tagIncest/TabooMother is an Uptight Redhead Ch. 07

Mother is an Uptight Redhead Ch. 07


Author's note: This is the next morning after chapter 06.


The next morning, after I showered and shaved and ate my breakfast, I laid out the toys we'd need when Mommy came home with me after church. At ten, I started to watch for her car. When it hadn't pulled up at ten after, I was a little concerned. Mom is very punctual. I would have called her, but she never answers her cell phone. She likes to collect the messages and listen later. I was wondering if she'd stood me up, angry that I'd fucked Mrs. Beechen the previous evening. But if Mommy didn't want me to fuck her, why did she leave with that fake excuse about a migraine? She never got them, but had always used them as a convenient excuse when she wanted to avoid someone or something. At twenty after, her car pulled up. I ran outside and went to her car. I was very surprised to see that she did not look like she was dressed for church.

"What's wrong," I asked, genuinely concerned. "Don't we have church?"

"How can you go to church this morning?" she asked. "Aren't you in mortal sin after your little visit with Eileen last night? I couldn't have it on my conscience that you were there in that holy place without having first gone to confession."

"Do you want to go to brunch, instead?" I asked.

"No, Junior, I would like to go shopping. I don't want you to eat any greasy breakfast food. It might interfere with your medication. I've read that it can do that" She had a very big smile on her ruby lipsticked lips as she said it. "Why don't you take your pill now, if you haven't already?"

I reached in my pocket for it, popped it in my mouth, and swallowed it with my saliva. "Where are we going shopping?" was my next question.

"Mommy needs hardware," she answered. "So I need a man to shop with me." She headed for the local big box hardware store. I wondered what we were going to buy.

On the way, I considered her clothes. She was wearing a dark skirt that came to her knees, and sensible, boring shoes. Her blouse was also a dark color, and was not very tight. It gave her a shapeless appearance. I did notice that her legs were enclosed in dark pantyhose or nylons. But other than that, and her lipstick, she wasn't dressed sexy. But she'd told me to pop a Viagra, so I had to assume that we were still going to fuck in about an hour.

When we got to the store, she had me get a hand-carried basket for merchandise. So we weren't going to be buying anything big. She headed for the aisle with fasteners, looked up and down the wall of merchandise, and then pointed to a big pack of bungee cords. "Those will do nicely," she said. I reached up and pulled a pack from the rack. There were 10 of them in the pack. "Get two, I might need more," she instructed me.

"This way," she said, her voice commanding and stern. Mommy was in complete control.

I didn't know where we were heading. I did not dare to ask. As we passed one aisle, she walked in and pointed to a bottle of pine-scented cleanser. "Get that," she commanded. "Your kitchen needs to be scrubbed."

She kept walking and soon arrived at the hardware aisle of hooks and assorted fasteners. She located a packet of "S" hooks and instructed me to add them to our haul, then she headed for the check-out, where I paid for the items.

As soon as we were headed out of the parking lot, I could see that mom was headed for her house, not my place.

When we got home, she said, "Pliers are in the kitchen drawer." I knew what she meant; the odd-and-ends drawer. I got it out.

"Your room," she instructed.

We went upstairs. My old bedroom didn't have much in it. An empty dresser. My old bed, near the window. Next to it was my old desk. I noticed that mom's laptop computer was sitting on the desk. That seemed odd. Why would she use my bedroom as an office?

"Did you enjoy Eileen's pussy, darling?" she asked, breaking our long silence. "Would you like to fuck it again." I could only wonder what devious game she was playing.

"It was just pussy, mommy. I've had lots of pussy," I answered. "It was nothing special."

"Yes, Junior, but would you fuck it again?"

"Sure, I guess, if there was the right situation. But it's not as if I'm going to go after her!" What the hell was mommy driving at? It seemed to me that she had gone out of her way to engineer my fuck of the next-door-neighbor!

"Okay, Mummy just wants to be clear," she said. "Take your clothes off and lie down." The tone of her voice made it clear that I was not to argue. I quickly stripped and then lay down on the bed, head on the pillow. It was a spare bed that we had for company. It was a lot narrower than a standard bed, so it could be put into a bedroom wherever it was needed on a temporary basis. This narrow spare bed seemed very small. Lying on my back, my elbows were almost off the bed on each side of me.

Mom was holding the bag of things we'd purchased. She pulled out the bungee cords, tore open the rope, and hooked two together at the end. With the pliers, she crimped the hook at the end so that the two cords were locked together. My bed was about two feet out from the wall by the widow. She draped the two cords across my chest so that the short end of one was dangling by the floor. She took the longer end and then slid it across the floor under the bed. She leaned over me, picked up the end, and brought it up. I was surprised. When she pulled tight and then hooked the two ends together, crimping again with the pliers, it was tight across my chest. "Guess I don't need the 's' hooks," she said. I could tell that she was annoyed for having wasted two dollars. I was pretty sure she'd take them back for a refund.

She repeated the process four more times, pinning me down from ankle to chest with the bungee cords. I was helpless. True, if I'd really worked at it I could release myself, but my desire to discover what Mommy drove that passing thought from my mind. It was clear that she wanted me pinned down, not that she was restraining me entirely against my will.

"From now on, Mommy thinks Junior should ask Mommy about who Junior fucks," she said, sternly. "Junior needs permission to put his meat in someone else and then into his Mommy. But Eileen is hygienic, so I'll excuse you this one time."

She crooked a leg and took off one shoe, then did the same for the other. She walked out of the room, carrying her shoes. I heard her go down the hall to her bedroom. A minute later, I heard a sharp clicking on the hall floor, and she came back in, wearing her black high heels. She made eye contact with me. "Junior is defiled with sin," she said. "So I do no wrong to you in what I do."

She grabbed the bottom of her shapeless blouse and pulled it up over her head. She was wearing a black bra that only embraced the bottom of her ample breasts, holding them up. Her nipples were fully exposed, and were clearly rigid. Since it was not cold in the house, I could tell that she was sexually aroused. Next, she reached to the top of her thick skirt and pulled it down. It turned out that she was wearing dark stockings, held in place with a black garter belt. She wasn't wearing underwear. "Oh, that's a good boy," she said, laughing.

I realized that my cock was suddenly standing at attention, rock hard.

She went to the desk and moved the laptop a few inches to the left and tilted the screen down a little. I could see it very clearly. It looked to me as if she had the "video" program running. She hit a command. Then she pulled up a web browser that was set up in advance, then hit some other command. Suddenly, with high volume, a video was playing. A MILF porn actress was telling her "son" how much she needed his cock. She was, no surprise, a redhead with ample tits.

Next, mom opened the desk drawer and took out a jar of Vaseline and a towel. She took off the cap and brought them over to the bed. She took a big smear of the fuck-grease into her right hand, then wiped it up and own on my rigid cock. She wrapped her fingers very tightly around my shaft and pumped up and down. "Junior, watch your movie," she said, sternly.

What could I do? The hot MILF was titty-fucking her "son," telling him, "fuck me, son!"

I was hard beyond belief, with a cock covered in lube.

Mommy, in her seductive lingerie, straddled the bed so that she was standing over me. She slowly lowered her ass toward my cock, reaching down with one hand and grabbing the greasy shaft, and then lowered further and directed it toward her pussy lips. She slowly lowered herself further until I felt her warm flesh come into contact with the tip of my erect cock. A moment later, I felt the warmth envelop my shaft as I entered her. Once the first two inches were in place, she relaxed her knees and let her weight drive her cunt down onto my stiff, greased rod. It slid in, to my delight and her moans.

Although my arms were pinned from my elbows to my shoulders, my hands were partially free. I grabbed her thighs and pulled her down more tightly while thrusting up into her.

"Don't you dare!" she said. "Hands off."

It was her most no-nonsense voice. I dropped my hands and relaxed my back.

Once I'd obeyed, she pushed down, as if rewarding me. Once I was balls deep in her cunt, she looked down at me. "How does it compare to last night?" she inquired, sternly.

"Much nicer," I said. "Mommy is so much nicer than some slut."

Mommy looked pleased. "Tell me more, Junior."

"Mrs. Beechen has fucked too much. She's a whore with a loose cunt," I lied.

Mommy lifted her weight and then drove down on me again. "Good boy," she grinned.

"What about Paula?" she asked. "Don't you think she'd be fun?" Mommy lifted her weight and dropped it again. At this point she was only making me more rigid. Given my recent activity, it would take a while for me to shoot into her. "What about her?" I answered. "I like to fuck women, and she has a cunt. But it's not like being rewarded with a Mommy's love."

"Good boy," she said, raising and lowering herself more rapidly. She leaned forward and thrust her nipples toward my mouth. I understood, and took one of them into my mouth. "Bite!" she commanded, thrusting down on me. I gave her rigid nipple a small bite with my teeth. "NO! BITE," she screamed at me, grinding down on me. I bit hard. She moaned in response.

As I bit mommy's nipples, first one, then the other, she ground her ass each time she brought her greasy hole down onto my fat hard penis.

Without warning, she stood up. My cock stood straight up in the air. I could see the blue veins standing out from the red flesh.

Mom reached for the Vaseline and thrust her hand into it. She brought out a big slab of it, turned her tits and face and ass away from me, bent at the waist, reached back, and pushed her hand into her ass. Her ample ass cheeks parted, and I could see that she was pushing several lubed fingers into her asshole.

"When Junior goes to confession," she said in her sweetest voice, "he should think about what he will get in heaven. Perhaps if he is good, he will have the reward of tight virgin ass every day."

She straddled me again, reverse cowboy style, and lowered herself. With one hand she felt for my cock, then slid her hand to near the base of the shaft so that she could direct it. When she felt the cock-head come into contact with the curving hairless canyon between her ass cheeks, she guided it toward her waiting asshole. She was working by feel. When she felt the head of my cock at the opening, she gradually lowered herself further. In one long motion of her body, I felt my stiff cock enveloped by the tightest glove imaginable. The head of my cock was moving slowly into her ass.

I heard a mild buzzing sound. I hadn't realized that mom had taken something else from the drawer. Her free hand was holding a small vibrator, and she placed it between her legs. On her clit, I assumed. She began to move up and down on my cock, driving it more deeply into her ass with each motion. She pulled up each time so that I was almost ready to fall out. Sensing this, she would drive back down, filling herself and moaning aloud.

From the desk, I became aware of the soundtrack of the porno on the laptop. "Fuck mommy's ass, Fuck mommy's ass!" said a sultry voice. Fuck mommy's ass, Fuck mommy's ass!" said my mother, in a responsive echo. She began to move more rapidly up and down.

"Paula wants to fuck you!" she yelled, almost frantic as she pumped her ass and worked her clit with the tool. "She wants to get back at Eileen!"

I didn't know how to answer. But mom had made me the submissive, so I suddenly understood.

"Yes, Mommy, you want me to fuck Paula to get back at her mom," I said.

"Good boy!" she squealed. "Uh, Uh, Uh. Uh." She was panting. She was coming! She did not allow her pleasure to lead to a loss of control. She kept moving up and down in the same satisfying rhythm. She merely put out one hand and braced herself on the wall while she continued to take it up the ass. Her heavy rapid panting continued for half a minute while she drove her ass onto my penis another ten or twelve times. The pleasure was becoming unbearable.

"Mommy, may I come?" I yelled.

"Yes, Junior, whenever you're ready!" she answered. Her voice was a little shaky.

"Ohhhhhhhh, fuck, YES! Take it mommy!" And I shot a load into mommy's ass for the third time. My cock jerked with each wave of my orgasm. Although I'd emptied a load of cum into Eileen the night before, it still felt as if waves of creamy goo were emptying into her ass, which was so tight around my cock that the spasms of come were only released because her pumping action was squeezing my load up my shaft. At least it felt that way. I felt as if I wanted to faint from the intensity. After my cock was squeezed dry by the firm grip of her asshole, I let out a huge sigh of satisfaction.

The room was quiet. The video on the laptop had reached its end. Ever so slowly, my mother stood up from her straddling position, and my still rigid cock was released from the grip of the ass that had pumped me dry. Standing beside me in high heels, stockings, garter belt and a push-up frontless bra, red hair flaming in the sunlight coming through the window, she was the very image of a ripe fuck-Goddess, an Aphrodite designed to collect seed from eager lustful men. She made eye contact with me and smiled. "Rest a minute and then work your way out of those," she said. "Mommy is going to go start pancakes and bacon." With that, she turned on her heels and left the room.

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