tagIncest/TabooMother's Drunken Night Ch. 1

Mother's Drunken Night Ch. 1


Mother had been out partying with her friends. She seemed to do this quite a bit since she had divorced Dad. Every night she would go out with this certain group of ladies, and would come home pretty well plastered. Tonight was no exception, in fact, it was worse than normal. I heard her stumbling around outside with her house key, and I quickly opened the door for her. She fell into my arms, barely able to stand. I helped her to the couch, and she attempted to sit up, but pretty much remained slouched. I removed her jacket, and helped her lie down on the sofa.

Mama was sprawled out on her back, and she was dressed quite sexy. She had a short skirt, and a loose fitting sweater on. Mama has very nice legs. They are perfectly tanned, and very long and luscious. I have found myself staring at them many times. They looked exceptional tonight. Her skirt was hike up to her panties, and her bare legs were partially spread. I peeked at her pink silky panties beneath her skirt. There wasn't a trace of hair, so she must either be shaved, or trimmed nicely. Oh, I forgot to add, that I myself had been out drinking tonight, and was feeling very nice myself. When I am buzzed, I am always horny.

My cock was hard as steel, pressing against my Levi's as I looked at Mom's legs. My eyes once again focused on her panties. She had now spread her legs further apart, and I could see a glimpse of her pink pussy for just a moment. My cock twitched and jerked in my pants. I could feel the precum as it seeped from my swollen cock head. I needed relief, and knew that I should just go to my room and jack off, but I was fascinated watching Mom as she tossed about on the couch in a drunken buzz.

"Baby, would you be a good boy, and rub Mom's feet for her" she said, startling me. I sat at the foot of the couch, and laid her legs across my lap. I began rubbing and caressing her tiny pretty feet. She softly groaned as I massaged her foot. "Oh baby, that feels incredible" she said softly. "Mmm, my legs hurt really bad, from dancing" she said. I slid my hand up her smooth pretty leg. I gently began rubbing her calves. Mom slid her legs up and down my crotch, making my cock even harder. I know she felt my bulge, because she suddenly stopped moving her legs. Then she raised her foot until it rested against the throbbing erection inside of my jeans.

She softly rubbed her foot up and down my bulge, slowly teasing my aching cock. I softly moaned. I closed my eyes, and enjoyed the feeling she was giving me. I forgot where I was, and who I was with, and in the heat of the moment, I slid my hand between her legs, and it rested upon her silk panties. Wow, was she wet!!! I could feel her moisture and heat through her panties. I quickly slipped my finger inside the elastic, and lightly rubbed against her wet pussy slit. Mom moaned and thrust against my hand. My probing finger slid inside of her. Mom grunted loudly, and began to gyrate her hips, fucking my finger with her tight, wet pussy.

She was moaning very loudly, and her pussy was sopping now. She grunted loudly, and I could feel her pussy clamp around my finger. She came intensely, and her juices gushed from her hot pussy hole. My hand was coated with her pussy cum. She continued to grind her pussy against my finger until her orgasm stopped. My cock was really leaking now, and she began to sit up. She pushed me onto my back, and began to unbutton my Levi's. She opened my jeans surprisingly quick for her drunken condition.

She quickly thrust her hand inside of my FTL's and quickly grabbed my throbbing 8 inch cock. My cock is quite thick, and the girls really seem to enjoy it. Mom gently lowered her head, and quickly slid her mouth over the head of my cock. Her tongue slithered across my cock head, and she began to lick away the oozing precum. I quickly wiggled out of my jeans and briefs, and tossed them across the room. Mom took my cock into her hand and began stroking me. She stared at my cock with a wild look in her eyes.

She once again began to suck me. Her mouth and tongue worked wonders on my throbbing cock as she took it all the way inside of her mouth. I moaned loudly as she began deepthroating me. She lightly cupped my balls, and caressed them as she fucked my cock with her wonderful mouth. I began to feel that wonderful tingling sensation as my orgasm approached. I really wanted to bend her over the couch, and fuck her like a slut at that moment, but she obviously wanted to taste me. Who was I to deny her of her pleasure. I grunted and thrust my hips as my cum shot forcefully into her mouth. She gagged slightly as my hot cum sprayed against the back of her throat.

She quickly relaxed, and began to savor the taste of my hot sweet cum. I shot quite a mouthful into her, and she hungrily swallowed it all. She continued working on my cock, milking the last of my young seed with her throat. I thrust against her fucking her, as the last drops of cum dribbled from my hard cock. She looked up at me, and as she let my cock fall from her mouth, she looked so incredible. She quickly peeled off her sweater, bra and panties. I looked at her awesome body, and my cock remained rock hard. She began to pinch her small brownish tinted nipples. My cock spasmed as her hand slid between her legs.

She began to rub her clit with her finger, moaning quite loudly. I quickly knelt between her legs, and replaced her finger with my tongue. She sighed as my tongue slid against her throbbing clit. Her pussy was so wet, and it tasted so good. I began to lick up and down her swollen pussy lips. She grunted as I softly took her aroused clit between my lips. I gently nibbled on the wet pink love button, and she moaned loudly. Juices poured from her sweet pussy, and I eagerly licked them from her pretty hole. I quickly postioned her on her hands and knees, and I slid behind her. I rubbed my pulsating cock against her pussy from behind. It was so wet, and her pink lips parted lightly begging for me to enter her.

I rubbed my enormous cock head against her tight pussy, and began pushing lightly. I slid inside of her unbelievably tight pussy, and she moaned loudly. I reached around her and grabbed both of her white breasts with my hands, and began squeezing her erect nipples. She thrust against me, and my cock slid all the way inside of her. I could feel her pelvic bone as I thrust deeply inside of her. Her pussy tightly gripped my cock and I rammed roughly inside of her. I began to furiously fuck Mom's wonderful pussy, roughly pinching her nipples.

She continued to yell, and her pussy spasmed around my cock. She came fiercely, and her pussy tightly gripped my thick cock. "God, shoot it, cum in me baby!!!" she yelled loudly. I needed no further encouragement, and I thrust deeply into her, and my cum erupted inside of her sweet beautiful pussy. "Oh yes, fuck me baby, yes!!!" she yelled. I continued to thrust wildly, releasing my cum deep into her pussy. She thrust against me, her pussy continued to grip me tightly as she came again. We thrust against each other for a bit longer until we were both too sensitive to continue. She pulled me towards her, and pressed her lips over my mouth. Our tongues quickly met, and we passionately kissed and held each other tightly.

My cock began to stir again, as I held my mother tightly. She rubbed her gorgeous breasts against my chest. She raised them towards my mouth and I eagerly accepted her erect brown nipple into my mouth. I gently sucked and nibbled on her nipple as she began to pinch her other nipple. I slid my hand between her legs, and gently rubbed her wet pussy slit. "Mmmm, let's go to bed" she whispered.

To Be Continued...

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