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Mother Son Castaways


The recent movie "Castaway" seems far-fetched yet it happens more often then we would like to believe. It happened to my mother and me about 5 years ago. We were sailing the South Seas with my Dad when we ran into a savage storm. I won't go into all the details except to say that my Dad died when the mast broke and fell on him. The boat also became damaged to the point that my Mom and I took our chances in our dinghy.

After living through a day and night of horror and fear, not to mention grief at the loss of my father, we finally made it to a deserted island. Luckily this island was a lot nicer than the one in the movie. It was a couple of miles squared and beautiful. There were a few types of small animals on the island along with birds, and some exotic fruit plants and trees. The beach was ideal and there were plenty of fish around it. There was even easily accessible fresh water on the island.

My mother and I had some survival skills. She had been on Outward Bound instructor and trainer for many years. I had also attended but was not as skilled as her. We were also able to take "tools" on our dingy that helped us immensely.

An adventure like this can change one dramatically however. When you are alone, away from civilization, when you are not sure how long you can stay alive, and were there is no one to enforce taboos… we become different people. Our instincts revert to one that is more primitive and base.

I was only 18 at the time (the trip had been a graduation present) and my mother was 40. However she was gorgeous olive skinned woman with slate black hair, green eyes, ample breasts, and a full but lush figure. I was in relatively good shape and look almost like a carbon copy of my Dad at my age.

When we landed on the island we worked hard for weeks building shelters, exploring, finding food sources, and such. However we were able to do fairly well for ourselves because of the abundant resources for our survival on this island. Things weren't perfect but they were as good as one could ask for under the circumstances. During this time my we also grieved for my Father. Yet eventually we got on with our lives because we knew that was what he would have wanted.

However we were both lonely and with time the needs of our bodies started to weave a weird spell over us. When you think you are the last two people in the world, and in a way we were, you start looking at each other differently. Mom started to depend on me for the things a woman often depends on a man for and visa versa. Jobs the involved strength or "hunting" were usually left to me while she took care of our shelter, searched for coconuts and fruit, took care of our shelters, and so on.

This led us to start seeing each other a little differently than just a mother and son. Our limited clothes also made us less modest, often walking around in the nude or not bothering to hide when we went to the "bathroom".

We were able to make fire and we often talked about our old lives at night. We talked about what we missed and what we had done. We both admitted we were very lonely for sexual companionship. My mother told me that she had been sexually active since she was fourteen. She had a very active sex life up until she met my Dad. They had some pretty wild times together and even liked to swap partners with other couples occasionally (this was a shock to me). I told her that while I had a less active sex life, I was no virgin but had never had more than a few one-night stands.

We opened up like this more and more and without planning it we started flirting. I would pick flowers for her for example and she would look for excuses to kiss me or hug me more than before. She also seemed to taunt me more with her breasts and sex. Sometimes when we talked at night, if she was shirtless… I would notice that her nipples would harden.

One night I couldn't help myself and put my hands large breasts and she slapped me. I think she surprised me as much as herself. "What are you thinking, young man", she said. "I am your mother". I started to cry.

I told her that I loved her and found her very attractive. I even told her that I had lusted after her since I was twelve more than any other woman but always kept this to myself. Now that we were stranded on this island, "I told her that I did not want to live the rest of my life without the love of woman, without the love of my mother". "But its incest", she said and the Bible says it is wrong. I ask her whom she thinks Kane and Able most have loved in the Bible if she was the only woman alive. She tells me I am dirty and goes off by her self for the rest of that night and the next few days.

Eventually she comes back and pretends nothing has happened between us although I can see she often blushes when she looks at me. I can also see that her nipples are harder than I have ever seen them. That night she tells me how I am getting to be such a handsome man and how I remind her of my father. She then also apologized for the argument we had the other night.

She told me she knew how I was feeling because she had some of the same feelings and was pretending not to have them. She cursed our isolation and sobbed. I held her. I also rubbed her back and whispered gentle words in her ears. Eventually she calmed down and when my hand went to her ass she pressed herself to me. She then looked up at me and grabbed my head and crushed it to her mouth. Her tongue and lips ravaged mine as if her life depended on it. After about 10 minutes she stopped and stepped away from me.

"I am such a slut," she said. " I am so horny for my own flesh and blood. Can you forgive me?" I told her I felt the same way. She told me that if we did this that there would be no turning back and that I would have to be her lover forever. She was afraid that I might think of her as a pervert because she likes a lot of sex, she liked it hot and heavy and even dirty. She told me she liked to be a slut around the man she loved. She loved dirty talk, she demanded that her lover satisfy her sexual hungers in many perverse ways, and she sometimes like to be dominated. Could I live with that? Would I really want a mother like that?

"Yes" I said. It would be a dream come true. I told her I wanted to be a motherfucker. I told her I wanted to her to be my dirty slut.

She then gave me a leering smile and told me then it was her motherly duty to give her little boy what he wanted. She then came to me and pushed me onto the sand and fell on top of me with her mouth on mine. As she did this she also pulled my shorts off. When she saw my stiff dick she said "What a beautiful cock you have son. Did mommy make it so big and hard? It's even bigger and hotter than your fathers. It's a horny mothers wish come true" and she started to suck it. I was so hot that it was not long before I was coming in her mouth. She sucked up all my juices as if they were precious nectar. I love you cum she said. I am going to want to drink it a lot. A young stud's juice is just what your old Mom needs to keep her hot and horny.

She then brought her bushy pussy to my face and made me look and smell it. "Like mama's pussy baby? See how wet you are making your mommy? Can you see how stiff my clit is for you? Mama's going to want her boy to grow up right on her muff pie?" She then brought it to my face and made me lap her up until she came a half a dozen times.

She then noticed that I was hard again and she smiled. "Its time now baby. Its time to become a motherfucker. Its time to make me your slut forever. Our taboo will be our bond. Your dick in my cunt will be our wedding vows. Are you ready to fuck your mother? Are you ready to be my dirty boy? Are you sure you want your mother to be your whore? " In reply I rammed my cock into her dripping pussy and it was like coming home.

I balled her pussy for a least an hour with both of us moaning, screaming, cussing, and reveling in our new relationship. When we came it was like we had always heard it could be but never knew before. Mom said it was the best fucking she had ever had.

We went on like this for over a year. We were like to dogs in heat. However we did discipline ourselves to abstain we she figures she was ovulating. Luckily I island was also on a route that brought boats in our vicinity occasionally. We were rescued after about a year and a half in isolation.

At first we tried to stay apart when we got back home but after a month we were fucking like rabbits again. So we sold our home and moved to another state were we could live like lovers while I went to college. We are still together. We are both happier than we have ever been in our lives. We don't want children; we don't think that would be right, but we think our relationship is. A few times we have also swapped with other couples yet we still find we like each other best. I know this kind of incest is not right for most people yet for us it is. Well I better stop writing because I am getting an itch to bury my face in my mom's ass…. I guess I am just a mother's boy.

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