Mother Mistress Ch. 06


Mistress Martha lubricated both cock shaped dildo's and worked the forward dildo into Susan's pussy and the other dildo into her asshole and seated both of them deep inside her. The metallic and soft leather circular device fit over the girl's clit securely. She wrapped the two leather straps around Susan's waist and back then joined them at the girl's belly in a metal device that held the straps together. Next, Martha slipped the narrow thin leather strap behind the dildo in her ass, between her asscheeks, like a thong. She brought the end of the thong-like strap to the straps around Susan's waist and secured it with a small buckle.

Twila helped Susan off of the padded table to stand before her Mistress. She looked down to see that Mistress had fitted her too with a female chastity belt. Martha slipped two AA batteries in each dildo and another flat battery in the soft leather and metal device that covered Susan's clit. Finally, Mistress Martha placed a padlock through a ring for that purpose, and locked Susan's chastity belt, placing the key on the same chain that held the key to Patrick's chastity belt. "Now then," Martha announced to Susan and Patrick, "both of you will not play your silly fornication games without permission. You brought this punishment on yourselves.

"Either of you may urinate whenever the urge comes over you. Susan, your device has holes strategically placed to accommodate release of urine. If you have to 'go potty' then you must call me to assist you." Martha grinned, obviously pleased with her self. "Susan," she continued, "your dildos and the clit cover you wear will also vibrate when I press a button on my remote control and will give you some added 'pleasure' too, if you're a naughty girl." She demonstrated the built in vibrators in the dildo's and clit device. Then she pressed the red button and grinned as electric shocks jolted Susan's clit, cunt and asshole.

"I suggest that neither of you do any naughty things that require me to push your RED buttons," she admonished them. "Other items you must be aware of are that these chastity belts and the remote control units were designed by Mother Mistress's son. They contain advanced technology transmitters that enable the wearer to be vibrated or shocked over a five mile distance. Additionally, if the built in chip detects a signal that the wearer is trying to remove either chastity belt...both units go into permanent electric shock mode." Martha paused and grinned while she let that latter point sink in. Susan and Patrick realized that if either of them tried to remove their chastity belts, the other wearer would suffer too.

"Release them," Mistress Martha ordered Twila. The girl quickly removed Susan's handcuffs and both girls helped release Patrick from the X frame. The three submissives followed Mistress Martha up the basement stairs. The two student subs were feeling very self conscious wearing their chastity belts and asked Martha if they could put on shorts. Martha denied them, pointing out that part of their punishment was wearing the chastity belts so everyone could see them. She also reminded them of Mother Mistress's instructions that submissives remain naked while in the house or on the grounds.

Cindy's car pulled up in front of the house and she got out carrying her briefcase. She entered the house, went upstairs to remove her clothes then came back down naked. Entering the TV room she immediately spotted the Susan's chastity belt and grinned. "I see someone's been naughty," she said. Susan took a deep breath and nodded then pointed to Patrick. Cindy hadn't see Patrick's chastity belt because of the way he was sitting, until Susan pointed it out. She covered her mouth to keep from giggling when she saw Patrick's cock cage. "Oh my, I see now that more than one of you has been naughty." Cindy sat down next to Susan and began to rub the girl's nipples. Susan sighed with desire and squeezed the dildos inside her tightly.

Knowing that Martha would tell Cindy the whole story, Susan decided to tell Cindy what had happened. In a way, Cindy seemed pleased because this event had provided the opportunity to engage in some really kinky fun stuff. She told Susan to kneel between her legs as she sat on the couch and please her orally. Susan knelt and began to pleasure Cindy by rubbing, licking and sucking her nipples. Cindy sighed as the girl's tongue swiftly aroused her as she moved from nipple to nipple. She could feel herself becoming damp then moist and finally, Cindy's cunt was drenched. She gently grasped Susan's head and moved her mouth to her pussy.

Cindy laid her head on the back of the couch and closed her eyes to revel in the wonderful sensations Susan gave her. She moaned constantly as Susan reached to Cindy's breasts to grasp her nipples in her thumbs and forefingers. Susan slowly rolled, tugged, and tweaked Cindy's extremely hard nipples as her tongue 'tormented' her cunt and clit. Patrick looked over to see Susan making oral love to Cindy and he felt his cock twitch. 'Oh no,' he thought as his cock began to stiffen. He tried not watching them, but it was too late. His cock was flush against the plastic tube and painfully straining to get hard.

The loud moans and sounds of oral sex alerted Martha and she entered the room to see what was happening. Seeing Susan pleasuring Cindy she sat down to watch. Patrick could not prevent his cock from trying to harden. Martha covered her mouth as she laughed a little at his predicament. Some precum oozed from the end of the tube embedded in his urethra. Martha scooped the precum with her finger then wiped it on Patrick's lips. Her attention returned to Susan and Cindy as the older woman ground her cunt into the young girl's face and mouth. Martha decided to have a little fun at the submissives expense with Susan's and Patrick's remote controllers.

Martha pressed the vibration button and Susan nearly doubled over from her already extremely aroused state. Cindy opened her eyes and realized what Martha had done and held Susan's head to her pussy. Susan twisted and turned as she sucked Cindy's pussy. The vibrations were driving her nearly mad as she felt them on her clit, cunt and asshole. Cindy closed her eyes again and returned to her state of total arousal. The younger girl continued to swirl her magic tongue over her clit and into her cunt. Guiding Susan's head with her hands, Cindy controlled and maneuvered the girl to prolong bringer her to orgasm. Glancing at Patrick, Cindy saw him twist and turn as Mistress Martha vibrated his cock and balls too.

Susan could not stand the direct vibrations on her clit as her body trembled with the need to cum. Martha knew that Susan was going climax and she gave the submissive girl permission to cum. Susan screamed and erupted in a savage orgasm, but her scream was muffled by Cindy's pussy pressed hard against her mouth. A few seconds later Cindy's clit succumbed to Susan's relentless tongue then she too exploded in orgasm, spewing her nectar in Susan's face, mouth and tongue. Cindy's body coursed through several mini-after cums. Then she embraced Susan, and kissed her deeply, entwining their tongues.

Meanwhile, Mistress Martha continued to torment Patrick with the vibrator in his chastity belt. The vibrations were so intense that he fell from his chair to his knees then rolled onto the floor. He writhed in pain as the chastity belt prevented his cock from getting hard. The pain in his cock became worse as Mistress Martha ruthlessly punished him. She ended his ordeal with two brutal electric jolts then turned off the remote. Patrick lay in a heap on the floor, his eyes filled with tears of pain as he groaned and tried to catch his breath. Cindy, Susan and Twila rushed to comfort him, and see if he was hurt. Mistress Martha, though secretly concerned that she had punished him too much, stoically acted as if the younger girls were too sympathetic.

The hour was late and Mistress Martha decided that in was bedtime for all submissives except Cindy. When the others had gone to their bedrooms Martha looked at Cindy and asked, "Do you think I punished Patrick more than he deserved?"

"No, Mistress," Cindy replied. "He is strong and survived very well. I think he was just overwhelmed with his cock cage."

"He probably thinks that I hate him because he is a being a lesbian and all. I don't want him thinking that I'm always going to be cruel towards him."

"I don't think that he feels that way, Mistress. Perhaps you could let him know that you really do care by going up to his room and feeding him," Cindy said with a grin.

"Cindy, you're an angel...why didn't I think of that?"

Martha hurried up the stairs to her bedroom to put Twila in her crib, changed her diaper and kissed her goodnight. She stepped into the hall, closed the door behind her and walked to Patrick's room. She knocked on his door and heard Patrick say 'come in'. Stepping into his room she went to him, as he lay in bed, and sat on the bed next to him. She bent over him and kissed his forehead as she stroked his hair, smiling at him. "You're Aunt Martha's good boy, Patrick, but sometimes even 'good boys' can be naughty." He opened his mouth to reply, but before he could say a word, Martha stuffed her large nipple into his mouth. "Let Aunt Martha feed her 'good boy' a nightcap," she sighed as Patrick eagerly began to suckle at her breast.

He moaned a little as he pulled on her nipple to spray the warm sweet milk into his mouth. His cock tried to get hard, but the cock cage prevented him from getting a hardon. His cock ached a little, but he didn't mind as he reveled in drinking from her breast. Martha sighed, moaning happily as he suckled her, continuing to stroke his hair and bending to kiss his forehead. She could feel her pussy becoming moist as he ravenously fed from her large breast. In a few minutes he drained her breast of the sweet milk and she offered him her other breast. Patrick greedily covered her nipple with his mouth, sucked it and moaned happily as her milk filled his mouth once more.

Soon Patrick emptied her other breast of milk, but now Martha's arousal raged within her. She quickly shed her clothes to lie down on her back. She pulled a pillow under her ass and guided Patrick's mouth to her cunt. He kissed her fragrant pussy and she moaned with pleasure. Patrick drew his tongue up and down her wet slit. Martha moaned as she positioned him so she could rub his cockhead protruding from his cock cage. Quickly, she unlocked his chastity belt and removed the hard plastic tube that held his cock. His cock snapped to a rigid hardon. Martha grasped his seven inch rock hard cock to stroke it, slowly moving his foreskin up and down.

Patrick moaned with pleasure as Mistress Martha's stroked his cock. His precum oozed steadily from his cockhole. Martha gathered the thick clear fluid to rub it on her nipples and areolas. She felt his hardon throb in her hand. Martha eased up on stroking him because she wanted him to make her cum first. Patrick realized what Mistress Martha wanted and his tongue strokes in her cunt and clit increased rapidly. The young male plunged his tongue deep inside her. Martha groaned when she felt his tongue drive deep into her pussy while she masturbated his throbbing cock.

Mistress Martha cried out as her passion rose deep within her. She held his head to her cunt while she masturbated him relentlessly. Martha shut her eyes tightly, bit her lip and gasped as her massive orgasm erupted, nearly consuming her. Her juices gushed over Patrick's face, mouth and tongue as he relentlessly swirled his tongue over and around her clit. Each time his tongue swept over her clit, Martha's cunt would spasm and cum again. When her orgasms subsided, Martha expertly turned him onto his back to point his cock at her pussy. His cock exploded, spurting his thick white seed all over her pussy. Patrick's pent up balls pumped out his cum as his cock pointed at her pussy.

She maneuvered his mouth to her nipples again and he licked his precum that coated her huge tits. He cleansed her nipples of precum then she guided his mouth to her pussy again. Patrick's mouth covered her cunt and licked it free of his thick pearly white cum. Martha watched her submissive as his face glistened with her juices. Some of his cum and her juices had flowed between the cheeks of her ass to coat her asshole. Patrick instinctively knew what she wanted. He rotated her hips to lick her asscrack and asshole free of their blended cum. "Ummm, that was splendid, Patrick," she groaned while she stroked his hair.

"Thank you for feeding me and letting me cum, Mistress Martha," Patrick said as she arose to put her robe on again. She smiled warmly at him and nodded.

"Time to put this little fellow back in his cage," she told him, taking a deep breath. She quietly placed his cock back in the plastic tube and locked his chastity belt again. "You know, Patrick, this won't be unlocked again, except to bathe, until Mother Mistress returns home." He nodded his acknowledgement and she kissed his lips briefly then left his room. Patrick sighed in relief as he realized that his fear of Martha's taking retribution on him was unfounded. He wondered what else was in store for he and Susan while they waited for Mother Mistress's return.

To be continued in Chapter 07.

* * *

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