into my asshole, I got confused again. It was always such a special treat when daddy would run his tongue up and down the crack of my ass until it was wet with saliva, and then he'd place one hand firmly on each butt cheek, place his rod between them, and rub it up and down. I'd feel it growing harder as it brushed up and down on my asshole, until finally, suddenly, he'd shove it in. It was like having daddy there again. I felt appreciated as a woman again.

I couldn't help myself with Junior. I called him "daddy" when I answered him. I barely understood what the said to me, but I tried to answer. Men are babies. If you don't answer them, it ruins it for them. I wish they'd all just shut up and act like men. Talking is for men who don't get to fuck, like priests and men you play cards with who want to get in your panties but are too chicken-shit to two-time their ugly, neglectful wives.

Calling Junior "daddy" seemed to energize him. He slid his cock into my ass with one swift motion, with such force that he didn't need a second thrust to move it beyond the inner sphincter and into the rectum itself. I delighted in the painful ecstasy. I offered my pain to the blessed Virgin and said a Hail Mary silently to myself. I said it rhythmically, in time to the waves of release and then pain as he moved in and out. "Hail Mary..." Swelling pain to "Full of Grace..."

Release as he pulled out to "the Lord is with thee..." Swelling pain to "Blessed art thou..." I smiled to think how I was sharing both my pleasure and pain with the blessed Virgin. Once I got the rhythm going, I pushed my ass back toward him each time the next phrase told me that the pain would return.

I got two Hail Mary's when Junior decided he wanted something else. Stupid boys! They never seem to know how to establish a rhythm and stay with it.

A moment later, my scalp hurt as he used my hair to guide me back around, and then my mouth was again full of hot meat. I pushed my tongue firmly against the intruding flesh, giving it resistance. Two strokes and I felt the pulsing, and then there was the lovely creamy cum, filling my mouth. Stupid boy. Judging by the amount, he hadn't jerked off that morning. No wonder he couldn't sustain it and had to shoot his load so soon, like that schoolboy home from school with Mommy's panties. When he withdrew, I just relaxed and let sleep wash over me. Maybe he'd recover and his drug-enhanced cock could do a proper job before we got to the embarrassment of his sober confrontation with his sinful lust.

No such luck. I woke a few hours later. Junior lay on the floor beside the couch, asleep. He looked so angelic. The dim light made him look so young, almost too young to fuck anyone. At the same time, I could see my own father there in his face, telling me that this young man was full of lust and would be so weak that I could manipulate him from this day on. There would be no need to nag him about anything anymore. The idea that mommy's tongue wouldn't be wrapped around his meat every Sunday would keep him in line.

I went to the bathroom and tied up. I peeked in the medicine cabinet. Aspirin, vitamins, toothpaste. There it was. Morphine. Viagra. That was my blissful state and his rigidity.

As I came out of the bathroom, straightening my skirt, I could see in the dim light that he was lifting his head and looking at me. I needed to let him know that, while I would be submissive to my daddy, I was really in charge. "Goodnight, son," I said. "I'll be back again after mass on Sunday. Make sure you've taken two of your Viagra. I don't want a wimpy cock up my ass again next time."

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