Mother Took My Virginity


My cock was so fucking hard! I had to have her! I grabbed her hips and raised her up on her knees in one motion. She arched her back giving me even better access to her love-hole. I positioned myself closer behind her and just as my cockhead was beginning to part her lips she surprised me.

"Oh, yes son, give that cock to me. I need you to fuck me hard!"

I wasted no time. I rammed my cock deep into my first pussy and lost my virginity to my lovely, beautiful mother.

"That's good Tom, now fuck Mommy hard! Push it in and out of my cunt!

I went nuts and just started ramming it to her as hard and as fast as I could. After a few minutes of this she pulled away from me.

"I want you on your back now. I'm gonna ride that cock!" She got on top of me and reached down with her hand to guide my dick into her pussy. She was up on both feet, squatting over my cock. She sunk down onto it slowly until it was all the way in and then started slowly bouncing up and down, building momentum. Before long she was shrieking in delight as she rode my cock hard. She bent over my face, "Suck my fucking nipples! Now!" She ordered and I obeyed her. First one and then the other. "Suck both at the same time, I'm about to cum all over your fuck-stick, boy! Bite down on them and slap my fucking slutty ass while I ride your cock!"

All of a sudden I felt the high pressure spray of her pussy squirting around my cock! My Mom was a squirter! Holy shit! Her whole body stiffened and began to shudder in ecstacy as she came really herd. I was almost there myself.

"I'm gonna cum now!" I growled through clenched teeth.

"I want it in my fucking slut mouth!" she said and hurried to get on her knees between my legs. I could feel her heavy tits brushing against my thighs as she swallowed all eight inches of my dick in one gulp. She was an expert cocksucker and she milked every drop of my load. She swallowed it all and then climbed up into my arms, snuggling against my chest.

"I have a confession to make." She said. "I got drunk last night hoping to get up the nerve to watch you jack-off and then suck you dry but, I had too much and just passed out. I'm so glad you came in this morning and took matters into hand."

"You wanted this to happen today?"

"Well, I was just going to give you oral today and save the fucking for later but, you did fine. I love your cock and have been masturbating thinking of it in my mouth and pussy for weeks now."


"Yeah, Really. "

"When did you start thinking that way, Mom?"

"I saw you in the window when I had my swing party last month. That's when I decided to show what a slutty little whore your mother really is. That's why I gave you the cum swapping show. Did you like it?"

"I loved it!" But, now what do we do, Mom?"

"First of all, we fuck each other silly until we have explored each other's bodies completely. Later, after we have breakfast, I will teach you how to eat my pussy and then I want that cock in my pussy and my slutty little ass."

"Why do you keep calling you keep calling yourself a slut, Mom?"

"Because, son, your mother really is a slut. I fuck as often as I can. I love cock so much that I will fuck almost any man brave enough to ask for it. I also like to suck pussy and titties as well."

"Wow!" I was amazed at her, in a good way. "How long have you been this way?"

"Since I was a young, since before I married your father. Your Dad divorced me because he caught me getting it on with two guys at once."

"Really? Two men at once?"

Mom smiled. It was a catty, dirty little smile. "Sure. Why not? When your Dad caught me he wasn't too pissed to join in so it turned into three that night. But he was pissed as hell and he filed for a divorce the next week. Of course, he had no idea, at the time, that I was pregnant. When he found out he insisted on a blood test to prove you were his. Then he threatened to expose my sluttish ways to my whole family if I didn't let him have custody. We fought it out in court and he won. Now you know the whole story. Are you ashamed of me?"

"No, Mom, I love you no matter what happened in the past. In fact, I now love you in a much deeper way than I did before. I gave my virginity to you just now, Mom." I said. My cock had regained its former harness thinking about her fucking multiple men.

"Good. Because now that you have, I'm going to show you so many new things. My body is always available for you to use anytime you want it." She said as she leaned down and took my cock in her mouth again.

Oh, yeah, this was going to be good, I thought, holding her head in both my hands as I rocked my hips up and down, face fucking my own mother, very good indeed.

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