Mother’s Milk, Daughter’s Milk


"So," Jessica smiled. "You didn't tell him about the other things we discussed, did you?"

Mom tensed slightly. "No, I haven't."

"I'm surprised you haven't incorporated that into your sex play."

"Let's not go there," Mom tensed even harder.

"Does Dad know you messed around with other girls in college?"

"Jess!" Mom hissed. "Totally inappropriate. But to answer your question, yes, of course he knows. We tell each other everything."

"Except for the sexual aspects of me testing your medical drug," Jessica pointed out.

"Let's stick to the main issue," Mom said, refocusing her efforts. "How do your breasts feel?"

"Yesterday, I didn't feel a thing. But this morning, when I woke up they kind of felt tingly. It was the weirdest sensation, like someone was tickling my boobs from the inside."

Mom sharpened her gaze. "Does it feel that way now?"

"Kind of. It's happening at random times. The ticklish feeling would strike quickly, then disappear."

"Have you touched your breasts at all?"

"Only when I put on my bra. Honestly, I'm too nervous to touch them. I'm afraid milk might shoot out. It's still scary for me, but I'm mostly excited."

"You have nothing to be afraid of," Mom replied. "Lactation is a beautiful process."

"Do you think there's milk inside my breasts now?"

"I do. That ticklish feeling is a normal result of the drug. That means it's working. With the amount you've taken, your mammaries should be ready for action. Especially since you're petite and have a fast metabolism."

Jessica gulped. "So what next?"

"Are you comfortable taking off your top?"

"I think so."

"Then do it."

"Bra too?" Jessica eyes went wide.

"Yes. Stand here topless. Then I'll fit you for the right size nursing bra. And of course, I'll teach you how to use a breast pump."

"Yes, Doctor."

Taking off her sweater was easy for Jessica. It was harder pulling up her t-shirt, flinging it overhead and tossing it to the bed. As she stood in her white bra, it felt strange having Mom peer closely at her chest. Jessica wondered if Mom was curious only from a medical standpoint.

After a deep breath, Jessica reached back to unclasp her bra. She let it drop to the floor and revealed her firm, small breasts and puffy pink nipples.

She raised her hands in a 'ta da' sort of way. "What do you think?"

"Perky," Mom replied. "Reminds me of myself when I was your age."

"This isn't so bad. It's not nearly as scary as I thought. In fact, it's weirdly liberating in a sexual sort of way."

Jessica put her hands on her hips and turned from side to side with her chest out, as if to proudly display her small breasts.

"Enough showing off," Mom joked, picking up a small hand towel. "We have work to do. Now stand still. I'm going to check if you're lactating."

There was a brief moment of awkwardness as Mom stepped forward to more closely examine Jessica's breasts, whose nipples had seemingly hardened. Mom approached this as professionally as possible, reaching out to touch the small yet firm breasts as she would with any other experimental subject.

Jessica flinched. "Yowza."

"Does it hurt?"

"No. It's just weird having you stare at my breasts and then touch them."

"Well, get used to it."

Mom's bare hand palpated the fleshy breast while examining the tissue. She did the same with each nipple, pulling at the skin to study the pores. Finally, she positioned a hand towel below Jessica's right nipple and applied undulating pressure in an attempt to express milk.


Small squirts of warm milk shot from Jessica's nipple onto the hand towel.

"Oh my god!" Jessica gasped. "Is that real? Is that... my milk?"

Mom continued the squeezing maneuver. "Yes it is, Jess. You're officially a woman capable of feeding others. How does it feel?"

"It feels..." Jessica's voice trailed off as Mother kept pumping her breast. "The way you do that feels..."

"Nice, isn't it?"

"You... do that so well."

Mom squeezed tighter, and even circled the nipple with her finger. "Breasts are an erogenous zone for the vast majority of women. Yours are extra sensitive now. And my hands have a lot of experience with this procedure."

A soft moan escaped Jessica's lips as Mom kept working her breast. She was certain that Mom was making this feel good on purpose.

"Now I understand why you and Dad are so into it," Jessica said, while beginning to pant.


"It feels nice."

Mom milked harder. "Are you aroused, Jessica?"

"Of course I am. That's your intention, isn't it?" Jessica looked Mom directly in the eye.

"I suppose so. Over the last few months, I've become very used to doing this for erotic purposes. I guess it's just a bad habit."

Jessica moaned. "Can you teach me?"

"I am teaching you," Mom replied, as she continued to milk her daughter's tit. "Now, pay attention to the motion I use. I like to start from the..."

"No, I mean teach me on you. I learn better when it's right in front of me and I can be hands on."

Mom looked uncertain. "You must be joking."

"Nope. How do you think I always get A's in science classes? It's because they allow us to be hands on, and that permanently imprints the information to my brain."

"Is this about learning? Or is this about giving you an excuse to fondle my boobs?"

"Maybe both," Jessica replied. "I'd like to learn, which is the whole point of this crazy activity. In order to do so, your breasts need to be out. Just like mine."

Mom sighed. "I'm either a great mother, or a horrible one."

Undressing was easy for Mom. She removed her sweater, then t-shirt, then bra. Unlike Jessica, Mom seemed totally comfortable with her own nudity, probably because it was so common in the lab.

Another difference between them was that Mom had a luscious pair of round tits which seemed to hang low from the amount of milk contained within. And her light brown nipples were large, stiff, and begging for oral attention.

Jessica ogled them. "Jesus, Mom."

"I know, they're a mouthful."

"Why wasn't I blessed with those genes?"

"Every woman is different," Mom replied. "And your breasts are gorgeous the way they are."

"Can I touch them?"

"Might as well. They're already out."

Jessica reached forward and helped herself, using both hands to squeeze and caress Mom's soft tits, but not hard enough to produce milk. Jessica wasn't ready for that, and she certainly didn't want to make a mess on the carpet.

"So how do I compare to your roommate?" Mom asked. "Breast wise."

"Yours are more... womanly. And these nipples!"

Jessica pinched her Mother's nipples a little too hard, causing Mom's body to jerk backwards.

"Ouch!" Mom gasped.

Jessica tried again, more gently this time. "Sorry Mom. I got carried away. Dad is such a lucky guy to be able to suck on these. He must have been in heaven last night."

"Well, every other night, actually."

"That's how often you fuck?"

"Watch your language please," Mom chided. "Yes, every other night, usually. We like to build up to our love making. But at the very least, I like to make him feel good every morning."

"You suck his dick every morning?"

"I said to watch your language."

Jessica gulped, took a deep breath and said, "Can I try nursing on them? Just for a second? I need to know what drove Dad crazy. He's such a stoic man; whatever drove him wild must have been good."

"Jess, that might be taking things a little too far. You can watch me use a breast pump. I'll gladly teach you. Anything beyond that is rather incestuous."

"Please Mom? I promise I'll be quick."

Jessica bent down to suck on those glorious nipples without any resistance from Mom. Suddenly, she stopped in her tracks.

"So what are my favorite girls up to..."

Dad had just walked in and froze by the doorway.

"Dad," Jessica gasped, standing upright.

The women of the house stood topless and Dad looked dumbfounded.

Immediately, Mom explained everything, how they were picking out bras as planned. Demonstrating the pump. And preparing to have a little hands-on lesson.

"Why don't you just feed each other and get it over with?" Dad asked rhetorically. "Like your fantasy."

Mom blushed, turning to her daughter. "What your Father means is, I've always had a fantasy about breastfeeding with another lactating woman. You know, a breast milk 69 in bed."

Jessica grinned wide. "We're both women of science who have sexually experimented. And we both have milk. So why not?"

"You're my daughter!"

"Personally," Dad interjected. "I don't think it's right for you to exclude Jessica on the basis of family lineage. You often praise the inclusive policies of your workplace, and now you're openly discriminating against Jessica."

"Exactly," Jessica added. "I'm just as qualified as any other beautiful lactating woman. Please Mommy!"

"I can't win," Mom sighed, jokingly throwing her hands up in the air as a sign of defeat.

"Then it's agreed," Dad said. "If you want to teach Jessica, you have to treat her the same way you would anyone else. Daughter or not."

Mom nodded. "In that case, you two should help me clear the bed. We'll need all the space we can get for this."

In a matter of moments, the three of them had removed the breastfeeding items from the bed and placed them on a nearby table. The next step required the ladies of the house to get completely naked, so they both removed their pants and panties, much to Dad's delight. The ladies took a moment to admire each other's bare hips, thighs, and pussies; Jessica was cleanly shaven while Mom was neatly trimmed.

Mom laid across the middle of the bed and curled her body into a fetal position on her side. She gestured for Jessica to join her in the opposite direction. Mom's head ended up right at the level of Jessica's nipples and Jessica was inverted, just inches away from Mom's nipples.

Before beginning, Mom asked Jessica one more time as they laid closely together in bed, "Are you sure you're comfortable with this?"

"I like keeping an open mind," Jessica replied. "Thanks for asking."

By this time, the hormones had really kicked in for Jessica. The whole discussion with her parents was strangely erotic and stimulating. And just being naked with Mom, in front of Dad, was a unique thrill. She was shocked by the amount of moisture that pooled between her legs.

Mom nodded and leaned forward to gently lick her daughter's straining right nipple, causing Jessica to moan in delight. Craning her head somewhat, Mom engulfed Jessica's nipple in her warm, wet mouth, and clamped her lips around the sensitive ball of flesh.

In response, Jessica closed her eyes and threw her head back as she adjusted to the intense pleasure that came from having her new and improved, lactating virginal nipple shoot milk into Mom's mouth.

Jessica was surprised by the initial pain, but it was followed by the most erotic gratification she could imagine. It couldn't get better than this, could it?

Opening her eyes, she was reminded that Mom's nipples were within reach. She bent forward and took one of mom's breast in her mouth and laved the nipple with her tongue.

As she rolled Mom's nipple around in her mouth, Jessica was reminded of why she liked sex with women. There were more parts for play. It was always nice sucking on a nipple, especially as one as big as Mom's. Planting the nipple on the center of her tongue, Jessica began to suck and the most succulent nectar coated her tongue. It was her first taste of breast milk and she fully understood why Mom used it for hot chocolate. It was so rich and sweet!

She continued her efforts, as did Mom. They were literally drinking each other's breath milk, while naked in bed. Again she thought, it just couldn't get any better.

Mom pulled away long enough to ask, "Jess, do you need me to make you cum? I know your hormones are raging right now. It's normal and I always recommend masturbation to my test subjects, but since we're both naked in bed, nursing from each other, I can take care of you, if need be."

"Mommy, please make me cum, please," begged Jessica, who was desperate by this point.

"Alright dear, part your legs."

Jessica brought her left leg up, planted her foot on the bed and bent her knee. Her pussy was completely exposed. With her right hand, Mom reached out to cup her daughter's vulva. Mom's palm rested on Jessica's clitoris, and her fingers lightly brushed the entrance to her pussy. After teasing for a moment, Mom buried her fingers deeply into Jessica's cunt.

Mom began to make a circular motion with her entire hand, so that Jessica's clit and pussy were both stimulated. The rotation of Mom's fingers inside Jessica's pussy helped drive her higher, towards an eventual release.

Both ladies continued to breastfeed from each other during the extra activities. Before long, Jessica felt something was amiss. She was so close to climax, but couldn't release. Mom continued to give loving attention to Jessica's pussy while simultaneously draining her breast.

Finally, it dawned on Jessica. She knew what was missing. More than anything, she wanted to feel like she was giving Mom a moment to remember as well. After all, it was a fantasy of Mom's.

Jessica inserted her fingers inside Mom's pussy, causing both women to moan as she imitated Mom's hand motion. All Jessica needed was to feel Mom's pussy tighten around her fingers; she came almost immediately. The ripple of Jessica's pussy on Mom's fingers had the exact same result.

The ladies of the house both climaxed while clamped onto each other's nipples. For both, it was the most intimate moment they had ever shared. It was the way life should be; Mom as a strong mentor, and Jessica an eager daughter.

Mom briefly spit Jessica's wet nipple out of her mouth. "Do you like the show, dear?" she asked her husband.

"Oh yes," he replied in a strained voice. "This is far more intense than I expected. You both seem to really be enjoying yourselves."

Mom licked around Jessica's nipple. "I know am. Jess tastes amazing and her pussy is exquisitely tight. Since we're living out fantasies, why don't you fulfill yours? Jess is already naked and her legs are right in front of you."

Jessica spit Mom's nipple out of her mouth. "Dad?"

Dad stood dumbfounded for a moment, realizing he had been outed. He couldn't bring himself to speak.

"A little shy?" Mom teased, then she turned to her daughter. "The truth is, Jessica, your father has wanted to fuck you ever since you became an adult. There, the secret is out. Since your father helped make our little 69 session possible, are you willing to indulge his fantasy and make him a happy man?"

Jessica opened her legs. "If we're tossing out the ethics of family lineage for this scientific endeavor, then why not? A cock is a cock. And my pussy could use a good pounding."

The ladies of the house went back to their 69 nursing session, while Dad struggled with what to do next. He stared at Jessica's spread pussy, which looked wet and inviting.

Most of Jessica's attention was on Mom's nipple in her mouth, and attempting to keep up with the steady flow of milk. The corner of her eye peeked down at Dad when she heard the sound of him undoing his pants. Sure enough, she saw his hard cock and her eyes went wide. He stripped naked.

Jessica spread her legs and desperately wanted to watch Dad penetrate her for the very first time. It would be an unusual and perverse moment in her early adulthood; far more deviant than nursing from and finger fucking her mother.

Jessica rolled onto her back and Mom allowed her to reposition. She felt compelled to look and pulled her mouth away from Mom's nipple to watch Dad's cock enter her pussy. But Mom wasn't having it; her breast was still full and needed to be suckled. So she lightly touched Jessica's jaw and turned her head back to finish the job.

Being the good girl, Jessica happily went back to orally relieving her Mother. She could only use the corner of her eye to watch Dad climb onto the bed and press his hard cock against her tight pussy.

"Ummm," Jessica purred during the vaginal entry, with Mom's milk leaking down onto the bed sheet when her mouth opened.

"How does she feel?" Mom asked Dad, after briefly taking Jessica's nipple out of her mouth.

Dad slid his cock further into the hole. "She's tight, just like you said. And she's soaking wet too. It seems this 'research' you've been doing has really excited her."

"Like mother, like daughter," Mom smiled. "Plus she's eager to have your cock inside of her, in case you haven't noticed."

Jessica acknowledged that fact, with Mom's wet nipple in her mouth. "Mmm Hmmm..."

Dad's cock slid all the way in and Jessica's entire body tensed. When he pulled back and thrusted forward almost immediately, Mom had to hold Jessica's body still to keep it from squirming.

"She's in love with your cock," Mom noted.

Dad smiled, "That makes two of you. Watch this."

With his hands on Jessica's hips, Dad fucked her mercilessly, releasing all his perverted desires.

Jessica cried with pleasure, spitting Mom's nipple out of her mouth. As a result, Jessica's lips were coated with white milk, which dripped across her cheeks and onto the bed sheet.

Her body rocked back and forth from the hard fucking, while Mom's lips were still sucking on her tit. Having already cum from Mom's fingers, Jessica was ripe for another orgasm from Dad's thrusting cock. The size and stiffness was definitely giving Jessica maximal vaginal stimulation.

"I'm about to cum, Jess," Dad groaned, his voice filled with lust, after several fast and heavy pumps inside of her.

Jessica sputtered, "In... my... pussy... Dad!"

As the words escaped her lips, she made a mess on the bed with her own squirt, which sometimes occurred under the right circumstance (and, without doubt, this was the right circumstance).

Not far behind, Dad emptied his load inside Jessica's pussy, filling her inner canal with his seed. It made Jessica gasp, then smile, as her Father pulled out of her cream pie gift.

It was the best fucking and orgasm of Jessica's life, and she was in a state of utter euphoria. Her parents seemed to be amused by her dazed condition and helped lay her properly on the bed, resting her head on the pillow so she looked like a naked angel who had just woken up.

"Welcome to our world," Mom joked, laying beside Jessica. "Now you truly understand why we do what we do. It makes your Father's cock insatiable. And it makes my sex drive unstoppable."

Jessica smiled, "I'm sorry I ever doubted you. It'll never happen again. From now on, I'll always listen, like a good girl."

"From now on?" Dad asked, laying to Jessica's other side so that the tightly-knit naked family all laid beside each other.

"Yes, from now on," Jessica confirmed. "This is my spot, in the middle of the bed. So that's one breast for each of you."

Jessica closed her eyes with a faint smile on her lips and she raised her arms, placing them above her head on the pillow so that her chest was fully exposed. She got what she wanted. Her parents each took a nipple into their mouths and nursed from it, drinking Jessica's sweet nectar.

The End

SueDanym is a great gal, strong writer and helpful editor with kinky ideas.

Your votes & comments are appreciated.

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by logomark89004/12/18

you hit the spot right on

this is every thing i was hoping for. half way through i was hoping for 69 breastfeeding and to my surprise thats what happened! you know how to satisfy readers . nice story telling.

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do the pills work on men?

do the pills work on men?

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Great start

Really looking forward to chapter 2

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Where can I get some of those pills!!!!

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