tagIncest/TabooMother's Helping Hand Ch. 24

Mother's Helping Hand Ch. 24


The usual disclaimers apply, the story contains incest and sexual scenes so if you are likely to be offended by this please don't read any further. The characters are over 18, the persons and events described are entirely fictional. The author reserves all rights to the story and its reproduction with the exception of Literotica. All feedback is appreciated and if you like the story please rate it in the comments section.


Chapter 24

Over the next few days the bruises from Alison's brutal treatment by Petty faded but the anxiety did not. During the day she buried herself in her work, shutting out the nightmare of her situation by keeping herself busy. At night she would drink, often stopping at a bar on the way home before spending her evening trying to shut out her nightmare by drowning her sorrows. She thought about calling Bobby and begging him to come home, to hold her and make her feel safe but she knew above anything she had to protect him in all this and keep him from all this. She must face this alone, whatever it was she had in store.

As if her present concerns weren't enough she now faced an additional worry, her period was nearly a week late now, she ignored it for as long as she could but finally on the way home from work she stopped at a drug store and bought a pregnancy kit. After a few glasses of wine she worked up the courage to use it and saw what she feared confirmed by two ominous little blue lines. She felt her stomach churn with the realisation that she was now carrying a child, her son's child! She felt herself wanting to be ill, whether it was from the alcohol, being pregnant or the shock she wasn't sure. All she knew was having an illegitimate incestuous child was the last thing she needed right now.

The shock of her pregnancy was such she almost forgot about her impending meeting with Petty until the cell phone he had instructed her to keep switched on at all times chimed with a text.

"Be ready 6pm Saturday night."

'Oh god what this time?' She wondered? What humiliations would she have to endure from that degenerate this time? Perhaps if she told him of her situation he might have pity on her and her unborn child. She rapidly dismissed the idea, giving Petty any more power over her than he already had could only make things worse. Pity wasn't a word he understood, and besides, she could never keep the child, she would have to make arrangements to have it dealt with as soon as possible, before anyone including Bobby, especially Bobby, found out.

Saturday night rolled round, Alison had received no special instructions as to what to wear so she simply wore a blouse and skirt, formal and modest. The doorbell rang on the dot of 6 and she steeled herself for what was to come. Somehow knowing who her tormentor was made the experience a little less daunting, although wondering what horrors he might have dreamt up for her would be another matter. She arrived at Petty's mansion and was shown through into a spacious drawing room where Petty sat, like Toad of Toad Hall in a leather chain in a smoking jacket. She thought it was almost comical and found herself trying not to laugh at the absurd little man sat in front of her until she caught the evil little glint in his eye.

"Have a seat Ms Stevens, I'd like you to watch a film with me."

-PART 2-

The weather at college was sunny and Erica had suggested she and Bobby spend the day at the beach. Bobby guessed there would be plenty of hot girls there and a chance to see Erica in her bikini. She assured Bobby she would take care of all the arrangements and as he pulled up outside her dad's house she was ready, running towards his car in a little vest top and some very short shorts. Her knockers bounced around so much in her top there was no way she was wearing anything under it and Bobby couldn't understand how her hard ass dad let her out of the house looking the way she did, not that he was complaining. He felt himself stiffening as he watched her approach. She had a beach bag which she dumped in the back seat before she jumped in and planted a big kiss on Bobby. She smelt great and the feel of her sensuous lips on his was all it took to bring his dick to full mast.

"Let's go!" she smiled breaking the kiss but resting her head on his shoulder and her hand on his leg dangerously near his dick. As he drove out of the college she nuzzled against him.

"Oh Bobby, I'm so looking forward to spending the day with you, it'll be wonderful." as she cooed in his ear her hand brushed against his hard cock that was straining in his shorts.

"Oh Bobby! I guess you are happy to see me!"

She ran her fingers over his straining bulge feeling it throb and pulse in response. It was a 45 minute journey to the beach and Erica teased and stroked his cock all the way, sometimes playing with it, sometimes just resting her hand on it, but constantly driving him nuts. Shit this was going to be a long afternoon, especially as he wouldn't get a chance to jerk off till this evening when he got home. He wondered how long it would be before she agreed to let him cum? It felt like his balls was permanently blue these days.

"We're nearly there, you don't mind if I put my bikini on in the car do you?"

"Uh no.."

"Cool, you've got tinted windows so no one can see.. apart from you that is." she giggled as she pulled her top off revealing her magnificent tits which she seemed to be thrusting out at him. Bobby couldn't help but stare as they wobbled with the movement of the car.

"Bobby, keep your eyes on the road, we don't want to crash!" as she wiggled out of her shorts leaving her in nothing but her panties. With a supreme effort of will Bobby tore his eyes back onto the road just in time to see he was veering into the path of an oncoming truck. He hastily corrected the steering and had to content himself with occasional glances at Erica as she rummaged in her beach bag for her bikini, finally retrieving two tiny garments. She tied the top on which consisted of two black triangles that barely covered her aureola, before slipping off her panties and putting on the matching bottoms, not before Bobby got a glimpse of her neat little bush. Guess she's a natural blonde alright!

Bobby reflected as his dick did pushups in his shorts. They pulling into a parking space and Erica reached into her bag and pulled out a tiny piece of lime green material.

"Here I brought these for you!"

Bobby inspected the tiny pair of speedos and regarded his throbbing bulge in his jeans.

"Um... I'm not sure I'll fit right now."

"What do you mean?"

"Well I mean, these look pretty small and... well you got me pretty worked up on the way over here."

"Oh Bobby... you just have to control yourself better. Come on put them on, I want to go swimming, the weather's beautiful!"

Bobby pulled his shirt off and wriggled out of his shorts, as usual he was commando and his ram rod hard dick slapped his belly as he pulled them down. Erica seemed pre-occupied with the contents of her bag or was pretending not to notice as Bobby pulled on the tiny speedos and struggled to lever his dick into them. His efforts at trying to go soft weren't helped by the fact that Erica's boobs were barely contained in her tiny bikini and seemed to be doing a constant escape attempt. He turned attention back to his straining cock in his speedos, the head was almost poking out the top and stretched the material so much the ridge of his glans was clearly outlined.

"Errr... I don't think I'm going to be able to go out there like this."

"Oh Bobby!" Erica giggled as she regarded his straining trunks, "Honestly, you need to learn to control yourself!"

Control myself?? Fuck I've been teased all the way here and given a display of tits and ass, it's taken all my control not to blow my wad!

"Hmm, here you can carry the bag!" Erica handed him the beach bag she'd brought and hopped out of the car. Bobby held it in front of him with a sense of relief as she skipped along next to him, seemingly trying to bounce her boobs out of her skimpy top. Fortunately Erica was such an eyeful most people on the beach were watching her which gave Bobby some relief.

They found a nice spot and Bobby put the towels out and lay face down as quickly as he could, Erica took her time preening herself and leaning over to get some lotion out of her bag. As she leant over her boobs swung about and one of her nipples slipped out.

'Fuck!! I'm gonna have a heart attack if she keeps this up.' He admired her huge boob as it slipped further out of her bikini swinging about and wondered when she would notice and replace it but she seemed oblivious and was focused on the contents of the bag. Eventually he became aware that some of the other guys on the beach were staring and decided to do the honourable thing.

"Ahem, um, Erica... your top, it's slipped.."

"What? Oh! Ooops! Thanks Bobby, you are such a gentleman." She replaced her boob in her top and then miraculously retrieved the suntan lotion.

"Here, let me put some on you, don't want you to get burnt!"

The cool lotion felt good, but not as good as Erica's hands as she rubbed it into his back and shoulders before moving down and rubbing it on his legs, her hands slipped up his thighs and as she sensuously massaged him his dick throbbed, trapped as it was between Bobby and the towel it was painful but less embarrassing than the alternative.

"Here can you do me now?" she passed him the bottle and lay on her stomach.

Crap! Bobby tried to sit up without his dick popping out of his shorts and hunched forward as much as he could to try to disguise it but there was just too much of it to hide and his erection jutted out obscenely.

"Untie my top will you Bobby, I hate tan lines!"

Bobby groaned inwardly as he undid her bikini top and the sides fell open allowing the sides of her boobs to spill out. Bobby poured some lotion on her and began rubbing it over her smooth skin.

"Mmm that feels good! This is such a beautiful day!" Erica propped herself up on her elbows to admire the view and as she did her boobs hung down swaying slightly.

"Oh Jesus! How much more of this do I have to take!?" Bobby thought as he finished rubbing lotion on her and lay back down adjusting his cock so it was disguised. Erica still seemed fascinated with the view of the sea and oblivious to the view she was giving Bobby and the rest of the beach of her magnificent tits hanging down. Bobby thought about warning her but considered he'd already been a gentleman once and figured she must know she was giving everyone an eyeful. After a few minutes she settled back down to doze and Bobby was able to relax, feeling his dick soften at last. His relief was short lived though as he was woken from his doze by Erica re tying her top and sitting up.

"Hey Bobby, I'm going for a swim, want to join me?" she grinned.

"Uh sure." Something about her look told him that swimming wasn't the only thing she had in mind but the day was getting pretty hot and like a mindless zombie he seemed unable to resist following her.

She skipped off down the beach, her boobs bouncing so that even from behind Bobby could see the sides of those magnificent orbs as they swayed. He chased her towards the surf catching up with her as she was waist deep and diving into the sea. The cool water felt great and distracted Bobby from his frustrations. They swum out a little further, splashing each other with water and laughing.

Then Erica smiled at Bobby and swum towards him before throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him on the lips. Her boobs were squashing against him and he could feel himself getting hard and groaned inwardly.

"Ooohh Bobby, I think there's a monster from the deep swimming around!" she giggled. Jeezus for a girl with an uptight dad who was terrified of sperm she seemed to have a one track mind. The trouble was it was a track that led to Frustrationville Arizona, population 2 blue balls!

Erica ran her hands down his chest and over his straining trunks before pulling the waist band out and freeing his cock so she could stroke it.

"Wow you're so hard already!"

No shit!! It was like being in a porno movie with no money shot!

She stroked his cock faster now leaning in and whispering "I would what all these people would think if they knew I was stroking your great big dick right out here in the open? It's so naughty!"

It sure felt good, the cool water and her delicate fingers stroking his cock were bliss, he wondered if she would let him cum this time? After all he couldn't make a mess of her underwater! He was hopeful this could be his time at last, he could feel his cum beginning to rise as she tugged his cock harder, he was about to warn her he was going to cum when she released his cock suddenly.

"Come on lets go in, I'm turning into a prune out here!" and with that swum off leaving Bobby doing an impression of a goldfish opening and closing his mouth as he watched her go.

"Last one back buy's lunch!" she shouted back at him. He wondered if he should just finish himself off out here, it would be better than having blue balls all day, but something told him waiting for that moment when Erica got him off would be worth it. He levered himself back into his shorts and swum back in, having to almost double over when he got to the beach in an effort to hide his boner. As he hobbled up the sand several people looked, a few of the girls giggled and some stared in fascination but Bobby was too embarrassed and in too much discomfort to care.

"Oh you finally made it then!" Erica giggled, seemingly oblivious to Bobby's discomfort. "Let's go and eat, I'm starving!" She pulled on her t shirt covering her boobs and giving him some respite from the constant display of bouncing creamy melons before passing him his shorts and t shirt. At least he could cover himself up and hide his arousal. They walked along the beach together and found a restaurant where they had a pleasant meal before deciding to head back. Erica took Bobby's arm on the way back to the car and he felt like a million dollars walking next to this beautiful babe.

When they got on the car Erica leaned over and kissed him and he found himself in another passionate embrace, he caressed her boobs through her shirt and Erica reached down to squeeze his throbbing hard on in his shorts.

"Bobby, will you do me a favour?"

"What?" he asked nervously.

"Will you take your shorts off and let me play with you on the way home?"

Jeezus this girl was obsessed with his cock, not that it was a bad thing.

"Um I guess.."

"Do you think I'm a real slut for asking?"

"No, of course not!"

"I just really like your... cock... and love playing with it. If you don't mind?" she looked at him shyly with doe eyes.

"I don't mind!" Bobby pulled his shorts and trunks off and as they set off Erica began stroking his cock and playing with his balls. Bobby was having trouble driving, he was so hard and desperate to cum it was all he could think about, Erica stroked and teased his dick bringing him closer and closer to orgasm, as he felt himself getting near to coming Erica had to remind him to slow down so they didn't have an accident.

Three times Erica brought him shuddering and twitching to the brink of an orgasm and each time Bobby found the will power to warn her, thinking how easy it would be to simply keep quiet and let her bring him off. Somehow though, he sensed she knew when he was about to cum and started backing off before he even told her. By the time they arrived back at campus Bobby's cock was drooling pre-cum and his balls felt like oranges. His whole lower abdomen seemed to ache he was so backed up, still not long now till he could get back to campus and jerk off.

Erica turned to him and kissed him still gently toying with his cock.

"Oh Bobby I've had such a wonderful time with you today, and it means so much to me that you've kept your promise to me and still want to be with me."

"Uhh, yeahh..." was about the most intelligent sentence Bobby could manage right now, all his thoughts were devoted to whacking off.

"Bobby, you've been so good to me I'd like to do something special for you." she shyly looked up at him as he stared uncomprehendingly back at her and watched as she lowered her head down towards his crotch.

"Oh fuck!" he gasped as he felt his cock enveloped by a wonderful warm wet sensation and looked down as her pretty blonde head bobbed and moved about in his lap.

Fuck, her mouth felt amazing and even if he wasn't so backed up he wouldn't have lasted that long, but in his current state he knew he'd be lucky if he lasted 60 seconds. Erica sensed his desire and took things slowly, teasing and licking rather than sucking hard but even so his cum was boiling like a volcano on the verge of erupting.

'At last!' Bobby figured she was going to put him out of his misery, he'd proved she could trust him and now she was going to suck him off so as not to get cum on her clothes. It was going to be a big load, he hoped she was ready for it, he leant back slightly raising his hips and prepared himself for the impending explosion as his balls tightened and his cock swelled, another second and...

"Bobby!" Erica lifted her head and looked at him. "You were going to warn me if I needed to stop weren't you???"

"I err, but you... I thought..."

"You weren't just going to finish in my mouth without warning me were you!!??"

"But I thought you... I mean..."

"After all I've trusted you and you were just going to cum in my mouth without telling me. I thought I could could trust you Bobby, it seems I was wrong, you're just like all the other boys!" she pulled on her clothes as she said this before opening the car door and storming off towards her house.

Bobby looked after her in total shock before looking down at his dick, glistening with her saliva and throbbing as it stared back at him. He wasn't even going to try to figure out what had just gone on, he just pulled his shorts on and wedged his dick in as best he could and drove back towards the dorm. Once he emptied his balls he would be able to start thinking. He parked and hobbled up to his room before stripping off and stroking his cock, it wasn't going to take more than a few strokes to bring himself off and he could already feel his balls tightening as he rubbed his cock, just a few more seconds and...BEEEP BEEEP BEEEP his mobile began ringing, and he could see it was Erica. Shit!! He was tempted to ignore it and just finish jerking off but something told him if he didn't pick up now it might be the last he would see of her.

He stopped stroking his cock and picked up the phone.


"Hi Bobby... I thought I would call, I didn't want to end the evening like this..."

"Uh ok.."

Just hang up so I can go back to jerking off please!

"Bobby, I wanted to explain to you.. about what happened and why I got so cross.."

"Uh ok..." Shit how long was this going to take?

"I was dating a guy a while back Bobby and... well I really fell for him and I thought he felt the same for me, so I agreed to sleep with him..."

Fucking lucky for him! Bobby felt like shouting considering he was nursing some king size blue balls.

"Bobby all he wanted me for was sex and... well not long after I found out he was cheating."

Jeezus this is turning into a soap opera. Bobby began slowly stroking his cock while she was talking, edging closer to cumming waiting for the moment when she would hang up so he could finish.

"Well ever since then I've not been able to trust any boys, because I was scared once they got what they wanted they would leave me. I thought you were different Bobby, you showed me that being with me meant more to you than just, well you know..."

CUMMING?? Right now that was ALL that mattered to him.

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