tagIncest/TabooMother Madison Ch. 02

Mother Madison Ch. 02


Unable to sleep and needing to piss, Jeffrey Madison threw the covers back and swung his legs over the side of the bed; his brightly lit clock-radio boldly telling him it was two thirty in the morning. He walked the short distance to the bathroom; yawning all the way. He turned the knob and pushed the door open.

"Jeff!" Tammy exclaimed. "Don't you know how to knock?" She wiped the wetness from her outer labia and dropped the wad of toilet paper into the water beneath her.

Jeffrey Madison made his hands into fists and wiped the sleep from his eyes. "Sorry, Sis. A full bladder waits for no one."

Tammy stood and pulled her panties up over her hips. She turned and, with a backward swipe of her hand in the direction of the commode, told him, "It's all yours, Bro."

Seeing his sister nude except for her sheer aqua blue thong caused Jeff's cock to inflate rather quickly. A bit embarrassed, he shuffled over to the porcelain bowl and pulled it from his pajama bottoms. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't make himself go.

Tammy giggled at his predicament. "Whatsamatter, Brother?" She pointed at his firm, heavily veined rod of man flesh.

Jeff grunted as he silently willed his penis to soften enough to allow him to piss. "Can't pee," he said.

It would have been easy enough for Tammy to leave the bathroom but, she couldn't will her herself to do so. Her brother's cock looked too good.

"I can take care of that," she said, her voice already husky with desire.

A delicious feeling of total lust overcame Jeff as Tammy's hand wrapped itself around his unyielding cock. She put the toilet seat down before she straddled it and lowered her near naked butt down on to it. She rubbed his aching member on her lips and cheeks, taking in the aroma of his arousal. Her free hand slid beneath her panty line; down over her bushy mound. She cupped her pussy and pushed her middle finger deep into its recesses.

Jeff breathed deeply, the air whistling through his lips, when she slid her lips over his cock head. His knees almost buckled when she licked the surface clean of its pre cum. He grabbed two fistfuls of hair and held her firmly in place.

"G. . . g. . .goddam, Sis," he said. "I feel like cumming already."

Tammy looked up at her brother and smiled. She let his aching pecker slip out of her mouth long enough to tell him, "Any time, Jeff. Any time." She lowered her face to his aching member and began to nibble lightly with her lip-covered teeth.

Jeffrey Madison, knowing he would be blasting his load soon, slammed his helmeted soldier as far into his sister's mouth as it would go. Tammy gagged for a second or two when she felt his mushroom shaped head bump the back of her mouth and insert itself part ways into her throat. Then she swallowed, causing her throat muscles to constrict around the head.

All of Jeff's nerve endings seemed to have relocated in the head of his cock. He instinctively knew that this was going to be one of the most powerful orgasms he would ever have. He pulled back until his sister's lips made contact with the crown. Tammy drug her tongue back and forth over his piss hole. A new issuance of pre cum had surfaced and Tammy wanted it. But, before she could taste it properly, Jeff lunged forward, sending his cock all the way to the back of her mouth.

Tammy grunted loudly as the mushroom shaped head forced its way into the restricting confines of her throat.

Over and over again Jeff plowed in and out of her mouth. His fevered brain had all but shut down his nervous system. Every thought; every sensation; every emotion was now regulated by his cock. His whole world now revolved around his blood filled rod, his need to blow his wad into his sister's mouth and his desire to watch her swallow every ounce.

He was grunting now with every thrust; straining for his release until, finally, his testicles tightened and hid themselves high inside his body. Jeff pulled back and then his cock invaded her mouth one last time. "Oh fuck," he said, his voice loud and raspy. "It's here. I can feel it, Sis. Ohhhhhh, goddamn."

Jeff erupted twice before she let his dick slide part ways out of her mouth. She enjoyed the feel of a man's splooge as it bounced off the walls of her mouth. She enjoyed the taste more than most anything else.

Five more times a string of semen exploded out of his cock, each one accompanied by a loud grunt and, sometimes, a groan. Then it began to dribble. When Tammy thought that her brother had finished cumming, she broke contact, opened her mouth and showed him how much spunk he had given her. She smiled wickedly and then swallowed. She opened her mouth once again and stuck her tongue out to show him that she had swallowed it all.

"Goddamn," Jeff said to himself. "She swallowed all that in just one try?"

Jeff's loud announcement of his cumming in his sister's mouth had awakened Rachel. "Damn," she muttered to herself. "I was dreaming good, too."

A full bladder forced Rachel to get out of bed to relieve herself. The closer she got to the bathroom, the louder the noises became. Noises that she now recognized as the sounds of unbridled lust. She stopped beside the doorway and listened intently.

Nervously, Rachel moved her head just past the door frame to look inside. She put a fist up to her mouth just in time to keep from crying out loud. Her son, Jeff, was standing naked in front of his sister who was sitting on the commode. She was sucking his cock!

She pulled back, her accelerated heartbeat causing her to feel faint. She practically ran back to her room and flung herself upon her bed, her need to relieve herself in a much different way taking control. The need to piss had diminished quite rapidly. She let out a long sigh.

"Fuck me raw," she whispered into the lonely darkness of her room. "That was so fucking sexy." She slid her hand over her stomach and on to her hairy mound. She inserted a finger inside her pussy. Her clit came up to meet the heel of her hand.

Rhythmically, she would push her finger in deep, and as it retreated, the heel of her hand would caress her clit. Finger in. Finger out. The heel of her hand rubbed across her clitoris. She repeated these actions over and over again, fucking herself into a frazzle. Rachel's other hand was busy also, rolling and pinching her nipple.

In record time, her dam of pent up sexual urges burst wide open. All through her orgasm, she continued to jam her finger in and out of her fur-covered box. She was like one big glob of quivering jello as she lay on the bed, her brain unable to communicate with the rest of her body.

Early the next morning the three of them sat at the kitchen table, eating breakfast. Rachel grunted to get her children's attention. Her voice carried a whispered urgency with every word she spoke.

"We need to talk," Rachel said.

Tammy informed her mother that it had only been a couple of days since they'd sat at this same table discussing their feelings toward each other.

Rachel squeezed her daughter's hand. "I know, baby. But, I've made up my mind. I just pray that you two are in agreement.

"What about Dad?" Jeff asked his mother. "Are you sure he's out of our lives forever?"

Rachel reflected on her more than twenty year marriage to her husband, George. Memories of good times, bad times and hard times paraded through her mind in quick succession. Finally, she spoke.

"I'm sure," Rachel said matter-of-factly. "I'm sure."

"What was it, Mother?" Tammy asked

Her daughter's question had caught her completely off guard.

"Huh?" Rachel said. "What was what?"

"What's the real reason why you're leaving Dad high and dry? You two always seemed so happy together. You looked like the perfect couple."

Rachel lowered her head and stared at her near empty coffee cup. "You know about him not touching me sexually in nearly a year." Not waiting for an answer, she continued.

"Well, Tammy, there are several reasons. Most of all, I'm tired. I'm tired of his verbal abuse. I'm tired of being ignored. I'm tired of him never being here when he is here. He used to love nursing on my titties when you kids were not around. Now all he sucks on is the whiskey from his glass. We used to have so much fun together. We enjoyed most everything we did together. We even enjoyed sitting around doing absolutely nothing at all. I can't remember the last meaningful conversation we've had."

Rachel rested her head in her hands and breathed in deep. "Hell, baby," she said. "I guess I'm just tired of being tired."

Tammy caressed her mother's arm.

"I was sick with the flu the last time he fucked me," Rachel said.

"I remember you being so sick you could hardly get out of bed to go pee," Tammy said. "I had to help you walk."

"I remember also," Jeff said. "You mean he forced himself on you even when you were at death's door?"

Rachel nodded her head. "I don't know why he stopped pestering me for sex. Probably doing that blonde slut at the office.

"I miss being touched. At least I felt I was useful for something during those times. Even though I knew that I was basically just a place to make a deposit."

All three of them sitting at the table had tears in their eyes. There was a reverent silence in the room as the Madison children waited expectantly for their mother to continue.

"I didn't think I'd ever meet someone who would put my needs before theirs." Rachel looked at her children and smiled. "I received my sexual awakening last Friday. I found out that sex could be a sweet and gentle thing. It didn't have to be hurried. There's a whole new world out there waiting for me. And I want you two with me every step of the way. I don't give a damn about what anyone says. How can it be so wrong when it feels so right?"

A couple of seconds passed before what her mother had just shared registered on Tammy's brain. "You mean to tell me that in all the years you've been married that Dad has never given you an orgasm? That's unthinkable."

Rachel frowned as she thought about all she'd missed out on sexually. "Old 'jump and hump'? Once or twice I may have felt a tingle or two while he was pumping me full of his splooge but, that's it."

"Did you get yourself off after he finished?" Tammy asked.

Rachel shook her head. "Not at first. I was taught that masturbation was a sin. Many years passed before I finally decided that, sin or no sin, I was going to enjoy myself."

"Guess you faked your orgasms."

"Every last one. If I didn't act like I enjoyed it, he would get mad and sulk for days. Once in a blue moon he would catch me when I was so horny I couldn't stand myself."

Jeff cleared his throat. "I've thought about it. . .us constantly and I agree with you. What we have is real, Mother, and I'm willing to spend eternity with the two women who matter most."

"I also agree," Tammy said. "But. . .what happens if one or the both of us gets pregnant? Then what? The neighbors would gossip. They'd most likely tar and feather us. We'd be the laughing stock of the town!"

"We could move to another town," Jeff said.

Rachel looked at her daughter and said, "If anyone has a baby, it'll be you. Not me. I had my tubes tied a long time ago." Then she looked at Jeff. "I've been thinking along those lines myself," she told him.

Tammy was excited. She liked the idea of the three of them living together in a place where nobody knew their names. And she told them so. "Maybe you could move close by my school."

"We'll see," Rachel told her children. "We have to wait to see what the lawyers say."

"After all you've been through," Tammy told her mother, "you deserve everything he's got."

"We've got a while to think on those things," Rachel said. "I'll talk to my lawyer tomorrow to see if I can find out anything about a settlement."

Rachel abruptly stood. Her voice was soft and soothing. "Let's not worry about those things today," she said. "We've got better things to do than sitting around moping all day."

"Like what?" Tammy asked.

"Like, I'm feeling a bit naughty today," Rachel told her. "I thought I'd go back into town and get that negligee we looked at the other day. Afterwards, I'll treat the two you to lunch."

"I don't want to go lingerie shopping," Jeff told his mother. "I'd be so embarrassed if any of my friends saw me." He looked at his mother, silently willing her to let him stay home.

Rachel patted her son on the ass as she was walking out of the kitchen. "I won't take no for an answer," she told him. "I promise to make it worth your while."

Jeffrey Madison reluctantly agreed, stood and went to his room to freshen up a bit.

* * *

Jeff was still objecting to having been forced to tag along while his mother and his sister bought a bunch of panties and bras up until the time they entered the mall where the lingerie shop was located. "I don't understand why a woman has to buy a bunch of underwear and crap when hardly anyone will ever see it," he said.

Rachel grabbed a handful of his left butt cheek and squeezed. "You'll see it," she said.

"And you'll be the one to take it off of us most every night," Tammy told him.

Jeff dick jerked in his pants and went to a semi-hard state when he began to visualize stripping them naked. He smiled as he stepped in front of the two women and held the door to the lingerie shop open. With an exaggerated bow he said, "Well, in that case. . ."

Rachel giggled. She tweaked his left ear lobe. "Thought you'd see it my way."

A sales associate greeted them as they walked through the door. "Can I help you with anything?" the young woman asked.

"That blue negligee you have in the window," Rachel said with a nod towards the display case. "I've decided to buy it after all."

"Oh yes," the clerk said. "That negligee will definitely spruce up your love life. I'll bet your hubby's motor will be running in high gear when you wear that to bed."

"Hubby, my ass," Rachel thought. "Wonder what she'd say if I told her the real reason why I'm buying it."

"That old goat?" Rachel said. "The way he's been lately, he wouldn't notice me if I sat on his face."

The sales associate, whose nametag let them know her name was "Linda," snickered and then licked her lips as she stared at Rachel's oversized boobs. "I certainly would," she said.

Rachel laughed. She was in a playful mood. "You do have a pretty face," she said.

Linda responded in kind. "And I'm sure what you have covered is just as lovely as what you've got showing. Maybe more so." she said as she continued to stare at Rachel's melons. "Let me get it for you."

Rachel eyed Linda closely as she went to retrieve the negligee. "A wonderful choice," Linda said as she handed it to her. "Go try it on."

Linda paused. She slapped her forehead lightly with the heel of her hand. "I almost forgot. You buy this wonderful item and you get half off on a matching bra and panty set. You can get up to two sets at that price."

Rachel looked at her daughter. "One for you and one for me."

Linda smiled and her eyes brightened. "And," she said with a wink, "the commission I get will go a long way toward funding my birthday party."

"Glad to help," Rachel said. "How old will you be?"

Linda took a deep breath and blew it out slowly as she licked her lips in a very seductive manner. "I turned twenty-one last Friday," she said.

* * *

While the Madison women were busy looking at the bra and panty sets, Jeff found a chair and sat down in it just outside the dressing room. He was almost asleep when his mother and sister entered the dressing room. Both Rachel and her daughter were carrying their potential purchases on their arms.

"You know you can't return the panties once you've tried them on, don't you." Jeff said to his mother.

"I know," Rachel replied. "We're just having a little fun before we get something to eat." She closed the curtain behind her, laid the items on the bench and began undressing.

Tammy was already naked by the time Rachel began to tug her panties down. Tammy had selected a light purple scalloped embroidery crotchless thong panty and a half bra trimmed with lace of the same color.

Rachel picked up a pair of steel grey satin granny panties and an embroidered mesh full coverage bra with black trim.

Rachel fastened her bra, stepped into the panties and as she was pulling them over her hips, turned to face her daughter.

"What do you think?" she asked.

"Basically the same style you always wear, Mother. Just a different color. Couldn't you be a bit more daring in your choice of underwear?"

Rachel giggled.

"What's so funny?" Tammy asked.

"Just thinking that your brother probably won't care what we wear as long as it's easy to take off."

"You're so right, Mother."

Tammy's brow furrowed as if she were trying to remember something. Suddenly her visage changed as a wide smile spread across her face.

"I've got an idea," she whispered.

"Yeah?" said Rachel. "What's that?"

"Let's invite Jeff in here to decide whose underwear looks the best."

"That's a no-brainer, Baby. "He'll surely choose your outfit."

Tammy shook her head. "That's just to get him in here. When he comes in, let's get him so excited he cums all over the floor."

Without answering her daughter, Rachel turned and stuck her head out the curtain. "Jeff," she said almost in a whisper.

"Jeff," she said again when he didn't answer. "Wake up."

Jeff had been dozing sporadically. It took a few moments to recognize his mother's voice. He rubbed his eyes with closed fists. "Uh. . .yes, Mother?"? He looked to his right and saw his mother's head sticking through the curtain, looking at him.

"Tammy and me; we have a problem and we need your help in solving it."

Jeff stood and then he stepped into the changing room. His eyes widened and his eyebrows arched. And his cock hardened, forming an instant tent in his pants. "Goddam," he said. "You two look fantastic."

"That's the problem," Rachel told him. "Your sister and I can't figure out which one of our outfits look the best."

Before he could formulate an answer, Tammy was tugging at his zipper. He shivered and almost stained his pants when he felt her hand on his cock.

"We really wanted you in here," Tammy said just before getting on her knees and taking her brother's rod in her mouth. "'Cause we wanted some more of your wonderful cum."

Jeff gulped and tried unsuccessfully to gently pull himself out of her reach. Tammy instantly wrapped her arms around his waist and held him deep. With his cock still in her mouth, Tammy looked up at her brother and shook her head. Rachel sat on the bench, reached between his legs and began fondling his balls.

A stifled, high-pitched moan escaped through Jeff's lips. "For God's sake, Sis," he wheezed. "We're in a public place. We could be arrested."

Tammy looked up and just smiled. Once she had this human lollipop in her mouth, she was determined to make it spit its potent juices into her mouth. She slid her hand slowly up and down while her lip covered teeth nibbled lightly at the crown and her tongue spread his rapidly oozing pre cum around the head.

Jeffrey Madison groaned again. His sister seemed oblivious to the fact that his cock head was becoming super sensitive.

"Oh, fuck, Tammy. You keep that up and you're gonna get more than your fair share of protein today," Jeff told his sister

Rachel gave his nut sack a firm but gentle squeeze. She told her daughter, "I'll take whatever you don't want."

* * *

Linda had been too busy with customers to pay any attention to the Madison clan. She was about to lock the doors so she could take her lunch break when she remembered them. She glanced over towards the dressing room and saw an empty chair where the young man had been sitting. "What the. . ." she said to herself. "Where did they go? I don't think I was so busy I didn't see them leave.

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