tagIncest/TabooMother The First Time

Mother The First Time


My First ever-sexual encounter

Losing my cherry

(And it was with my mother)

My first ever sexual experience was with my mother when I was 19, My father had died 6 years earlier leaving me and my two brothers at home with Mum. Mum went out most evenings and her nightly ritual on arriving home was making sure that the rest of us were all home safely. (I knew she did because she left the aroma of stale alcohol and cigarettes in my room).

I normally went to bed a good hour or two before Mums return and always slept naked. On one of the occasions I was awake when Mum checked on me. I was hot and the duvet had been tossed to one side. As the door opened I pretended to be asleep. The light from the landing illuminated my room and my naked body lying on the bed. Mum stood there for what seemed like ages when I heard her sigh and walk out of my room closing the door behind her.

The same thing happened the following evening but this time the thought of my Mother seeing me naked gave me a huge erection. I could hear Mum approach my bedroom door so I pretended to be asleep. The door opened and I was bathed in the dim light. I heard her sharp intake of breath and an incoherent mutter. Mum walked up to the bed and stood for a moment when suddenly I barely felt her fingers lightly slide up and down the length of my erect cock. It took all of my control not to shoot my load. My erect cock was throbbing like mad. Mum then pulled the duvet up over me and my rampant cock. I thought I heard her whisper, "If only" sighing heavily as she walked out of the room closing the door behind her.

I grabbed hold of my throbbing erection and began to wank furiously but then I stopped. I had a thought that I didn't want to waste this erection or the spunk that went with it. I could put both to better use. I lay in my bed thinking of how I could fulfil my desire.

How could I get my Mother to give me a wank and make me cum?

It was then that I devised my sordid plan but I needed her to be asleep so I waited for almost an hour before I decided it was time. I got out of bed still with a huge hard on and went to Mum's bedroom door. I entered the darkened room.

Quietly I called out, "Mum are you awake?"

There was no reply so I moved a little nearer to where my Mother lay and called a little louder " Mum can you hear me?"

I could here the gentle snoring as she lay there asleep unaware of what was about to take place. There was still no reply so it was now or never. I made my way to the side of my Mother's bed and gently lifted the duvet.

I called out once again, "Mum are you awake?"

Still no reply so I climbed into the bed as gingerly as possible so as not to disturb my Mother.

Now to the master plan. I slowly adjusted my position so my throbbing cock was by my Mothers hand, I lay there a minute or two hoping my Mums fingers would wrap around me and hold my erection, but nothing happened, so I decided to help things along. My heart was beating so fast and strong I thought it would burst from my chest as I carefully took hold of my Mother's fingers and placed them on my rampant erect cock. I squeezed them gently around the shaft and took my hand away. Her fingers were now around my cock. I felt my Mothers grip tighten as her hand moved slowly up and down. Brilliant. My plan had worked. This is exactly what I wanted.

A few moments past when suddenly my Mum said, "What the hell are you doing?"

I was absolutely terrified and replied with a trembling voice, "I am sorry Mum."

My Mother replied, "Its wrong. You know we shouldn't be doing this don't you?"

I answered, "Yes I know, but I want to. I wont tell anyone, just please, please don't stop."

Mum was still stroking my cock during this conversation and I am sure it was the biggest hard on I have ever had just because my mum was toying with my cock.

Then Mum said, "It's such a lovely cock and its so big. You're a lot bigger than your Dad ever was."

Mother was still hesitant so I started to buck my hips and slowly fuck my Mum's hand as my Mum's grip tightened and sped up to a rhythmic fucking pace.

Mum finally gave in to me and said, "Come on, use this monster to make love to your Mother before I change my mind."

I couldn't believe it Mum rolled on her back and pulled her nightdress over her head exposing her succulent boobs.

I climbed on top of my Mother as her hand guided my throbbing cock pulling it towards her waiting pussy. I felt the tip of my shaft brush my Mother's pubic hair and then felt the warm moistness as her lips parted as the head penetrated my Mother's vagina.

I dropped my hips down forcing the entire length of my cock up my Mum's juicy cunt. Mum gasped and squealed as her cunt muscles grabbed my cock in a vice like grip.

She moaned, "Oh its such a long time since I have had a real man inside me"

I withdrew my cock which was covered in my mothers juice and rammed my cock forcefully in to her hole. This took my mum's breath away. I began to fuck her as if there were no tomorrow.

She put her hands on my shoulders and said, "Slow, Slow down son, you are not a race horse you know, do it slowly and do what I do, keep your hips in rhythm with mine."

I did as I was told, not realising that fucking a woman would be such a pleasure.

My Mother and I fucked each other for what seemed to be ages. Mum kept moaning and squealing all the time. Eventually her actions became more and more urgent. Mums arms tightened around my back as she squeezed me tightly, I could feel her knees raise up to my sides and her feet on my bum forcing as much of me inside her as possible. Her nails sank into the flesh clawing my back as she thrust her thighs upwards panting.

"Fuck me son. Fuck me hard. Fill me, I want all of you inside, fuck me."

I then began to fuck my Mother for all I was worth.

"Faster, faster, lets cum together," she panted

I grunted, "I'm going to shoot my load Mum."

Mum screamed, "Yes, yes, Mummy's cumming... fill your mother with your hot spunk son fill me, fill me harder, faster."

I was now ramming my cock in and out of my Mother's pussy so hard I shot my load right up my Mum's cunt. Jet after jet of hot semen fired into my Mums greedy cunt. She kept bucking under me fucking my exploding cock as I still pumped away like mad. Eventually I collapsed on top of her as her cunt muscles squeezed every last drop of cum out of my cock.

"My god son are you sure you haven't fucked before? That was a fuck and a half, I can't remember when I have felt so satisfied," Cooed my Mother blissfully.

I said, "Don't worry, there's plenty more of where that came from Mum."

My mother hugged me still milking my cock with her saturated cunt muscles, and said, " I'm happy now, I don't need anyone else. I have got my son to look after me."

I'm so pleased I fucked my Mother. It wasn't even part of my plan. I only wanted her to give my cock a wank!

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moms pussy

i want to fuck your mom please xx ( georgec100@tiscali.co.uk )

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