tagIncest/TabooMother's Dreams Ch. 03

Mother's Dreams Ch. 03


After that day, that fateful day when a Son had knelt in front of his Mother's beauty, everything was different.

To the outside observer, they were a normal Mother and Son. One would go to work, the other to college. They would return home and the curtains would close. However inside a fundamental change had taken place.

Mother wore nylons all the time now, even at the weekends. Her Son would wake to her busying herself over the kitchen or living room, hair immaculate, make-up exquisite, stockings in place, high heels on, to her Son the perfect domestic goddess, in fact the perfect goddess in every way.

Not that he had it easy. His chores were numerous, he now did more than half of the house work. His dress had changed too. The blue pants that Mother had used to so characterise his transformation were now well worn in. He loved the way his erect cock bulged in them. Sometimes Mother would ask him to go completely naked. He obeyed. He knew he was making her happy and enjoyed it. In the meantime his cock stood proud and full, while his sexy, gorgeous Mum sashayed around the house, every floor her personal catwalk. Every night he went to bed bursting with cum, balls aching and every night he sprayed his seed all over his sheets, while in the other room his Mother gasped and cried out as her own orgasm tore through her. They had found a new way to live, an exciting, tense and extraordinary arrangement.

Mother for her part had had her dreams increase numerously. She dreamed of being gang-fucked by her Son and his clones. She commanded them and took their seed, becoming pregnant to carry her new generation of servants. In the meantime she loved the change in herself, the change in her Son. His grades had improved, there was every chance he would go to a better university. It made her happy to seem him do well, but also to see him perform for her... There still existed the physical barrier and in every way her guilt still ran deep. She longed to touch that young body, fulfill the dreams to their extent, but she knew that the future she imagined she would have little control over. Better this way, feed her fetish, let her Son idolise her and be out of reach to him and yet... This was the conflict that raged inside this sexually potent woman.

The deciding moment came quite suddenly and yet seemed natural. One night, Son was laying on the floor of his bedroom, wearing nothing but his boy pants. He was doing his homework, working out some very difficult maths problems. Mother was sat at her dresser legs crossed, black stockings matched with a pink satin robe. On her feet were pink, peep-hole toe stilettos. Every now and then she caught her son spying on her legs and she recrossed them for him, letting the nylon slide with a satisfying scratch across her thigh. His curiosity was piqued by his utterly feminine Mother, as slowly as he could he rubbed his bulge across the bedroom floor as he faked concentration on the maths.

The mischievous side of Mother took over and she slowly turned on her chair and planted a stilettoed foot on her Son's backside.

"Hey!" he exclaimed and turned his head towards her, grinning.

The Mother kept on, toeing and sticking her heels into his bottom. She giggled as he writhed on the floor and then took delight in sticking her toe between his open legs. As the Mother nudged the soft covered flesh of her Son's balls he gasped and tried to giggle. His cock began to ache as he felt the shoe between his nethers. The Son decided to take a gamble and flipped his whole body over so he lay on his back. Mother laughed with surprise and renewed her assault. Resting one stiletto on her Son's belly, she pressed with the other foot on to his erect cock, spongy but thick in the blue material. Mother began to work the restrained prick with her foot. Her Son's chuckling had been replaced with a groaning and telling his Mother 'yes'. Mother shuffled her feet over his cock, toed his balls, gave him little kicks and cooed and teased at him as if he was a child.

It was all too much for the 19 year old with a raging need and aching loins. Mother felt the cock pulse, jump and slowly a dark pool spread over the blue cotton. She looked at her Son's face, teeth gritted, eyes wide and she bit her lip. His cock jerked out of the top of his pants and the sticky, white cum crept over his tummy, splashing onto her pink stiletto.

She had made him cum... The Mother, the bad, wicked Mother with such thoughts in her head had actually, physically made her Son cum! Her stomach twisted, a thousand possibilities rushed in front of her. A broken home, her Son leaving... Yet he made no effort to move, instead he stared at her. Did he fear her retaliation? No it had been an accident, but yet, if she could take control...

"Oh look at the mess you've made!" Mother told him. "Pull those up and go to the bathroom!" Her Son paused a second as his Mother lifted her feet and he scrambled up. Mouth open, he turned to look at her. "Go and run a bath. And... wait, wait for me." The Son thought about it and then went, he was still disorientated after his cum.

Trying to shake off the dizzying effect of the orgasm, Son quickly drew the bath, the stickiness of his semen rubbing uncomfortably inside his underwear. As steam filled the white tiled bathroom Son turned and stood up straight as he heard his Mother's heels click-clack on the bathroom floor.

She stood before him in the steam of the bathroom dressed in a white latex blouse that pushed her full breasts together invitingly. Her skirt ended mid-thigh in black latex. Deep tan stockings were pulled tightly over her legs while her shoes were a deep red with four inch stiletto heels, the colour matched her lipstick. On each arm, pulled taught were black latex gloves, past the elbow. Her hair was worn up, pulled into a bun. She strutted towards him and once more her Son's balls began to tingle.

"Well, well, well... Looks like we're going to have to get a dirty little boy clean!" Mother leaned over in front of her Son and turned off the taps, making sure she gave an ample view of her ass in the stretched latex. Straightening once more she faced her teenage Son. Smiling at him, she caressed his cheek. "Filthy, filthy boy... let's get those off."

Mother pulled his pants down and saw the sticky mess that covered her Son's cock and matted his pubic hair. She pulled the pants down and had him step out of them. Lifting them to her face she inhaled deeply and smiled as she saw the look on his face. Throwing the underwear into a corner, she bent down and took a deep breath. Reaching out with latex fingers, Mother touched her Son's cock.

She wrapped the fingers around the reddened prick, smeared her black gloves with the white liquid. She blew cool air on the cock and listened to her Son's moan. Mother lifted her cum covered fingers to her Son's mouth. She told him to suck the fingers and the stunned young man obeyed sucking each latex covered finger clean, his own cum tasting odd in his mouth. Once more, Mother's guilt rose... what a thing to have done! Yet... the control was so, so electric!

Ordering her Son into the bath Mother fetched a sponge from the cupboard. He sat in the bath, hands by his sides looking up at her as her breasts loomed down and came close to his face. Her smile was comforting to her Son, but also strangely compelling. She reached into the bath and wetted the sponge, spilling the contents all down her Son's back. Her hands worked smoothly but firmly all over his back, shoulders and then down his chest. Her Son leaned back as the Mother began to work on his cock. She ran the sponge over the top of it, gently swirling it around his pubic hair. Mother then delicately lifted her Son's penis and scrubbed the underneath. His cock stiffened at her touch, blood rushing back to the cock. She hummed with delight and then carefully pulled his foreskin back revealing the bulbous head. She then moved her hand down to the base and back up. Her Son moaned with delight. Time stood still in that suburban bathroom as a Mother, a dream in latex, an ultimate fetish fixation wanked her Son. The pleasure flowed in both directions, the splashing of the water glittering on Mother's outfits like diamonds. Both were in ecstasy.

Then the control surge began once more and Mother relinquished her grip. Though her Son was disappointed, Mother knew what she wanted. She went back for a large, white, fluffy towel and opened it out. Her Son got out of the bath and walked towards her, cock pointing upwards fast. The Mother embraced her Son and began to towel him down, she caressed and cuddled him, this new bond felt so right! Mother nuzzled her Son's neck.

"You're still a dirty boy," she whispered.

Laying the towel on the floor, she told her Son to lay back once more. It felt so good to see him there beneath her. Lifting up the black latex skirt, she knelt down by her Son and spread her thighs so he could see her naked pussy framed by her damp stockingtops. Leaning over she gripped the base of her Son's cock once more and this time let her deep red lips slide gratefully over his prick. Her Son cried out with deep pleasure as his Mother fellated him. She sucked hungrily, deeply and lovingly. When her Son began to cry for his Mother, she lifted her mouth off and regripped the base.

This time she was not gentle. She shook and wanked her shocked Son with a wild fury. He jerked and bucked under the attack, shouting at her, obscenities and curses. She responded in kind.

"Dirty boy, you dirty little shit, all that filthy cum stored up for your Mother, make it cum, make it spill, make it cum for your Mistress!"

It was too much for the Son and his semen erupted over his body, the floor and his Mother, shiny, commanding and utterly gorgeous.

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