tagIncest/TabooMother is Debauched Ch. 04

Mother is Debauched Ch. 04


The next morning, Marsha awoke from a deep slumber, the rays of the sun tippling into the darkened room, providing a misty embrace for the sixty four year old woman who last night reinvented her sexuality with the help of a vibrator and Kay's tongue. The memories of the last night's experiences flooded into her state of aroused sexuality, releasing years of repressed emotions. She felt such joy. She felt normal for the first time in many years. Turning, her dark brown eyes expected to see Kay sleeping on the other side of the king sized bed. But Kay was not there. "Could it be that late?" She was unaware that Kay had spent the night in her daughter Beth's embrace, each seeking sexual release. Instead, she believed that Kay had awoken earlier to have breakfast and go to work.

So Marsha languished in the encompassing warmth of the bed and the semi darkness of dawn; her fingers meandered to "her little penis." Only a short time ago, it was an instrument of much discontent; now a musical instrument with vast potential for playful pleasure. She recalled Dr. Lerner's words, 'many women would love to have your problem." Her instructions were to use an ointment in her labia, morning and evening, and wear silk to reduce dryness and irritation.

Marsha grabbed the tube of ointment on her night stand, poured a small amount on her index finger, which journeyed gently over the surface of her extended clitoris, feeling its cooling sensations penetrating deep into a vortex of amazing pleasure points. Skin to skin contact stirred up last nights passions quickly and enthusiastically, as her extended clitoris grew beyond its normal boundaries, reaching and reacting like a flower to sunlight. Last night it had been a vibrator and Kay's oral passion that energized her eroticism. Today was the creamy ointment and her light touch, compelling her forward towards ultimate pleasure.

Masturbation was s hidden sin when she was growing up. She knew that her brother was warned he could be blinded by its power. As for maturing girls, it was definitely forbidden fruit. Every so often she heard about a girl friend doing something bad; but they were considered sluts. All sex was to be saved for marriage; which in her case became a painful sexual experience or more precisely, a non-experience.

Now she was free to enjoy and to luxuriate in her sensuality. The release of repressed feelings made it even more enjoyable as her mind floated through the sexual embrace. In her thoughts, that she was going to seek out vibrator and dildo on the Internet sometime today, was a given. But for now her soft fingers would have to do all the work.

Marsha's breathing became labored and her skin was reddening with desire for the release that was just over the horizon. Juices were flowing freely, filling her vagina, no, her pussy. She tweaked her nipples and cusped her breast as the waves coursed through her heaving body. She no longer was worried about being naked, fully embracing her turgid little penis as the source of her impending pleasure as she pressed against the warmth of the bed sheets.

The frigging motion on her swollen clit became more rapid. "Oooooooaaaah ----sweeeeet," she moaned again and again, as violent cascades of pure pleasure struck, once, then twice and even a third time, as Marsha's crimson coated body convulsed, her pelvis pushing up and out, again and again. Her mound covered with silky hair was saturated with love's sweet nectar. She pushed one, no two fingers into her contracting love hole, in and out, until she had a sudden aftershock. She longed for something firmer and longer, but for now fingers would have to do. She massaged her hardened clit yet again, creating another set of sharp emergent pulsations. "Omigod," she cried.

Finally, exhausted, she brought the warm blanket close against her, as she rested until her breathing returned to normalcy. "Wow," she thought, as she headed for a warm soothing shower, "what have I been missing all these years? Sex, recreational sex, that's for me!!!!!!" Sensing her enlarged clit, she whispered, "I really do have a special gift."

Marsha examined her naked body after showering. "Not bad for a sixty four year old!" Her enlarged clit was barely visible as it peeked over the hood. Fortunately she had silk panties to slip on. She would have to go downtown to buy some more. She carefully lubricated the labial area surrounding her hood.

Briskly, she walked down the stairs into the kitchen, suffused with the warm smells of freshly roasted coffee. Surprised, she saw Kay and Beth having their breakfast. "Gee, I thought you ladies would have been at work by now," looking directly at Kay. She thought she detected a blush on Kay's face.

Beth spoke up, "No we're just smoozing. Bob and Charlie went to school about an hour ago. We'll be headed out in a few minutes."

"I think Marsha is wondering where I slept last night. After you slumbered off, I went to talk to Beth. I must have fallen asleep in her bedroom."

"I have no right to ask."

"Mom, I think you might as well know, because you'll guess anyway. Beth and I sleep together on occasion. We're more than just friends, we're sexual partners."

"That's right, Marsha. I hope you will understand. We're not tried and true lesbians. I guess you could call us bisexuals. However, Beth is the only woman I sleep with. Or I did sleep with until you came into my life."

"I guess you told Beth about you and me."

"Mom, don't worry. I will keep your secret unless you release me. I think it's wonderful that Kay was able to help you. And I certainly don't mind sharing her with you."

"What Beth means, Marsha, is that if you want, we can become a threesome."

"Do you mean at the same time? That would be.......incest, wouldn't it?" Marsha was shocked at these revelations.

"Mom, I don't know what you call it, but I do know that Kay and I have a beautiful arrangement which pleases us in many ways and it would be wonderful if we could share while you are visiting. I don't see what is wrong with experiencing joy and pleasure. And we are not procreating, so I am not sure that incest is the right term."

"Both of us appreciate that this may be a bit startling. But you and I were intimate, and I expect that it was enjoyable. Rather than hide your sexuality; let's have an open relationship. After those many frustrating years of unfulfilled marriage, you deserve some sensual fun. And I think we could have a wonderful time together. Beth and I have never done a threesome and we'd love to experience the variety. Plus, I think that Beth is a wonderful and sensitive teacher so it would make the transition to your new life much easier. And I want to stress, we are not pure lesbians; we enjoy men for all they bring to the table."

"Mom, think about it today. We can discuss it further tonight after dinner."

"I must say I think it is better to be open about your relationships. It would have been awkward for Kay and me to be sleeping together, even for the short time I was going to be visiting here. I'll give your proposition some thought."

"Mom, I'll leave a DVD or two on the table in my bedroom. They show adult women having a good time with each other. Kay and I do some of the same things. You might give them a glance while we are gone. By the way, Bob and Charlie will be camping this weekend; so we have the house to ourselves."

Marsha nodded. She was speechless. The last two days have turned her world upside down.

Kay and Beth left for work soon after, knowing that they had told Marsha only part of the story, leaving out their intimate relationships with Bob and Charlie. They knew that would be more than Marsha could absorb and might set her off. They wanted to ease her into their world.

That morning, Marsha called Dr. Lerner's office to check the results of her test. The receptionist put her on hold. Then Dr. Lerner was on the phone. "Marsha, your test results were perfect. You are a very health woman. However, I have done some research on how to treat your condition and I have something I would like to share with you. Could you come into the office and discuss it with me. It will be after hours and there will be no charge."

"I guess so."

"Good. I look forward to seeing you. By the way I would prefer you would come in by yourself. I will put Samantha back on the phone to make an appointment."

"The doctor sees her last patient at 4 PM on Monday. Could you come in about 4:30? Is that OK?

"Yes. I think so."

"I know you are visiting our town. Dr. Lerner has a friend who lives near your daughter's house. Would you like a ride?"

"That would be lovely."

"Ok. His name is Todd. He will pick you up at 4. I will call to confirm earlier in the afternoon. Please tell your daughter that we will see you get back home safe and sound."

After a light lunch, Marsha meandered into Beth's room. On her desk were two DVD's. She gingerly picked them up and retreated to the family room where the new Plasma 42" TV was housed. She pulled the blinds and settled in on the couch as the DVD player started playing. Marsha was unfamiliar with adult movies; but guessed that they were short on plot and long on action. She wasn't disappointed as a beautiful woman was captured, placed into a harem and was taught by two other women to be a sex slave. The two women, who had fulsome breasts, used sex toys to titillate her while she was lying on a red cushion, including a vibrator massaging her labia and what looked to be a vibrating egg, which was inserted in her vagina. Soon the woman was writhing with pleasure as she reached one climax after another. Then she was taught to suck and lick one of the older women as she helped her climax.

There was romantic music in the background and Marsha had to admit that the scenes were hot sexual imagery. Marsha really perked up when one woman brought out a long dildo, with a penis head on each end, inserting one head in her vagina and the other end into the vagina of the second woman. The women began fucking each other while the third alternatively played with each of their breasts and nipples. Subsequently, the "prince" came in the room and had sex with the newly commissioned sex slave. The camera cut to the side of the room where the two sex teachers were laying down, with their bare pussies were pressed against each other, while they were tweaking their breasts and nipples, screaming loudly, trying desperately to have another orgasm, while observing the prince and his woman.

Marsha stopped the action and replaced the first DVD. The second movie was about a young man exploring taboo sex. After an argument with his girl friend, the young man returned home to discover his sister and a girlfriend in bed, masturbating each other. Threatening disclosure to their stepmother, he forced them to have sex with him, which they thoroughly enjoyed. The camera kept focusing on the young man's huge penis, first being sucked and licked by both young women and then penetrating the girl friend., until he ejaculated on her breasts. The next day, the stepmother discovered the three of them in bed together. She was angry; but they overpowered her, tied her up, and forced her to watch them have sex with each other and then they focused on her. Tying her hands to the bed posts, they caressed and sucked her until she had several earth shattering climaxes. After releasing her binds, she was converted to being a sexual fiend, with several scenes of orgasmic sex with her stepson and the two young women.

Marsha had seen enough. Her "little penis" was pulsing with energy and her juices were flowing profusely. If she didn't stop now, she would have to pleasure herself again. She had to calm down before Kay and Beth came home. She put the DVD's back and quickly noted their titles so she might see them again if she wished.

She was glad she composed herself; because Bob and Charley barged in the house after school.

"Hi, Mrs. Miller."

"Hi, Grammy."

"Charlie, don't be so formal. Please call me Grammy too."


The boys devoured some snacks and went to their rooms to pack for their camping trip.

"Bye Grammy. See you Sunday night, as they charged out of the house."

Marsha couldn't guess that the boys were going to a camp site, where they would be treated by the matrons of the Sex Club. While she waited for Kay and Beth to come home, she felt conflicted on her next steps. "Maybe I should go home," she thought. But she couldn't face an empty house. And she wanted to experience her new found sexuality, but it would take time to develop the right relationships. She felt that she had too many postponements in her life already. But could she involve herself in a women's sex triangle with her daughter and best friend?

Suddenly, her doubts dissipated. "I just told myself this morning that I not going to procrastinate any longer. I've been denied for many years because of self doubt, compounded by an uncaring husband. No more, no more," her mind cried out. "I am going for it." Marsha felt a great cloud lifting from her shoulders, as she eagerly anticipated the love to come, starting today. Her voracious sexual appetite, stimulated by watching pornography, was pining to be satisfied. She went to the entry hall, where she heard Beth and Kay's voices. She joined them and together went into the living room, where they enjoyed glasses of Merlot.

Suddenly, Marsha spouted, "I've thought about your proposition all day, and I've decided. If you're offering, I'm willing on one condition. I do not want to interfere with your lives. In a few weeks, I will go home. I may visit more often if you like; but only when the three of us agree."

"Mom, that's great, isn't it, Kay?"

"Absolutely, we are going to be great friends and lovers. And there is no time like the present. Let's play strip poker. The rules are that each starts with 10 pieces of clothing. Whoever becomes naked first has to perform something provocative and then be attended sexually by other two."

Marsha counted nine on her body; so she had to add a piece of jewelry. As the game progressed, Marsha ran into a streak of bad cards. She lost seven out of fifteen hands, leaving her with her bra, panties and a necklace. "Oh my, I need to start winning," she laughed, as she sipped some more wine. She was feeling giddy and relaxed as she glanced around the room. Then Kay hit a bad streak and she caught up to Marsha, who only had her bra and panties remaining. Marsha picked up a pair of deuces and lost the next hand. With only a bit of hesitation, she unfastens her bra, freeing up her fulsome breasts to the admiring glances of Kay and Beth. Beth lost the next three hands; so she tied with Kay, with only her black lace bra and panties covering her nakedness. Marsha admired the cleavage shown by her partners. By this time, the women had drunk enough wine to heat the blood coursing through their veins. The musky smell of sexual juices flowing from their vaginas, drenching their panties, soon filled the room. Marsha's nipples were hardening at the sight of so much attractive flesh, especially since this was her first true exposure to attractive women.

Marsha's eyes widened when Beth lost the next hand and her daughter's perky breasts and red tinged aureoles were finally exposed. She hadn't seen her naked since she was young child. Marsha found it hard to breath as the sexual tension rose around the card table.

As the next hand was dealt, Marsha was conflicted. If she lost, she would have to display her "little penis" to her daughter. Kay had already seen it in bed, under the covers. But this would be a more public venue. Alternatively, if Beth lost, her daughter would have to show her mother every inch. Secretly, she hoped that Kay would lose. But it was not to be. Marsha a pair of 10's but Kay had three of a kind and Beth picked up two pairs.

"Mom, don't worry. We're not only related; but we're friends. Kay already told me about you. And I think that you are blessed to have something special. I only wish you had passed it onto me."

Heated by the psychological foreplay of exposed womanhood, Marsha could only whisper. "What kind of provocative act do you want me to perform?"

"I think you should sit on the couch and spread your legs, so Beth and I could admire your lovely huge clit. I know that Beth has been pining all day to see it."

So Marsha did as she was told, pulling back the swollen outer lips of her labia, to expose her bud, prominently visible as her hood parted.

Beth quickly knelt down on the floor observing her little penis, glistening with love nectar, exclaiming. "Mom, it's amazing. I can't wait to suck it dry!!" Marsha was a bit shocked at her daughter's language, but welcomed her compliments. Kay retreated quickly into the bedroom to retrieve the special lubricant, applying directly onto Marsha's erect clit, soothing its growing inflammation.

"Oh my, that feels soooooo good," Marsha exclaimed, her love nectar seeping out of her vaginal opening on to the protective towel thoughtfully brought by Kay. Beth pressed her lips against the "little penis," provoking a huge sigh from Marsha. Kay's soft hands cupped Marsha's breasts, tweaking her nipples, massaging soft pliable flesh. Marsha's head fell back against the seat pillows, losing all sense of time and place, luxuriating in immense sensual pleasure provided by Kay and Beth.

Beth found that Marsha's clit fit nicely in a cavity formed between her tongue and palette, creating a special vacuum, just as if she was blowing one of the boys. The fact that this was her mother made it even more erotic. She felt as if she could have a climax without touching herself; it was so exciting.

With full body arousal, Marsha was panting, her rate of breathing increased dramatically; her breasts glistened with sweat, her nerve endings stimulated beyond belief. The contractions started deep in her uterus, extending outward, her mind and body focused on the humongous climax emerging from deep within. "Oooooh, Omigod, I am cumminngggg. OH! OH! OH! Omigod, I can't stop. I can't stop." Her body kept convulsing while her vagina contracted over and over, pouring juices on to Marsha's lips, dribbling down her chin.

In the meantime, Beth began frigging her pulsating clitoris, bring herself to the verge of orgasm. "Shoot, here I cum. too!!!!!!!!," she gasped, as she lay on the rug in direct sight of her mother. Beth's fingers stroked her private parts, spreading the taboo love nectar from her mother's excretions over her labia and clitoris. Beth's body shook when her intense orgasm erupted; leaving her pussy quivering with symphonic vibrations, heightened from a realization that she just had a sexual experience with her mother.

Kay could not contain herself. She sprang around the couch, kneeled putting her pussy right over Beth's mouth. "Suck me, suck me now," she pleaded. Beth stuck her tongue up into Kay's vagina, sending her into paroxysm of pleasure.

"Lie down, so I can get at you," Beth directed. Kay complied and Beth tongued her swollen clit, sticking her fingers in Beth's inflamed pussy, as Marsha observed from the couch where she gently played with her still turgid clit, with gentle climaxes still pulsating from her throbbing organ. It didn't take long and Kay went over the top, as a huge orgasm snaked through her body, while clutching her breasts and pulling her nipples, in rhythm with Beth's tonguing action in her burning hole. "Sweet, sweet, this is sweeeeeeeet," she exclaimed when she orgasmed. Beth licked up the sweet nectar, mixing it with her mother's leftovers. "I could eat both of you all night."

"Don't say it twice. Or we'll take you up on your offer."

"Beth, do you mind if I have a taste. I've never tasted cum before." Beth offered some to her mother from her fingers. "Mmmmm, that doesn't taste half bad."

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