tagIncest/TabooMotherhood - A Tale of Love Ch. 02

Motherhood - A Tale of Love Ch. 02


Amarshrastha - Motherhood - A Tale Of Love Ch. 02 (Femdom CFNM Incest Romance)

This story is written by Amarshrastha and Indian and is translated into English. All characters are 18 or older. It has a story arc introducing the characters so please be patient.

Preetha opened her closet and rummaged through her clothes, there were heaps of them. All expensive stuff, some from US and some from India. She fished out a night dress, a babydoll gown she had bought during the first year of her marriage, in fact Ayan gave it to her. She had barely worn that ever and thought of that dress being overtly salacious and risqué. But that moment she felt so good about herself that she decided to put it on. The cream color satin slipped smoothly around her shoulders, it felt wonderful on her skin. She looked herself at the mirror and almost fell in love with herself. It was a drastic change of mood from afternoon when she hated looking at herself on the mirror. Love does change a woman so much. The cream satin contrasted beautifully against her olive skin, it was a little tight, as she had grown in these years, especially now as her milk heavy breasts almost spilled out of the cups, nevertheless she didn't mind.

Preetha could hear Salim rummaging through the plates and cutlery. He was setting the table. Such a dutiful little kid, she thought gleefully and stepped out of the bedroom.

Salim was dumbstruck looking at her in that babydoll night gown. He had never seen anything so beautiful and erotic in his life as his mother walked across in long strides to the fridge and poured herself another vodka. His eyes were stuck on her like a magnet. Preetha noticed that but didn't say anything. She smiled inwardly and sipped from the glass, brushing her hair with her fingers. She started humming a soulful song of Rabindranath Tagore.

Preetha had a sweet voice and she took music lessons in her school. For so many years she had quit singing but it came back to her all in once, rushing.

Salim watched his mother unblinking as she sang. How could a person be so beautiful and have the voice of an angel all at once? He pinched himself secretly, trying to confirm if this was for real or he was dreaming all the while. He stared at his mother's half closed eyes, swaying hips, and that precious mouth forming those beautiful words and tunes.

Preetha was immersed in her song; when she finished she looked back and saw Salim staring. She felt a little shy and embarrassed; she hoped she didn't make a fool of herself. However looking at the expression on the boy's face it didn't look like it. He was totally awestruck. Preetha didn't say anything and settled on the chair of the dining table. Salim had set the table and poured the contents of the order in proper bowls.

They were having noodles, chicken and soup. As Preetha sat watching Salim admiringly he served her a portion of the noodles, smiling at her. They were not speaking; expressions were communicating the love and affection that flowed between them like a river. Both of them settled down for dinner.

Preetha was using a fork to eat the noodles, and Salim who never had such luxury to eat with utensils found it extremely hard to eat. He was habituated to eat with his hands throughout his life. He hesitantly watched how pertly she rolled the noodles in her fork and put it daintily in her mouth. She had all the qualities of a highborn woman and he was just a pathetic street urchin.

Her act of eating, the way her hand moved briskly rolling up the noodles, the way her mouth opened, not too wide, neither too small and the way she chewed without opening her mouth looked fascinating and in a way erotic as well. Salim tried to follow her but he was using the fork like a spoon and noodles were spilling out, making a mess of his face and plate. He felt so inferior to her that a sudden pang of sadness rushed over him. He stopped eating, fidgeting with his fork timidly.

Preetha noticed this and she smiled at him affectionately, 'What happened sweetheart? You don't like the food?' she asked.

Salim shook his head hesitantly, 'No, I love the food; I have never had food like this ever in my life. I have been living off on rice and dal which they gave me for payment in the tea stall, and pickings from the garbage dump. I have never tasted anything like this, but...' he paused reluctantly.

Preetha felt a sudden pang of heartache as he had brought up his past life again. She put her hand on his head and said sincerely.

'Those days are gone my sweet baby boy, they are never coming back, you know that; I promised.'

'I know Mommy, but...' Salim said hesitantly.

'But what?' Preetha asked again.

'I...I don't know how to eat with fork. Can you teach me please?' he asked.

Salim looked so adorable asking shyly to teach him that Preetha laughed musing, 'Oh god this boy will kill me with his cuteness'.

'Hahahaha...' she laughed, 'It's okay, I will teach you. It's quite simple...' she said affectionately tucking his long hair behind his ear.

'Come here, come closer to me.' She pulled Salim's chair nearer to her by grabbing below the seat as if he was weightless.

Preetha rolled the noodles with her fork neatly, 'See this is how you roll them with your fork, so that they won't fall off.' She put it in front of his mouth, 'Now open up...' she cooed.

Salim obediently opened his mouth and Preetha put the noodles inside tenderly.

'See, this is how it's done, simple.' She smiled. 'Now try it yourself'.

Salim rolled the noodles with his own fork but hesitated eating.

'You are doing it fine baby, now put it in your mouth.' Preetha said.

Salim looked up at her and asked her timidly, 'Mommy can I feed you, just like you fed me?'

Preetha gushed at his gesture of love. 'Of course you can sweety...' she opened her mouth and leaned closer to him. Salim paused for a few moments staring at her open mouth. It was the loveliest, most beautiful mouth he had ever seen in his life, her ruddy lips, her pearly white teeth, the warm dark and moist interior, the smell that came with her breath and above all that beautiful black mole glowing in the corner of her lower lip. He desperately wanted to kiss her, taste that wonderful pit of love, but controlled himself. His hand was shaking as he raised the noodle filled fork to her mouth.

Very carefully he put the noodles in his mother's mouth but due to his over-cautiousness some of it spilled out. Preetha giggled as she chewed the noodles, a long strand hanging from her lips. Salim caught the hanging end from his mother's mouth between his lips and sucked, Preetha sucked playfully as well and they played a little game of tug and war with their lips for a while until the noodle broke in half. Both laughed together, and intimate cozy laughter of a mother and son, between two lovers.

Salim watched as Preetha chewed the noodles, her pursed lips moving slowly with the motion of chewing and a radiant faint smile of satisfaction on her face. Salim felt a sudden yearning within him, something inexplicable; he nestled closer to Preetha, put his hand across her chest, closed his eyes and opened his mouth expectantly. By this time their bond had grown so deep that Preetha knew exactly what he wanted, no words were needed to communicate.

Preetha held his head tenderly, close to her and opened her mouth. She pushed out the half chewed semi liquid food with her tongue as it rolled down viscously in Salim's open maw.

Salim whimpered and shivered with joy as he tasted his mother's food, now enriched with the saliva of her mouth, the texture smooth and creamy. Salim gulped it down hungrily and opened up for more. Preetha indulged him; she took more noodles and chewed, making it ready for her baby boy to eat.

This act of premastication or mouth to mouth feeding is an ancient custom; this kiss feeding has been observed in many cultures and has been used by women to remind children of their obligations to her. It is an act of unconditional devotion and love as the mother feeds the child with her own mouth. Some say it is the precursor of the act of kissing which is an exhibition of love and affection. It is a sacred bond between mother and child from prehistoric ages. Mothers introduced children to foreign food through premastication after weaning period as a breast milk supplement. Though Salim was not a baby but this primal act of love and bonding was as intimate as it could be. A mother's body should be the sole source of sustenance for a child. Her breast milk, the food of her mouth should be the ultimate source of satisfaction for Salim, and yes he begged more and more as Preetha pampered him by spitting bolus after bolus of chewed noodles, meat and vegetables in his mouth.

Time passed by and both their lips and chins had become sticky with food and saliva. Tears were rolling down Salim's eyes from the abundance of love and pleasure.

Sometimes he also pushed some of the food back in Preetha's mouth as they fed mutually. It was sloppy but they reveled in the mess, their lips and tongues brushing each other frantically as they played and ingested the food. Both of them were erotically aroused as well, Preetha could feel the innards of her thighs growing moist and the smell of her nether regions trailing up and overpowering the smell of food. She could also notice the hard bulge in Salim's towel.

Finally they relented, both contented, the hunger of their bellies subsided but the love of their hearts overflowing. It was such a sweet and intimate thing they did together.

Both Salim and Preetha remained silent for a while, avoiding glances shyly. Preetha smiled with satisfaction inwardly and wiped her wet mouth, cheeks and neck with the table cloth. Salim was still sitting, his head spinning from the intensity of their mutual feeding. Preetha picked up the dishes and utensils and dumped them in the sink. The maid won't be coming tomorrow due to the torrential rain and storm for sure, and though Preetha had been unmindful of any household chores for a while she suddenly felt responsible. Preetha's concern for the neatness of her home and kitchen dawned upon her, this was no way to bring up a boy, since she had taken upon the responsibility of being his mother, she had to act likewise. Preetha's mind was swimming in myriad thoughts, the vodka she had was taking its effect again, a dull dizziness settling in as she wiped the plates and dipping them in the sink.

Suddenly a faint gasp escaped her lips as she felt a couple of slim arms sliding around her waist and holding her firmly. She could feel a pair of warm lips planting soft kisses on her wide bare back, goosebumps erupted on her skin. Salim was so small that he could hardly reach above her lower back and he was kissing the sensitive parts of her bare back above the night dress. His hands cupped her massive breasts, feeling the heaviness. Preetha smiled inwardly, the boy was acting like a conventional male who becomes horny watching his woman performing household chores.

'Mommy...' Salim cooed from behind, '...please let me take care of the dishes, you sit and relax.' He said.

'It's okay baby, let Mommy clean up.' Preetha said.

'No...' Salim insisted '...since I am here you need not worry about any household chores. I am good at all of it. I will brush, I will clean, I will cook food. If you need something I will get it from market, you need not lift a finger. If you have a maid just let her go. I will do everything here. I don't want the presence of a third person here in our home. There will be just the two of us, there's no need for anyone else.'

Preetha turned, Salim's arms still coiled around her waist loosely and she pinched his cheek affectionately. There was something in his eyes, it was more than gratitude. There was a glint of awe and devotion, as if taking care of household chores was the least he could do for his goddess mother. 'Let's see...' she said vaguely and settled back to her chair, continue sipping from her half finished drink as Salim went ahead with finishing up with the dishes.

Preetha lit a cigarette and pulled a long drag, her eyes trailing away into nothingness as languidness took over her. Various thoughts swarmed her mind. Today she had committed herself to a beautiful, deep yet complex and responsible relationship. If she wanted to continue there were a lot of things that she had to take care of. First, society; though city folks in India are a lot liberated still there were subtle conventional patriarchal bindings. People would ask why she had taken in a teenage boy, what was his relationship with her? Anyhow the neighbors had a lot of questions regarding her being staying alone in this flat all by herself. Men looked at her with lusty eyes as if there was a chance she might be available, and women looked at her with scorn, being the most beautiful woman in the entire housing society. Now a young boy staying with her will raise more questions and gossip. Salim was 18 years old approximately, but due to his slight frame, short height and absence of any body hair he could well pass of as being just twelve. Preetha was thirty one, but due to her statuesque figure, voluptuousness and the maturity she gained from all her past bitter experiences gave her enough maturity to be his mother. An ominous fleeting thought occurred to her; maybe she should end it here before it becomes more serious. Perhaps she should give him some money and bid him adieu.

Preetha glanced at him from the corner of his eyes and the way he was so sincerely washing and wiping all the plates and bowls swept her with immense love, adoration and affection. How could she even think of letting him go? What would do that to this poor innocent boy? It will devastate him for sure, and after going through so much in his life this betrayal will drive him to the very brink. He might not survive it at all. Preetha immediately discarded any notion of abandoning him. Instead she started thinking how she could make it work.

The first thing she had to do was join back her job. Her friends in the powerful media house will support her through this. She had just lost a child and it is very natural that she would think of adopting one, in fact that will gain her a lot of praise and support from her colleagues. Some of her close friends knew about the heinous act of the Mullicks and they were stubbornly pursuing her to press charges on them, but she didn't want to get into that mudslinging and kept it discreet. She could use that as a leverage to coerce the Mullicks to write off this flat to her, and for a hefty financial settlement as well. Ayan was anyway providing money to her, so why not settle for something more permanent?

Also, her company was well connected and funded many NGOs, getting adoption papers for Salim won't be that hard as well. Her boss Suman Bhaduri would be more than happy to arrange all of that for her since he was very influential, but she might have to pay a price for that. In present scenario as she was in need there was no other way but compromise and yes she was mentally prepared to pay that price for Salim. She was ready to go all the way to make him part of her life.

Preetha's ponderings were suddenly cut short as a pair of slim cool arms slid around her neck, and Salim's face nuzzling on the base of her neck, planting kisses.

'I am done with the dishes Mommy; now please let's go back to the bedroom.' He said, his warm breath brushing her cheeks.

'And do what?' Preetha asked teasing, finishing her drink.

'I don't know...' Salim responded shyly. '...What we were doing before I guess...'

'You want me to do that after having dinner?' Preetha asked coyly 'What if I puke?'

Salim was a little taken aback, he didn't consider this, he was just thinking of his own pleasure which he thought was very unfair on his part. He was ashamed; he lowered his gaze as Preetha craned her neck to look back and him and caught his flustered face blushing. Preetha giggled humorously and brushed his head with her hand.

'Okay, let's go...' she said and stood up, spring in her legs. Salim looked up at her smiling as he spread his arms, Preetha knew what it meant. It meant another ride to the bedroom. Preetha gave him another of her sweet lenient smile and brushed his cheeks with her knuckles. She put one hand behind his knee and the other on the small of his back as he surrendered his slight frame to her powerful arms. She picked him up effortlessly as his legs encircled her waist, arms around her neck and her arms cradled his body by his ass, and they were facing each other. Preetha smiled at him and he smiled back shyly. No words were exchanged as their eyes were locked on each other, drinking from each other's gaze. He looked at her in a way all women want to be looked at by a man, but in this case he looked like was a small boy. This was love in its purest form.

Preetha walked towards the bedroom, taking her time, they were in no hurry. The world was their oyster and this lavish 3 BHK flat their love nest.

Preetha and Salim went back to the dreamy snuggery of the bedroom. Preetha set him back on his feet and Salim slid down, happy and satisfied by the comforting feel of his new mother carrying him from the dining space to the bedchamber.

Salim brushed the bed, fixing the crumpled bedsheets as they mentally prepared for their journey into each other. Preetha was delighted by the way he took care of everything, making everything his own, overcoming his hesitation. As he was busy with the bed she fixed her hair, piling the long lustrous stresses behind. Both her arms were naturally up and she didn't even notice Salim was staring at her with a mesmerized expression his eyes were stuck unblinking at her pits and the lush dark growth that covered them. He realized that aside from the hair on their head, other hairy parts of woman's body can look equally beautiful. It was natural and promised the secret pheromones of a woman's intimate regions, the warmth of the fuzz and a forbidden smell that only the closest of the woman could be privy to. Would she allow him that special access? Would he be able to sniff that priceless perfume which was exclusive to her body? Would he be able to taste the texture of that warm dusky fuzz?

Preetha noticed this finally and smiled at him dreamily, there was something in his eyes that didn't make her even slightly embarrassed due to her hirsute oxters. There was a fascination mixed with tenderness with which he stared at her hairy armpits. Due to her large frame and thick heavy arms, Preetha's armpit region was quite wide and fleshy and quite peculiarly though the rest of her body was practically hairless due to sparse growth, her armpits and pubic region had an abundance of fur. Men don't like armpit hair, and it is a way of them to body shame a woman and it has been marketed for years as being disgusting and unhygienic. Even Ayan had tremendous distaste for her armpit and pubic hairs. But this boy on the other hand was fascinated by it. Probably it is similar to young girls' fascination with men with beards. It promises maturity, wisdom and the protectiveness of a father. Perhaps looking at Preetha's armpit hair Salim had a similar yet distinctly divergent feeling of his own.

'What are you looking at?' Preetha asked playfully still arranging her hair and flaunting her armpits. Salim was caught unaware and he smiled shyly shaking his head 'N...nothing Mommy, it's just that you are so beautiful...' he stammered a bit.

Preetha teased him a little by picking at her armpit hair with her fingers and expressing mock resentment. 'Yes, beautiful - except these don't you agree? I haven't cleaned my armpits for weeks, see how dense it has grown, and once it grows it releases a lousy smell...tsk.' She said.

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