tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMother of a Cheerleader Ch. 03

Mother of a Cheerleader Ch. 03


A reader suggested this story and I decided to write it because the storyline sounded so dynamic and realistic. I do appreciate feedback so please feel free to send me your comments.

Chapter 3

Danica realized that her secure life was certain to change now that her submissive nature had been so adroitly discovered by the conniving coach and by her very own daughter. She had heard about people calling someone their master or mistress, but never imagined in a million years it would happen to her. Suddenly she was powerless against the controlling Sarah and now her own daughter was against her. Dani recalled the greatest humiliation of her life when at Sarah's house the previous week. She was treated like a spoiled brat and spanked and the recollection still sent shivers through her body.

What made Dani so terribly distraught was the realization that she became excessively lust-filled from what happened. Not only did she succumb to her daughter's cunnilingus, she also experienced two more earth-shattering orgasms during the evening of bondage. It was hard to believe yet Dani considered the shameful climaxes suffered during the evening as more than memorable. Afterwards when Sarah outlined the various humiliations planned for her, Dani found each one upsetting yet extremely poignant.

Once Sarah set her mind on something, she was one to do whatever it took to accomplish that goal. From the first moment she saw the goddess visit the school to watch her daughter perform with the cheerleading squad, Sarah was determined to control Danica. She was a bonafide lesbian, but her true passion came from being a Dominatrix, something Sarah wished to experiment with and learn how to perfect.

The squad was going through its last practice before a big competition that was being held in one of the larger universities in the conference. Sarah was very satisfied with the team's progress and she looked forward to the upcoming rivalry with the other schools. She watched the girls and grinned at her clever plan, which unfolded right in front of her.

Sarah had arranged for the parents to attend the final rehearsal. She set everything up beforehand and was most proud of the humiliation aspect planned for Dani. Sarah watched the practice from the coaches' table in front of the bleachers and she glanced behind her to see the sexy woman who was dressed exactly as ordered. Dani wore a short skirt provided by the coach and the garment was extremely hard to keep in place. The material was very stretchy and slipped upward even though Dani kept tugging on the hem to keep it down.

Sarah's instructions were very specific. Dani was distraught because she was required to sit in the second row of bleachers directly behind the coaches' table. Sarah outlined the sequence of events and made sure Dani knew the coaches would be looking behind to get the parents' impression of the performance. The coach insisted Dani act normal and watch the cheerleaders perform until she gave an explicit order.

The routines progressed and all of the parents and other spectators applauded the squad's performance. Sarah plus her assistant coach as well as Ken sat at the coaches' table directly in front of her and Dani's temperature and heartbeat increased with each passing minute and each completed routine.

There it was! Dani stared at the coach who knowingly tugged on her right earlobe at precisely the most opportune moment when all of the cheerleaders turned around and faced away from the bleachers. Sarah gave the signal and Dani spread her legs in a most brazen exhibitionism. She watched in horror when Sarah whispered to Ken and the man she hated more than anyone turned around. It took all of her courage to keep her legs spread knowing the man could see up her skirt.

Dani knew her bare crotch was exposed because Sarah forced her to not wear panties. She blushed profusely due to the immense embarrassment and noticed the man grin, as if he thought she was exposing herself on purpose. That in itself was degrading, but then Ken gave her a knowing wink and nodded his head to indicate he understood how she couldn't resist his male charm. Thankfully he turned around to face the girl's, which allowed Dani to close her legs and recompose herself.

The stipulation set out by Sarah was that Dani must flash Ken every time the man turned around. Reluctantly she obeyed and tried not to be too obvious to anyone else. Immediately following the last routine, Ken rushed straight up to Dani and surprised her. He stepped closer and confronted the mother even though Sarah was within earshot. "The girls were terrific. If you have a spare minute, I have something to share with you," he said, as he made a gesture towards his private office. "It won't take long."

Sarah wanted to test the mother. She wanted Dani to make more sacrifices and do anything for her daughter. "I'm sure Ken has lots of words of wisdom for you. Go, go and listen to him tell you how he's such a wonderful man," she whispered, as she turned to leave. "Julie's career is in your hands now."

The coach departed and Dani was alone with the hated sports director. "I knew you were horny... the horniest woman around. I almost came in my pants when you flashed me that gorgeous pussy," Ken muttered. "I love women who can't get enough cock and you've got mine so hard it is ready to burst."

Dani wanted to slap the man's face after the disgusting remark. She didn't want to join him, but decided it was better than making a scene in front of the students and parents. Ken would surely embarrass her if she didn't do what he wanted so Dani reluctantly let him usher her out of the gymnasium. They walked down a hallway and her legs got weaker with every step until she almost collapsed when Ken opened the door to his office.

As soon as they entered the darkened room, Ken was all over her. Fending him off was virtually impossible and soon his hands were under her top and beneath her skirt. When his stiff finger found the wetness between her legs, Dani let out distraught whimpers as his finger slithered into her soaked labia. "Sweet Jesus... you're so wet and horny. I need your lips on my cock... sucking my cock."

Dani prayed that a quick blowjob would end Ken's reign of terror. She felt him pull back and welcomed the temporary freedom, as he blatantly unzipped his pants and pulled out his raging hardon. Then his big hands were on her shoulders and Ken pushed her down onto her knees. One moment the intimidating penis was in her face and the next the entire head was inside her hot mouth. Dani sucked on the burning meat and she tried to turn the man's stamina to quicksand.

Dani endured the ill-fated blowjob and then Ken changed his mind. She was forced to stand up and the man pushed her towards his office desk. "Grab onto the desk... hold on tight and I'm going to fuck that gorgeous snatch," he said with excitement showing in his voice. She faced the desk and suddenly Ken put his hand on her back. "I'm going to send you back to the girls with a belly full of cum."

Time seemed to stand still and the worst experience of her life followed. Ken pushed her forward and to keep from falling on her face, she put her hands on the desk. Dani held onto the edge of the desk and she was in the perfect bent over position for Ken. He grabbed the short skirt and rolled it up around her slim waist exposing her soul to the devil. "Oh geez... geez you have the prettiest bare-ass pussy. Christ, my dick is hurtin'!"

Dani dropped her head and held her breath. She felt the flared head being rubbed up and down through her vast wetness and then the lights went out. Ken rammed as much of his ramrod into the burning inferno as he could with the first thrust. He wrapped his strong fingers around her slender waist and pulled back hard when he slammed his hips at her backside again and again. There was the sound of bare sweaty flesh slapping together and then Ken started humping in a most animalistic fashion.

Dani remained in the restrictive bent over position, as her body rocked back and forth. She tightened her grip on the desk and uttered a valiant protest. "You're a bastard... a prick," Dani said.

"I like sluts who cum... cream all over my hard dick like you did last time," Ken declared.

"Oh gawd, what are you doing... stop, please stop."

Ken grabbed a handful of Dani's hair and pulled her head back so she could put his mouth next to her ear. "If you don't shake that sexy ass, I'll fuck your precious daughter. I'll blackmail your daughter. I know Julie is sleeping with Sarah and she won't want everyone in the school to know," he whispered.

The threat made Dani shudder, as she imagined Julie being ravaged. Her back arched and something awful sliced through her inner being, crushing her delicate spirit. "Gawd, no, gawd no," she moaned.

"Push back... push your ass back and bury my cock in that horny cunt."

"Oh gawd, use me you bastard. Go ahead... use me, but please leave Julie alone."

"That's it! Shake it slut... make it good, or else."

"Go ahead... use me. You're nothing but an animal... a beast."

Dani was full of hatred and she glared straight ahead when Ken satisfied his sexual lust. He had one hand clutching the waistband of her skirt and the other was jerking on her hair to keep her body rocking wildly back and forth. His cock swelled and suddenly burning jets of cum filled her womanly cavity, as Ken rammed his cock to the hilt. The heat increased inside her belly and caused her body to sweat profusely.

The orgasm seemed to go on forever and Dani breathed a big sigh of relief when his hips came to rest. Ken pulled his perpetual hardon out of the leaking hole and quickly pulled up his pants. He stuffed his pecker into his shorts and then grabbed Dani by the arms. He helped her stand up next to the desk and stared straight into her eyes. "Be at my place... Thursday at 7. I'm having a party with some of my pals and we need a waitress," he informed the surprised mother. "I can't think of anyone better than you. I have the perfect outfit that'll look fantastic on you."

"What? No, I can't... I can't," she replied, as his request sounded appalling.

"Me and the boys are having a football party. They'll love being served beers... especially from someone who is sexy and beautiful," Ken said. "I think you realize that you'll be my little servant, or else."

Dani felt a sense of panic and knew the man's blackmail was enough to ensure she wouldn't defy his demand. She remained silent and didn't tell Ken what she thought of him, as she turned and left. Dani's head filled with the distressing thought of Ken ruining her life if she disobeyed and she realized that the only way to keep the man quiet was to show up at his party. Vivid images of being a scantily clad waitress and serving Ken and his beer-drinking buddies made her want to cry.

***Ken's Party

If there was one thing Ken craved more than sex it was anything to do with his inflated ego. He loved bragging and wanted all of his drinking buddies to know he had complete control over one of the sexiest women around. When he observed Dani's obvious exhibitionism during the cheerleading practice, he considered her brazen display as proof of his irresistible charisma. He reasoned Dani couldn't resist his dominance and forged ahead with a shrewd plan.

Ken loved the NFL and he often got together with some of his friends for a Thursday night football party. He met the reluctant mother at the front door and immediately informed Dani what she was required to wear and do at his party. "Here, you can wear this lovely outfit. I want my buddies to be served by the sexiest waitress," he said, as he handed her the outfit. "Get changed; you can use the bathroom. The boys are downstairs in the recreation room... thirsty and horny as hell."

Ken laughed out loud and waved his hand to indicate he wanted her to change so she could get downstairs and start serving beers to his buddies. Dani grabbed the clothes and rushed into the nearby bathroom where she looked with trepidation at what the man called an outfit. There were only two items, an ingeniously designed apron and the skimpiest pair of panties. Her hands literally vibrated and she had a hard time stripping and then donning the new attire.

The black thong panties merely covered the smallest amount of her nudity. Dani breathed a little sigh of relief that the apron actually covered most of her nakedness. The top had straps that tied around her neck and the material spread to cover her breasts although if someone looked from the side they would see most of her boob. The bottom came down well below her crotch and even wrapped around her hips, but it did leave a small portion in the back fully exposed. She glanced at her sultry reflection in the mirror and shivered knowing she would be in a room full of horny men.

When a tap sounded at the door, her heart stopped and she had trouble breathing. Ken had everything planned and he wanted Dani to make a grand entrance, which would impress his pals. "Honey, we need a drink. Time to go to work, sweetheart. The boys are thirsty," he said and then he added with a laugh, "and horny!"

Ken's laugh put goosebumps all over her body. She reluctantly unlocked the door and was greeted by the biggest grin on the man's face, as he handed her a drink tray. "The drinks are at the bar and the mix is in the fridge. I expect you to serve and satisfy everyone," he declared. "Get that pretty ass in gear, sweetheart."

Dani fumed with hatred and glared at the man. She couldn't believe she had fallen to the depths of hell, but reasoned she really didn't have an alternative because of Ken's cunning blackmail. He escorted her down a set of stairs to the crowded party room and all of the men stopped talking when they entered. "Well, here she is. Danica is the mother of one of my best cheerleaders and she has willingly agreed to be our waitress," Ken informed the hushed group. "Dani will do anything to make me happy, isn't that right, honey?"

Dani returned the man's stare. She dearly wanted to tell Ken what she thought of him yet that isn't what happened. "Yea... yes. Yes, sir."

Ken waved his hand towards the bar. "I think everyone needs a fresh drink."

She found it very difficult to walk let alone confront each man to get his request for a drink. The television blared but no one seemed to notice the football game. Every eye was on the seductress who walked around the room serving drinks and snacks and the fondling got bolder and more constant. Dani was on one side of the room when she overheard one of Ken's buddies. "I thought you were bullshitting, man, but she's gorgeous. If she puts out like you say, this'll be the best party... ever!"

Dani wanted to die. She tried not to turn her back to anyone, but that was impossible because the men spread themselves out around the room so inevitably she was always flashing someone. When she stood in front of a man, one of his buddies felt her up from behind. She was positive each man took a turn at molesting her exposed back, but it was when he reached around and groped her boobs that she got frustrated. Not satisfied with feeling her boobs, they eventually started fondling her nipples, which appeared to make each man exceptionally raunchy.

The molestation got bolder each time Dani walked around the room. Eventually someone reached under the short apron and found utopia. A hand would start caressing her knee and then work its way upward until she screeched for him to stop. She would furiously turn away and rush onto the next customer, but not before the man groped her between the legs. Her heart raced and the charade lasted the entire first half of the football game.

The halftime show was in progress when Ken decided it was time to increase the action. "C'mon guys. I told you she was my slut... not yours. Danica has agreed to serve you bastards booze, but not sex," he boldly stated, as he winked at everyone except Dani. "I think it's time our sexy waitress shows some skin."

Dani's mouth opened, as if to protest, but she couldn't prevent the man from untying the straps of the apron and letting the top fall. She stood motionless in front of the men, as they gawked at her sudden nudity. Dani listened to the numerous one-word metaphors about her luscious endowment and each description sent a shiver down her spine. She used all of the courage in her frail body to continue serving drinks, knowing things would get much worse.

When Ken arrogantly strutted up to her and finished stripping the apron, Dani prayed for mercy. It was impossible to cover-up and the extremely skimpy thong only made matters worse, as each man envisioned her fully naked. The next round of drinks took forever to serve because every man molested her when she came close. Ken's inflated ego grew and grew when he heard his buddies hoot and holler with each grope or caress.

The adventure hit a pivotal point and Ken only had a quarter of football left to complete his planned satire. Someone pushed Dani from behind and she went flying straight into Ken's lap, as he sat perched on a chair. Her arms went around his head and her legs spread and went around his waist, as she came face to face with the devil.

Dani was vulnerable and Ken was greedy. Unknown to Dani, Ken had instructed his pals on what to do. He wanted every man to get thoroughly aroused and knew after a couple of hours of pent up desire, his buddies would go crazy. One man pinned her arms around Ken and two others held her legs spread so that her struggles were hopeless. "Sweetheart, everyone wants to watch you. They want to watch my loyal slut get pounded," Ken whispered and stared straight into her teary eyes.

The strap of the virtually nonexistent thong surged through her crack and the small patch covering her bare pelvis curled into a narrow band. Dani didn't know how the man mysterious exposed himself, but suddenly his big cock was perilously close to her vulnerable opening. She felt the cock-head hit her crotch and it lingered on top of nowhere-land for a measly second or two. All of a sudden Ken shifted her torso forward and grinned when he felt the vast wetness. "Ken, dear gawd, not here... you can't," Dani begged.

"Get ready sweetheart... ready for a real man."

"Ken, dear gawd, not in front of... of these men," Dani whispered, as she glanced around at the leering faces.

Ken wisely shifted his hips to one side and gave a thrust. "If you don't cream all over my dick, I'll let every man fuck your brains out," he whispered. "Do or die, sweetheart, orgasm or get gangbanged."

Dani glared at Ken and wanted to slap his unruly face. Every time she tried to lower her arms, a man stopped her. She tried to squirm away from Ken's determined thrusts, but her legs were firmly pinned around Ken's waist. She felt the long thick shaft surge into her most intimate being and knew doom was on the horizon. "Ken, you can't, please, don't," she pleaded.

Ken hugged her torso and relished her boobs pressing into his chest. "Everyone is watching... watching the sexy mother get fucked," he whispered. "You heard me... do it, or else."

"No, gawd no, I can't."

"You better or you'll get banged by each guy."

"Gawd, no, no."

Ken squeezed her body and rammed her hips downward with such force it enabled him to fully embed his raging cock. "It's up to you, sweetheart. Cream... or get banged."

Dani was totally distraught. What alternative did she have, she wondered, as having sex with all of the men was too demoralizing? She closed her eyes and tried to fantasize about being alone and not with a bunch of savages. "Oh gawd, oh gawd."

Dani felt hands touching her all over and she would have been thoroughly amazed if she could see herself. Her body bounced freely up and down on Ken's lap and her boobs were a sea of furious motion. Her nipples were free game to anyone who was brave enough to grope and so was the rest of her body. She would never know how her arm got free. Suddenly her hand was between her legs and she was determined to find utopia in an effort to satisfy Ken's depraved demands.

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