Can sons and a terrible mother reconcile through sex?


All characters having sex are over 18.

This is not a typical story for me. Someone gave me the setting, characters, plot, and asked for a story. I obliged. This is a harsh tale. All sex is consensual, but it is transactional. Some will say she didn't/couldn't give consent. I won't argue the point. I will say she's not a kid. She's forty-two-years-old.

Those looking for a happy tale should choose something from the "Loving Wives" category. This is a story of blackmail, revenge, and incest. It has dark passages. You've been warned.

PS If you have a story to tell and need a "pen for hire" contact me.


"What was I thinking?" Konrad muttered. It was early in the morning and he was walking the streets of Gyor, Hungary, the town of his birth.

"Why did I think the admonition 'You can't go home again' didn't apply to me?"

Little had changed in the city in the eight years he'd been away attending school and getting started in his career as a software engineer. He recognized all the shops that lined the business district, the quaint city squares and the grand Town Hall. He turned a corner and saw the Danube river. It was still wide and beautiful.

He headed back to his childhood home where his mother, Karola, and his younger brother, Robert, lived. He was staying there on this rare visit home. These days he lived and worked in California.

There was a new occupant in the house, Laszlo, his stepfather. He was a simple man. The big man worked in a warehouse. His mother had remarried three years ago, Not out of love, but for appearance's sake. She was old school. In her mind, a woman should be married so she got a replacement two years after her first husband died.

The fact that, when she set her sights on Laszlo, he had a wife and a child didn't matter to her. If the bitch couldn't keep her man, too bad for her. Laszlo was swept off his feet by Karola. He couldn't believe this tall, curvaceous, successful, green-eyed beauty was interested in him. She dazzled and beguiled him. He was putty in her hands. They married the day after his divorce was finalized.

Konrad angrily kicked a stone as he thought about his father. It upset him that this usurper was sleeping in his father's old bed. His dad had been a kind man. He was the one parent who showed him love. He'd believed in him and encouraged him to study, strive and to achieve his dream of working with computers. He achieved his goal when he was given a merit scholarship to Stanford University.

The send-off at the airport, when he left Hungary and journeyed to the USA, typified his childhood. His father was proud of him and wept tears of joy. His mother was unemotional and stoic. She saw him off without saying she loved him or would miss him. "That's my Mom," Konrad thought as she gave him a perfunctory kiss on the cheek, "She cares more about her business than her children. Always has. Always will."

His ne'er-do-well, younger brother, Robert, said, "You lucky bastard! I hear California women are hot and easy."

"Robert, this is a chance of a lifetime. I'll be taught by the best teachers in the world. I'm going half way around the world to better myself, not get laid."

"Right. Whatever," his brother said dismissively. In his mind, if his brother studied instead of partied that would be a waste.

Konrad almost said something and then thought, "Why bother? He'll never understand. He has no dreams, no ambition greater than getting drunk and having sex with some local skank".

Konrad stood in front of his old house and said, "This trip was a mistake. The reason you can never go home is that place no longer exists. The house and your town might still be there, but the people are different. I'm different. I left here an eighteen-year-old determined to make something of myself and I have. I'm a success. I make more money in one year than my mother has probably made in her whole life.

"I came back to show everyone that I've made it. I'm rich. I write code that millions of people use. It was stupid of me to think my mother might be proud or happy for me. When I first made good money, I offered to give her some to improve her daycare center and bring it into the computer age.

"In America, the best daycares send parents electronic updates. They hear about class lessons and activities. They get reminders and announcements, notes on their child's progress, and even photos of the kids. I offered to set up such a system for her, but she refused. She was too proud and told me in no uncertain terms that she knew best and she needed no help from me."

He sighed heavily. He'd planned on staying another ten days. He said, "I wonder if I can get an earlier flight?"

The door to the house opened and Robert stepped out. He was disheveled. His clothes were askew. Shirt unbuttoned. Hair not combed. "Hey, Konrad," he called out as he finished dressing.

"You're up early," Robert said. He ran his fingers through his unkempt hair in lieu of combing it.

"Yes. I needed some fresh air," Konrad said.

"I need to earn my beer money. I'm off to deliver newspapers and I'm running late as usual," Robert said with a laugh.

Konrad shook his head and watched his twenty-year-old brother shuffled down the street. Earning enough money to buy himself a few beers and having plenty of time to hang out with his equally unambitious friends was his goal in life. He still lived at home leeching off their mother. He rarely had a girlfriend because females soon learn, he was an uncouth drunkard without a real job or real money and he had no prospects of ever being able to take care of himself, much less a wife and children.

While her boys were chatting outside, Karola got out of bed and used the bathroom. She was in a foul mood for a good reason. Her pride and joy, her business was failing. She was stressed and embarrassed. It threatened her standing in the community. It caused her to be strapped for cash and worse of all, her house was in jeopardy. She'd taken a loan out on her home to keep her daycare going. She was having trouble keeping current with the payments.

The general economic downturn had put many people out of work. People who don't work, don't need daycare. And unfortunately for her, many of the people who still required daycare were choosing other, more modern, facilities.

She was trying to hang on until the new ball bearing factory opened in August. The influx of jobs would lead to more customers. She needed ten thousand euros to hold on until her daycare once again turned a profit.

She climbed back into bed and sat with her back to the headboard. She cuffed her husband and said, "Wake up, Laszlo."

He was startled by the blow, stopped snoring and said, "What? What's happening?"

"Time for you to go to work," his wife said derisively.

He yawned, stretched, smiled and said pleasantly, "Good morning, wife."

"Get to work," she said. There wasn't an ounce of kindness in her words.

Karola hiked up her nightshirt, spread her legs, and exposed her hairy pussy. She grabbed his head and brought it to her sex. "Eat me!" she ordered. "I've had a stressful couple of days."

"Gladly." His reply was muffled because she forced his lips into contact with her lady lips.

Despite the way, she treated him, Laszlo ate her pussy enthusiastically. He kissed, licked and tongued his wife.

It took a few minutes, then she softened her tone. "Oh! Yes. Laszlo. Like that," she moaned. She was a cold woman and never seemed to appreciate her husband except in times like this.

She often demanded he service her. He didn't mind. She had a tasty snatch and he enjoyed oral sex with her. It was one of the few times she complimented him. If she had a great orgasm, sometimes she'd let him fuck her. More often, she left him with blue balls.

Laszlo snaked his tongue into her cunny to scoop out her nectar. His thumb found her clit. His efforts drew an appreciative groan.

"Oh. Oh. Oh."

He continued to vary his technique and hit all the bases.

"Oh, God! Yes!"

Her hips rocked into his face. She desperately wanted to prolong and intensify all contact. Rhythmically, she thrust into him.

"Oh. Oh. Ohhh!" She cried out as she came. Karola spasmed. Her powerful thighs nearly crushed his head. She reveled in bliss. When it passed, her legs released him and she said plainly, "I needed that."

He pulled back and smiled. He was genuinely happy to have brought his wife pleasure. He waited patiently for her verdict. Would they have intercourse?

Her orgasm had been a good one and one that was desperately needed. However, at heart, she was a self-centered bitch. She had no problem saying, "Another time."

He was disappointed, but not surprised. It was a shame on a couple of levels. One, he'd earned it and two, she would miss out. He was a talented, unselfish lover.

Laszlo was a considerate lover. He had to be. He was a big, strong man and could hurt his partner if he wasn't careful. With Karola, he had more freedom to operate than with smaller women. She was built like an Amazon. She was tall, 5"8", and a solidly built woman with a generous bust, full D cups. She could take a pounding, unlike the wispy women some men are attracted to.

Konrad came inside the house and went upstairs. He overheard his mother's cries of pleasure and was revolted. It was a harsh reminder that his father was dead and another man was trying to take his place. He quickly went to his bedroom and closed the door.


Later that morning, Konrad entered the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. His mother was there, drinking coffee and reading the paper. She stayed silent. She was annoyed that he was doing well while her business was struggling.

He wasn't surprised she didn't speak. She had been cool toward him the whole visit. His whole life really. She was not a loving, motherly person. She took care of her children, but it was always the bare minimum and done in an aloof manner. Good grades and good behavior were expected. He was never complimented or congratulated for them.

The resentment they felt toward each other was palpable. Konrad couldn't stop himself, he spat out, "I heard you and your beast rutting this morning. You expressed more feeling in one groan than was bestowed on me my whole childhood."

"I gave you life and a home. What more did you expect? Life is hard. You might as well learn that early. Everything, even kindness, comes at a price."

Konrad stared at her. He was stunned. Did he really have to explain to her that children needed to be loved? He stomped out of the room.


Mid-afternoon, there was a knock at the door. Karola answered. As if she didn't know, she said, "What are you doing coming here?"

A man laughed and said, "Relax, your husband is at work. We have business."

He pushed his way into the living room. Karola was not happy he was here. She said, "My boys could be back at any moment."

She didn't know it, but in fact, the boys were home. Robert was hiding in the next room. He had expected the visitor. Konrad was upstairs preparing to go into town. He overheard their conversation and was intrigued. He thought, "It sounds like my mother is up to something". He stayed out of sight and decided to see what this was all about.

The visitor said, "If time is an issue, then get over here quickly and suck my dick. When no one else would lend you money, I did."

"And you are charging me interest," she said in a challenging manner.

"Yes, I am." The man chuckled and said, "And we agreed if you failed to stay current on the loan, we would have sex. Get undressed. Let me see your wonderful breasts and feel your plump lips around my cock."

Karola stood silent and still. The man undressed. He gave her a stern look and her resistance evaporated. She sighed heavily and took off her clothes. She said, "We have to make this quick."

"Then you have to make it good."

He sat on the sofa. His semi-hard cock lolled off to the side. She got on her knees, wrapped her lips around his member and went to work.

"Mmmm. Yes," he moaned.

Both boys moved forward to see the action. They saw their cold, proud mother naked and servicing the man. Karola was a big woman. She wasn't fat, but she was a full-bodied woman with wide shoulders and hips. She had a sturdy build and full, pendulous breasts. She was attractive and sensuous in a Rubenesque manner. The sight of her womanly, nude body made her sons hard.

Robert had seen and enjoyed this sight before. The lender had stopped by the last three Wednesdays around this time to collect his pound of flesh. Robert had made it a point to be home around this time to catch the show. He whipped out his hard-on and began stroking it.

"What the fuck!" Konrad shouted in his mind as he saw his brother beating off at the sight of their mother having sex. He was shocked, but then he reassessed the situation because he too had a throbbing boner. "I may have judged my brother too quickly. The scene is hot and I especially like seeing my mother degraded and on her knees," he told himself.

"You've got a good mouth. Climb on my lap and fuck me," the visitor said.

Karola released his now fully hard dick. She stood. She said, "Zoltan, give me a second to get ready."

He laughed harshly and said, "You were the one in a hurry."

He smirked as he watched the beautiful women lick her fingers and rub her pussy. He sneered at her and said, "Come on. I've got another appointment."

"Fine," she said exasperated by his comments and demands. She was also mad at herself for needing to borrow money from this cretin.

She climbed on top of him and straddled him as he sat on the sofa. She lowered herself on his cock.

"Ouch," she cried as he entered her not-quite-ready pussy.

After a few painful, awkward strokes, she lubricated and they screwed. He drilled her and slapped her broad ass.

"Oh. Oh!" she moaned. She blushed. Her face turned red. She was embarrassed for having shown that she was enjoying his dick.

"Oh. Fuck!" he exclaimed as he came inside her.

Konrad watched the visitor climax. He glanced at his brother and noticed he was orgasming too. His face was twisted and his hand was a blur as he rapidly stroked his dick and came into a cloth.

Karola slumped on top of her partner, perspiring and breathing hard. She had enjoyed the sex, but also was relieved it was over.

When the lender recovered, he grabbed her face, kissed her full on the lips and said, "See you next week!"

He dressed. She grabbed some tissues and caught the cum oozing from her pussy. After he left, she scooped up her clothes and said, "I've got to find a way to pay off his loan."

Karola hurried to the bathroom. Robert wiped his dick clean. Konrad thought about what he had just seen. His hard cock throbbed in his pants. He thought, "This is my chance to get back at her. To treat her like she has always treated me. Tough. Unyielding. Unemotionally."

Moments later, Konrad knocked on the hall bathroom door.

"I'm in here," his mother called out, wanting to be left alone.

"I saw what you did. I can save you from debasing yourself with that man."

She huddled behind the door. This was her worst fear, to have anyone know what circumstances had forced her to do. She was ashamed. She couldn't speak. She cleaned herself, peed, and flushed.

He tapped on the door again and said, "I can solve your money problem."

She washed her hands and then opened the door. She had hurriedly dressed. She said, "You'd do that for me?"

"Yes. How much do you need?"

"Ten thousand euros."

She looked to the floor. She was embarrassed. "That would retire my debt to Zoltan and give me enough to hold on until August. The new factory is opening. I have many reservations. My business will be back in the black then."

"In ten days, you can earn ten thousand euros."

She looked at him askance. She asked, "What do you mean earn?"

"We've always told me 'Nothing is free'."

She was feeling uneasy. She asked suspiciously "What do I have to do?"

"The same thing you did for Zoltan. Get undressed, suck, and fuck me."

She stared daggers at him. "No!" she shouted.

"Suit yourself. I wonder what Laszlo will say when I tell him about your visitor."

"You can't do that," she spat out angrily.

Robert popped into the hallway and said, "He can and so will I unless you also have sex with us."

"How can my children be so wicked and conniving? You are heartless beasts. You are vicious wolves turning on your own mother."

Konrad was put off by his brother attempt to worm his way in on his revenge scheme, but then he thought, "We've both endured her coldness, her un-motherly behavior. He's as much a victim as I am. His desire for revenge is just as valid as mine". He decided they both would have their way with her.

"Aye, we are," Konrad said unashamedly to her face. "Like mother, like sons. You raised us this way. You taught us by example to only look out for ourselves. That everything has a price. I will erase your debt to Zoltan. Robert will keep your secret and not tell our stepfather that he is a cuckold husband.

"If you strip immediately, come out here and let us have sex with you. Do it for ten days and you shall receive ten thousand euros in cash."

She was fuming. "You bastards," she said derisively. However, she had exhausted all avenues in her search for money. As things stood, she was likely to lose her business, her house, and her husband. She yielded.

"We do this upstairs in your bedroom," she said.

The brothers were surprised that she had capitulated. They looked at one another and smiled. The cold, smug bitch was finally going to get her comeuppance. They followed her upstairs.

When she entered Konrad's room, she began to remove her clothes. The brothers stood and watched. Her large tits wobbled and bounced about as she bent over and peeled off her underwear. Only when she was naked, did they undress.

Konrad was still hard from watching her have sex and from negotiating this incestuous deal. Robert, having beaten off, was at half mask. Konrad dick throbbed. He needed sexual relief. He wanted payback for his rotten childhood and he wanted to give her some of her own medicine.

He said to his mother, "You taught me life is hard. Kindness is for fools. Everything is a quid pro quo deal and sometimes, when you haven't got any cards to play, the results are harsh."

He took charge and said, "Robert, sit on the edge of the bed. Mother, suck his dick. I want you to stand and bend over. I'm going to fuck you from behind."

No one spoke. She was shocked by his order. Robert was delighted that both aligned themselves as he commanded.

"Mmmm," Robert groaned triumphantly as her warm mouth and lips made his dick feel welcome. This was in stark contrast to how he felt as a child.

Konrad wet his fingers and transferred the moisture to the tip of his dick. He lined his cock up and slid it in his mother. She was wet and open due to her previous fuck. He thrust forcefully and bottomed out.

"Ah," she gasped momentarily suspending the blowjob.

"Awl," Konrad moaned. Her snatch was warm and tight.

Robert giggled knowing his brother had impaled the bitch that raised them.

Karola returned to sucking dick. She did a fair job. She was distracted by the nice hard dick grooving her pussy. She tried to ignore the pleasure it generated.

The boys were overly excited and destined to come quickly. They'd been highly stimulated by seeing their mother's beautiful naked body and watching her have sex, and now they were having sex. Konrad pounded her ass. He was punishing her for his mirthless childhood. Robert held her head and fucked her face.

"Oh. Oh. Oh!" Konrad cried out as he climaxed. He drove his dick in hard and deep and let his sperm fly.

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