Mother of a Cheerleader


"That's it baby. Keep moving that sexy ass. It's time to see how much you want your daughter to be a cheerleader," he whispered. "Sweet fuck, slut. You're hot... burning my fucking cock."

Dani wanted to yell at the man and tell him how much she hated everything about him. Suddenly he reached under her trembling hips with both hands and grabbed the cheeks of her ass. Ken squeezed and dug his fingers into the soft, creamy flesh. Then he pulled up with his hands and lunged downward with his hips. When several inches of the ramrod surged into her womanly domain, Dani stopped breathing.

If Ken would have remained still, she might have stood a chance. He pumped in and out in rapid fashion and was content to keep the strokes short and swift. With half of his raging cock coated with slick oil, Ken started taking his time. "Oh baby, keep moving. Keep that cunt moving," he ordered. "Get my cock into your belly before you cream all over my prick."

Dani was furious. "Go ahead, you bastard. Get it over with so I can leave," she cried. "Use me, you rotten bastard."

"Christ, you're like one of my cheerleaders... tight, so fucking tight," Ken declared. "Holy shit, you are... you're fucking cumming!"

"No... never, I'm not; I won't!" Dani felt totally helpless for the first time in her life. She always had to hurry and even bring herself over the hump during sex because her husband seemed premature all of the time. Suddenly it was her who panicked and she wasn't sure why or what to do. A powerful tremor rocked her body and then her inner being went into convulsions.

"I knew it... a slut. Can't wait for cock... can't get enough cock," Ken growled.

Dani tilted her head up and sunk her teeth into the man's shoulder. The pain struck and Ken rammed his hips down with all of his brutal strength. His cock sliced through her delicate spirit and magically consumed her inner being. Dani didn't want to let go. Her mouth opened wide, as if to utter a scream, but only loud gasps of air escaped.

Ken pulled back and arched his back while leaving his cock fully embedded in the potent heat chamber. He stared into Dani's glassy eyes and marveled at her sudden loss of control. Ken played the game to perfection. "Help me honey, help me," he pleaded. "Fuck me! Get me nice and hard so I can fill your belly with chizz."

Dani could not remember having an orgasm so fast or being so overwhelmed. Her chest heaved, as she tried to breath, and she found it easier to curl up her legs to allow Ken enough freedom, as he planted his cock in her deepest region. "Gawd, what's happening? What's happening to me," she wondered?

Ken knew the end was near but as long as he didn't pump, he would last. He remained buried to the hilt and simply tightened his loins every second or two, which caused his cock to jerk crazily inside the overheated volcano. "Keep going baby... keep fucking," he uttered, as a brilliant plan hit. "I gotta watch those luscious tits."

Dani thought the turmoil was over. The penis stopped throbbing inside of her and her distraught mind believed Ken was done. Then he rolled over, which was an extremely tricky maneuver, as the sofa wasn't very wide. Suddenly she was sitting directly over top of his upturned hips and the pulsating cock was again rammed to the hilt. The final spasms caused her body to shudder, as she stared down at the satisfied grin on the man's rugged face.

Ken's eyes bulged at the sight of Dani's boobs. "Gorgeous... beautiful tits. Bend over... closer so I can feel," he ordered. "I want those sexy tits."

The next thing Dani was aware of was leaning forward and having to place her hands on either side of Ken's shoulders. She glanced down at her chest and witnessed a horror of the man devouring one of her delectable boobs. Normally insensitive and rough treatment turned her off, but Ken's brazen behavior seemed to do the opposite. He literally chewed on a nipple and caused some pain, but then he thrust upwards with his powerful hips and replanted the head of his cock through her cervix.

Her vulnerable position worked against her, as her torso bounced erratically up and down. Ken lifted his head and his mouth moved from one titty to the other. He kept his hips thrust skyward and squeezed the gallons of cum into Dani's hot belly. Suddenly he couldn't hold back any longer. His body shuddered and then his hips started jerking up and down in a pure random fashion, as his extraordinary climax roared towards the finish.

Something very unfamiliar and rare happened deep inside. Dani's belly seemed to suck in and out and try to pull harder on the embedded cock in a crude milking fashion. For some mysterious reason, the intercourse felt like a competition. Dani arched her back and then snapped backwards to match the man's rhythm. Every time Ken jettisoned cum into her inner being, she rammed her hips at him to say she could take anything he had.

The resulting orgasm was the best of his life as well as hers. They clung to each other like mad lovers trying to see who would last the longest. Every time his cock throbbed, Ken felt his balls pulsate and send more cum into her overheated inferno.

Dani regretted everything. Random spasms caused her entire body to shudder and slowly her muscles came to rest. She really didn't know how to get away from the overbearing man and thankfully Ken was the first to move. "I hate to rush it, but I'm expecting someone. One of my coaches is coming over for a quick meeting," he said, as he gathered all of Dani's clothes that were strewn across the floor.

Her clothes were a mess. Ken handed them to her and then he rushed to get dressed. Dani couldn't dress fast enough and she tried not to look at the man because of the immense guilt she felt. There was nothing else to say and Dani only hoped that the sacrifice of the sexual encounter was worth it. She vowed to make Ken's life a living hell if Julie didn't make the team.


Sarah pulled up at the director's house not relishing the upcoming meeting. She didn't like Ken and tolerated the man simply because he was the boss. Just as she was about to get out of her car, the front door of Ken's house opened and someone she recognized came out. 'Holy crap! What is she doing here? That bastard! He's up to something... he did it again,' Sarah thought, as she watched Danica get into her car and drive away.

Sarah waited a few minutes and then went to the door. When Ken answered the doorbell, he had the biggest grin on his face. "Come in. I was just going over some papers... some of the details that we have to consider," he said and invited her into his living room.

A shiver went through Sarah as she envisioned what most likely happened in the room a very short time ago. She noticed some cooler and beer bottles sitting around the room and it was very apparent he had a visitor. After she heard the obvious lie, Sarah wanted to slap the stupid grin off the man's face, but she resisted. "Yes, I imagine you've been busy... extremely busy, as the final decision has to be made. Making an unbiased decision on such an important matter is never easy," she replied.

Her intended insult went over his head and Ken went directly into the resumes for the five rookies. The two discussed all five girls and what their possibilities were of them actually making the squad. The only thing left were the last tryouts that Sarah had to administer and then for Ken to make the final picks. Sarah tried hard to ignore Ken's brazen attitude and wondered if there was any man with a bigger ego than him.

Sarah was thankful the meeting didn't last long and it was agreed they meet right after the last tryout, which was Julie's. She would give Ken her final choices for which two girls should make the team and hopefully he would agree. Sarah was slightly surprised that Ken seemed to approve of all her suggestions so far and she hoped the final cuts were as easy. She almost asked about his prior visitor, but decided to leave well enough alone for the time being.

When she stood up to leave, her mind flashed back to six years ago. She was a naïve and very susceptible schoolgirl who wanted only one thing. Sarah vowed to do whatever it took to make the cheerleading team and she saw one sure way of making that happen. Even though being promiscuous was against everything she was brought up to believe, she had surrendered to Ken's cunning blackmail.

Suddenly she looked at Ken and saw the exact same grin on his egotistical face as she did that day. "One day you'll get caught," she whispered. "One day!"

Ken was guilty of being a braggart, but he wasn't stupid. "Sweetheart, don't worry about what I'm doing. You just do your job and we'll get along fine," he said. "You'll agree... a little pussy won't hurt anyone. Christ, that woman was the best."

Sarah was fuming when she departed. She wanted to slap the man's face but wisely just left him standing at the door with his mouth open. She did however vow to win the heart of the mother who in all likelihood had made the biggest sacrifice for her daughter.


Sarah loved the final tryouts and she purposely had the girls perform privately. It meant she was the one with absolute control, but she suspected that half the decision was made last night in Ken's living room. There were no hesitations when it came time to demonstrate her dominating assertiveness if she found a particular girl sexually attractive. Sarah was also aware of the rumors around the school about her sexual orientation and she didn't care.

As coach, Sarah's job was to assess the five rookies who were trying out for the final two spots. She would then make her recommendations to Ken and then he would make the final decision on who made the team based on more than cheerleading skills. Sarah was very aware of Ken's devious schemes, as the man had fooled her when she tried out for the cheerleading squad during her school years. Despite her being a lesbian, she succumbed to Ken's shrewd manipulation and let him have sex with her so she could make the team.

The two fully understood each other after Ken blackmailed Sarah. Although they didn't like each other, they worked well as a team in the athletic department. Every year selecting the cheerleading squad was difficult, but Sarah truly loved the experience. She conducted her last chance tryouts with two things in mind. First to select which girls actually made the squad, but secondly it allowed her to assess her chances of seducing one of the attractive girls.

Most would have considered Sarah's selfish use of power to be wrong and extremely immoral. Sarah on the other hand was more like Ken and used her authority to gain control over others. She welcomed the last competitor into her office and noticed how the gorgeous young cheerleader appeared timid. Whenever one of the girls acted overly cooperative and willing to do anything to get what they wanted, Sarah was overjoyed.

Julie had the biggest smile on her beautiful face when she entered the room. Sarah's heart pounded so hard in her chest that she hoped the girl couldn't hear it. Her eyes roamed slowly up and down Julie's sexy body, as the girl performed an almost perfect routine. At the very end, the little frown on the coach's face sent shivers through the girl.

Julie wondered if there was something she could do better, as she was determined to do whatever it took to be part of the cheerleading team. She was aware of the rumors around the school that Sarah was a very domineering coach and that the woman was a lesbian. Julie wasn't bothered by the silly rumors because she was very comfortable with her sexual orientation. She never worried about anyone else's sexual preferences and found boys far more attractive than another woman.

The frown widened and Julie was scared. "I know I can do it... do any routine. I'll practice and work harder than anyone," she declared. "I'll do anything you ask." For the first time in her young life, Julie stared into another woman's eyes and her stomach churned so feverishly that she had trouble standing still.

"I'm still undecided. It is close... very close between the five new girls and I'm just not sure yet who should make the team," Sarah said in a strong steady voice. "Your performance was good, but I'm still not sure."

Julie didn't want to blink because it might show a sign of submission, but she couldn't stop. She blinked a few times and again stared into the dark powerful eyes. "I know you won't be disappointed... I will work and train harder than anyone," she whispered. "Do everything you ask."

When she said it, Julie realized the implications were profound. A pretty smile appeared on the woman's attractive face and Julie noticed the welcoming glint in Sarah's eyes. "I'm sure you will... work hard and all, but..."

The sentence stopped and Julie hung in midair for the longest time. She waited and waited knowing the woman was testing her to see if she really was determined. Suddenly Sarah stepped closer and Julie felt the hot breath wash across her face.

Julie knew what was expected if she wanted to be a prestigious cheerleader. Her mouth opened and she gasped for much needed air, as it felt like she was suffocating under the pressure. She had to act or everything was lost. Julie closed her eyes and her head sort of tilted to the side, which would invite the coach to kiss her. Her lips were slightly parted and Julie didn't think her heart could beat any faster.

The lips were soft and searching. Sarah thrust out her tongue and coated the puffy, red lips before actually kissing them. The girl's mouth opened and welcomed the heated kiss, as the tongues embraced in true lovers' fashion. When the woman's fingers reached and rolled the elastic top upward, Julie merely stood motionless, allowing Sarah to bare her well-developed breasts.

The coach was confident when she fondled the luscious tits. Sarah pulled back slightly and stared at the most alluring sight in the world. The girl was fairly tall for a cheerleader at 5'8" and she had the sexiest body. Julie's tits were at least a C-cup and so perky that they hardly bounced when she jumped during routines. The nipples and areolas were absolutely outstanding. Not only did the large nipples stand erect and very noticeable, but also the surrounding areolas were overly swollen and puffy.

Sarah cupped one boob and then the other, as the oversized nipples pressed into the palm of her hand. She had to taste one. Sarah's focused on one of the golden nuggets and then her head dropped. She couldn't remember a seduction going so fast or happening so easily. Sarah devoured a nipple and Julie simply rocked back and forth, as she tried to remain standing. The girl moaned out loud several times and then she whimpered, as if surrendering to the overpowering desire.

Sarah gazed across the flat tummy and her heart rate quickened. She reluctantly let go of a boob and her fingers traced a feathery path across the shivering tummy. Sarah circled the dainty bellybutton and then her fingertips swooped towards the elastic waistband.

Julie's stomach heaved in and out very rapidly displaying obvious signs of sexual arousal, which filled the coach with even more poise. Sarah couldn't resist. Her fingers dipped under the waistband and Sarah grinned when Julie sucked in her stomach to give her more room. She shoved her hand all the way into the girl's soaked crotch and then stood up straight to face her timid cheerleader. "You're beautiful... sexy... a precious young lady," she whispered, as her fingers found the secret control button.

Something weird surge through her belly and Julie didn't know what to do. "Ooohhh... ooohhh... oooooo," she moaned.

"Not here... not now," Sarah whispered. The girl's panties were soaked and Sarah relished the thought of Julie being overly receptive and willing. She pressed hard on the throbbing clitoris and marveled at what might have been a mini orgasm, as the girl's hips thrust madly back and forth. "Not in my office; come to my place after school. Meet me here after your last class and we'll go to my place."

Sarah leaned forward and kissed the girl hard. She loved demonstrating her power and control with a kiss, as her tongue toyed with Julie's. She gave the swollen clitty another squeeze and then she pulled her hand out of the girl's panties. When she broke the heated kiss, Sarah placed her wet fingers next to Julie's open mouth and pinched the girl's bottom lip. "After your last class... meet me here."

All of a sudden Julie felt embarrassed. She quickly corrected her top and straightened her skirt so that she looked presentable again. When she looked into the coach's eyes, her stomach quivered like crazy. "Yes, I'll be here," she whispered.

Julie exited the office and practically ran to her next class. The door slammed shut and Sarah breathed a big sigh. She turned and put her back against the door, as she tried to calm her heartbeat, which was soaring out of control. Her complexion was flushed and heated and she couldn't wait. 'I am going to make you my special little lover,' she whispered, as her hand thrust into the loosened waistline of her Lululemon tights. 'Julie, my love, you're so sweet and innocent... I can hardly wait to feel your tight young body again.'

Sarah knew there was only one thing that could satisfy her insatiable lust. She seldom masturbated or had occasion for self-gratification, but today was different. Her hand slithered down her heaving tummy and cupped her bald pelvis. She purposely delayed the inevitable. Her fingers curved through her soaked crotch in a threatening manner and she hesitated before forcing her middle finger into the puffy labia.

When the tip of her finger pressed on the throbbing clitoris, Sarah's body shuddered like crazy. The door vibrated and made lots of noise, but Sarah didn't care. She pinched the clit and rolled the bud furiously between her fingertips. 'Tonight... my love, you'll be doing this,' she moaned. 'You'll be making love to me and then I'll make you cum like never before.' Sarah masturbated in her office and dreamed of being with the vivacious young cheerleader.


The only person that recognized the last day of tryouts was unusual was Danica. She sat in her car waiting for her daughter who was supposed to be finished with her last class of the day over fifteen minutes earlier. Dani was excited to know if the coach gave Julie any indication about the last chance performance and whether the tryout went well. Just as Dani's patience ran out and she was about to go into the school to find her daughter, Julie and her coach exited.

Dani stared in disbelief at her lovely daughter. The girl had a most radiant glow on her pretty face and her normally neat clothes were slightly wrinkled and disheveled. The coach had her arm around Julie and she glanced across the parking lot. Sarah noticed the mother staring at them so she abruptly turned and kissed the startled girl hard on the lips. Julie's initial response was one of hesitation, but she quickly softened and welcomed the charming embrace.

Sarah broke the kiss as fast as it started and pulled back. "You had the best tryout. I'm looking forward to the year... having you on the team and watching such a lovely girl perform all season," she declared. "Your mother is waiting... probably trying to find out if you made the team or not."

Julie turned and looked towards her mother. "Yes, she is more excited than I am," she replied.

"Go. Tell her that your tryout was terrific... that you're coming home with me for some extra lessons," Sarah said.

Julie glanced back at her coach and noticed a big smile of satisfaction on the woman's face. She fully realized that there was no way to refuse the implied invitation for more illicit encounters and her stomach churned with a little panic. "Yes... I better before she has a heart attach," Julie whispered, as she recalled the earlier incident following her tryout.

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