tagIncest/TabooMother's Hot Discovery

Mother's Hot Discovery


“Damn it Gary, you weren’t supposed to do that. You asshole!” Tracy Lewis heard her daughter scream at her boyfriend.

The thirty-five year old woman had come home early after being stood up for dinner. Tracy had stopped for a couple of drinks at a local bar but after fending off the advances of several undesirable men had decided to spend what remained of the evening with a glass of wine and HBO. She had told her daughter Jan she would not be home until late and was not surprised to see her boyfriends Kawasaki Ninja in the drive.

Tracy knew her daughter and boy friend were having sex. After all Jan was an adult. On more then one occasion she had heard the two coupling in Jan’s bedroom and while Tracy insisted Jan practice safe sex she did not deny her daughters natural instincts.

She knew it was wrong but on more then one occasion Tracy had masturbated as she listened to the young couple make love. Fact of the matter was she had a very difficult time not coming on to Gary herself. He was handsome and built and from the bulge she had observed in his pants from time to time she was certain he was hung.

When she entered the house she had heard Gary grunting like a bull in heat. Tracy had slipped her shoes off and quietly slipped down the dark hallway toward her daughter’s room. Luckily Jan’s door was slightly open and from the position of her bed against the opposite wall Tracy had a clear view of everything. She could see Gary was naked. His muscular was body turned away from her and through his parted legs she could see her daughter was sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Oh fuck Jan every girl does it. It’s not that bad.” Tracy heard Gary say.

Gary stepped back and Tracy’s eyes widened. Her beautiful daughter was also naked. Her chin, neck and breasts were drenched in a white coating of male sperm.

Jan was looking up at Gary with a very angry look on her face. As Gary turned Tracy gasped again. His cock was thick and as she had suspected at least nine inches long. It was still dripping cum and Tracy licked her lips wishing suddenly wishing she were on her knees in front of him.

“I don’t care. I don’t like cum in my mouth. You know that Gary.” Jan complained as she sat his thick cum dripping off her nipples like a melted ice cream cone. For a second Tracy had to resist running across the hall and licking her daughter clean.

Gary walked over and picked up his jeans as Jan grabbed a box of tissue and began cleaning his spunk from herself.

“You know what pisses me off Jan? You’ll go down on Sandy, Lynn and Mrs. Scott, eat their pussies till they cum in your mouth and you won’t take mine. That’s really fucked up you know.” Gary said as he secured his pants then slipped on his shirt. Tracy backed against the wall. She could not believe what she just heard. Gary had named off two of Jan’s girlfriends and the name of her next door neighbor. She had no idea Jan was bisexual but found her pussy beginning to tingle at the thought.

Jan stood up her anger subsiding. “It’s not the same Gary. Pussy is clear and sweet. Sperm is thick and salty. Honey, I love you but I just don’t like it.”, her daughter said as she watched her boyfriend dress. Jan looked up at him her blue eyes becoming a bit remorseful as she realized he was going to leave.

“Oh honey, don’t be that way. Come on please don’t leave yet. I’m sorry I got mad. Please. Come here. I’ll make it up to you.”, Jan pleaded then walked over to the nightstand.

Tracy watched as Jan pulled a tube of KY Jelly from the drawer. Her daughter gave her boyfriend a sexy look as she climbed on the bed in the doggy position.

“You haven’t fucked me here tonight.”; she tempted Gary as she reached back running her index finger over her tight little asshole.

“Fuck”, Tracy moaned to herself. Her daughter was as much a sex pot as she was. Her hand slid under her skirt and Tracy began to masturbate as she heard Gary laugh.

The young stud quickly stripped his clothes back off.

Climbing on the bed behind Jan he took the tube of jelly applied a thick coat to his cock that had stiffened again. Gary stood above Jan on the bed lowered himself to her tan upturned ass. The hot stud groaned as he watched his girlfriend reach behind her to spread her cheeks.

“Jan you are really fucked up. You know that?” Gary joked as he placed his cock head to his girl friends tight pucker.

“No baby. I’m not fucked up. I just like to fuccccccccck…..yessssssss!”, Jan’s words turned to a squeal as his dick began working its way into her ass.

Tracy unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra down freeing her tits. She watched as the young male began to pump. She could see her daughter’s tits swaying freely as she groaned taking her boyfriend up her butt.

The hot mother worked her pussy as she spied her daughter being taken from behind. Pussy juice began to leak down her inner thighs as she watched Gary fuck Jan in the ass. Her daughter threw her long blonde hair around as she thrust back on his cock. Through her hot lust Tracy was proud her daughter, like herself was a hot horny woman.

Jan could feel his balls slapping her wet pussy lips with each deep thrust. The sensation of it was about to bring her to orgasm.

“Fuck me hard Gary, I’m cumming.”, Jan squealed. As her daughter cried out Tracy’s own pussy convulsed in orgasm. She never took her eyes off the sexy image before her as she leaned hard against the wall. Cunt juices were pouring out of her vagina like a waterfall. From her vantage point she could see Jan’s pussy lips. Each time Gary would pull back they would open and she could see her daughters feminine cum leak out of them and fall to the bed. She suddenly found herself wanting to run into the room, slip under Gary and fasten her lips to Jan’s cunt.

As her daughter squealed though her own orgasmic delight, Tracy felt her pussy clamp down around her fingers. Biting her lip to suppress yelling out, she watched as the young stud began shoving his cock harder and faster. Her legs trembled and Tracy could hardly contain herself to any degree of control. Rapidly shoving her index and middle finger of her right hand in and out of her pussy she continued to watch knowing from experience it would only be a moment before Jan’s boyfriend would be beyond the point of no return himself.

Gary gave a loud grunt and shoved himself deep in Jan’s ass. He was coming. Her daughter’s ass was being filled with his hot cream. Maybe Jan did not like the taste but Tracy would gladly eat his cum from her hot ass. She could see the ball muscles of his dick pulsate and knew Jan’s tight hole was being filled with a generous supply of hot cream.

“Fuck that’s hot”, Jan yelled out as she felt her boyfriends steamy seed blasting against the inside of her anal passage. The young woman used her ass muscles to clamp down on his penis milking his dick of as much cum as possible.

Gary emptied himself then pulled out laying next to Tracy. The two lay there awhile and Tracy admired the beautiful sight. All three suddenly heard a clap of thunder and rain began to pour outside.

“Can I stay tonight?”, he asked as he stroked her belly.

“You know I am not about to let you get on that bike in this. Mom won’t mind.” , she said as she rolled over and kissed him deeply. “But first we need to go take a shower”, Jan said as she sat up and strolled to her own bathroom.

Tracy gathered herself and walked back down the hallway, through the living room to her master bedroom. Closing her door the woman quickly stripped and decided to bathe as well. The cigarette smoke from the bar earlier was more then she could stand and as she waited for the water to reach the desired temperature Tracy stood analyzing herself in the full length mirror.

She was not very tall at 5’2”. Her breasts were 34C and her curly brunette hair hung just past her shoulders accented by her brown eyes. A few more sit ups would take care of that little pooch that had started in her lower belly but over all she was in good shape.

Tracy kept her pussy area trimmed close and she watched as she slid a finger in her still moist vagina. Lifting the wet digit to her lips she tasted her own juices.

“Umm”, she moaned out loud as she tasted herself. She was still very horny and knew she would have to put her dildo to use in a few moments.

As she stood under the water, Tracy thought about the erotic sight that had just unfolded in front of her. The discovery that her daughter was bisexual should not have come as a surprise. She had just never thought of Jan in that way. Not until now.

Jan was beautiful. She was a bit taller then Tracy at 5’6”. She had straight brunette hair that hung to her mid back and like her mother had brown eyes. Jan had been the product of mid teenage pregnancy and the two were often mistaken for sisters rather than mother and daughter.

Tracy finished her shower and dried off. Before climbing into bed she retrieved her favorite sex toy from the nightstand and laid back. Rubbing the head of it over her still swollen pussy lips she thought of Gary and Jan. Damn she wished they were in here right now, fucking her. It was taboo but the thought excited her intensely.

“Ohhh” the woman moaned as eight inches of ribbed dildo slid deep in her tight cunt. Tracy would fuck herself with it then pull it out, licking her juices from the fake cock before sliding it in again. She would bring herself to orgasm several times before she put the dildo aside. As sleep finally settled in Tracy could not remove the sight of her daughter covered in her boyfriends cum. It was so hot and she began to wonder if her daughter would be willing and open to the ultimate taboo.

A terrible case of cottonmouth sat in on Tracy somewhere in the early morning hours. Wine always did that to her and usually she would have a glass of water on her nightstand. She had become so caught up in the events of what had transpired earlier, she had forgotten to have a glass handy. In her sleepy condition Tracy padded nude into her kitchen to get some much needed liquid relief.

Placing a glass to the water dispenser in the refrigerator door, she filled a glass, quickly drank and filled again. The night light over the stove glowed down on her body as she turned. Tracy looked up and gasped. Gary was standing at the kitchen entry and like her was totally nude.

“Oh shit, Mrs. Lewis. I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were up.” Gary looked at her and said. His eyes were wide as he took in the older woman’s body. Tracy could not move as she watched his cock begin to rapidly stiffen and in a matter of seconds was standing out like a horizontal flagpole.

Tracy felt her pussy come alive with desire as her nipples and areola hardened. She sat the glass on the counter and walked over to Gary.

“Damn I’m glad I can still have that effect on a man Tracy said.” She knew it was wrong. If caught it could damage or destroy her relationship with her daughter but every inch of her being was demanding she seduce this hot stud. Reaching out she grasped Gary’s cock at the base and slowly began working her hand up and down the length.

“Shit, Mrs. Lewis that feels great”, Gary said between deep breaths. Her creamy hand felt like tight velvet on his hard prick. “I didn’t think you would be interested in me” he said as he leaned hard against the wall.

Tracy moved against him trapping his hard cock on her belly. Precum was already leaking out wetting her as he leaned over and kissed the older woman on the lips.

Stepping back she continued to work his penis.

“Are you kidding Gary. Your reputation precedes you. I already know. Linda Scott told me” Tracy said as she jerked his cock faster.

Gary’s face suddenly reddened. “She told you everything?” Gary asked.

Tracy slid the other hand under to cup Gary’s balls. “Yes I know. I know everything”, she lied.

“Then your willing to do it with Jan too?” Gary leaned his head back and said. “Wow, that’s been such a fantasy of hers but she never knew you wanted it too. She thought you would be pissed. ”

Gary’s eyes were closed as she jerked him. He did not see the expression of lust on her face when he unknowingly let on to her Jan’s desire. The admission of it almost caused Tracy to orgasm on the spot.

“Yes..yes I do” , Tracy moaned breathlessly. “I just did not think she wanted it with me”.

Gary reached down and grasped Tracy’s hand. “No time like the present huh Ms. Lewis?”

Tracy could not say a word as he led her down the hall to her daughter’s bedroom.

Pushing open the door she could see Jan lying naked under the street light filtering through the room. Her legs were spread as though waiting to be fucked. The sight turned her mother on even more.

“Wake her up”, Gary insisted pushing Tracy into the room. Her heart was pounding as she slowly crossed the floor and eased up on the bed. Jan moaned softly at the sensation as Tracy placed her legs on her daughter’s thighs urging them farther apart. Somewhere in her mind, Jan thought Gary was waking her for another round of sex.

Tracy slid her hands up to her daughter’s pussy mound. She inhaled the sweet aroma of Jan’s sexpot. Her own pussy was afire with lust as she leaned in and slowly began to lick in wide circles around the younger woman’s vulva immediately bringing a moan from Jan.

“Ummm..Ohh”, Jan moaned softly as her mothers tongue began to slip up and down her pussy lips. Without opening her eyes Jan pulled her legs back grasping them below her knees giving her oral lover unobstructed access to her love.

Tracy was in sexual heaven. Spreading Jan’s slippery lips wide and back she made her daughters clit poke out. Tracy began flipping her tongue over the wet love pebble causing Jan to come fully awake.

Damn it was good. Jan loved it when Gary woke her like this. It was not uncommon for him to wake her by eating her pussy. But then she felt something different. Longer hair then Gary had was tickling her inner thighs. Opening her eyes wide she then could see Gary standing by the side of the bed jacking his hard dick. The realization of what was happening had not set in.

Looking down the light filtered across Jan’s belly and crotch area. As Tracy lifted her now wet face for a moment from Jan’s crotch the she became fully aware of what was happening.

Her mother was eating her pussy.

“Oh my god. Mom..Ohhhh shit” Jan’s words trailed off as her mother again sank her tongue deep between her daughters sex lips. Grasping Jan’s legs she pushed them back then began sliding her tongue from her pussy to asshole and back.

“Awww fuck….yes…Mom..Don’t stop”, Jan begged in lust. Her ultimate sex fantasy was coming true. For several years she wanted her mother in a sexual way. Now it was actually happening.

Tracy needed her to cum. She had to taste her daughter’s juices. Lowering her legs Tracy inserted two fingers in Jan’s pussy and curved them up to rub her G spot as she licked her clit. The feeling was more then Jan could bear.

“Mom..oh mom…I’m cumming” Jan squealed. Like a damn breaking, her vagina began to unleash a torrent of female honey unlike Tracy had ever felt. She continued to work her daughter’s pussy as Jan reached up and grasped her headboard thrusting her crotch to her mother’s face.

Finally Jan’s orgasm subsided to a degree and her mother slid up her body kissing her deeply. Jan licked her juices from her mother’s face as she wrapped her legs around Tracy. Gary looked on as the two women ground their crotches together.

Breaking their kiss Jan looked up at her mother.

“Mom how did you know?” Jan asked as Tracy crotch fucked her daughter.

Tracy looked over her shoulder at Gary. “You have him to thank honey.” Tracy said watching his hard cock wave around in the air. Gary had turned a small lamp on allowing all three to view each other. Tracy told Jan of their accidental kitchen meeting then admitted she had watched them fuck earlier.

Tracy saw Jan’s face contorting with lust.

“My turn Mom. I want to eat you” Jan said as she unwrapped her legs from her mothers waist.

“I have an idea” Tracy smiled down at her daughter.

With that she slid up on the bed and straddled Jan facing her daughter’s pussy. Lowering herself she shuddered when she felt Jan’s tongue begin to slip between her already wet lips. The in heat mother squealed when her daughter sucked her clit between her lips and began flicking it rapidly.

Looking up at Gary as her daughter tongue fucked her she motioned Gary to get on the bed.

“Fuck her”, Tracy said in a low voice. “Fuck her now”

Gary climbed between Jan’s legs and Tracy reached out and grasped his cock. A muffled squeal emitted from Jan as Tracy took Gary’s cockhead and rubbed it around her clit. Then using one hand she spread her daughter’s pussy lips and guided Gary’s cock into.

Gary leaned over and kissed Tracy deeply as using her grip she slowly allowed him into her daughter’s pussy. Jan was busily eating her mother’s hot cunt. It tasted better then she ever dreamed and the feeling of her Tracy’s cunt on her face and now her pussy being fucked was driving her crazy with pleasure.

Tracy leaned back thrusting her pussy farther down on Jan’s tongue.

“Ohhhh honey..eat it..eat mother”, she begged as her body shook in lust. Tracy began riding her daughter’s face as she watched Gary begin to pound Jan’s pussy.

Jan’s hands were cupping her mother’s ass. Tracy reached back and guided her daughter’s had toward her asshole. Jan understood what her mother wanted and slid the middle finger of her right hand deep in Tracy’s butt.

“Awwww..yesssss..fuck my ass”, Tracy squealed before she leaned over and began to flick her tongue over Jan’s clit.

It was the most awesome sexual sight Gary had ever witnessed. He had already been in several threesomes with Jan but this was different and by far the best. He pulled his dripping cock from Jan and shoved it in her mothers mouth.

Tracy loved it. Sucking the hot juices from Gary’s cock was so hot. She knew her daughter did not like cum but she was going to give Gary something he wanted. As he shoved his cock back in Jan, Tracy returned to sucking her daughter’s clit.

Already sensitive from her first orgasm, Jan’s pussy began to explode. Squealing into her mother’s pussy the feeling of Gary’s cock, her mother’s tongue and the taboo of it all drove her over the edge. Multiple orgasms began to ripple her pussy as she squirmed under her lovers.

Suddenly Tracy sat up and squealed.

“Cummming”, was the only intelligible word she could manage before breaking into lustful screams as her vagina convulsed and began emptying a load of female cream into her daughter’ mouth. Jan covered her mother’s pussy with her lips and began flicking her tongue in wide circles on the interior of Tracy’s vagina as she accepted her mother’s orgasmic honey.

“I can’t hold it” Gary said loudly as he pulled out of Jan. To his suprise Tracy leaned over and sucked his dick into her mouth. Her throat was flooded with a torrent of cum and though she sucked and swallowed best she could some dribbled out onto Jan’s pussy mound.

The three lovers finally broke apart.

“Damn. Look at you” Gary laughed as he pointed at Jan. her face was literally gleaming from forehead to chin with her mothers juices.

Jan laughed. “You weren’t horny were you mom?”

“Noooooo”, Jan said sarcastically before laying back.

Looking over Tracy noticed Gary’s cock was still stiff.

Jan got up on her knees and leaned over kissing her mother deep. She realized then that her mother had taken Gary’s load in her mouth.

“You really like that stuff mom?” she asked as she teasingly licked her mother’s lips.

“Well yes. It’s an acquired taste but I love it.” Her mother replied as Jan began licking her mother’s nipples.

Gray was jacking his cock. There was no way it was going soft with the sight before him.

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