tagIncest/TabooMothers Dreams Cum True Ch. 03

Mothers Dreams Cum True Ch. 03


Eric Ireland had been waiting in anticipation for his mother. He had already changed her bed sheets in as he wanted everything to be new and clean for her and especially in the event she had brought someone home. Hearing her call out his name he quickly went to her room and climbed in her bed naked.

“I’m in your room," Eric called out.

Taking Tanya by the hand Sally led her down the long hallway to what had become overnight more of a sex chamber then a bedroom. Stopping just outside the door she kissed they young woman again.

“Eric close your eyes baby and keep them closed," his mother instructed.

Eric did as he was told and Sally pushed the door open to insure he was not looking. She was pleased to see him totally nude laying on her bed and his dick standing tall and proud, ready to take on all women comers.

“You like what you see," Sally asked Tanya.

Tanya peered into the room and gasped when she saw the naked man lying there with a massive hard on.

“God he’s handsome. That’s the biggest cock I have ever seen," she said in a lustful voice. Sally stood behind Tanya and slid her hands around her warm body cupping her breasts and rubbing her nipples.

“Trust me. It can work wonders," Sally said as Tanya pushed her ass back against Sally in response.

“Go to him. Show him how glad you are to be here with us," Sally urged as she placed a hand on Tanyas back urging her into the room.

Tanya pushed the door open and slowly walked over to the bed. The young redhead’s pussy was still on fire from the tongue work her lover had just performed on her. Now she needed it filled with hard throbbing dick.

“Keep your eyes closed until I tell you sweetie," Tanya said to Eric as she began to swing one leg over him straddling his body.

Eric could not say a word but was wild with desire at the realization that his mother had indeed brought someone home to him. He gasped when he felt Tanya’s soft hand grasp his cock by the base.

Tanya pulled the mushroom like cock head to her pussy lips rubbing it back and forth causing Eric to moan in heat from the feeling. Her juices began to drip down his dick and finally she nestled the head in her love opening.

The heated woman gasped as she began to slide her wet cunt down the length of his dick. It was by far the largest cock that had ever been in her as her pussy stretched to accommodate the thickness. Down further she went until her pussy was impaled on his manhood. Slowly she began to rock back and forth

“Open your eyes honey," she said breathlessly.

Eric opened his eyes and gasped. Here was a beautiful young woman he had never met in his life and she was sitting naked on his cock. She was stunning and he could scarcely believe he was not dreaming.

“Oh my god your beautiful," was all he could say.

“Thank you honey," the young woman replied. “I’m Tanya and I am damn pleased to meet you," she said before leaning over and kissing Eric deeply.

Sitting back she looked down on his still stunned face.

“We’ll get to know each know her better later but right now………let’s fuck," Tanya said and began rocking back and forth more rapidly on his dick.

Eric could not believe how tight she was. Her cunt seemed to have him in a well lubed vice grip.

“Damn it baby. Damn your big," she praised him as she fucked him. Sally was right. Already in the last few seconds his prick was working sensations on her that she had never felt before from a man.

Sally stood back leaning against the wall. It was the most beautiful sight she had ever seen. This sexy young woman, her red hair cascading down her back brushing her tan ass was fucking her stud of a son. Her own pussy was now afire with lust and though she wanted to stand back and watch she could not hold back from joining.

Easing up on the bed to the left of the couple she smiled as she slid her hand over her back.

“Well honey, what do you think," she said smiling down at Eric.

Careful not to let on she was his mother Eric replied. “Damn Sally she’s even better then I expected. Fuck yes she’s good.”

Sally leaned over and lowered her large tits to Eric’s mouth. “Damn right she’s good. Just taste how good she is," she said as her son began licking her sexy tits.

With a couple of licks Eric understood that his mother had already been down on Tanya. Her pussy tasted sweet on his mother’s breasts. He wanted to hear how it happened but that could come later.

Sally sat up and Tanya leaned over sucking one of Sally’s tits between her teeth pulling it back and forth between them as she did.

“Yes, oh fuck baby, suck my nipples," the older woman said to the younger as Tanya loved the feel and taste of Sally’s breasts.

The two women then melted into yet another deep wet kiss. The sight of which was almost more then Eric could bare. It took all his self-control not to blow the contents of his balls right up Tanyas pussy. Reaching up he grasped her nipples and began to roll them in his fingers causing squeals of pleasure to emit from the woman.

Tanya was almost delirious with lust. Eric’s cock was rubbing every inch of the interior of her pussy just right. Her clit was rubbing on his pubic hair and the feeling of his hands on her tits and the taste of Sally’s breasts drove her over the edge for a second time.

“Huhhh, ohhhh…cumming," she announced as she sat up and bore down hard on his cock. Her pussy began constricting on his cock time and time again and her juice flowed easily around his dick wetting his balls.

Sally sat back watching the orgasmic sight as she rubbed her wet hot pussy. Her lips were coated with her own hot juices and she knew it would not take much to bring her to orgasm. Tanya looked over and saw Sally’s wet honey. She had to have it and she had to have it now.

Still in a state of orgasm Tanya pushed Sally on her back and lay between her legs. Sally gave no resistance as the young woman positioned herself to eat her pussy.

“Get behind me and fuck me Eric. Do it while I eat her.” Tanya instructed. Eric wasted not time getting into the doggy position behind her as Tanya began to slurp away at Sally’s wet box.

“Ahhhhh yessss," Sally moaned as the woman’s talented tongue began slipping in and out of her wet pussy. It had been years since a woman had been down on her and the sight of Tanyas red hair splayed over her thighs as she ate was driving Sally up the wall with lust.

Sally slid her hands down the inside of her thighs and pulled her legs up and back. Tanya looked up at Sally as she slid her tongue down and began to slide it in and out of her tight hot asshole. The two women’s eyes were locked on each other in a gaze of passion. Suddenly Tanya’s eyes widened and she let out a muffled squeal as Eric thrust his dick into her tight hole from behind yet again.

Erick could not believe what was happening. A beautiful sexy woman was accepting his hard cock into her hungry pussy as she in turned ate his hot mother’s sex. The fact that she did not know they were mother and son turned him on immensely. Eric looked down and each time he pulled back he could see her cunt lips clinging to him as though begging him to thrust back in.

“Yes oh fuck yes Tanya. Eat it. Eat it. Eat it," Sally cried out in passion. Tanya had now spread her pussy lips wide with both hands and was thrusting her tongue in and out Sally’s pussy just under her clit. Sally knew if Tanya kept it up for a few more seconds she would be beyond the point of no return.

“Oh my God I’m cummmmming," Sally cried out. Tanya covered Sally’s pussy with her mouth just as Sally began to release a river of feminine cum between her hungry lips. Sally was shaking her head side to side as her lover’s mouth and tongue coaxed more and more orgasm juices from her.

Tanya her self was close to cumming again as Eric fucked her. When Eric reached down and began to finger her asshole that was all she could take.

“Arrrrghhhh," the young woman squealed as for the third time her pussy convulsed in pleasure. Eric could see her juices running out around his cock and dripping down on the bed. He would make sure she came thoroughly but the heaviness in his balls was demanding to be released.

When the two women’s orgasms subsided Tanya pulled her wet face from Sally’s crotch. Pulling off Eric’s cock the two women cuddled sided by side as they admired his pussy-coated dick. He was leaking precum like crazy and it was obvious he needed to get off badly.

“You want to finish him or me honey," Sally asked her lover as she played with Tanyas nipples.

“You do it baby. I want to watch," Tanya said then scooted up on the bed sitting up and kneeling back on her legs.

Sally knew how to get Eric off fast. Sliding down she cupped her large breasts.

“Bring it on baby," Sally smiled formed as sex tunnel with her tits for him to slide into.

“You don’t have to tell me twice," Eric said and straddled his mother sliding his cock between her creamy soft tits. Wet with Tanya’s pussy Eric began to slide his coated dick back and forth between his mother’s hot boobs.

Tanya was rubbing one breast with one hand and busily fingering her pussy with the other. She had never seen a man tit fuck a woman before and it was the hottest sight she had ever seen. She loved the way his cock head would pop out and then slide back in leaving a trail of pre cum on Sally’s tits.

Eric was fucking her breasts hard now. Each time he pulled back the sensation of her flesh around his cock, especially the head was quickly bringing him to the brink.

Eric balls began to pulse. So consumed with pleasure he did not realize what he was saying as his dick began to shoot.

“Fuck Mom, Oh Mom. I’m cumming," Eric called out as he squirted hot creamy liquid on her chest.

Sally was mortified. He had disclosed to the young woman in the heat of the moment that they were mother and son but there was now way she could stop him from shooting the contents of his testicles.

Sally looked up as a shot of cum hit her face at Tanya. There was an expression on her face Sally was unsure of.

“Mom? Did you say Mom? Oh fuck yes!," Tanya squealed. Her fingers began to fly back and forth over her clit and she suddenly leaned back. Her pussy erupted and as Sally’s son continued to shoot his male cream on her chest and face her female lover began to female ejaculate her own juice onto Sally as well. All three squealed loud in pleasure as Tanya and Eric coated Sally mixture of male and female love juices.

“Oh, oh yes” Tanya said breathlessly as she turned and sucked Eric’s still dripping cock into her mouth. She alternated between sucking him then licking the hot cum mix off Sally’s chest. Eric groaned as Tanya sucked up a mouthful of love liquid then moved up sharing it with Sally in a hot wet kiss.

After a few moments the three broke apart.

Sally looked over at Tanya who was still masturbating herself. Eric laid back o his side stroking Tanyas inner leg.

“So you really are mother and son?," Tanya asked.

“Yes” Sally admitted. “I know some people don’t understand. I hope you aren’t mad.

“Mad? Sally I would be the last person who could be mad about that.," Tanya smiled at Sally as she took Eric’s still hard cock in her hand and began stroking.

Sally moved around taking a few quick licks of her sons cock with Tanya.

“What do you mean?," Sally asked Tanya as they licked his dick like an ice cream cone.

“Well let me put it this way. My dad is coming into town next week and I’ll introduce you to him. I think you’ll understand.”

“You fuck your Dad? No way! Eric laughed then groaned loudly as his mother sucked his cock in deep and Tanya moved up to sit on his face.

“Ummmmm," Tanya moaned. “You two aren’t the only ones who love family love”

The threesome then continued with what would be a night of hot passion and in subsequent nights to come Sally would finally be able to get the sleep she needed when not involved in nights of endless sex.

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