Mother is my Sexual Slave Ch. 01


"Oh my God, Nancy, you're such a slut but I love that you are," said Joshua laughing.

"With men coming into the room while I'm so vulnerably bound and blindfolded," she fluttered her eyelids as if swooning with the thoughts of being sexually taken, used, and abuse. "I've always had a secret fantasy of pulling a train or doing a foursome with another couple while being so helplessly controlled and exposed."

"You have?"

"Sure. Every woman's fantasy is to be taken with some wanting that more than others. So long as you don't hurt a woman and force her to do too much at the onset, you may gradually increase the pleasure with the pain and the humiliation. So long as you make her feel that she's wanted and desired, you'd be surprised at the passion that you can release from a woman when tied to your bed and unleash when blindfolded," she said with another sexy laugh.

"I didn't know that about women," he said. "Guys see things from a completely different perspective. So from what you're telling me, guys don't know how to tap into the real sexuality of a woman. Is that it?"

"You have no idea the sex they could have with the woman they love if only they took their time and if only they treated the one they're with better than when looking to see who else they can seduce," she said.

"You're right about that and I've never looked at other women now that I have you," said Joshua.

"Bullshit," she said. "Every time we go to the mall, you're looking. Men are such dopes. Men are dumb. Men are idiots," she said. "Rather than take the time to heat up their women, most men just want a blowjob and don't pay enough personal attention to the woman they have for them to discover what a woman wants," she said.

"Interesting," he said.

"I dare say and will go as far as saying that some women, so long as they know who is banging them and so long as they could choose their sexual partners would agree to a tie me to the bed, blindfolded, gangbang at least once in their sexual lives while their man watched and/or participated."

"Wow. Holy shit," he said. "I had no idea."

"There are those women who enjoy being forced by strangers and who'd prefer not knowing who was gangbanging them. There are those women who will willingly do whatever their man wants them to do. So long as her man approves, she'd willingly be his sexy slut in bed," she said with wickedness while twirling her hair again. "It doesn't matter whether it's the former or the latter to me, so long as the sex is good." She laughed a sexy laugh.

"You're such a kinky slut," he said. "Do you know that?"

"I do know that. I am a kinky slut and I'm proud of it too," she said laughing. "But I'm your kinky slut and no one else's kinky slut."

"I'm glad that you are," he said smiling and leaning into her to kiss her.

"Maybe most women wouldn't want to be gangbanged, but women loved being seduced, taken, and made to do the dirty things that they wouldn't ordinarily do when being scrutinized and made to feel self-consciously guilty by a judgmental lover," she said with a sexy smile.

"Seduction huh? Now you're talking my language. The king of seduction, I dare say that I'm the Don Juan of seduction," he said boasting with a broad, prideful smile. "I'd love to take a woman against her will and change her to make her do the sexual things that I'd want her to do. As if breaking a mean dog of bad habits, I'd love to make a strong, confident woman my submissive, obedient bitch and my sexual slave."

"A dog, huh? Do you equate me with a mean dog?" She laughed. "Actually you already have that woman now in me. Woof, woof," she said holding up her hands as if they were paws.

"Good girl. You're such a girl, I mean, bad girl," he said scratching her behind her ear while laughing.

"And as far as seduction goes and as far as I'm concerned, you're a modern day version of Valentino," she said with a laugh. "I must admit that you are very hard to say no to once you start making your subtle moves," she said. "You make me so wet that I'd suck your cock just by the way you're looking at me now."

"You would?"

"Oh yeah, I would baby. I'm hungry for your cock. I need for you to cum in my mouth," she said leaning forward in her posture from the living room sofa to look in his eyes while taking a full handful of his cock in her hand through his jeans. "I'll suck you right here and right now, if you want me to," she said whispering her lust for him in his ear.

"Oh my God, Nance, you're so frigging sexy."

"Do you want me to suck you? Do you want me to blow you?" She stuck her tongue in his ear, moved it around, and blew her warm breath inside while feeling his erection through his jeans and pulling down his zipper.

"No. Wait. Stop. Don't. My Mom is coming home soon, any minute, Nance," he said looking behind him to the hall as if his mother was already standing there watching him with his girlfriend. "She might catch us having sex. She could walk in on us at any moment," he said with excited nervousness.

"You'd like that wouldn't you?" She slowly moved her hand along the growing bulge that he had in his jeans.

"Like what?" He said suddenly preoccupied in watching her fingers trace the hardening outline of his emerging cock. "You sucking my cock or my mother walking in on us while you're sucking my cock?"

"Both," she said with a laugh. "Even though I confessed that I'd love to play that rape scene with you, I bet you're restless because you'd love to play that rape scene in Clockwork Orange with your mother instead of with me," she said with a sudden insightfulness while looking at him to watch for his reaction.

Obviously surprised that she knew that he'd love to play that sexual, albeit violent scene in Clockwork Orange with his mother, instead of with her, he looked at her with shocked, incestuous excitement.

"Anyway, getting back to seduction," he said obviously uncomfortable with Nancy's insightful comment about wanting his mother to watch him getting a blowjob from her and him wanting to play the rape scene in Clockwork Orange with his mother, he changed the subject. "With my good looks and hot body—"

"And modesty," she said with a laugh while squeezing his bulge through his jeans before removing her hand from his crotch.

"I bet you that just by the power of seduction that I can seduce and control anyone," he said.

"You think so, huh?" She laughed her sexy laugh. "Don't be silly," she said moving her head to toss her hair again before moving her hair in place with an experienced hand and fingers. "We all have our limits and limitations. Even though you apparently think you are, not every woman in the world will think that you're God's gift to them."

"Actually I do think that I can seduce any woman that I want to seduce," he said looking at her as if afraid to say what he was obviously thinking but saying it anyway after studying her for a long moment. "I bet that I can seduce your mother."

"My Mom?" She made a sour face as if she had just bitten into a lemon. "Eww."

"I'd love to reach down and grab her ass whenever I hug and kiss her hello and goodbye. All that I'd have to do to make your mother want me is to hug her longer and kiss her neck before kissing her full on the lips and before slipping her my tongue. In the way she sometimes looks at me, as if she wants to kiss me or wishes that I'd kiss her, I can tell that she likes me more than she should. I'd love to stick my horny hand beneath her short skirt and cup her panty clad pussy before pushing her panty aside to finger her pussy," he said.

"You would huh?" Nancy looked at her boyfriend with disgust. "You'd French kiss my mother while fingering her pussy?"

"Oh yeah, I would. I bet she'd be wet for me. I bet she'd allow me to have my wicked way with her. Much like you, she's so easy," he said with a laugh.

As if telling him to go fuck himself without words, she gave him a quick, upward movement of her chin. As if she was a filly in a barn unhappy with her handler, not putting up with any of his emotional, sexual abuse, she flipped her hair again with the toss of her pretty head while shaping her hair back in place with her skilled hand before responding.

"Easy? Is that what you think of me that I'm easy? You think my Mom is easy too?" With him having gone too far, she looked at him with anger. "How dare you? I may be easy for you, only for you, but my Mom's not easy," she said pointing her finger at him. "She's my Mom, Joshua. Don't you be saying bad things about my mother," she said with a laugh, no longer able to be serious.

"Sorry," he said while looking at her not sure if she was being serious or not.

"My Mom would never have sex with you. She'd never do that to me," she said looking at him with curiosity before striking her Vogue model pose. "Besides, why would you want to seduce my mother when you have me, a younger and better looking version of her with a more shapely body?"

"Especially when the mother is a MILF like your mother is, in the way that most men would love to have sex with identical twins, two for one, every man's dream is to have sex with a mother and her daughter. Being that I already know what it's like to have sex with you and because you two look so much alike, I'd love to do your mother," he said with a sexy smile. "Oh, yeah, I'd have your mother suck my cock before I fucked her hard and deep."

"You would huh?" She looked at him with sternness.

"I would," he said with an irreverent smile

"Yeah, well, if you want to keep me as your girlfriend Joshua, my mother is off limits to you," she said with a cold stare.

Going for broke, he pushed more of her buttons by continuing to tease her in blurting out more of his sexual fantasies that related to him having sex with her mother.

"In the way that you love to suck cock, do you think your mother sucks cock? In the way that you are, like daughter like mother, do you think she'd be into some kinky stuff where we could have a threesome with her before making her our sexual slave and humiliating her?"

"Me having sex with my mother? Keep dreaming lover boy," she said tossing her hair again.

"So what do you think? Do you think your Mom would be up for a threesome?" Pushing his luck when she made a sour face before ignoring him, he looked at his girlfriend while waiting for her to answer and when she didn't, he continued. "Oh, yeah, with her being my sexual slave, I'd love to publically humiliate your mother for her to know who the boss is," he said with a sick laugh.

Seemingly all the time lately, she looked at him and shook her head in disbelief in the way she does when he says something stupid or does something dumb.

"You're bad to ask that question about my mother but to answer your question, I know for a fact that she sucks cock. Only she's not into any kink," said Nancy with a laugh.

"You don't know that. Everyone has a kinky, freaky, down and dirty side. Everyone has some sort of sexual fetish," said Joshua obviously goading her for more sexual information about her mother. "How do you know she sucks cock but isn't into anything kinky?"

"One time we were out shopping and both of us had to pee. I pulled the car over and peed by the side of the road but my Mom wouldn't pee until we stopped at a gas station and she just made it. If she was kinky, something as simple as peeing in public and someone seeing her peeing wouldn't have been such an issue for her," said Nancy with a shrug.

"Then how do you know your mother sucks cock?" Joshua looked at his sexy girlfriend with curiosity.

"When she thought I wasn't home, I heard her making all those cock sucking, slurping sounds with her new boyfriend, sounds that men love to her hear to show that the woman loves sucking their cock as much as the man loves having his cock sucked."

"Wow," said Joshua.

"In the way she screams when having an orgasm and loves talking dirty in bed, much like me in that regard, she's a real slut in bed but only with the right man," said Nancy with a dirty laugh. "Based upon how you're obviously already attracted to my mother, you'd really like having sex with my mother," she said teasing him before snapping him back to reality.

"Who wouldn't want to have sex with your mother? Your Mom is a real MILF," said Joshua.

"Only, I wouldn't want you having sex with my mother. I mean it Joshua. Too close to home, even for me, that's a bit creepy weird for me knowing that my Mom had sex with my boyfriend. To say the least, it would be wrong if ever we were to marry," she said looking at him dreamy eyed as if he had already proposed and she was wearing an engagement ring. "How could you look our kids in the eye knowing that you had sex with their grandmother?"

He smiled as if imagining her mother naked before him and having sex with her.

"Having made a memory by making my life more complete, I wouldn't lose any sleep over the fact that I had sex with your mother," he said with a laugh while remaining silent to study his sexy girlfriend's reaction.

"What do you mean by that? That you'd never sleep with my mother, you wouldn't care what anyone thought of you or of her if they knew that you slept with or were sleeping with my mother, or that you'd never marry me?"

"Nancy, c'mon, this is a stupid, speculative conversation that we're having about me sleeping with your mother, something that will never happen," he said in his defense. "I'm just teasing you. I wouldn't hurt or upset you by having sex with your mother."

"Where's there's smoke there's fire Joshua," she said. "Apparently, when it comes to my Mom, you're hot for her and you'd do her if you could and if you thought that I'd never know that you two slept together." Suddenly she looked at him with insightfulness. "Have you slept with my Mom already? Is that it? Is that what this conversation is really about? Is that why you suddenly want to have a threesome with my Mom because you two already did it?"

"What? Huh? No. I haven't slept with your mother. I'd never sleep with your mother, that is, unless you wanted me to sleep with your mother," he said with a dirty laugh.

"You'd better not hit on my mother, Josh. I mean it or we're done," she said leaning away from him and folding her arms around herself.

As if already bored with the conversation about Nancy's mother, Joshua leaned his head back and grimaced in feigned pain as if from a headache while flattening his blonde hair to his head again.

"Forget that I mentioned anything about boning your mother. Okay? Let's get back to what we were talking about before," he said. "Okay? Please?"

"What were we talking about before? I don't even remember," she said unfolding her arms.

She looked a little miffed, no doubt, that her boyfriend was obviously more interested in having sex with her mother than he was interested in having sex with her, especially after he turned her down for a blowjob. To make her feel even more rejected, he turned down her offer for him to tie her to the bed, blindfold her, and invite a couple of his friends or another couple over for some sexy fun.

"We were talking about me being able to seduce anyone, that is, except for your mother," he said. "I understand that your mother is off limits," he said raising his hands in a visual display of backing off in talking about having sex with her mother. "I have principles," he said.

"Thank you Joshua for understanding," she said.

"I wouldn't touch your mother even if she wearing her low cut, revealing blouse, her oh, so short skirt, her sexy bra, and white, bikini panty," he said goading her. "I wouldn't have sex with your mother even if she was standing before me naked," he said enunciating every erotic thought as if visualizing the images. "Wow! Now there's an image for me to masturbate over later."

"Thank you for qualifying that statement," she said. "Obviously, by turning me down to blow you, have you strip me naked, and tie me to your bed for you and a couple of your friends or another couple to sexually use, abuse me, control, and humiliate me, by your own admission, you'd rather masturbate. I have no idea why you'd want to masturbate when you could have sex with me. I already told you that I'd suck your cock. Maybe I should have sex with your Dad."

"My Dad? Good luck finding him," said Joshua. "I haven't seen him in years."

"Sorry, Joshua, I didn't mean to upset you," she said.

"I'm not upset," he said studying her. "If not your mother, who then would you want me to seduce? Just for fun sake, you tell me. Pick someone that you'd like me to do, maybe someone who you'd like to do too," he paused when she didn't immediately answer. "Maybe one of your friends. I know. How about Heather or Pamela? They're both hot. I'd do one or the other or both of them separately or together," he said with a laugh.

"Careful Joshua, you're already walking on shaky ground after telling me that you'd do my mother," she said laughing. "Actually, now that you mention them, I'd do them both too but, even though they may already suspect it, I really don't want my childhood friends knowing that I'm bi-sexual. Moreover, in the way that I don't want you having sex with my mother, I don't want you having sex with my friends either. I don't want to lose you to one of my friends," she said looking at him with sadness as if he's already had an affair with one or both of her friends.

"I can respect that," he said. "I'd never cheat on you Nancy with anyone, especially with you not there in the room with me," he said with a laugh.

"Gee thanks," she said sharing his laugh. "Besides, they already look at me as if I'm weird as it is with all the kinky stuff that I do, the flirting, the flashing, the teasing, the dirty, suggestive talking, and the topless and nude sunbathing."

"You are my sexy slut," said Joshua feeling her breast through her blouse and bra.

"Now that I think more about it, you wouldn't like either one of them. Too straight-laced and goody-too-shoes, in the way that I'm your sexual match, they're not kinky enough for you. If they even suck cock, I doubt if they swallow, and they'd never flash anyone in the way you like watching me flash men at the mall."

"Who then? There must be some woman that you're as interested in as I am and who you wouldn't care if they knew you swung both ways," he said.

Nancy didn't answer him right away. She fell pensive as if she was thinking of someone or had someone in mind. She looked at Joshua as if unsure if she should reveal the identity of the woman.

"There is one woman that I'd like to do," she said drifting off as if imagining that she was already having sex with her.

Always in a rush for everything and never taking the time to enjoy the moment, wanting to know the identity of the woman now, he coerced her to respond to his question with his obvious impatience to know who it was she wanted.

"Who? Who is she? Tell me. I want to know."

"I can't tell you. Even I'm embarrassed by my own perversity," she said looking at him as if already apologizing for what she was thinking.

"Why not? Why can't you tell me?"

"You'd really think me weird if I told you who it was."

"No I wouldn't. C'mon, tell me. I won't think you're any weirder than I already think you are," he said laughing. "I love that you're my sexy weirdo and my kinky girlfriend."

"Gee thanks, I think," she said returning his laugh.

"Who is it? Who would you do? Tell me," he said.

"No," she said. "I can't. I really can't tell you. You knowing that I want her would just ruin things between us."

"Just tell me this then," he said fishing for her identity. "Is it someone that I know?"


"C'mon, don't tease me. Tell me, just tell me Nance," he said. "I promise not to judge you.

"No, you'll think badly of me for wanting her."

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