tagIncest/TabooMother’s Milk, Daughter’s Milk

Mother’s Milk, Daughter’s Milk


It was Jessica's first trip home since spending the semester away at college. It was also the worst blizzard in recent memory. Most importantly, it was also when Jessica first began to lactate.

The whole thing started late one night after Jessica had just finished watching a movie in the living room. Mom came down the stairs to the kitchen, wearing a long silk gown and had a "freshly fucked" look, which Jessica refused to speculate on at any length.

"Can't sleep?" Jessica asked, greeting her Mother in the kitchen.

"I'm making your Father a hot chocolate before bed," Mom replied. "Can I make you one as well? I bought those extra puffy marshmallows that you like."

Jessica smiled, "I'd love a cup."

Mom reached inside the fridge for a normal container of milk. With her other hand, she reached for a small jar, which also appeared to contain milk. Both were brought to the counter as she reached in the cabinet for two mugs.

"What's in that jar?" Jessica asked, puzzled. "Did you add sweetener to that one?"

"Oh, it's nothing. It's something for your father and I."

Mom poured milk in the mugs, using the regular container for one, and the jar for the other. Jessica's curious nature got the better of her as she watched her Mother.

"You're acting weird," Jessica noted. "Is that laced with cocaine or something?"

"Very funny. You know we only take drugs created in my lab."

"What's in it? Come on, tell me."

It was just like old times, Jessica leaped forward and grabbed the jar, with no resistance from her mother.

"Give that back, Jess," Mom said in an attempt to be stern.

Jessica laughed. "Why? If it's nothing, then I'll go ahead and have a taste."

She opened the jar, brought it closer to her lips and pretended to drink it.

"I doubt you'd want to do that," Mom said with her hands on her hips.

"And why is that?"

Mom raised her eyebrows. "Because that's my breastmilk."

"What!? Really!?" Jessica promptly returned the jar to the countertop.

"Keep it down," Mother hushed. "I promised your father I wouldn't tell anyone. This isn't something you should know about."

Jessica sighed. "Breast milk?"

"Yes, breast milk. Why is that such a shocker to you?"

"Mom, you're 46."

"I know," Mom replied. "And I'm also testing a new drug my team developed in the lab. It's a fast acting hormone designed for nursing mothers who need help producing adequate lactation."

Jessica's eyes lit up. "Oh, interesting. Why didn't you say so?"

"It's a long story. I'll explain the whole thing tomorrow morning. In the meantime, it's late, and your Father is expecting his hot chocolate."

"So am I."

Mom reached into the cabinet. "Then let me finish."

As Mom placed the cocoa powder and marshmallows on the counter, Jessica was suddenly struck by the obvious.

"What a minute," she said, sharpening her gaze at her Mother. "Why the hell are you and Dad drinking it?"

Mom asserted her dominance. "Watch your language. You may be a college girl, but you're in my house tonight."

"Sorry, Mom. Why are you and Dad drinking breast milk?"

Instead of answering the question right away, Mom put three spoons of cocoa powder in each mug of milk and stirred; licking the spoon when she was done and put it in the sink.

"Let me microwave this first," Mom said, putting the mugs in the microwave before turning her attention back to her daughter. "I'll explain things in further detail tomorrow, but let's just say that I don't like wasting things."

"Do you drink it too?"

"You are relentless, Jess, much like I was at your age. I guess that's why we're both in the research field. We're curious, by nature."

"Damn right," Jessica said. "Especially when two adults are using breast milk in hot chocolate, when there's a perfectly fine bottle of milk in the fridge."

"Will the truth put you at ease?" mom sighed.

"That would be nice."

Mom looked her daughter straight in the eyes. "Your Father enjoys my breast milk. He always has. And I enjoy feeding him. Happy now?"

"Oh god," Jessica said, briefly putting a hand over her face. "Why did I even...?"

"Hey, you asked. And you're old enough to hear that."

"So Dad likes the taste? Or he likes where it comes from? I mean... is it a sexual thing?"

Mom nodded. "It's a common fetish for men and women."


"I know, shocking."

"Both of you like it?" Jessica asked. "I mean, both of you enjoy the act of... you know... this. I can't even say it anymore."

"I've already answered that. Your Father and I are adults. This is what we like."

"Is this why you created the drug in the first place?"

Mom emphatically shook her head. "Heavens no. Everything I do in the lab is to help people, in this case, nursing mothers. Now, if it happens to have an additional benefit, then why not? I'm testing the drug firsthand and enjoying the benefits that come with it."

"Which is milk."

"Lots of milk," Mom brazenly added. "It makes my nipples really sensitive too."


As the microwave finished, mother took the mugs out and placed them on the table. Then she added two fluffy marshmallows on top, which quickly melted into the rich drinks.

"This one's yours," Mother said, pushing a cup over.

Jessica gladly accepted it. "Thanks for serving me the right one."

"Trust me, you don't know what you're missing," Mom said, picking up her cup of breast milk hot chocolate, blowing some of the steam away, then taking a small sip. "Now if you'll excuse me, your Father is waiting."

If there was one thing mom was right about, it was that they'd need to have a long conversation tomorrow. Mom went upstairs with her cup, and Jessica couldn't help but wonder what else she and Dad would be doing in their bedroom.


Dad's office was closed because of the holidays and shitty weather. After breakfast, he went back to his room and continued his work writing a detailed financial report for a client. Jessica and her Mother stayed in the kitchen to clean up and do dishes. But of course, they had an ulterior motive for wanting to stay together.

"I decided a few months ago," Mom said as she put the last dish away. "Just after you left for college. It was sort of an impulse decision. The idea came to mind because, no offense, you wouldn't be around anymore. We suddenly had more freedom and it dawned on me that I could test my own product."

"So you walked around the house with your breasts bare?"

Mom sarcastically rolled her eyes. "Yes, since you've left we've walked around the house butt naked. In all seriousness, no, I didn't walk around with my breasts bare. I was dressed in my normal clothes for the most part, except I wore a nursing bra."

"And you needed a breast pump too, I'm sure."

"Well, only if your father wasn't around," Mom said with a subtle eye raise of one eyebrow.

Jessica shook her head. "I still can't believe that. Is that something all men are into?"

"More than you'd think."

"Why does Dad like it?"

"Honestly, you'd have to ask him," Mom replied. "Like most fetishes, it's difficult to articulate. He's never given a clear answer, but he definitely enjoys it. People like what they like."

"And you do too?" Jessica asked with a hint of caution.

"I do. A lot. If you want the truth, this whole adult-nursing thing between your Father and I has reignited a fire under us. It's like we're young again."

"TMI, Mom."


"Too Much Information," Jessica explained.

"You asked."

"True, I really do want to understand. But I'm also curious about the medical connection. I still want to intern at your company, if you'll allow me."

Mom smiled, "I'd love to take you under my wing. If this drug has been perfected like I think, our lab will spend the next few years working on offshoot drugs that are similar."

"So it'll be like a family business, eh?" Jessica smiled back.

"It could be. Why don't you give it a try?"

The question nearly made Jessica's jaw drop. Coming home for the holidays, the last thing she ever expected was to be part of Mom's medical experiments, let alone have milk gush from her small tits. Could this even be real?

"You're kidding," she replied.

Mom shook her head. "Nope. I'm not. If you're serious about the medical research field, then now is an exciting time to start. We're on the cusp of a real breakthrough. Besides, it's not like there's anything better to do and you're off for a whole month. We're going to be snowed in, according to every weather report."

So her Mother was in fact serious; this wasn't a joke. As someone whose passion was biology, the offer was certainly enticing.

"Hypothetically, how would this work? I'd take a couple of pills every day and milk would magically spurt out of my breasts in a week?"

Mom smiled with pride and slowly shook her head. "Nope. You'll be taking one capsule a day. And milk should begin to form in 2 or 3 days. It won't just be a few 'spurts' either. You'll be lactating like a cow."


"I know. I sometimes amaze myself with what I manage to accomplish."

"Will it hurt?" Jessica asked.

"It'll tickle. Your breasts might even become a full cup larger."

"Mom, people at school will think I got breasts implants over the winter break."

Mom laughed. "Stop taking the drug a week before class starts. Drain your breasts regularly with a pump, and before you know it, you'll have those petite little 32 B's back in no time."

"I have to admit, I kind of like the idea of being a little bigger."

"They're cute the way they are. And there's plenty of room for growth later in life."

"Is it safe?" Jessica asked, turning the conversation back to the main issue at hand.

"We've tested it rigorously. All the side effects have been worked on and eliminated. I've taken it these past few months and feel completely normal, except that milk is coming out of my breasts."

Jessica paused for a moment and said sheepishly, "Sorry for being judgmental earlier. You know, about you and Dad."

"I figured you'd be grossed out. One day, when you're older, you'll understand. Adults have certain needs."

"You think I'm ignorant about sex?"

"Are you?"

"I've experimented," Jessica replied casually.

Mom instantly narrowed her gaze. "God, did you do amature porn while you were away at college?"

"No! Nothing like that. Jeez."

"Dorm room orgies? Jess, I swear if you get..."

"Mom, calm down. I haven't done anything that would get me pregnant."

"Oh, okay," Mom replied, striking a more reasonable tone. "So you've..."

"What? Say it."

"You've experimented with another girl, haven't you? That cute little roommate of yours?"

Jessica gulped. "How did you figure?"

"I'm your mother. And mothers have intuition about their daughters. I guess I've always sort of known that you'd swing both ways. Don't forget, I was once your age and also lived in a college dorm."

"So you... nevermind. Wow."

Mom rubbed her daughter's shoulder. "I don't want to pressure you and I apologize for that. You can make the decision anytime you want, on your own accord."

"Thanks. I know which way I'm leaning."

"Another thing," Mom added hesitantly. "I know I'm going to regret this, but tonight, if you want, I'll leave my bedroom door slightly open, at maybe 11 sharp, if you catch my drift."

Jessica's eyes widened. "Oh, anything interesting?"

"I'll leave the lamp light on. If you want to know why your Father and I enjoy this so much, it's your chance to find out. Come as quietly as possible, if you decide to have a look. Don't make a sound."

"I think you know my decision on that," Jessica said with a mischievous expression.

Mom sighed, "I was afraid you'd accept that offer."


The agreed upon time couldn't come soon enough. It was all Jessica could think about all day. By 10:57 that night, she couldn't wait any longer.

Turning off the light in her room, she silently tiptoed down the hall. It was windy outside from the snowstorm, which helped conceal any noise she inadvertently made.

Down the hall was her parent's bedroom. The door was open as promised, but only an inch or two at most. There was a dim light coming from inside, and Jessica eagerly walked towards it.

When she heard a faint moan, her heart rate skyrocketed.

She reached the door and peeked inside the room which was lit by a small lamp on the bedside table. There, she saw her parents in bed. Dad was shirtless and appeared to be entirely naked. He sat with his back against the bedpost. Mom was on top, naked and riding him with a slow rhythm. Soft moans escaped her lips.

It was Jessica's first time watching her parents fuck, and it was oddly thrilling. She felt her pussy becoming very wet. But what happened next was something she'd never forget and would forever alter the course of her sexuality.

Mom lifted both of her tits to Dad's face as she rode him. Her nipples looked huge and stiff. She squeezed her breasts, causing milk to shoot into Dad's open mouth. He eagerly drank it.

"Swallow," Mom whispered as she milked herself and rode his cock. "Don't waste a drop. That's it. Go ahead, suck my nipples."

Mom fed her nipples into Dad's mouth one at a time. He sucked as hard as he possibly could, while groaning in pleasure.

Soon, Dad grunted and it was obvious he came inside her pussy.

After calming down, they French kissed, no doubt swapping a healthy dose of milk between them.

Not wanting to get caught by Dad, Jessica reluctantly pulled away and slowly crept back to her room, where she did something she'd never done before, or ever thought she'd do. She masturbated while imagining her parents fucking.

It was her most intense masturbation orgasm in a long time.


Their intimate conversation on the breast milk matter resurfaced the following morning in the kitchen. After a family breakfast, Dad returned to his den and continued his work on the report. The ladies of the house sat around the dining table to finalize their plans.

"Did you think you'd be getting this type of education on your winter break?" Mom asked in jest.

Jessica smiled, "If this is education, I never want to stop learning."

"So you enjoyed watching?"

"I did."

"How much did you see?" Mom asked.

"Oh, not much," Jessica replied in a sarcastic yet playful tone. "I saw both of you naked while you rode Dad. I watched you shoot milk into his mouth followed by him sucking your nipples. And I observed Dad cumming in your pussy. But beyond that, not much."

"So you enjoyed watching more than I thought."

Jessica pretended to act shy. "No comment."

"Bad girl."

"Speaking of being a bad girl, did you tell Dad about it?"

Mom looked suddenly coy. "I'm still thinking of how I'll tell him."

"Would he freak out?"

"You're his only daughter. What do you think?"

"It doesn't seem to freak you out, though," Jessica commented, as if fishing for something.

"I'm your mother."

Jessica shrugged. "That's true. We have a special connection. Which is why I'd like to formally accept your invitation to test the drug."

"Oh? What made you decide?"

"Medical curiosity. I want to learn more about your work."

Mom lifted an eyebrow. "And?"

"Do you really want to know?"

"Yes, I do."

"I was on the fence last night," Jessica admitted. "I wasn't sure if I was willing to do this to my body. But when I saw you and Dad in bed, god, that was unreal. Especially when he drank from your tits. I could tell how much he was into it. And I noticed it aroused you to serve him."

"It makes our orgasms heavenly."

"How? I mean, it looked hot, but I guess I'm having trouble understanding why you two are so hooked on it."

"There's only way to find out," Mom answered. "Are you sure you want to do this? You need to be absolutely positive before we begin."

"If it's good enough for you, it's good enough for me."

Mom smiled, "Like mother, like daughter."

"You got that right."

They went to a room near the garage, which served as a makeshift home-laboratory for Mom. On the desk were a series of bottles which contained different variations of the drug.

"You'll get one capsule a day," Mom said. "I'll also check your blood pressure and other health barometers. In essence, I'll be acting as your doctor now."

"Haven't you always been my doctor?" Jessica quipped.

Mom smiled, "Unofficially. What can I say? I love giving you advice, telling you what to do and looking out for your well being. No one loves you more than me. Now, tell me how you're feeling."

"I'm nervous, yet excited. I never thought I'd spend my winter break lactating, assuming this will even work on me."

"Trust me, it'll work. It's fairly potent."

"Given my petite size and weight, how long before I start producing milk?" Jessica asked.

Mom looked her over. "With your size, maybe 2 days. Yes, I think you'll be lactating by then."

"What if I want to start sooner?" Jessica asked, with a devilish gleam in her eyes.

"And why would you want to do that?"

"Because I want to know the pleasure you felt in bed with Dad. Is that such a crime?"

"No, it's not."


Mom paused and thought for a moment. "I suppose if I gave you another capsule, and some tissue massage to stimulate your glands, we could have you ready by tomorrow."

"Oh really?" Jessica grinned.

"Yes, really. Personally, I wouldn't recommend it."

"Why not?"

"A dosage that high, while safe, could screw with your hormones. In the interest of full disclosure, it might make you incredibly horny."

"Really? But is it safe? Safety is my highest priority."

"Two capsules per day is perfectly safe," mom answered.

"Good, because my second priority is producing milk as soon as possible. I can deal with being horny. Let's do this, Mom."

"Fine. Remember, whatever changes may happen won't be permanent. So don't freak out. You'll be safe and I'll keep a close eye on you."

Jessica nodded. "Understood."

"Here they are," Mom said, putting two capsules in her daughter's hand. "Think it through before taking them. I want you to be positive that this is what you want."

They both looked at the capsules in Jessica's hand. It was a pivotal moment in their relationship because of what they'd experience together.

"When you monitor me," Jessica said. "Will you... you know... help me with the process and everything?"

Mom nodded. "If you're referring to what I think, then yes. I'll be examining your breasts and nipples, and obviously your milk production. It's a basic part of the process."

"Does that make you uncomfortable?"

"Why would it? I've inspected countless pairs of breasts in the lab."

"Fair enough," Jessica acknowledged.

"What are your initial impressions?" Mom asked. "I'm curious to how you'd react. If it makes you uncomfortable, then maybe we should..."

"Mom, we're not going to cancel this."

"So you'll be okay with me examining your breasts?"

Jessica winked. "We'll find out, won't we?"

After grabbing a water bottle on the table, Jessica washed each capsule down her throat with an eagerness she never had when consuming traditional medicine.

Mom looked at her, wondering how this would change their relationship. They both knew that things would never be the same.


It was 10 am the next morning when their scientific venture continued. This time, they were in Mom's bedroom, as Dad sat in the living room watching tv.

On the bed lay an assortment of nursing bras and breast pumps.

"Are you sure Dad wasn't upset?" Jessica asked. "He seemed, I don't know, a little awkward during breakfast. I didn't want to bring it up, but I knew it was on his mind."

"No, he's not upset with us."

"So he's handling it well?"

Mom thought for a moment. "Knowing him, he's conflicted. But he's happy that you're spending winter break learning, rather than acting like a crazy college student."

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