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Motherly Love


My friend Tera and I have been friends for about fifteen years. We have lived as neighbors, and raised our families, in a suburb of San Francisco. For the past two years, our lives have been in relative turmoil, as our husbands are both in the military and have been called into active duty to serve in Iraq. There is not a day that goes by that we are not worrying about the fate of our spouses. Every time I hear that a soldier has been killed by a roadside bomb, I immediately lose all concentration on whatever I was doing, and wonder if my husband is okay. It has been good knowing Tera throughout all this uncertainty, because she too experiences the same feelings on a daily basis.

We also have something else in common: we are both mothers to young eighteen year-old boys. My son is named Nick, and he has grown into a handsome young man. He is 6'0" tall, sports an athletic figure, and has sandy-blond hair and blue eyes. Tera's son is Albert (he goes by 'Al'). He is about 5'7" and is pretty stocky, but muscular. Nick and Al have been friends since they were small children, and it has been a pleasure watching both of them grow into fine young men.

Young men of this age are difficult to raise with both parents in the house, but with their fathers being gone, Tera and I have encountered numerous challenges. In order to keep from alienating them at this juncture, we have been fairly liberal in our parenting while their fathers have been away. We have given them a little freedom, albeit within confines. Some of these "benefits" include letting them drink a few beers on the weekend, as long as they do it at my place or at Tera's place. We both figure that they are going to indulge anyway, so we might as well let them do it someplace safe.

Last Friday night was no exception. After they finished watching the football game at their school, they returned to my place to spend the evening hanging out and having a few brews. Tera and I bought them a twelve-pack, which we thought should be sufficient. Nick and Al soon retreated to the upstairs den to enjoy a few beers and watch some movies. While they were upstairs, Tera and I stayed in the kitchen, baking muffins, enjoying a bottle of wine, and trying to take our minds off our daily worries.

"Did you hear that three more soldiers have been killed today?" said Tera.

"It is fucking endless," I replied. "Really, we need to get the fuck out of that country. That place will never be stable."

"Yeah, I agree. I just hope our hubbys make it home soon. Have you heard anything about a troop withdrawal?" said Tera.

"It ain't gonna happen, honey, as long as George W and that bespectacled idiot Rumsfeld have any say in the matter."

We continued to chat about current events, ease each other's anxieties, and provide each other with a sense of hope, even though the topic has been a sore one for both of us. Eventually we had to change the subject, or we were going to be depressed drunks by the end of the night.

"We should probably check in on the boys," I said. "After all, they have been up there for about an hour."

"Yeah, you're probably right. I worry when they are left unsupervised with a twelve-pack," giggled Tera.

Tera and I left the kitchen and gradually made our way up the circular staircase towards the den. As we got closer, we heard odd disco-like sounds emanating through the partially closed door. It sounded very retro. We didn't want to barge in on Nick and Al, so we quietly peeked through the door. The boys had their empty beer cans strewn across the table, and their backs were positioned away from us. Their eyes were fixed onto the television, but they weren't watching Disney. They were fucking watching porn!

I grabbed Tera's arm and looked at her in shock. How the fuck were we going to handle this situation? I initially thought that I should walk in and throw their DVD in the garbage, but they were, in fact, of legal age to watch such smut. However, I wasn't sure if I wanted them watching that shit in my house. Freedom to drink a few beers is one thing, but watching porn is quite another. Yeah, I needed to think this situation through.

"What should we do?" I whispered to Tera.

"I'm not sure," she replied. "Do you think it is okay?"

"Hell if I know."

"I think we should at least talk to them about it. I can't see that it would do any good if we don't confront the issue," said Tera.

I nodded affirmatively, though I was still filled with trepidation. Really, what the hell were we going to say? Anyway, after gathering a semblance of composure, I made my way into the den, followed by Tera.

"Uhhum, guys, what exactly are you watching?" I stated firmly, in my best pissed-off voice.

Nick and Al both had their jeans unbuttoned and partially down, and had been stroking themselves inside their underwear as they were watching the movie. They both hiked up their jeans quickly when we made our appearance, but did not have the time to button them.

"Uh, hi Mom," said Nick, who was clearly embarrassed. "We were just watching a little entertainment. It is alright, right?" he stammered.

"No, it is not alright, Nick," I said. "I have given you a lot of liberties while your father is away, but you keep pushing our boundaries. I seriously doubt that your father would approve of this." In truth, I doubt that my husband would have any problem with it, but I had to appear assertive. "What is this shit you two have been watching?" I demanded.

"Group sex stuff," said Al, who, like Nick, was flushed with embarrassment.

"Give me the fucking remote, Al," said Tera. "I at least want to see what you have been fantasizing about."

Tera took the remote and started the movie from the beginning. All four of us watched the opening scene, which took place in a fancy living room of a mansion. There wasn't much dialogue in this movie. There must have been a dozen actors and actresses in the scene, and they basically just disrobed and started fucking and sucking en masse. I have to say that the visual was pretty hot. Soon there was a blond getting DP'd, a busty brunette getting worked over on a couch, and a threeway in a corner featuring a stud with a massive cock. He casually moved up behind a dripping-wet lady who was on her knees, tasting a redhead's pussy, and inserted his cock into her as though she was simply there for the taking. The woman being fucked didn't even look behind to see who was doing the handiwork. Did I say it was kinda hot?

"So this shit turns you guys on, huh?" I said, not letting on that I too was becoming aroused. I also wondered if Tera was getting moist.

"Of course," said Al. "We are red-blooded young men."

We continued to watch the movie together. I soon noticed Tera shifting uncomfortably. I think she was definitely getting turned on. The boys had bulging members inside their jeans, but resisted touching themselves in front of us. Masturbating in front of your mother is one of a long list of no-no's. Still, I could see them aching for release. After a few more minutes of watching the movie, the stud with the big cock in the threeway pulled out of the pussy of the girl whom he was working over doggy-style and shot his load all over the small of her back. God, he seemed to cum gallons. I had never seen so much cum leave a man's balls. We all were transfixed by the pop-shot, which included a close-up of his cum slowly dripping down her ass and onto the outer lips of her cunt. Oh, God, I felt like touching myself right there and then, but no, a mother is not supposed to masturbate in front of her son.

"So, Al, would you like to do that to her?" I asked.

"Hell, yeah," he replied. "What guy wouldn't?"

"Okay, since we are all here watching porn," said Tera, "let's have a moment of honesty. Think of it as your parents being updated on your sex education." The boys remained silent, unsure of what she was going to say next. "Have either of you actually been around pussy?"

"I'm not going to fucking tell you that, Mom," said Al.

"No, you should. Sex and attraction are perfectly normal. You won't get in trouble if you tell me. I'm just curious."

Al looked toward the ground, almost ashamedly. "I'm still a virgin."

"How about you, Nick?" I said, curious about his sexual status.

"Me too," he replied.

"Hold on, guys, let me talk to Tera," I said.

I took Tera out of the room for a moment to have a private conversation with her. I don't know if it was the wine coursing through my brain, or the movie that was on in the den, but I felt as though we had an opportunity to do something crazy yet fun. I needed her opinion. I asked her nervously if she was turned on, and she confirmed that she was. I confessed that I was dripping like mad and was dying for a fuck. After I made my admission, she expressed the same sentiment.

"Should we let them see us?" I asked, knowing that the proposition was crazy.

"Shit, girl, that is nuts, but it sounds like fun. Lord knows that we haven't 'had any' in a couple of years."

"How far should we take it?" I whispered. She replied quietly in my ear, and developed the game plan. She said that she would be right back, and went down stairs to grab a couple of swabs of fabric from the recreation room. Upon returning, we both decided to confront the boys.

"Ok, here is the deal," said Tera. "You guys have never been in contact with pussy, so we are going to give you an opportunity to see it up close. However, you have to play by our rules."

Nick and Al both had expressions that bordered on exhilaration or absolute horror. I wasn't sure which, to be honest.

"Think of it as an educational experience," said Tera.

The guys did not say a word. They just sat there dumbfounded, with their cocks ripping through their jeans.

"I can tell that you two are the shy type, so we'll help," I said.

I walked to Tera and gradually started to disrobe her. She has beautiful, shoulder-length black hair and a lovely frame, truth be told. I unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the ground, not even looking back at the boys who must have been transfixed by the eye-candy. Then I unbuttoned her tight blue jeans, and shimmied them down her luscious legs. Once she stepped out of them, she rolled down her cotton panties and quite artfully kicked them over to Nick and Al, whose eyes were both completely glazed over. Her panties landed on Nick's face, and they were soaked. I could see him tremble upon coming into contact of the aroma of her femininity.

"Do you like what you see?" I said to our sons. They again did not say a word. Then, with Tera's help, I too started to undress. I did not have her stripper moves, but I did my best to make the show tantalizing, by swaying my hips while tossing my garments toward the guys. Soon I too was completely nude.

Then we had some decisions to make. What should we do now? How far should we take this charade? I decided to take the matter into my own hands, and walked over to Al, who was sitting upright on the floor against the couch. Methodically, I lifted my leg slightly around his head and pressed my dripping pussy onto his mouth. Maybe it was evolutionary instinct or something (or perhaps the movies he had watched!), but he knew exactly what to do. He inserted his tongue into me slightly, coaxing my juices to pour forth. He even did a nice job of moving up towards my clit, flicking his tongue over it artfully, which sent shock waves of pleasure throughout my entire system. I was so close to having an orgasm right there and then.

As I was on the brink of cumming, I noticed that Tera had moved over to Nick, and positioned herself on my boy's tongue just as I had done with her son. Oh, shit, there was no turning back now. I felt a very real sense of shame, but it was a deliciously naughty shame. We both rocked on the tongues of our sons, grinding away with shameful abandon. Within minutes I heard Tera moaning like a beast, and she soon howled her way to a thunderous orgasm. She was bucking and fucking my son's tongue so rabidly that I thought she was going to give him a concussion. Seeing her in the throes of ecstasy took me over the edge, and I too "turned inside out" on her son's tongue, cumming right into his ravenous mouth.

Tera and I backed away from Nick and Al, and took a short break. The boys had their jeans partially off, and had their stiff cocks in their hands. It was surreal to see our boys as physically grown men, with the very tools to "do the deed." Oh, such handsome cocks!

As the boys stroked themselves lightly, Tera planned the next move. "Rules are rules," she said, and tied a swab of the fabric she retrieved earlier over the eyes of Al. I then did the same to my son Nick. We both guided them up to the couch, so they were sitting on it side by side. I then pulled Nick's jeans off, and Tera did the same to Al. Their cocks were totally rock hard, with beads of precum forming at the tips of their shafts. It was a lovely sight. We were being very bad, but what we planned next was going to be very, very good.

As my son sat blindfolded on the couch, Tera moved over to him, and lowered her soaked pussy onto his stiff seven-inch rod in a reverse cowgirl position.

"Ohhh," Nick moaned deeply, as he felt his first pussy ever. "Oh, shit, that is goooood."

I moved over to Al, and mounted him in a position facing him. His cock was short, but thick. I savored the feeling of it stretching me fully. Oh, shit, this boy was nice. I started to rock and grind it, trying to coax his cum into my willing, drenched pussy. I looked over at Tera while I was fucking him, and she clearly enjoyed the sight of me fucking her son. I admit that it was a thrill seeing her fuck my son as well.

We tried to be as quiet as possible, so the boys didn't know who they were fucking. It was difficult, because involuntary moans seeped from our lips occasionally. Still, we tried to keep everything a secret, which was the reason we wanted to blindfold them. We wanted to keep them forever in suspense as to whether their first fuck was with their mother or not. Tera and I have similar body types, so it may very well have remained a secret.

After grinding Al for a few minutes, I increased the tempo with which I fucked him. I tried to be as quiet as possible, as I dropped my ass and pussy on his cock rapidly, urging the cream to flow from his balls. It was clear that I was doing my job well, as I felt his cock tighten shortly thereafter.

"Oh shit, oh fuck," huffed Al. "Oh shit . . ."

At that moment his hands gripped me with the strength of a bear as he unloaded his creamy load deep into my pussy. I watched his face contort and his muscles twitch as he rammed into me with every ounce of energy he had in his frame. I continued to fuck him hard in silence, as his seed filled me completely.

As Al came down from his orgasm, Tera was bringing Nick to the brink of his own orgasm. She rode him hard, with a deep primal hunger, and soon he could not hold back. He let out a deep grunt as he pumped his cream into my best friend, the spurts of which were punctuated by his husky grunts. It was odd but beautiful to see my son having an orgasm. Tera, like a champ, kept quiet during the whole climax.

As our sons lay there blindfolded and spent, Tera and I lifted ourselves off their cocks and gave each other a wry smile. Cum was dripping from our pussies. I walked over to her, bent down, and began to lick my son's cream that was dripping from her slit. After I had my treat, she bent down and ran her tongue across and into my pussy, scooping out a huge load of Al's seed. She then rose up and we gave each other a deep, snowbally kiss.

We soon let the boys take off their blindfolds. We never did tell them who fucked whom, but they probably knew. Anyway, I still get a kick out of thinking that maybe they didn't know. Yes, what we did was crazy, but we loved every minute of it. Since then we have planned another surprise adventure for our boys, but that is still to occur. Oddly, as we plan our next surprise, we really don't give a shit about whether our husbands return from Iraq!

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