tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMother of a Cheerleader Ch. 02

Mother of a Cheerleader Ch. 02


A reader suggested this story and I decided to write it because the storyline sounded so dynamic and realistic. I do appreciate feedback so please feel free to send me your comments.

Chapter 2

The team was announced and no one was happier than Danica. The supreme sacrifice somehow seemed worth it, as Julie was selected for the cheerleading squad. Dani sat in the coach's living room and waited for her to speak. "I like to meet with all of the parents... find out if they have any concerns or wishes," Sarah said. "I want us to be a real happy family."

Dani had gone to the coach's house determined to set the record straight. She fully intended on letting Sarah know that she witnessed the brazen kiss outside the school and wanted such decadent affection to stop. They talked about life in general and discussed some current issues before actually getting to the topic of the cheerleading team, which put both women at ease.

Sarah went on to explain what was required of each girl and Dani readily agreed with all of the coach's comments. Dani sat on the living room sofa in a fairly relaxed state expecting nothing more than informative conversation from the young woman. When Sarah stood up and walked over to where she was sitting, Dani sort of shivered and wondered why the bold move traumatized her.

"Do you know that Julie and I are lovers," Sarah blurted out.

"Whaaa... whaaa," Dani mumbled in disbelief. She had planned on confronting the coach but suddenly wasn't sure.

"When we kissed that day... the day you saw us outside the school," Sarah declared. "I wanted you to see."

"Aaahhh... aaahhh," Dani moaned, as she sat dumbfounded.

"Julie is adorable... an absolutely precious child, but she is a child compared to her gorgeous mother."

"Whaaa... yeeaaah."

Sarah was not only shrewd, but she was smart. She knew that acting dominating and overly forceful with Julie would have frightened the girl, but not so with her mother. "Stand up!"

Dani stared into the dark, demanding eyes and reacted to the coach's powerful glare. Her whole body vibrated, as she slowly got to her feet and stood in front of Sarah. She desperately wanted to run out the door, but knew an easy escape wasn't possible. Dani tried to stay steady and not get too close to the demanding young woman.

"Julie is soft... loveable... delicate," Sarah said. "I love her for being so adorable and charming, but I want someone who is submissive... obedient... a crybaby."

Dani simply stood motionless with her mouth slightly open when she listened to the terrifying statements. She opened her mouth wider, as if to protest, but not a word was uttered. Sarah's expression grew extremely serious and she stepped closer, causing her hot breath to wash across the side of Dani's flustered cheeks. The words echoed in her head. 'Submissive... obedient... a crybaby,' and Dani wondered what Sarah meant.

The woman's arm came up as if to touch the front of Dani's top and the reaction was immediate. Dani grabbed the woman's wrist and stopped her from moving. Suddenly she managed the courage to talk. "What the hell are you doing? You're crazy if you think I'll stand for any of your goddamn crap," she declared. "In fact, I'm going to report you and get your bloody ass fired from the school."

The coach merely stood still and glared at the whining mother. She wanted Dani to vent and get her frustrations out in the open and then she would take control. Sarah schemed for days before coming up with the foolproof plan of seduction. From the first moment she saw the goddess visit the school to watch her daughter perform with the cheerleading squad, Sarah was determined to get complete control over Danica. Then seeing her come out of Ken's house the other night confirmed her decision.

Sarah dreamed of becoming Dani's mistress. She fantasized about turning the gorgeous mother into her submissive slave and making the refined woman do unimaginable things. When Sarah thought about what she could force Dani to do, she always got extremely excited. The constant dreams over the past days filled her with confidence and Sarah knew Dani would do anything in the world to keep her quiet.

After seeing Dani leave Ken's house, Sarah realized she could easily blackmail the woman. She pondered various acts of obedience such as ordering Dani to wear or not to wear certain clothes. Sarah swore she would proudly strut around the city with Dani at her side and force the woman to perform crude and vulgar sex acts. Having Julie as her lover made it that much easier and Sarah boldly stood motionless directly in front of the mother.

When the coach didn't say anything, Dani continued. "You took advantage of my innocent daughter and I'll see that you pay."

Sarah's reaction was quick and punishing. She jerked her arm to loosen Dani's grip and quickly twisted the mother's arm around and behind her back. "I know what happened at Mr. Kristy's," she whispered. Although it was a guess, Sarah was almost positive the mother had fallen for Ken's blackmail scheme just like others before her. "You had sex with Ken so Julie would make the team!"

Danica was flabbergasted and the expression on her face most certainly gave her away. She wondered how Sarah could possibly know what happened. Then she realized that Ken was a scoundrel and he would most certainly brag about having a sexual affair with any woman. Her back was up against the wall, but Dani decided to take a chance. "No! You're crazy. I didn't do anything of the sort and certainly wouldn't have sex with a man like him," she responded. "For any reason!"

"I saw you coming out of his house that night. I was there. I saw the bottles of beer and coolers," Sarah replied. Then she noticed all the blood rush out of the woman's face and knew Dani was fragile. "I met with Ken right after you left. You had sex with him... fucked him so your daughter could make the team. You fucked him!"

Dani could hardly breathe because the weight was so heavy on her chest. She gasped and tried to reply, as the guilt grew more daunting. "Dear gawd, he said something... he told you," she asked.

"I could smell you all over the house," Sarah informed the stunned mother. "I could smell your juices everywhere."

"Oh gawd, oh gawd," Dani moaned, as the world closed in on her.

Sarah had a stern expression and kept her voice low and steady. "He's a bastard, but you probably know that. He brags to me about every woman he screws," she said and grinned at the woman's misery.

"He told you?"

Sarah simply nodded and didn't have to lie. "Now it's my turn. You heard me earlier. All I want is you... someone who is totally submissive and completely obedient," she whispered.

Their faces were mere inches apart and the dark steely eyes dominated. Sarah glared into the teary eyes and felt the woman shudder, as Dani's surrender appeared imminent. She released the woman's arm and started undoing the buttons down the front of the designer blouse. The whimpering coming from Dani was priceless. Sarah tried hard to slow down her assault so that she could torment Dani to the extreme.

When the third button was opened, Dani's arms came up slightly, but not for long. Sarah glared straight into her eyes and demanded obedience. "You heard me! Obey or be punished. I don't like to use blackmail, but I'll do it to get what I want," she said. "I'm going to let you make love to me."

The declaration sounded degrading and Dani's entire body shivered like mad. The front of her blouse opened and Sarah easily rolled the garment off her shoulders. She tossed the blouse across the room. "First we'll take off your clothes. I've admired you since the first time I saw you at practice and I could tell you were obedient... that you needed someone to take care of your submissive needs."

It was now or never for Dani, as she kept shaking her head. She grabbed Sarah's left arm and pushed it away, but she never saw the woman's retaliation. All of a sudden her head snapped to the side and her cheek was on fire. The sound of a vicious slap echoed in the room and her initial response was to cry because of the shocking punishment. Dani sobbed and welcomed an embrace, as she fell into the young woman's open arms.

The sobbing was music to her ears and Sarah hugged the mother tightly with a vivid display of love and caring. "I told you; I love a crybaby. Let it out... cry for me," she ordered. "I'm going to remove every stitch of clothing on your marvelous body."

"Oh gawd, oh gawd."

"We're going to cuddy on my bed. I want your naked body next to me."

Dani merely let out a small groan, as the dominant coach continued to outline her plan.

"You're going to kiss me. Kiss me all over."

Again Dani groaned and listened.

"You're going to spread your legs... open your pussy for me."

"Gawd, no, no."

"You're going to kiss me... lick my cunt." There was no struggle or protest when Sarah stripped the rest of Dani's clothes, leaving the naked flesh covered with millions of goosebumps. "Stand still. Let me look at you."

Sarah admired the gorgeous woman, as she sat down on the living room sofa. She loved the slight sag of the luscious boobs and how the exceptionally erect nipples stood straight out in front. The areolas appeared swollen and seemed to push the nipples out even more. "Lovely! Cup your tits and bounce them up and down for me," she ordered. "Do it! Jiggle your tits for me."

Dani's hands moved without thinking. She fondled her boobs and pretended to shove them at the eager coach. "That's a good girl. Now, pinch those big nipples. Hold them between your thumb and finger and push them at me."

Dani obeyed despite her tummy doing all sorts of trembling and quivering. She put the palm of her hands under her boobs for support and pinched the nipples, which pleased Sarah. "Great! Turn around. Let me see your gorgeous ass," Sarah said. "Walk over to the door and let me see that sexy wiggle."

The distance was only a few feet but it felt like an eternity when Dani slowly walked across the room. She stopped at the door and waited. "Beautiful. Turn around and come back to me... close so I can touch you."

Her knees felt weak, but she managed to retrace her footsteps. Her body shivered, as she stood in front of the young woman, and Dani merely flinched when Sarah's hands came up. "Nice titties." Sarah fondled her boobs and deliberately caressed both nipples while staring straight into Dani's teary eyes. "Nice tummy... so slim and flat." Then Sarah ran her fingers across the shivering stomach and paused. "And gorgeous pussy... but we'll soon make it a lot prettier."

Suddenly the movements were frantic, as Sarah stood up and both women virtually ripped off Sarah's clothes. "Kiss me," Sarah ordered.

The resulting kiss was heated and Dani couldn't believe she was actually kissing another woman. Like almost every girl growing up, she had little experiences with a girlfriend or another female acquaintance, but nothing that developed into a sexual encounter. Dani marveled at how soft and tender the kiss was yet Sarah's lips demonstrated who was actually in control without being rough.

A raging desire increased dramatically inside Sarah, as she broke the kiss. "Come! We'll go to my bedroom," Sarah said. "You can make love to me... show me that you're willing to be my sex-salve. If you do what I ask... I'll protect you and make sure no one finds out about the adulterous affair with Ken. How you had sex with him so that Julie could make the team."

Sarah turned and slowly walked down the long hallway to her bedroom. She purposely took her time so that her actions would have a profound effect. Dani paused for a second and then she followed behind, as if she was the woman's servant. She tried not to stare, but watching the woman's buttocks sway seductively back and forth was too irresistible. Dani couldn't remember ever watching another woman or looking at a female body in a sexual way.

The young woman went into the dimly lit bedroom and Dani followed. When Sarah reached the big bed, she turned and opened her arms. Another kiss ensued and then Sarah fell backwards onto the bed, pulling Dani with her. Although she was on top, Dani never imagined being in control, as the incisive kiss demonstrated the young woman's supremacy and determination.

Dani didn't have to wonder what the velvety flesh felt like. The young woman sort of rolled her shoulders back and forth and offered her chest to her. Dani cupped one of the firm breasts and the nipple easily slipped between her fingers. When she squeezed the bud, the sounds of a woman moaning could easily have been mistaken for pain rather than pleasure. Dani pinched the areola between her fingertips and forced the hard nipple to stand up proudly.

Sarah's strong fingers entwined in Dani's hair and guided the mother's head down the front of nakedness. It seemed natural for Dani to kiss and leave a wet trail across the young woman's neck and chest. When her mouth brushed across an erect nipple, more groans of ecstasy sounded. Dani knew she was on the right path because of Sarah's dramatic reaction to each kiss and caress. She marveled at the pronounced nipples and quickly shifted her mouth from one to the other until both buds were extremely hard.

When her head was pushed lower, Dani kissed the burning skin. She found the delicate bellybutton and quickly discovered it was one of the young woman's sensuous zones. Sarah's body quivered wildly and she pleaded for Dani to tease her even more. Dani used her tongue and coated the small indent with saliva until Sarah pushed on her head again.

It was the first time in her life that she kissed another woman's most intimate area. Dani closed her eyes and she found the heated flesh felt sensational when her lips brushed all over the raised pelvis. The fact that Sarah was completely shaven was traumatic and Dani never imagined such a thing would feel so erotic. She was smitten by the thought of actually having sex with the dominating young woman and being able to satisfy her.

Her tongue lashed out. Dani wasn't sure why her head started spinning and why she felt sort of dizzy. She reasoned the cause might be because of the unfamiliar aroma of Sarah's love-box or from the taste of licking the velvety skin. Somehow the young woman's legs spread wide and Dani found herself positioned between the muscular thighs.

Dani tried to remain calm and retain some dignity, as she noticed the drenched slit. She never expected to be so close to another woman's pussy, but she didn't have to wonder about what to do. Sarah had a deathgrip on Dani's hair and guided the woman's face into her crotch. When her mouth pressed against the puffy labia, the pearly lips parted making it easy to drink the aphrodisiac.

Suddenly the clitoris was inside her hot mouth. Dani rolled the clitty around and around with her tongue and each time she did, the young woman cried out loud. Sarah's body shuddered all over the bed and Dani hugged the thrashing hips in an effort to capture all of the throbbing clitty. Somehow the clit got between her teeth so Dani nibbled on the little bud, which caused the hips to thrash even more.

There was a sweet taste of womanly cream and Dani sucked harder. She felt Sarah's body make several random thrusts and the young woman's stomach heaved madly in and out, as a powerful orgasm exploded inside her belly. "Yes! Yes! Fuck yes... do it, keep sucking," Sarah begged. "I'm cumming... gawd, I'm cumming."

Dani used her teeth to retain a secure grip on the precious clitoris. She might have bitten down too hard, but in the heat of the moment there was no pain felt by the young woman. Dani had never witnessed a woman's climax and she found the scene more erotic than she ever imagined. The orgasm seemed to consume all of Sarah's strength and power and Dani felt like she was the one who was in control for at least a fleeting moment in time.

When the young woman's body finally came to rest, Sarah welcomed the chance to prove her dominance. "Come, my love. Come here and let me hug you," she whispered, as she pulled the woman upward. "Let Sarah hold you."

Dani found herself lying beside the coach and their two sweaty torsos against each other. The interlude was peaceful and Dani closed her eyes trying to forget what had just happened. She might have succeeded except for the devious actions of Sarah who hugged her and forced her to lie flat on her back.

Sarah sort of pinned the womanly body down by lying on top of the right side of Dani's torso. She slipped her left arm under Dani's head and put her lips to the woman's ear. "That was fantastic," she whispered. "You made mistress very happy. Now you have to prove your obedience."

"What? Prove? I what," Dani mumbled.

Sarah held the woman flat on her back and playfully used her right hand to display her dominance. Despite Dani holding her legs tightly pressed together, there was still enough room for Sarah's hand to find her target. She cunningly slipped her forefinger into the tip of the wet slit and covered the throbbing morsel. "From now on when we are together... alone together, you'll call me Mistress," she said. "I hope you understand!"

Sarah pressed hard on the clit, as if demanding an answer. "What, yeaaa, yes," Dani replied.

"Yes what?"

There was a little pause for Dani to ponder what was happening. "Mistress, yes Mistress."

"Each time you forget or disobey, I'll punish you. Make you do things... blackmail you to do things that you might not find very appropriate or moral."

"Yes," she whispered and then there was a deafening pause, "Mistress!"

"That's a good girl. Now don't forget... or I'll add something to your punishment that you might not like. I might take you to the mall and you won't be wearing panties or bra. I may take you to a school party and let one of the students have sex with you."

"Yes, Mistress." The thought of being punished by Sarah was too daunting to even imagine and Dani shivered at the possibility.

"Very good. When there are others around, we will use discretion so no one else finds out that you're my little slave."

"Yes, Mistress."

"When others are around, you can call me Coach or Coach Sarah."

Dani didn't reply at first, but quickly responded when she noticed the young woman glare at her. "Yes, Mistress!"

Sarah ingeniously rolled the clit around in the vast juices and kissed the side of Dani's flushed face. Then she arched her back so she could stare straight into the teary eyes. "From now on, you'll be my slave. You'll do whatever I demand. You'll wear whatever I order you to wear; you'll have sex whenever I order and fuck whoever I order you to fuck."

There was a pause, but Dani replied. "Yeaaas, Mistress."

"Open your legs."

Their eyes locked and a tear ran down her cheek, as Dani stared straight into the steely eyes and spread her legs. Abruptly her clitoris was grasped by the young woman and the skilled fingers caressed the bud like an angel. Their eyes never blinked or looked away. "Now I want my baby to cum. Show Mistress that you want to cream all over my fingers."

Dani didn't have to say anything, as her body spoke loud and clear. Her hips thrashed up and down and then the molestation stopped. "I can see you want to make Mistress happy, but not yet. Let's not cum yet."

Dani tried hard to control her breathing and to stop her tummy from heaving. The dark eyes glared at her and demanded she answer. "Yes, Mistress. I'll wait."

Her body stopped moving and Sarah knew it was time to renew her assault. She yanked the swollen clit out of the hideaway and twirled it around and around as vigorously as she could. "Good girl. Do you know you didn't have to have sex with Mr. Kristy? Julie would have made the team without your interfering."

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