Mother, Sister, Brother Cabin Fever


"Jesus, Vinnie, Jesus. If only you had invited me, I would have loved to walk around naked in front of your mother and sister, too."

"Yeah, well, for all of our sakes, Tony," said Vinnie with a laugh, I'm glad I spared us all the memory of you walking around naked by not inviting you to vacation with us at the cabin."

"I wish you had invited me, you asshole. I would have videotaped everything. God, especially now that I know of all that went on there, you're such an asshole not to have invited me," said Tony punching his best friend in the shoulder. "I could have helped you."

"Helped me? You mean, you would have helped yourself to my mother and sister."

"That hurts, Vinnie, that you'd think I'd take advantage of the situation during your troubled time of sadness and sorrow."

Vinnie shot his friend a smug look with a short laugh.

"Oh, yeah, you'd, no doubt, take advantage of the situation. If my mother and/or sister were knocked unconscious, you'd have sex with their lifeless body, before calling for an ambulance."

"Okay, maybe you're right about that, if we all had been drinking and your mother or sister were dead drunk and I was, too, but if they were really hurt and bleeding then I'd--"

"Stop," said Vinnie making a sour face. "That wasn't an invitation for you to share your perverted sexual fantasies about my family with me."

"Forget about all that," said Tony. "Just tell me how it all started."

"Now that I think about it, it all started with Angela teasing me," said Vinnie looking as if he was remembering back to how it all began.

"Teasing you? Angela was teasing you? Oh, my God. That's so hot. How was she teasing you? I'd love to be teased by your sister. She's so sexy."

"Calm down, Tony."

"Sorry. Please continue. I'm here to help, Vinnie. I'm here to help shoulder the burden of your incestuous load with you."

"Well, even though the cabin was beautiful, it was still a beach cabin with casual living abound. We'd go from the beach to the cabin, eat in the living room, and just relax."

"So, how was Angela teasing you?" Anthony looked at his friend, as if he was a man dying of hunger and Vinnie had a surplus of delicious food.

"Right from the first day, it started with Angela sitting across from me with her legs parted just enough for me to see her panties or her pussy, when she wasn't wearing panties. In all the years we've lived together, she always sat like a lady and I never so much as saw the end of her slip or a bra strap. Yet, in the cabin, maybe because it was so small, but sometimes, no doubt thinking that it was dark and I couldn't see, she'd flop on the couch in her nightgown and with her legs practically spread wide open, while watching TV."

"Holy shit, Vinnie. I'd have love to see between your sister's shapely legs. So was this before they were leaving their bedroom doors open and dressing and undressing out in the open and practically walking around naked?"

"Yeah, just before."

"And when Angela sat across from you like that, you saw your sister's panties?"

"I did. Yeah, lots of times."

"Wow. What color were they?"

"Gees, Tony. I dunno. White mostly and sometimes she wore pink, blue, and yellow panties. Gees, Tony."

"I'm only trying to imagine what you saw, Vinnie," said Tony giving his friend and apologetic shrug.

"Whatever? Anyway, at first I acted like a gentlemen and with her being my sister, I didn't look. Then, as the days passed and the incidences of partial and full nudity progressed, I started getting hornier with both of them walking around nearly naked all the time. With so many flashes of panties, bras, tits, pussies, and asses, I couldn't help myself from looking, staring, actually, before leering."

"Tell me, did you jerk over your seeing your sister's panties?"

"None of your business, you fucking pervert."

"Yeah, I bet you did. After you saw Angela's panties, I bet you stroked your cock, while thinking about banging your sister," said Anthony looking at his friend with wide eyes. "Am I right?"

"So, is this how you help me to shoulder my load by having me unburden myself for your personal sexual pleasure?


"If you don't stop interjecting your sexual lust for my Mom and my sister, if you don't stop with the vile and nasty comments, if you don't calm the fuck down, Tony, I won't finish telling you the story and you'll never know what happened."

"Sorry. Okay, I'm calm," said Tony taking a breath and exhaling. "I'm so calm that I'm one with the universe."

"Anyway, when she wasn't flashing me her panty, she was flashing me her pussy."

"No fucking way! Angela flashed you her pussy?"

"Yeah, lots of time. All the time. I told you that already."

"Fuck me. Sorry, but I was focused on the image of you seeing Angela's panties. Forget about seeing Angela's pussy, something I'd never see in a million years, but always wanted to see, I'd be happy, thrilled actually, just to see Angela's panties," said Tony even now more excitedly than he was before, while gently and more discreetly fingering his cock again. "So tell me, just so that I can be of more help to you, what does your sister's pussy look like?"

"What does my sister's pussy look like? How is telling you what my sister's pussy looks like going to help relieve me of my guilt for having sex with my mother and sister?" Vinnie looked at his friend with skepticism, before relenting and describing Angela's pussy with a shrug. "It's a pussy. If you've seen one pussy, you've seen them all."

"Yeah, but that's not just anyone's pussy. That's Angela's pussy," said Tony looking as if he was in love and getting even more sexually excited. "So, tell me, what did her pussy look like?"

"She has a trimmed pussy with dark brown hair," said Vinnie with another shrug. "She's Italian. Most Italian women have dark, brown pussies."

"God, I'd love to see your sister's sweet pussy. I'd love to cup her pussy in my hand. I'd love to finger her pussy, sniff her pussy, lick her pussy, and eat your sister's pussy, before fucking your sister's pussy."

"Are you done?"


"I knew it was a bad decision to think that I could confide in you," said Vinnie shooting his friend a hostile look. "Because I can stop telling you what happened right now, if you'd rather just fantasize and create your own fucking story."

"Sorry," said Tony, "but since the first day I met them, I've always lusted over Angela, just as I've always lusted over your Mom. Your Mom looks so good that they could have been sisters."

"Yeah, yeah," said Vinnie, while now believing all that Anthony was saying.

"If I didn't know that Connie was your mother, I would have thought she was Angela's sister. Yeah, I would have thought that they were twin sisters. They are two of the most beautiful women I've ever seen in my life."

"Take it easy, Tony. Just calm the fuck down."

"Sorry, so staying with the beginning again, what happened besides Angela flashing you her panties and pussy?"

"When she wasn't flashing me her panties and pussy, she was flashing me her tits."

"Oh, my God. Be still my heart. You saw your sister's tits, too?" Tony looked at his friend with shocked interest.

"Yeah, lots of times. I told you that they were undressing and dressing out in the open and were practically walking around the cabin naked. Besides that, she was always sitting outside with my mother and sunning topless," said Vinnie nonchalantly.

"Topless? Angela was topless? Oh, my God. I'd do anything to see Angela sitting out and sunning topless. I'd do anything to see Angela's big boobs. Just for the record, just as a way to cleanse your guilty conscience by unburdening my own, if only for the sake of helping you to feel better, you're going to have to tell me what Angela's tits look like and don't leave out any details, so that I can go home and--"

"Go home and what? Masturbate over my sister," said Vinnie throwing a pillow at his friend. "You're supposed to be here to help me by giving me your supportive understanding. I'm not telling you all the details of me having sex with my mother and sister for you to get sexually aroused," said Vinnie shooting his friend another angry look. "You're such a sick fuck, Tony."

"Sorry, but my sexual fantasies of your mother and sister are all I have. So, go ahead, I'll be quiet. I swear, I won't say another word. Just tell me what Angela's tits look like. Okay? Please?"

"I don't know if I want to tell you what my sister's tits look like or any more of what happened now. I don't think you can handle it."

"C'mon, Vinnie. I'll be quiet. I can handle it. I swear."

"Okay. Well, of course, just like my Mom has, Angela has a C cup. Her tits look just like my Mom's tits only--"

"Wait. You saw your Mom's tits, too?"

"Yeah, of course. Duh, I told you, when they were both sitting out sunning topless and they were both parading around the cabin practically naked, but I'll get to that later."

"Fuck me. This is so fucking unbelievable. Never in my life have I heard such a hot story. Fuck me, Vinnie, just fuck me."

"Do you want me to tell you the rest of the story or not?"

"Sorry. Go ahead. Please tell me about Angela's tits first, before telling me about your mother's tits."

"Her tits look just like my Mom's tits, big, round, full, shapely, and standing proud. Only, where my Mom has brown areolas and nipples and sag a little, Angela has pink areolas and nipples and are a bit higher up on her chest."

"What were Angela's nipples like? Tell me. Were they big? I like big nipples."

"They both have the same big nipples, the kind after you suck them, then pull them from your mouth, they make a popping sound, as if pulling a cork from a bottle of Chianti."

"Wait, you sucked Angela's tits?"

"I did."

"Fuck me," said Tony looking at his friend with a face full of sudden realization. "And you sucked your Mom's tits, too?"

"I did."

"Oh, my God, I can't believe this. So, lemme get this straight. Before you sucked your sister's tits and your mother's tits, you must have touched, felted, fondled, and caressed their tits, while fingering, pulling, and twisting their nipples. Right?"

"Of course."

"Oh, my God. Fuck me. You're such a lucky bastard, Vinnie. Why you're so down in the mouth with guilt and wanting to keep quiet about having sex with your hot mother and sexy sister is beyond me," said Tony. "I'd be telling everyone. I'd be screaming all that happened from the rooftops. I'd be posting naked pictures of them on the Internet."

"Because it's incest, Tony, and incest is frowned upon by society. Sometimes, you're such a dope."

"Incest? So what? Fuck society. The fact that you had two weeks of sexual pleasure with the two people you love more than anyone in the world is the important thing."

"You're wrong, Tony and I was wrong to go through with it. Incest is forbidden by the civilized general public of the world and now I'm so very embarrassed and ashamed."

"Who cares what the civilized general public thinks or frowns upon? Ask me if I give a shit what a Puritanical society cares, when harnessing me with the yoke of their misconstrued religious constrictions. Those judgmental cocksuckers are just jealous that they're not fucking their own mothers and sisters, and it wouldn't surprise me if they were fucking their mothers and sisters behind the closed doors of their bedrooms, while preaching differently to their congregation."

"Jesus Tony, calm the fuck down," said Vinnie. "Take a breath. If I knew you were going to be this upset, I wouldn't have told you all that happened. You make me wish I never told you what happened."

"Upset? I'm not upset. I'm just impassioned by all that you told me. Incest is the best. All you did was to sexually express your love for your mother and sister. All you did was to be the best loving son and best bonding brother they could have asked to have."

"Wrong. What I did was to break their bond of trust. What I did was to have illegal, incestuous sexual relations with a blood relative. What I did has more to do with expressing my repressed sexual lust for them than it has to do with expressing my love for them. What I did was to damage both of them that only years of psychotherapy can unravel."

"You're wrong, Vinnie. First of all it takes two and you were just as innocent and/or guilty, depending upon how one looks at it, as they were. Further, incest is not only legal but also accepted in many states and countries. You're the one that's twisted by allowing society to conform you to their manufactured norms by controlling your life. Incest is so hot, especially when feeling and sucking your mother's and/or your sister's tits. I can't believe you felt and sucked your mother's and your sister's tits," said Anthony rubbing his cock through his pants again. "I'd do anything to suck Connie's and Angela's big tits."

"Stop that! Stop rubbing your cock. God, that's so gross. You're making me feel worse, instead of better. You're making me feel as perverted as you are."

"Okay, but I'm just sayin' that because it's incestuous sex, incest makes this story even better. If I had a sister and a mother who looked as good as your sister and mother, I'd be having sex with them every day, multiple times a day, if I could."

"Yeah, but they're not related to you by blood. They're my sister and mother," said Vinnie looking at his friend with contempt. "Tell me this then. Would you fuck your sister and have your mother blow you?"

"You fucked Angela?"

"I did."

"And your mother sucked your cock?"

"She did."

"Holy Mother of God. I can't take anymore of this," said Tony fingering the head of his cock through his pants harder and longer this time.

"But you didn't answer my question, Tony."

"What question? You asked me a question? When did you ask me a question? I would have answered your question had you asked me a question, but I don't remember you asking me a question."

"Never mind. Just answer me this. Would you fuck your sister and have your mother blow you?"

"Gees Vinnie. Gross. You've seen my sister and mother. I'd have to put a double bag not only over their heads but also over their bodies, in case one broke. Even then with double bags over their heads and bodies, I'd have to be drunk and/or drugged out of my mind to have sex with either one of them. They have more hair on their arms and legs than I do. Guys won't touch either one of them with a ten foot pole, which is why they're both still home alone and living together."

"It was just a rhetorical question anyway?"

"A what question?"

"Never mind."

"Please continue, Vinnie. Don't let me interrupt you from telling me the hottest story I ever heard in my life. And don't leave anything out," said Tony pointing a fat finger at his muscular friend. "Tell me everything. Okay?"

"Okay. Well, even though both my sister and mother were flashing me, more than flashing me, practically walking around the cabin naked, sunning outside topless, and getting dressed and undressed practically out in the open and in front of me, the sex didn't start until we were in the water."

"Water? What do you mean the sex didn't start until you were in the water? In the ocean? You fucked them in the ocean? Lord have mercy on me. Oh, my God. I always wanted to do that, have sex with the Dolphins. I don't mean, actually fucking the big fish, but you know what I mean."

"They're not fish. They're mammals."

"Fish or mammals, who cares? Just go on with the story."

"Unfortunately, I do know what you mean and it's swimming with the dolphins and not having sex with the dolphins. Anyway, I did that, too--"

"You swam with the dolphins?"

"No for Christ sakes, I had sex in the ocean with my mother and sister, but that was much later and that's not what I meant by how the sex started in the water."


"Even though I was already aroused and thinking inappropriate thoughts when my mother and sister dressed and undressed out in the open and in front of me, the sex started all so innocently, when I walked my Mom down to the shoreline."

"Oh, boy, oh, boy. Here is comes. After all of this buildup, this is the good part. Right?"

"Just listen without talking, Tony. Anyway, it was a beautiful day and because the cabin we rented had access to a private beach, we were the only two people on the beach. The cabin was so small, tiny actually, that we spent most of our time outside."

"How was the weather?"

"Beautiful every day. Anyway, we both had been drinking a little wine, more than a little, now that I remember. Talking, walking, laughing, and having a good time, she took my hand and we walked in the water together, as if we were boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife. As if we were to be baptized, using one another to brace against the chill of the water, we held onto one another, until we got used to the cool temperature of the water."

"I wish I had been there. I wish you had invited me, Vinnie," said Tony with sadness. "I wish I could have just watched you with your mother."

"My Mom can't swim and she held onto me longer and tighter than I held onto her. When I let go of her, even for a second, fearing she was going to be toppled over by a wave, she got frightened and anxiously reached out for me in the way that I reached out for her," said Vinnie ignoring his friend's plaints. "In her panicked drunkenness, not that she was falling down drunk, but we both were feeling relaxed. Quite by accident, I'm sure, she always managed to somehow brush my cock through my bathing suit with the back her hand or with her fingertips, when reaching for my arm. Then, when reaching for her I always managed to somehow brush against her breast or her ass with my fingertips."

"Fuck me," said Anthony wide-eyed agog.

"I'm embarrassed to admit, maybe because I was already horny from seeing them both topless and nearly naked and maybe it was the wine making me feel amorous, but her hand felt good and natural, when brushing against my cock. Every time she accidentally touched me, my cock pulsated and I imagined her keeping her hand there and touching me longer. What was just my mother's accidental and innocent touch, I made dirty by having incestuously inappropriate thoughts and I'm so ashamed of myself for having thought had those sexual thoughts."

"Oh, my God."

"Then, when I started bobbing up and down with her in the water with the waves crashing against us, while holding her so that she wouldn't fall, is when I started accidentally, of course, touching her and inadvertently rubbing my cock against her. The feeling of her wet bathing suit clad body against mine made me so horny and I had such an incredible erection that it was practically peeking out the top of my bathing suit."

"You do have a big cock. I wish my cock was a big as your cock."

"How do you know how big my cock is, you homo?"

"I've seen you in the gym. Anyway, you touched your Mom? You rubbed your big, hard cock up against your Mom?"

"Yeah, several times, but not in a sexual way and not on purpose," said Vinnie rolling his eyes, before looking at his friend with patient understanding. "Because of the force of the water and the unsteadiness of her being knocked around by the waves, I inadvertently felt the side of her ass and the side of her breasts several times, while reaching out for her in trying to save her from being knocked down."

"Oh, my God, I would have had my hands full of Connie's tits on the pretense of helping your drunken mother from drowning," said Tony with a demented laugh.

"None of it wasn't like that, but it was then that I realized that I was getting sexually aroused from all the accidental bumping, rubbing, and touching. Then, once I started becoming aroused, once I had an erection, something snapped inside of me and I was deranged with sexual passion for her. On the pretense of just frolicking in the water, is when I couldn't control myself and was more purposefully determined in feeling her body through her bathing suit."

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