tagIncest/TabooMother's Kiss

Mother's Kiss


She was at the kitchen sink, lost in thought. How had it come to this? They'd been sharing a house for months and up until last night it hadn't been a problem. Nothing had prepared her for this, although if she was honest the thoughts had crossed her mind in her own intimate moments. Often she'd lie in her bed, touching herself and allowing her body to believe it was him, that he was rubbing his finger over her panties, slipping a finger inside her and stroking her. She'd even called out to him when the feelings grew so intense the next stage was orgasm. Yes, it was wrong but who was she hurting? Surely she wasn't the only woman to have such thoughts about her son?

He was driving home after a long day at work; a day made longer by the fact that his mind certainly wasn't on the jobs in hand. It kept taking itself off to the events of last night and he had to reluctantly drag it back to the present and reality. He wasn't looking forward to reaching home and yet he felt the same excitement as always when he knew they would have the house to themselves for a couple of days. He'd often thought of her when he was alone in his room; often called out to her when he climaxed, imagining he was safe in her hand. Was it wrong to masturbate thinking of your mother?

She was still lost in thought in the kitchen when he parked up and entered the house by the front door. So lost that she didn't hear him come through to her, calling out to her as he hung up his jacket and loosened his tie. It was only when he came into the kitchen, came up behind her and kissed her cheek that she realised he was there. He didn't dwell, in fact he moved away a lot quicker than usual. Any other time he would have stood behind her, taking in the smell of her hair, the faint aroma of perfume from earlier in the day still lingering on her neck. No; instead he moved away, switched on the kettle and reached into the fridge for the milk.

"Coffee mum?"

"Think I'd rather have a glass of wine if you wouldn't mind pouring me one please son"

She sighed...is this how the evening was going to be, full of polite conversation and a tension hanging in the air? For goodness sake, the poor man had just walked through the door; how could she possibly judge already how things would be. She smiled when he changed his mind about the coffee and turned around with 2 glasses. At least if he was having a glass of wine he would be a little more relaxed and maybe, just maybe, they could have a conversation and clear the air. One drink turned into a few more once they'd eaten, a meal eaten in virtual silence. They eventually met each other's gaze and smiled. The pots needed clearing and washing, a job they normally shared after a meal but this time she sent him into the living room and set about tackling them herself. Once again she was lost in her own thoughts as she placed the plates and cutlery in the soapy water. How could a kiss cause so much concern? It was over as quickly as it began but she couldn't get it out of her head. Was it so special or was it because of who they were? He'd found out all of his hard work had paid off and he was finally getting the promotion he so richly deserved and she'd held out her arms to hug and congratulate him. He looked so happy and at first she'd pushed his hair out of his eyes and kissed the bridge of his nose. How did they end up in such a passionate clinch? That kiss caused such a wave of longing to pass through her body she recoiled from him, ran up the stairs to her room and stayed there the rest of the evening. He did knock on her door but she was lying in the dark so he didn't push it. Part of her wanted him to come in and sit on the end of the bed and chat as they had so often in the past. A bigger part of her wanted to shut herself away forever, or at least until she'd made some sense of how she was feeling.

He was sitting in the living room wondering where they could go from here. It was only a kiss for goodness sake but the fact they were mother and son had a big part to play. He'd rushed in from work yesterday, full of his news. She'd watched in the background for months, saw him tearing himself apart, working night after night until the early hours putting everything together for the big presentation that would make or break his career. The number of nights she looked so tired but she'd stayed up, coffee at the ready, a gentle shoulder massage when he'd needed it. He couldn't wait to tell her but she'd probably guessed the minute he'd flung open the front door and called out to her. She'd come through, looked at him and nodded, holding out her arms to him. Next came the altogether familiar brushing of his fringe and the kiss on his nose, but then.... He leaned back and smiled at her and his eyes fixed on her face. God she was pretty, especially when she smiled. Her whole face lit up and could melt any man's heart. He lost his to her many years ago...not the part that belonged to his mother, but the part reserved for a lover. She'd broken away first and fled up the stairs to her room. He had gone up a little later and knocked on her door but there was no light showing under the door and all was quiet so he'd moved away. He had hoped she would invite him in so they could talk. He felt very confused about his reaction; how he'd started to harden as his lips touched hers. The kiss itself didn't feel wrong but maybe whom they were made too big a difference to overcome.

He couldn't bear sitting alone anymore so he went back to the kitchen to see if he could help after all. She hadn't really made headway with the washing up; in fact she was stood very still in front of the sink and he thought he could see her shoulders rise and fall. What he couldn't see from behind her was the tears falling into the water. She was trying to keep her emotions in check and failing at every turn. He gently whispered just one word..."Mum?" and that was enough for her to lose the battle. She let out the sob she'd been holding in but still stood with her back to him. He swiftly came over and stood behind her, wrapping his arms around her and holding her close. He hadn't noticed how petite she was before, how vulnerable. Deep inside he was hoping he wouldn't embarrass either of them by becoming aroused. All he wanted to offer was comfort, not more anguish. She seemed to move backwards into him slightly, and apologised over and over again. He was so ashamed as he felt himself stir. He tried to move away from her but she moved too and laid her head back against his shoulder. Without thinking, he kissed her cheek, tasting the salt where her tears had been. She moved her head round slightly and his lips brushed hers. There was that feeling again...what should he do? The temptation was to nibble her ear but what would her reaction be. His heart was beating so hard and fast she must be able to feel it and if that didn't give his feelings away, he was sure something else would.

"If we don't stop this now there's no going back," she whispered to him.

"I know mum, what do you want to do? I'll never hurt you; it has to be whatever you want too."

She answered by once again turning her head towards him, her body still pressed close to him. He didn't kiss her; instead he gently bit her lobe, moving down to the side of her neck, nibbling gently. She arched her back, moaning softly; that was really turning her on. As he moved his lips over her neck, his hand came up under a breast and he fondled her. She opened her blouse for him and he slipped his hand into her bra, taking a nipple between finger and thumb and squeezing very gently. It hardened as he squeezed and he had the urge to suck, the way he had as a baby, although this was a different kind of hunger. Instead, she took his hand and placed it below, helping him to stroke her through her clothes. This was frustrating for both of them so he undid her zip and let the skirt fall to the floor. He stroked her over the top of her panties; she reached down, took his fingers in hers and showed him how she liked to be touched. He was straining against his trousers and she sensed this. It would have been awkward for her to try and reach round to unzip him so she asked him to do it for her. He slipped his trousers and pants off in one move and released himself. He was so erect that the best thing to do was to slip himself in between her thighs so he could stay close while he stroked her. He could feel her warm moist lips touching him and it made him want her so badly. His hips moved very slowly backwards and forwards, sliding himself along that warm safe place, covering himself in her moisture. His body was aching to be inside her and she must have felt the same because as he moved himself forward, she took him in her fingers and guided him inside her. He felt so deep in there, he must've been touching the womb itself. His home for 9 months, here he was back again and it felt wonderful. He was holding her hips and guiding her in a rhythm with him, when she suddenly moved forward so that he slipped out. Confused he turned her around to face him, half expecting her to tell him how wrong it was and to bring things to an abrupt end. Instead, she kissed him gently, took his hand and led him upstairs to her room.

"The kitchen sink isn't the place to make love for the first time darling," she told him as she lay down on her bed, turning onto her side and patting the bed beside her. He smiled, took off his shirt and lay with her, kissing her and removing her bra. Deftly he took a nipple in his mouth and sucked so gently she thought tears would fall again. He was her baby again but she could feel as he pressed against her that he was a man. When he stopped suckling, she lifted herself and traced a path of kisses over his stomach, over the curls and took him between her lips and into her mouth. No one had done this before and he was filled with amazement at being held in his mother's mouth. Her mouth was so moist, her lips so soft, he was happy to lie there and let his mother make love to him in this way. She could taste herself on him and wanted to share it so she left that special place to kiss his lips. Her lips tasted very sweet and it made him want to be inside her again. She must've read his mind or maybe she felt the same because she straddled him, smiled at him and lowered herself onto him. She was going to guide him in but he held her hips so that all she could do was feel the tip of him against her. It was torture of a pleasant kind...she wanted him inside her, touching her inner being again and she pleaded with her eyes for him to enter her. He answered her pleas and slid in the whole way, pulling her down as far as he possibly could. She wasn't too sure she wanted to stay like that but they were both building up to an orgasm and she didn't want to stop the waves that were building for her and she hoped, him too. There was no need to worry...with one swift but graceful movement he had her facing him on her side and carried on sliding in and out.

"Can I cum for you?" he asked in almost a whisper.

"Of course you can, I'd love you to give me your sperm," she answered.

"Mum...mummy...are you sure? I'm cumming for you...I love you."

"Son...my baby...mummy's cumming too. I love you so much"

The awesome feelings kept washing over them as they came together; he was throbbing inside her, she was throbbing on the outside. She could feel his sperm being pushed up deep inside her and marvelled at the fact that she was now carrying the very thing that he was borne from. When they were both finally spent, they lay in each others arms until she could feel the gentle breathing and the light snoring coming from the man who meant everything in life to her. She gazed down at him, wanting to stroke his cheek, kiss the top of his head but she didn't want to disturb his peacefulness. Instead she lay very still, closed her eyes, and hoped sleep would come to her too.

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