tagIncest/TabooMother's Inspection

Mother's Inspection


Most of you would wonder how I could descend into such forbidden lust over my own father. I would wish to answer that it was unpredictable from my part. But after I learned from my mother, that perhaps I could entice feelings of passion in him by flirting with him and displaying myself to him, I couldn't get the thought of arousing him out of my mind.

Somehow minute changes were happening in our house since my mother helped me shave my pussy a few months ago. Kathy, my mother, had insisted on stating weekly inspections of my shaven sex. Her pretext being to make sure I am ready to be fucked when the moment arrives. My mother is a large breasted sexually open minded woman of 40 years with natural 36d breasts also pear shaped but showing a little more sag than mine with long protruding nipples, long flowing curly dark brown hair, an hourglass figure. As for myself I am a 22 year old, buxom 36dd pear shaped, red curly haired married libertine woman. You could portray me as a voluptuous buxom, 36dd pear shaped breasts, rosy nipples - 30 waist - 40 inch hips, 5 foot 4 with full curly auburn hair, with also an hourglass figure. These events happened when I was 18. My mother would come into my room on Sunday mornings in her light blue see through nightgown, making sure to bounce her breasts; closing my bedroom door behind her she would jump on my bed and pull back the covers.

That particular morning, I was lying on my back, naked under the covers since I had been teasing my clit and asshole before she barged in my room. She saw me naked under the covers and noticed the acrid smell coming from my fingers, she smiled and said: "Time for your inspection Nancy!"

I smiled wickedly knowing what she wanted to see, and opened my legs slowly displayed my landing strip and shaved pussy lips; I tucked my hands under my ass cheeks and opened them for her to see my shaved rectal region. Kathy kneeled in front of my displayed sex, her breasts hanging down and stretching the front of her nightgown. I noticed a sweet musky fruity smell emanating from her, looking down I saw some clear liquid leaking from her shaven cunt lips onto her legs. She leaned closer to my pussy and took a deep breath inches from my closed labia.

She looked up at me and said: "Honey you're in heat, I can smell it and I see how wet and swollen your lips are. Must be difficult to be horny and not be able to get licked or fucked. Aside from that everything looks wonderful keep on what you're doing!"

She proceeded in parting my pussy lips and running her finger along my slit. I was in pure heaven, responding to her caresses. I let out an audible sigh when she inserted a finger inside my hole.

She licked her lips and whispered: "Oh Nancy you're still a virgin! You'll need to see to that quickly, you can't go on horny all the time, arousing your father and brother. If you're scared I can show you how to do it yourself, you could borrow one of my dildos. I even have a double headed one, we could do it together"

At that time I didn't understand what she meant, all I knew was I was truly enjoying the finger in my pussy and I wanted it deeper, but as quickly as it entered she took it out, and lowered her head towards my anus, and started sniffing my asshole. From that position I couldn't see what she was doing but I felt her breath and nose on my puckered hole. And then I felt it, unlike anything I ever felt before, like soft velvet she ran her wet tongue over my shaved anus, gently probing and then inserting her tongue in my rectum, running it in and out.

I heard her say between my ass cheeks: "I have to taste if you are cleaning yourself right dear!"

I couldn't take it anymore; I lowered my hand to my clit and started rubbing and pinching it hard. Hoping for a fast orgasm, which never came since she abruptly stopped tasting my ass. She looked over her shoulder to my bedroom door and smiled.

She must have heard some noise coming from the bedroom door, and I noticed it was opened a few inches and I could see a shadow moving behind it, mom noticed my look, looked over her shoulder and said:

"Oh don't worry darling, it's probably your father and brother getting up and heading to the bathroom."

I was excited that either my father or brother or both were watching my naked body on display. I looked over my mother's body kneeled in front of my spread legs, and again that wonderful smell of musky sweet fruit wafted from her pussy.

"Mommy is that dad's sperm running out of your pussy onto your legs?" I asked her looking at her inner thighs.

She raised her nightgown over her hips, cupped her cunt, and inserted two fingers inside and brought her hand to my face, offering them first to my nose, which I inhaled deeply moaning and squirming in delight, my nipples now painfully erect and my anus convulsing in pleasure as my shaven cunt was leaking onto the sheets. I cupped my breasts in response to the urgent need coming from my nipples. Caressing the underside of my globes and running my fingers delightfully over my erected points. I reached out with my tongue and started tentatively licking my mothers offered fingers. I tasted my mother's and father's mixed juices and I found that I was intrigued by the particular taste and wish I could taste more. My mother was looking at me with an appreciative look in her eyes. She then started to get off the bed, pulling her nightgown back down and headed out of the room.

As she was approaching the door to my bedroom, I heard a scuffle in the hallway. My mother stepped out then I heard her speaking to someone in the hallway: "Oh so you were spying on us? Did you enjoy yourself?"

I couldn't hear the response of her interlocutor, but I was hoping it was my father getting excited over observing my naked horny body on my bed. Still in my dreamy state with my hands running over my breasts, I fantasized about my father watching me. I slowly got up from my bed, and took a towel from my closet and headed out of the room to take my shower.

As I entered the hallway, I noticed my father heading outside in his swim trunks. I deduced he was heading to the pool for his morning laps; I headed back into my room and decided that I would join him outside this morning. I put on my sexiest lacy pink string thong and a small tight thin white t-shirt I hadn't worn in 4 years. My breasts had grown 2 cup sizes since I was 14 and they were tightly pressed against the thin fabric clearly showing my pear shaped double ds, the outline of my erected nipples showing nicely through the material. I thought about going outside like that, but opted for a baby-blue mini skirt to barely cover my ass. I adjusted my breasts and pinched the nipples making sure they were clearly visible in the t-shirt and headed outside.

As I got outside, I noticed my father and brother were not in the pool, but were busy washing the car. Both were in their swim trunks and already wet from playing with the hose. Both stopped what they were doing and stared at my bouncing titties as I made my way towards them glowing with pride at their obvious excitement. Jules my father, is over six feet, has broad shoulders, shaved head and curly black hairs on his chest was wearing his white board shorts, his penis clearly outlined by a nice bulge in the tight swimwear. My brother seeing me approach decided to head for the swimming pool, obviously embarrassed at being attracted to his sister.

I made sure to stand opposite my father, on the other side of the car. I pressed my breasts against the car making the front of my t-shirt wet, while washing the roof. My father continued to water down the car. I decided to make my move; I headed towards the front of the car, washing the windshield, making sure that my breasts were swaying from side to side, their shape, nipples and areolas clearly visible through the fabric. My father turned my way suddenly, surprised at seeing my breasts bouncing, he inadvertently sprayed my t-shirt and skirt with the hose.

" Sorry Nancy, I got distracted" He said while obviously staring at my heaving tits and pointing nipples, proudly displaying themselves for him.

"It would seem so": I replied laughing, dropping the sponge and cupping my breasts I added:

"Look at me, I'm all wet, I'll have to go change, and I really wanted to wear this today! Well, no sense standing in wet clothes and being uncomfortable"

I hooked my thumbs in my skirt and lowered it to my feet, loving to show off my cunt outline through my wet pink thong, hoping it was see through enough to display my landing strip. I took the t-shirt off, making sure to wait patiently with the t-shirt over my head, to display my breasts proudly

"You don't mind do you daddy, beside you've seen me naked before!" I said lowering my t-shirt to the ground, I adjusted my thong, hooking my fingers in the liner, pulling it out and tucking it tightly inside my cunt lips.

I knew I had just deliberately shown him my pussy and it drove me wild with lust. I turned around and headed back towards the house. "Well I'm going to change daddy, see you later!"

I noticed my mother looking at us through the kitchen window with a jealous gleam in her eyes as I made my way back towards the house my ass swaying and tits bouncing happily.

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