Mother, Substitute Son & Daughter


Suddenly she was about to cum. She said, 'oh Katie, wank your brother faster, mummy is going to cum and I wank my son's cum in my mouth at the same time'. Katie got faster and faster. I was almost there. Mummy clamped her lips even tighter and sucked for all she was worth.

Suddenly her orgasm hit her at the precise moment that my sister made me cum in mummy's mouth. Mummy was delerious with pleasure as her own orgasm continued. After what seemed like several minutes, mummy relaxed her mouth and I withdrew my cock. I stood back next to Katie as we watched our mummy. She was breathing heavily and as her mouth opened I could see my cum start trickling out over her lips. She reached down and turned the vibrating nipple clamps off and then withdrew the large black one from her pussy and turned off the one she had been using on her clitoris.

Although I had just cum I was still fairly hard. Mummy said, 'Oh that was heaven. Katie, you haven't cum yet. It must be your turn now. I want you to do the same as me'. Karie, said, 'Oh mummy that would be lovely, my pussy is so wet from watching you give yourself so much pleasure'. Mummy said, 'Come on Robert, lets get Katie ready'.

I took Katies jumper off and undid her skirt. I already knew she wasn't wearing any knickers. She kept on her stockings and high heeled shoes. I led my sister back to the bed and she sat leaning against the headboard. Mummy passed me her bright red lipstick and before coating my sisters nipples with it, I leaned down and sucked them and made them even harder.

I then coated them liberally with mummy's bright red lipstick. Katie was obviously very turned on as she had opened her legs and I could see the moisture of her pussy. Mummy handed me the vibrating nipple clamps and I carefully clipped them onto each nipple and then turned them on. Katie murmured, 'Oh that's lovely'.

Next came the big black vibrating cock. This time mummy had it. She placed it at the opening of her daughters wet pussy and slowly eased it inside her. Mummy couldn't resist taking it almost out before plunging it back in again. Mummy was clearly enjoying fucking her daughter's pussy. Soon she left it all the way in and turned the vibrator on. The look on Katie's face was one of pure pleasure. Then mummy handed her daughter the vibrator for her pussy. Katie snatched it from her mother and plunged it down hard on her clit. We both thought she was going to cum straight away as she rubbed her clit faster aand faster. Mummy asked Katie, 'Do you want your brothers cock in your mouth like mummy did, would you like mummy to wank your brother off into your mouth'. Katie merely nodded her approval.

Mummy and I moved round near my sisters head. Katie opened her mouth and I shoved my erect cock straight inside. I'm sure she must have tasted the cum that was still on my cock when mummy sucked me off. Katie clamped her lips tight around the end while mummy frantically started rubbing me. I felt mummy's other hand playing with arse hole and slowly trying to get a finger inside. This was new for me but although her finger wouldn't go in, it felt good. Mummy was wanking me faster and faster. Like her, she wanted her daughter to experience the pleasure of a cock cumming in her mouth at the same time as cumming herself. Mummy kept slowing down and waited until she knew her daugfhter was about to cum. When she saw the tell tale signs she wanked me faster and I exploded spurt after spurt into my sisters willing mouth.

I withdrew my cock and mummy leaned down and kissed her daughter on the mouth making sure she transferred my cum into her mouth. I looked at mummy as she swished my cum around her mouth clealry enjoying the taste before she swallowed what was left. We all collapsed on the bed and recovered.

After a few minutes, mummy asked Katie if she wanted a cigarette. Katie said she did. Mummy then asked me 'Can you cum again yet. If Katie and I give you a smoky blow job can you cum yet'. I smiled and said, 'I don't know but it'll be good fun trying.'

Now it was my turn to lie on the bed. I leaned against the headboard with mummy and sister either side of me. They both knelt up and lit each others cigarette. Mummy then took a huge inhale of smoke and with the smoke still in her mouth put my cock inside. The heat was intense but wonderful. She sucked on my cock and moved her mouth up and down. The feeling was sensational. Eventually she exhaled the smoke through her nose. Then it was my sisters turn. She had watched her mother and knew exactly what to do. I absolutely adored the feeling. The sucking of the lips and the heat of the smoke was wonderful.

Although I had only cum recently I knew I was going to do so again. As my mother and sister leaned over and sucked me I played with their adorable pussies. Both of them were soaking wet again and I'm sure both ready to cum again very soon. I hadn't cum by the time they had finished their cigarettes so they both lit another. Soon I was almost there. I said, 'I'm going to cum soon'. Mummy said, 'I want you to cum in my mouth this time.'

I watched Katie as she finished her cigarette while mummy smoked and sucked my cock at the same time. Katie was playing with my balls now. Suddenly the tell tale signs and I knew I was cumming. Mummy knew also and quickly took one more large inhale of smoke and sucked for all she was worth. The intense heat of the smoke and the sucking was sensational as I pumped hot cum directly into my mothers hot mouth. When I finished cumming, mummy sat over me, opened her mouth, exhaled her smoke and let my cum dribble down over my face. I was in heaven.

I was clearly now totally exhausted but mummy and my sister were still ready for more. They both knew I would have to recover for a while. Mummy asked Katie, 'Are you ready to cum again, because I definitely am'. Katie said she was.

I went and sat on the other bed, happy to sit and watch my mother and sister with each other. Mummy reached into a bag and bought out a huge strap on cock and said to Katie, 'I want you to fuck mummy'. She helped Katie strap it on round her waist and crotch. My sister looked really kinky with her huge erect nipples and a large hard cock sticking out in front of her. Mummy leaned against a chair and said, 'Fuck mummy from behind'.

Katie moved behind her mother and easily slid the dildo inside mummy's wet pussy. She started slowly fucking her mother but clearly it wasn't enough. Mummy said, 'Faster, harder, fuck as hard as you can, push it right in, oh thats wonderful. Robert come and suck mummy's tits'. I stood in front of my mother. One hand played with one nipple and I sucked on the other. I felt them grow harder in my mouth.

All the time she was telling her daughter to fuck her harder. Mummy loved the feel of the rock hard cock in her cunt. Then she said, 'I want it up my arse, take it out of mummy's cunt and put it in my arse'. Katie did as her mother wanted. She eased it out of her pussy and slowly eased it against the opening of mummy's arse. At first it wouldn't go in, but mummy pushed harder against the dildo and eventually it started easing inside her arse. She absolutely adored the feeling as her daughter started a regularly fucking action in her mothers arse.

'Oh Robert, I need your cock in my cunt, I need it now as well in my arse. Let me suck it and get it hard again'. I stood in front of mother and eased my cock inside her mouth. She sucked ravenously on it. She was so desperate to get it hard. She was so desperate to have it inside her cunt. In a matter of minutes she had succeeded. I lay down on the bed and she tottered over to me still with Katie's false cock embedded up her arse.

She lowered her wet cunt down onto my cock. She groaned with pleasure as at last she felt a cock in her cunt and arse. Mummy started fucking herself up and down on my cock and Katie followed the rhythm as she fucked her mother up the arse. Mother's orgasm was enormous and although she had obviously cum she wasn't content with only one. She continued to plunge her pussy up and down my cock as her second, third and fourth orgasm throbbed through her body. Eventually she was satisfied and she collapsed on the bed and Katie eased the imitation cock out of her arse.

We all lay down together and Katie and I started playing with each other. Her pussy was soaking wet and she followed her mothers actions and lowered herself down onto her brothers erect cock. Katie slowly fucked herself on my cock. This time she was content to take it nice and slow and enjoy every single up and down stroke. I reached up and pinched her nipples, making them hard once again. Mother was content to watch her son and daughter pleasure each other. Although I did notice that she had 2 fingers inside her own pussy.

Katie's orgasm was nearing and she speeded up her fucking on her brothers cock. Eventually she came and she plunged down as far she could so that the cock was embedded as deep as possible inside her. I hadn't cum again but I knew I could manage probably one more soon.

Now we all lay down recovering but it wasn't long before mummy took charge again. She said, 'I want us to all play with ourselves and watch each other cum or help each other cum'. She stood up and went to her bag again. She came back with what she said was a speculum.

She lay down and opened her legs and eased the speculum just inside her pussy. Then she twisted a knob and it opened up her pussy lips by about 2 inches and held them open. She said, 'I am going to play with myself and I want you to both watch me cum. You can see right inside my pussy and watch my pussy juices pour out as I cum'. Mother then told us to put her vibrating nipple clamps on. Katie and I sucked a nipple first and then when they were hard carefully clipped the clamps on and turned the vibrating on. We could see mummy's pussy getting wetter. Then we passed her the clitoris vibrator and watched as our mother started pleasuring herself. At first she was gently running the vibrator over her clit, but as she got more excited the movement became stronger.

Katie and I were getting more excited watching our mother and soon we too were playing with each other. Mummy said, 'I'm almost there'. Katie and I lay down between mummy's legs and peered inside her pussy. As she came we could clearly see her cum deep inside her pussy and as her pussy lips were wide open her juices were soon shooting straight out of her pussy. Katie got her face closer and opened her mouth and took what she could of her mothers cum right into her mouth. As she finished, I kissed Katies mouth and transferred mummy's cum into my mouth. I have to say that my mothers cum tasted wonderful.

Katie decided she wanted the same experience and followed her mothers actions. One again the speculum held Katie's cunt wide open and this time I had the wonderful experience of tasting my sisters cum as she shot it direct into my mouth. Mother decided I should cum one more time and needless to say it was she who decided how it should happen. She said, 'I want you to cum inside your sisters mouth and I am going to wank you off into it'.

Mummy made me stand up and Katie knelt in front of me. Mummy took my hard cock and put it into my sisters mouth. Katie clamped her lips tight around the tip leaving room for mummy's hand. Mummy started wanking me slowly at first but as she saw me getting more excited started speeding up and saying, 'Suck him Katie, I can feel your brothers cock getting harder, he's nearly cumming, oh thats right, suck harder, he's there, yes I can feel it he's cumming'. Mother was right, she knew I was ready and even as I came she carried on wanking my cock making sure my sister took every single last drop of cum into her mouth.

We decided we were all sexually satisfied and totally drained. We showered together, which also led to me pissing directly into mummy's mouth. We dressed and headed off home before all agreeing that this had to become a regular happening.

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