tagErotic CouplingsMother's Friend Ch. 03

Mother's Friend Ch. 03


In the bright light of the next morning the events of the previous night almost seemed like a dream. He eventually convinced himself that he had witnessed nothing more than a simple kiss between his mom and Pam and that it was purely his own oversexed mind and the beer that made him think otherwise. He did, however, relive the memories of his fucks with Pam and Sandy over and over in his mind.

A few days passed and it was Monday afternoon when the phone rang and Ron was happy to hear Sandy's voice on the line. They chatted briefly before she asked if he had any plans for the night. He answered no since he didn't have any plans at all for the rest of break and the two of them quickly set plans to get together that night.

It was early in the evening when Ron picked up Sandy. She looked devastating in her skintight black pants, black boots, and tight pink sweater and Ron told her so. The evening passed quickly as Ron really enjoyed Sandy's company. They started with a quick dinner together before catching a movie and then ending the night at a local bar. Sandy was only 19 and Ron 20, but they both had perfectly crafted fake IDs that the bouncer didn't even look twice at before letting them in.

To make the evening even better Sandy had been very "touchy feely" with him. They had their hands on each other for nearly the whole night and he had snuck several caresses of her tight ass. During the movie he even had managed a few extended gropes of her tits. In return, she also caressed his ass several times and spent nearly the whole movie with her hand on his crotch. At the bar they stood close and let their bodies rub together often while they talked and listened to the music from the jukebox.

They finally left the bar and Sandy told Ron to turn in the opposite direction than home. She directed him to drive down several little used roads until they came to a dead end road in a yet to be developed subdivision that was very secluded and nearly impossible to see from any of the main roads. The whole time they drove Sandy caressed his inner thigh and crotch giving him a big hard on and making it really hard for him to concentrate on his driving.

Almost as soon as the car stopped and Ron shut off the ignition Sandy practically jumped on him. They immediately embraced in a hungry, probing kiss and remained that way with their lips roughly exploring each other's mouths for many long minutes.

"Lay your seat back," Sandy whispered once they finally parted their kiss. Ron quickly found the lever and dropped his seat flat back. Sandy dropped her seat back and leaned over on top of Ron to continue their kiss. Ron groped her ass lustily and loved the feel of it through the smooth fabric of her pants.

Sandy sat up and began to remove his pants. She soon had them pushed down around his knees and let her eyes explore his hard cock as it stood straight up in the air. Before she ever touched it with her hands she lowered her head to it and took nearly its entire length into her wet mouth. She slowly bobbed her head up and down on his cock and let her tongue wander over its tip when she had let nearly all of it slide out of her mouth.

Ron was groaning in lust and thought she was going to continue sucking him until he came, but a few minutes later she opened her mouth and let his wet cock slide out. She hurriedly began to remove her own pants and soon had them off and tossed into a heap on the back seat.

Ron scooted over slightly as she shifted over and straddled him. She lowered herself down and easily slipped his hard cock inside her pussy as she dropped herself down on him. It was definitely a tight fit in the car and Ron felt a little cramped, but he wasn't about to complain as Sandy began riding up and down on him.

She put her hands on his shoulders for support and didn't seem at all bothered by their close quarters as she had her eyes closed and focused on riding his cock. Ron reached up and began fondling her big tits through her tight sweater causing her to moan. He wished he could rip off her sweater and bra and free her tits to his wandering fingers, but she was beyond that point now and began fucking him with an increased intensity.

Ron realized the car must look ridiculous from the outside as the windows were completely steamed over and it must be bouncing up and down wildly as Sandy was now fucking him at a frenzied pace. With no warning Sandy froze and her grip on his shoulders tightened dramatically. Her eyes opened wide and she let out a loud cry as she started cumming. After the initial wave of her orgasm passed she started to slowly ride his cock again as the remainder of her orgasm took hold and then eventually released her. Ron felt her pussy spasm all around his cock and watched her closely as she came.

Finally, her orgasm passed and she sat still over him panting heavily as she tried to regain her breath. She looked down at him with lusty eyes and then leaned down and started a deep, passionate kiss that lasted for several minutes. When the kiss ended she pushed herself up over him and gave him a very sexy smile that caused Ron's hard cock to tingle inside her even though she had yet to resume fucking him.

She again started moving herself up and down on his cock, but this time she controlled her pace a little more and was obviously more focused on Ron's excitement than her own. She quickly worked Ron's cock to the point where he was fighting hard to control his cum. "Damn, she can fuck," Ron thought to himself as she continued riding him.

Finally Ron couldn't wait any longer and he thrust his hips up to meet her and groaned loudly as he started cumming. She sighed contentedly as his cum shot very forcefully into her pussy. Ron thrust his hips up and down almost by instinct as he deposited a huge load of cum in her.

By the time he finished cumming Ron felt completely drained and just dropped flat back against his chair. If he had been in bed he surely would have fallen asleep with his slowly softening cock still inside his lover's pussy. Instead, Sandy stayed over him rubbing his chest softly as his cock shrunk inside her. Eventually she leaned down and they met in a soft kiss.

They kissed and caressed each other for a long time before Sandy finally said, "I'd love to keep this up, but I'm getting a little cramped." They both laughed heartily and looked around at the intense layer of steam that shrouded all the windows. She crawled off of him and they each struggled to put their clothes back on in their seats.

It took many long minutes for the windows to clear up enough so Ron could see, but eventually he started the drive back to Sandy and Pam's house. On the way home she tenderly caressed his thigh and they talked softly. As he pulled up in front of her house they kissed goodnight and she broke out in a sly smile before saying, "So, you have any plans for tomorrow night?"

Each of the next two nights was a near repeat of his first "date" with Sandy. They would grab some dinner or see a movie, follow that up with a visit to a club, and then end the night fucking each other's brains out. Tuesday night ended with them again fucking in Ron's car. Wednesday was a little different as Sandy suggested they take a walk through one of the big city parks after they left the bar. Partway through their walk they found a secluded picnic table and ended up fucking each other right there in the park.

Ron had never had sex in public before and found the whole thing exciting. The area around the table was very dark and the park wasn't all that crowded, but still they could see and hear other couples walking by a few times as they fucked.

They finally both came as Sandy sat on the edge of the table and Ron stood on the ground fucking her in almost exactly the same way he had fucked her mother in the computer room a few night earlier. Sandy had worn a skirt that night, so with a simple removal of her panties Ron could easily fuck her outside in the cold night air.

They made plans for their "date" the next night just before they arrived back at Sandy's house. The big difference was that Sandy said that her mom had plans with her own friends the following night so she and Ron would have the house all to themselves.

"She is usually out really late when she goes with this group," Sandy said with a sly smile, "so we should have plenty of time for whatever activity we might come up with." They had arrived at Sandy's house and she gave Ron one last, long kiss before she tossed open the door and said, "See you around 7 tomorrow."

The next day passed slowly as Ron anxiously awaited 7:00 so he could go over to Sandy's. Around 4 he noticed his mom go upstairs to the shower. He went upstairs to his room a bit later and noticed that she was dressed up a bit and was putting on her make up. "Hot date tonight?" he asked.

"No," she laughed, "on Thursday nights a group of us get together and spend the night out on the town."

"Really?" Ron asked somewhat surprised that his mom would have such a standing social date.

"Sure," she said, "it's nothing too crazy. Just a group of 4 or 5 of us who get together for dinner and then sometimes some drinks or a movie. We just sort of play it by ear."

"Anyone else I know in the group?" Ron asked.

"Pam and I are two of the regulars," she replied, "most of the others are people that you probably don't know that drop in when they get the chance."

Ron thought back to Sandy's comment about Pam usually being out late with this group and had to admit that he was impressed with his mom. Who knew she had that sort of party life?

"How long have you been going out with this group?" Ron asked.

"I don't know," Nancy answered, "probably 3 or 4 months. It originally started with me taking out Pam to raise her spirits and it sort of grew from there."

"Where are you wild women headed tonight?" Ron asked.

"I'm not sure yet," Nancy answered. "We'll almost certainly start with some dinner and then probably make the rest of the plans then."

Ron started getting himself ready for his own date as Nancy finished her own preparations. She left about 6 saying she was meeting the rest of the group at Pam's at 6:30. "Don't wait up for me," she added with a laugh, "sometimes we get carried away and stay out late." With that she left and Ron hopped in the shower and got dressed for his night with Sandy.

He arrived a little after 7 and was greeted with a big smile and warm kiss. She led him inside the big house and they sat around the living room talking for a few minutes. Ron was again struck by how much he really enjoyed her company and realized that he could really fall for her. The fact that she was completely wild in bed and a great fuck didn't hurt matters any.

She didn't let too much time pass before she suggested they go up to her room and make themselves more comfortable. Ron eagerly agreed and followed her upstairs. He was really looking forward to being able to take his time with her as every one of their previous fucks had to be fairly quick or took place in the cramped environment of his car.

She didn't bother to shut the door to her bedroom and they crawled onto her bed and began a long, slow kiss. She clearly wanted to take her time also as she wasn't nearly as forceful or aggressive as she had been in their earlier fucks. They kissed and fondled each other for a long, long time until Ron's cock was hard and he needed to advance things beyond this level.

They began to strip off each other's clothes as they kissed and after a few more long minutes they returned to their kiss and embraced completely naked. Ron lay Sandy on her back and lowered his head to her tits. He swirled his tongue and lips around and around her big, beautiful tits and savored the feeling of her soft flesh under his mouth. He took his time and explored every inch of her tits before focusing on her nipples.

Once he began concentrating on her nipples she immediately started moaning her approval. He soon had them both worked into hard points as he let his tongue dance around and around first one then the other. He could have stayed like that for a long time but she pulled his head up and whispered, "My turn."

She rolled him over onto his back and lowered her own head to his chest. She ran her tongue and lips all over his chest and stomach before doing the same to his arms and legs. Ron simply relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of her small, hot body teasing and exploring him. After she had let her tongue wander over the whole front of his body with the exception of his hard cock, she finally positioned her mouth just inches over its tip. She extended her tongue and began luridly licking his cock as if it were a lollipop.

Ron groaned as he watched her tease him. She returned his gaze and they often held eye contact as she licked at or sucked on his hard cock. She continued this for a long time and Ron could have easily laid back and just let her continue until he lost himself to his own orgasm. However, he wanted to taste the sweet pussy that he had fucked so many times the past few days.

He rolled her over onto her back and turned around so he was kneeling next to her. He lowered his head between her spread thighs and immediately dipped his tongue into her wet pussy. She groaned as he began to softly explore her entire pussy with his tongue. He teased her clit periodically, but he had already decided that he wanted to watch her cum as they fucked so he was careful to not get her too excited just yet. By the time he finished sucking at her Sandy was groaning with lust and her pussy was absolutely soaked with her own excited juices.

He moved between her thighs and replaced his mouth with his cock. He easily guided it to her pussy and easily sank it deep inside her. She groaned again and pulled him close to her as they lay still and enjoyed the feeling of closeness and intimacy with their lover. They kissed wildly and when the kiss parted she whispered, "Do me."

Ron pushed himself up on his hands and began fucking her at as controlled of a pace as he could manage. He was wildly excited and really wanted to fill her with his cum, but he also wanted this moment to last. She kept her strong legs spread wide for him so he moved easily in and out of her with very little resistance.

He watched her tits sway across her chest from his thrusts and finally leaned his head down and sucked one of her hard nipples into his mouth. She increased the volume of her groans and raked her nails across his back in obvious appreciation of his teasing. He continued sucking and licking at her nipples as their fuck intensified. Finally she released his back and flopped her arms onto the bed beside her. As she did this she began a long, loud cry and her orgasm began. Her body shook and trembled under him and her pussy spasmed wildly around his cock as her orgasm took hold of her and didn't let go for a long while.

Ron watched her closely and drank in the sight of her completely lost in her passion. Ron continued fucking her throughout her orgasm and held off his own as long as he could. As she neared the end of her orgasm Ron couldn't wait any longer and brought his orgasm along with four hard, rapid thrusts into her.

He grunted loudly and then let out a long groan as he started filling her with his cum. She moaned softly and smiled while still keeping her eyes closed as she felt his warm, sticky cum filling her. Ron shot load after load into her and continued pumping into her pussy until he had completely spent his entire load.

When he finally finished cumming he lay down on top of her and they began a long, wet kiss. Ron loved feeling her naked body pressed tightly up against his. In all of their previous fucks they had gotten dressed almost immediately after they came, so Ron really relished this time where he could just be with her in the warm afterglow of their sex.

They stayed in bed together and softly talked to each other between their long, slow kisses. The whole time they let their hands softly explore each other. Ron completely lost track of time and was as surprised as Sandy when they heard the door to the house open and voices move inside.

"I thought you said they would be out late," Ron whispered to her.

"Shit, she hasn't been home any earlier than 2AM any other time," Sandy said as she fumbled for the clock and saw that it was just a little after 10PM. "What should we do now?"

"Your mom isn't expecting you to be home, correct?" Ron asked. Sandy nodded her head in agreement. "OK, I say we try to figure out who she is with and then see if we can find a chance to sneak out together. Then we can go out for a while and return home like nothing happened." Ron knew the idea was kind of lame, but it was the best thing he had at the moment. He hoped that since their house was so big that maybe Pam and whoever else was downstairs would maybe move to the back of the house long enough to let them sneak out the front.

He and Sandy both slipped out of bed and got dressed as they tried to listen to the conversation below. All Ron could hear was voices, but he couldn't make out what was being said. His best guess was that Pam had come home with one other person, so at least there weren't a whole houseful of people to content with.

Ron and Sandy carefully crept out of her bedroom and down the hall until they could hear the voices downstairs. "It's your mom," Sandy whispered when Nancy started talking. It was immediately clear that Ron and Sandy were picking up the middle of their conversation.

"...you really think so?" Nancy asked.

"Sure," Pam said, "you mean Ron hasn't told you who he has been out with the last three nights in a row?"

"Well, I guess not," Nancy answered.

"I think Ron and Sandy have a little thing going," Pam said. "Each of the last three nights he has picked her up and they haven't returned until very late. And, if I were to speculate a guess, I would say that there was at least some making out happening based on the way Sandy looked when she came in."

Ron looked over at Sandy and whispered, "I thought you said she was asleep."

"I thought she was," Sandy answered with a shrug.

Ron and Sandy carefully scooted closer to the edge of the hallway so they could finally see down to the living room below. Nancy was sitting on the big couch with her back to them and Pam was just bringing a couple of drinks in from the kitchen. Pam took a seat next to her and Ron and Sandy looked on fairly confident they wouldn't be caught since their mothers were facing the other direction.

Pam continued, "If I didn't know any better, I might even guess that your Ron has been fucking my Sandy." Nancy didn't say anything as she appeared to be thinking over that last comment. Pam added, "Of course, if she was I wouldn't blame her. Your Ron is one hot young man. If I was a few years younger I wouldn't mind having a fling with him."

Ron felt himself flush a little at her compliment and then he smiled knowingly at her comment. His mom surely had no idea that he and Pam had already had a couple of wild fucks. He looked over at Sandy and she smiled wickedly back at him sharing his secret.

Ron's jaw dropped open in surprise when Nancy replied, "Well, your Sandy isn't too bad either. In fact, I'd have to say she is damn hot. Plus, I noticed the way that Ron used to stare at her in her little cheerleading outfits in high school. I've no doubt he'd do her in a second if he had the chance."

Ron had never heard his mom talk so openly about sex. He was floored and somehow a little excited hearing his mom say she thought Sandy was hot.

Pam looked at Nancy with a sly smile and said, "Well, if they are fucking I guess we can assume it just runs in the family." Before Ron had time to wonder what that comment meant Pam leaned forward and met his mom in a slow kiss. This time there could be no mistaking that this was far more than a simple peck on the lips between two friends.

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