tagErotic HorrorMother of the Swarm

Mother of the Swarm


Ramon scanned the crowd, looking through a literal sea of witches, devils, vampires and other creatures of the night. He was your typical suave pick-up artist on any given night of the year, but Halloween had always held a special place in his heart. So many women in sexy costumes, people pretending to be monsters... for a natural born liar like him, it was the perfect excuse to indulge in his usual bad behavior without anyone being able to blame him.

As he looked through the various female party goers, his attention immediately drifted towards a tall, thin brunette dressed in an elegant black dress. Judging by her pale skin and long dark hair, Ramon assumed that she was supposed to be a vampire, and he had to admit that she was pulling off the costume quite well. She was thin and graceful, and although she actually had pretty small breasts truth be told, there was certainly a waifish beauty about her.

'The perfect tragic heroine for a Gothic romance gone wrong,' Ramon silently mused to himself.

Taking another sip of brandy, Ramon turned to the host and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Hey Matt," he said, heartily shaking his hand, "Great party, man, as always. But I was just wondering, who is that gorgeous Goth chick over there at the other end of the room?"

Matt turned around and looked back at the room, squinting so that he could get a better view.

"Oh her," he said when he finally caught a glimpse of the woman, "Her name's... ummm... Nancy I think."

"Nancy," Ramon said, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah," Matt responded, "She lives in one of the apartments up on the third floor. Just moved in the other week, in fact, so I figured I would invite her over."

Matt looked over at his friend, but saw that he was too caught up staring across the room at the hot goth chick. Then again, for a horny guy like Ramon, that was actually pretty common.

"You want me to introduce you," he asked.

"Nah," Ramon said as he started to make his way across the room, "I think that I'll do just fine on my own."

"Don't you always," said Matt, laughing quietly to himself.

The thin gothic woman -- Nancy, or whatever her name was -- had already taken a seat on Matt's couch and made herself comfortable. She barely even looked up or acknowledge Ramon at all until he was right in front of her.

"Hi," he said, rather boldly, "My name's Ramon, and you must be Nancy, am I right?"

She merely looked up at him, an enigmatic smile upon her black lips. Ramon was surprised, but it was one of those rare occasions where he couldn't actually read someone's emotions simply by looking at them. Usually he was pretty good about that sort of thing.

"I am," she said calmly, "But how do you know that?"

"I'm a friend of Matt over there," he waved at Matt for added effect, "He told me you were new in town, just moved in and all, so I thought I'd come over and introduce myself."

"Well isn't that sweet," Nancy said.

"Yes," Ramon replied, "Yes it is. Do you mind if I take a seat next to you?"

"Not at all," she said, shaking her head.

"So," he said rather nonchalantly, "You're supposed to be a vampire, eh?"

Nancy nodded her head.

"Yeah," she said, "But I can't tell what your costume is."

"Isn't it obvious," Ramon chuckled as he stroked his little goatee, "I'm the devil!"

"The devil," she giggled, "Yeah, I bet you are."

At that moment, Ramon knew he was in. He started moving in on her with all of the usual small talk, trying to get her to lower her guard, and then began to pour her drinks. Now, Ramon wasn't a rapist -- he had never slipped anyone a roofie, nor did he force himself on people when they said 'no.' But at the same time, he was more than willing to use his charm and a little booze to get women into bed with him. And once again, that route was working quite well for him.

"So," she finally said after a while, her slender hand clenching tightly upon his thigh, "I was thinking it was getting kind of late... you want to go back to my place?"

Ramon already knew the answer to that question. In fact, both of them knew where that Halloween night was headed from that point on. They eagerly got up and rushed out of Matt's apartment and made their way up to the third floor. Most of the other guests already knew of Ramon -- by reputation if not face -- and had a pretty good inkling of what was going to happen. It became quite the piece of gossip once the two of them had left, not that either of them knew or cared.

Nancy's apartment was hot -- incredibly so! It was as if she had turned up the furnace to full blast and left it there for a week. Ramon could feel himself sweating even on a brisk October night like this. And she wasn't kidding about just moving in either, as most of her belongings seemed to still be contained within the countless cardboard boxes that lay stacked about her tiny apartment. It was unusual enough to make Ramon pause, if only for a moment.

"Yeah," she said, "Sorry about the mess. The bedroom is over there, though, if you want to make yourself at home."

"What about you," he asked.

"Oh don't mind me," Nancy said coyly, "I'm just going to slip into something a little more comfortable. I'll be out in a moment."

Despite most of her belongings still being packed up, Nancy surely enough did have a bed in the next room, along with a dresser and a few other bare amenities. Ramon lay down on the bed, stretching and making himself comfortable. The bed was actually incredibly soft, and also quite big... too big, in fact, for a single woman. Ramon wondered briefly if this gothic tease made a habit of picking up strange men and bringing them back to her place, but he didn't really care. None of his concern, after all, and he was hardly in a position to be judging anyone in the first place.

Ramon decided that he should at least take some of his clothes off and get ready for some serious love making. He took off his jacket, slipped off his t-shirt and began to unfasten his belt. By the time that Nancy finally got back into the room, he was pretty much down to nothing more than his boxers. But Nancy.... Wow!

She had taken off her formal black evening dress and now wore a simple silk night gown -- also black -- but with a plunging neckline that showed much of her chest and a short skirt that only went to about mid-thigh. She was thin, yes, but not unattractively so. In fact, combined with her jet black curls and extremely pale skin, she really did look an awful lot like a vampire. Ramon was a bit surprised that it wasn't make-up, but what the hell. She still made it look good.

"What do you think," she cooed seductively.

"I think you already know what I think," Ramon replied, her gaze drifting towards the rapidly expanding bulge in his boxers, "Now why don't you get on over here and give me some of that hot goth girl ass?"

Nancy eagerly complied with his command, jumping into bed beside him and pushing her lithe young body up against his. Her body was surprisingly cold, even in such a warm apartment, but the feeling wasn't unpleasant. She rubbed her hand across Ramon's thigh, causing his cock to stiffen as she got closer and closer to it. Finally, she put her hand around his erect member through the cotton fabric of his boxers... by this point he was rock hard.

"Oh my," she purred, "What's this..."

And in one fluid, graceful motion, she pulled off his boxers, exposing his raging hard-on. She looked over at Ramon and smiled, and then carefully began to rub his cock with her skillful hands. They were literally as cold as ice, but that only made the sensations of her handjob that much more exciting for Ramon. As he grunted in pleasure, Nancy brought her head down to his crotch and gently licked the tip of his dick.

"Mmmm," she said, before bringing her entire mouth around the shaft of his cock.

She began to bob her head up and down, sucking on his dick with increasing speed. Her thick, full lips were put to good use as she massaged his cock with them, giving him the best blowjob of his life. A little drool began to drip out of her mouth as she continued sucking him off, her black lipstick smearing all around the shaft of his dick. As if in response to some primal urge, Ramon brought his hands up to her head, running them through her thick auburn hair as she continued to work him over.

It wasn't too long before he came, shooting his load deep into her mouth. He grabbed at her head tightly as he came, and much to his surprise, Nancy continued to suck until he stopped cumming. She swallowed his load -- every last drop of it -- and then looked up at him and smiled, wiping some of the semen, saliva and smeared lipstick from her face.

"That was incredible," he said, a little out of breath, "The best blowjob I've ever had!"

"Oh we're not done yet," Nancy grinned at him, "I honestly wasn't expecting you to cum so soon, but hopefully you'll be up for some more sex..."

"I always am," he exclaimed.

"Good," Nancy said as she slipped out of her black night gown, "Because I don't have any intention of stopping just yet."

'A woman after my own heart,' Ramon thought to himself.

Now that she was naked, Ramon could see Nancy's pale body in its fully glory. Sure enough, she had very small but perky breasts, two silver piercings standing out in her erect nipples. He wasn't expecting that one! He could also count the ribs on her body. She was very lean, but carried it quite well.

Nancy began to straddle Ramon, slowly working his erect cock into her tight little vagina. It took some effort on both their parts, but fortunately her saliva acted as a lubricant, helping his massive cock slide into her tight cunt. Despite his lack of energy, Ramon could barely hold back as this aggressive goth girl rode him into another orgasm. He grunted in pleasure as her thrusting hips met with his, both of their bodies pumping in unison. It wasn't long before he was literally covered in sweat, though whether from the vigorous fucking or the heat of the apartment he couldn't be sure.

Nancy, he noticed, did not seem to sweat at all. With her flawless alabaster skin and cold beauty, she truly did seem to be the living embodiment of all things goth. But he didn't have much time to think about that. He was nearing orgasm, and a primal, animalistic instinct overcame him. He began to thrust into her, penetrating deeper and deeper until... he realized that he wasn't wearing a condom. Not the biggest problem, but still something that could come back to haunt him.

Before he could pull out, before he could say anything, he shot another load of his hot, white seed deep into her unprotected womb. He expected she might be mad, might say something, but no. Instead, Nancy simply smiled at him and began cuddling with him in the warm afterglow of their lovemaking. Maybe Ramon was just imagining things, but her breasts seemed to be a little larger, a little fuller now. He just brushed it off as his imagination. She brought herself along side of him, a few gobs of his cum dripping out of her thoroughly stretched out cunt, and then began to playfully kiss him on the neck and chest.

It felt nice, but she soon started to escalate, biting harder and harder. Ramon was into kinky stuff as much as the next guy, so he decided to play along, and finally she brought her mouth up to his neck and bit. Hard. Hard enough to draw blood, in fact.

"Owww," Ramon exclaimed, "What the hell was that!"

He brought his hand up to his neck and felt blood dripping down. He looked over and saw that he was actually loosing quite a bit. It was then that he saw she had left a series of really nasty looking bite marks all across his neck and chest. And the weird part was that he didn't really feel it at all. In fact, he just felt sort of numb. Ramon tried to get up, only to realize that he seemed to be paralyzed. He started breathing heavily.

"What... what the hell did... did you do to me," he asked, struggling futilely.

Nancy got up out of the bed, her naked pale body looking quite different from what it had been only a few moments ago. She no longer seemed so waifish... or pale for that matter. There was a certain healthy glow about her, and her breasts were now considerably bigger than before -- at least a C cup now. Looking closely at her, Ramon could actually see her breasts growing larger and larger with each beat of her heart. She simply smiled down at him.

"What the hell are you," he asked meekly, "A vampire? A demon? What the fuck?"

"No," she said coldly, "You don't have any word for my kind. We have existed... well we were here before your so-called civilization, before you hairless apes evolved and left Africa, even here before the dinosaurs."

"Nancy" -- if that was even her real name.... if she even HAD a name at all -- looked down at her rapidly expanding belly and smiled. Much to Ramon's horror, it too was growing. It wasn't long before Nancy looked like a woman nine months pregnant with twins, and her belly continued to stretch and expand, her flawless white skin umblemished by any stretch marks or veins.

"Please don't struggle," she said looking over at him with her big eyes, "You must understand, I don't mean you any malice. I simply needed to reproduce, so I had to take some of your seed. You should be proud to know that your genes will be passed on to strengthen the next generation."

Ramon wanted to speak, to shout, to call out for help, but nothing came out of his mouth. It seemed that his entire body was now paralyzed.

"Yes," she said looking into his eyes, "I've injected you with a venom. It's part of our reproductive cycle, you see. I needed your seed to fertilize my eggs, but I also needed some of your blood as well."

Nancy brought her hands around her massive pregnant belly, gently rubbing it and smiling as she looked down at her body.

"And that's not all," she continued, "Soon I will give birth, and they will need to eat. That's why I've paralyzed... uggh... paralyzed... you..."

Ramon thought he could see some tears coming down from her eyes as contractions started to wrack Nancy's incredibly pregnant body. She tried to stand up briefly for a moment, but couldn't muster the strength to lift her massive belly and literally fell to the ground. Sweat started to bead up around her forehead and she moaned as another big contraction went through her body. Nancy began to breath heavily and shortly, trying to push the young from her body.

Unable to move, Ramon could just barely see what was happening out of the corner of his eye. And although he couldn't see any of the larvae that Nancy was giving birth to, he could hear them... their buzzing, chirping and chitinous clicking. He knew that somewhere in that room, a swarm was being born, and that he would be powerless to stop it from eating him alive.

After what seemed like an eternity, Nancy finally got up, her form once again thin and waifish as before with no marks to indicate she had ever been pregnant. She walked over to Ramon and looked at him.

"I'm sorry I have to do this to you," she said, "But I must reproduce. I promise you won't feel a thing. I'm going to go back to the party now..."

And then the insects began to feed.

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