tagIncest/TabooMother's Legacy Ch. 2

Mother's Legacy Ch. 2

byThe Enchanter©

We cuddled up face to face looking at one another touching intimately. Her breasts touched one another because of their size. The gold rings were a nice erotic touch to her beauty. I couldn't keep my hands of the soft globes in front of me and my mom could see that.

"What do you find so fascinating about a pair of floppy old tits!"

"Mother! These are not floppy, or old, they shouldn't even be classified as tits. They are two beautiful breasts, and these little rings are so fucking sexy I am getting hard just talking about them." She grabbed my swelling dick in her hand and started rubbing the head with her thumb.

"Well thank you son, I will take that as a compliment, and I'll take this as a compliment as well." Her hand was lifting my cock as she spoke.

"Would you like to try and shoot some of your little tadpoles to see if they can find their way to their ultimate destination?"

"I would! I would like that very much! Tell me mom how many lovers have you had since father died?"

"One, after tonight."

"Really. How about before you met dad?"

"None. Your father was my only lover."

"You mean you learned all those tricks you did on me from doin it with just my dad?"

"Your father and I did everything together. We watch a lot of movies, and even went to live shows in Europe. We just never thought about including others in our sex life. If you like I'll teach you all I know, and who knows we may learn a few new tricks of our own! Enough talk for now. How about you get behind me for some doggy style and push that big fat cock up my pussy where we both want it!"

"Oooooweee! That does sound like a plan mom."

I watched her assume the position and could see she wanted it as bad as I did. Her pussy lips were wet and swollen with lust. Mother and son were about to fuck for the first time, of which I hope would be many. When mom was in position I crawled up behind her hitting her leg with my dick as I positioned myself behind her. I rubbed the surface of her rounded ass-cheeks with nervous hands. I pulled the two hemispheres apart to gaze at her moist cunt and her cute little nether hole, and started to think about it....... and remembered her talents. I quickly refocused on her wet pussy and knew it was going to be great. I remembered how she liked it when I pulled on her nipple rings so I decided to try a different way of inflicting excitement. I brought my hand up and swatted down landing on her unsuspecting right cheek with a resounding CRACK!

"OUCH! Why you bad boy! Why did you smack me?"

"I couldn't resist. Besides you should be punished for contributing to a minor." SMACK.......SMACK.........SMACK. Left, right, left. My hands made contact with her butt only this time I got the results I expected. Along with watching her skin ripple with the force of the blows her cries confirmed my wants.

"OWE!! OH YOU FUCKER..OHmmmmmmm it hurts soooo good. Yes baby spank my ass. I such a naughty slut. I 'm making my son have sex with me. I want my son to fuck my cunt! I'm so so bad. Spank your bitch, baby make me cry out for your big hard cock."

This was getting to be fun. I kept hitting her ass and could see the red flush starting to radiate all over her cheeks.

"Sooo my little fucking wench. You like me when I paddle your ass eh? Well let's see how much you really like me. I kept hitting her red cheeks, at the same time bringing the head of my cock to the opening of her sex. I snatched hold of her hair making sure I had more than the wig and pulled her head back towards me. When I was sure she was in the right position I yanked back hard and pushed my cock into her wet pit to the hilt in one swift motion. The shriek that came from her lips was one of joyous pain. "OOOOOHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh yes baby fuck me , fuck me hard. Oh that cock feels like a log in my poor neglected pussy. Oh baby fuck me , fuck me yesss fuck momma's cunt fuck momma's wet hot cunt."

I let go of her hair and held her by the waist and pulled and pushed, fucking her full length with my hard scepter. I watched in awe as my rod, wet from her pussy juice slid in and out of that lovely tight cunthole. The feeling was all I had dreamed of and more . Her moist walls squeezed my shaft trying to milk the sperm out. We were like to young lovers trying to out-fuck one another. I could feel the cum filling my balls and it would be only seconds before I would cum. I wanted her to enjoy it, so I warned her of my impending release.

"OH FUCK MOM! Get ready! I can't hold back any longer I want to cum. I want to shoot my cum deep in your tight hot cunt. Oh mom it's so goooood...... sooooo fucking gooood. Squeeze me cunt!....... Squeeze the cock juice from you son's cock. Milk me baby, make me cum."

"Yes baby cum. Cum in me fill me with your seed, baby. Fill me with allllllll that hotttttttt cum. Yess baby cumm cummmm cummmmmmm.........."

I shot jet upon jet of sperm into her tummy. I could feel her cunt orgasm and milk my shaft. It was out of this world. It felt like my head was going to explode from the pleasure. My cock spewed it's load deep inside her, so much so that some of it leaked past my cock, dribbling over the outside of mom's pussy lips. Before it dropped to the satin sheets mom scooped it up with her fingers and brought it to her mouth saying.

"We can't afford to loose a single drop. What doesn't go in my pussy, goes in my mouth." She liked her fingers clean, then pushed on my chest until I slipped out of her hot sheath. She scooted down and sucked my entire cock into her mouth washing it clean of any cum, hers included. Mom made sure I was clean, and then she made her way back up until she was beside me again.

"Mom that was a great fuck."

"Son that was a good fuck. Give me a couple of months and you'll be saying, "Mom that was a great fuck, and....it will be true! I am sure that once I find all your triggers I will be able to enhance our sex."

"Does this mean that even if you get pregnant we are still going to do it?"

"DO IT! Baby as far as I am concerned you are mine 'til death do us part. Heck I don't care if you meet another woman and you want to marry her. She's just going to have to get use to the fact that her mother-in-law is going to fuck her husband, and if she wants to join in, great!"

"You are the best mom. Come her and give me a kiss." Her lips met mine and we got lost in one another for a good five minutes. We broke apart and decided to get some rest. Mom took one of the throw pillows and placed it under her hips to keep her abdomen elevated, ensuring none of my seed would leak out during the night.

We slept like babies, not waking up until noon the next day. I had my usual morning piss hard on and mom said she wanted to hold it while I went pee. We walked naked to the master bath and she knelt along side and lifted the seat. Holding my shaft she bent it until her aim was true and signaled for me to let fly.

"Why are you so curious about a man pissing," I said.

"Well I guess you like nipple rings and I like to watch dicks piss!"

"Sounds fair I guess. When I finished, mom shook it a half dozen time and I could not help saying, "Hey! If you shake it more than twice your playing with it!"

We both laughed, as it was kinda funny. She smacked my bare ass and said. "Go take a shower while I get cleaned up and make my man some breakfast. Bacon and eggs OK?"

"Super mom, I'll meet you in the kitchen in half an hour."

I made my way to my own bath and thirty six minutes later I was sitting down at the table. Mom had made coffee and was still in the shower so I started to get the grub from the fridge. I was just laying the last strip of bacon on the griddle when I felt her warm breath on my neck and her hand on my ass.

"Mmmmm thanks babe smells good." I'll start the eggs in a minute."

I handed her a cup of Java and she held it with both hands, sipping the hot liquid. She looked refreshed and squeaky clean. The red satin camisole and thong underwear looked hot. She had covered this with a beige colored satin shift, which only emphasized the total look. I reached around her while she was drinking her coffee and with both hands on her marvelous ass I kissed her on the end of her cute little nose.

"I truly have the hottest looking babe in the world for a mother. Not only are you beautiful, you are beautiful witch. Is my sexy witch going to teach her warlock how to do some of those things she did yesterday?"

"I will if you promise to never hurt anyone or cause them to harm anybody else. I have taken a family oath to never do any harm to any living thing with my powers, and until you demonstrate likewise I will only show you certain things. Deal?"

"Deal. What do we do first?"

"Well the first think you have to do is take your hands off my ass so I can eat. Then we will get to work." She grabbed my crotch and gave it a soft squeeze as if to send her point home.

We sat and ate our meal and cleaned up our mess. Since it was Saturday mom told the staff to stay away for the weekend as she wanted us to be alone. After all, it wouldn't look right having mother blowing me in front of the hired help. After the dishes were picked up mom and I spent the next three hours going over some of the simple tasks one had to accomplish if he/she were to try to cast a spell...... on anyone. It was not very hard to pick up and mom said it was because I was a full blooded warlock. She went on to explain that if either parent is not a witch/warlock the offspring would have a harder time and possibly not have any powers at all! After lunch we were back at the lessons and around two thirty I was getting a bit overwhelmed. Mom had not changed since this morning and being in close proximity was causing the old flag pole to start raising the flag. I wanted to break her concentration so at just the right moment I nonchalantly slid my hand onto her thigh while she was describing something I gave up on five minutes prior. She was sitting half facing me and was moving her hands and looking up in the air trying to draw a description of what she was explaining. Her tits were moving from side to side, jiggling like Jell-O, with her movements. I let my hand slid up close to her crotch and with my other hand I cupped her right breast. My first word threw her into a tail spin and she burst out laughing when I said. "Mom are both your tits the same size or is the right one bigger than the left.

"Why on earth would you want to know if my tits are the same size?"

"Well....you wanted to watch me pee and hold my dick while I did it, so I wanted to know if your tits were the same size. If they are not I will play with the smaller one to try and make it bigger, so there is no jealousy between them!"

"You are a nut case, you know that!" She said laughing. For your information they are the same size. Perfect thirty eight "C" cup, thank you very much."

"Yeah. They are perfect, and they're all mine." As I spoke I reached out and started to massage my new found toys. She only smiled and closed her eyes, letting the feel of my hands on her bosom stir her emotions.

"Mmmmmmm that feels nice baby. Your almost as good as your father. It's making me wet already. You have wonderful hands. Take them out and pull on my little rings like you did yesterday."

I undid the shift and lifted the camisole over her head. With her arms over her head her tips pointed upwards. I cupped each orb in my hands as she lowered her arms to her side. With my thumb and index finger I pinched each nipple just behind the ring and applied pressure. The nipples popped outwards and began to turn red as they filled with blood. Her chest was also turning a rosy pink. I rolled the nipples and started to pull towards me watching for any sign that I may be causing her displeasure. There wasn't any, in fact her breathing became rapid, her nostrils flaring trying to fill her lungs with needed oxygen.

I let go off the nipples, but kept my fingers on the rings. I pulled the left one out and relaxed the right one. Then I alternated, pulling the right and relaxing the left, each time pulling a little harder. Her response was not quite what I expected.

"Ohhhhh you fucking bastard your hurting my tits soooo goooood. Oh honey pull my nipples..... hurt my fucking tits baby...... make me cry love.....hurt me....pull mom's tits baby....... Pull harder.... Yessssss hard baby.......feel my wet cunt honey. Feel how drenched you have made me just by pulling my tits." I reached under her tong and she was definitely wet. So much so that the tong was not enough to stop her juices from wetting the sofa. I could feel her falling backwards onto the couch so I went with her keeping just enough pressure on her distended nips. She laid on her back and spread her legs, offering herself to me.

"See how wet you have made me. What are you going to do now? Are you going to eat mummy's pussy or are you going to fuck me? Tell your oh so nasty slut of a mother what you are going to do?"

"Would you like me to munch on this saturated cunt, mother? Or would you prefer this huge eight inch hard cock?"

"Ohhhh baby! Eat mummy please baby. Mummy wants to feel her son's tongue on her pussy, licking all that wet goo and sucking on her clit. Please honey lick my cunt please baby....... Please!"

"Okay my little horny one, but first we have to get rid of this little piece of cloth that is hiding my little love pot." I took hold of her tong and with a quick jerk ripped it from her bottom. Her rump lifted slightly from the force, then settled. Her pussy hair was wet from the love fluid escaping from her pussy. I bent my head and started to lick all around her opening, being careful no to touch any part of her pussy. Between licks I let her know what I was going to do later today.

"After I finish eating this wonderful cunt........ I may just fuck it...... and after that I........ want you to be a good girl and......... go to the bathroom........ and jump in the shower...... we will wash each other ... and then I will shave all the rest of this hair.... from MY pussy.... How does........ that sound.... my dear?"

"I ummmm.. think it...... sounds very very fucking kinky baby...... If you want to shave "YOUR" pussy, you have my blessing baby. Please suck my clit baby. It wants to feel your lips honey.......suck my cunt baby..... I am going to cum sooooonnnnnn."

She had a small orgasm but I kept up the teasing. I ventured lower to her ass cheeks. I had to lifted both her legs, but as soon as I started to wet the surface of her soft ass she took over and held up her legs with her hands and spread herself further to give me free reign over her secret parts. Her little brown crater was winking at me from the contractions of her pulsating pussy.

I bent and took a few swipes at it, which caused her to gasp at the sudden contact. I returned to the nether hole and licked all around it wetting it with my saliva. Then I went to the center of her wrinkled hole and pushed at the opening trying to gain entrance. It wasn't dirty at all. she tasted fresh and clean and I wasn't repulsed at all. In fact I was turned on big time.

When she realized what I was doing her muscles relaxed completely allowing my tongue to penetrate her. I couldn't get much more than the tip inside but the mere though of what I was doing to her was enough to trigger An eruption form her.

"Ohhhh fuuuuuccccckkkkkk I'mmmmmm cummmmmmmmiiinnnnnnngggg............"

Her orgasm caused her muscles to constrict both her holes pushing my tongue out. I quickly but gently pushed my pussy finger up her rear chute and dove head first into her cunt sucking up the flow created by her cum.

"Ohh your finger feels good baby, just like a little cock......ummmmmfff yes baby eat mummys pussy juice, clean her pussy real nice then you can stick that big cock in her and fuck her 'til she passes out. Oh yes baby eattttttmmeeeee......." She flopped back into the sofa oblivious to everything but the pleasure coursing through her veins. I eased up on her pussy gently grazing the surrounding area. When her breathing returned to a near normal cadence I scooted up too her face and pecked little kisses all over her cheeks, her eyes, and throat showing her the love I had for her. She looked so content and satisfied, her chest was still glowing, though her breathing had returned to normal. She opened her eyes and spoke just above a whisper. "That was just incredible baby. I have never had an orgasm like that before. Thank you. You have made me a happy woman."

"Great! My pleasure. Now how would you like to take care of this here dilemma you have created?"

"I can't imagine doing anything but that. Bring that big pole to momma and I will bring the swelling down."

She wrapped her hand around my handle and poised it at the entrance of her wet cave, looked me in the eyes and said, "Lay there and don't do a thing. This nasty big titted witch is going to put a spell on that cock of yours. I am going to make it shoot white,.....hot,......... gooey stuff, straight out the little hole at the end and into my airtight gash.

She was above me on the makeshift bed squatting over the head of my steel cock. She lowered her torso until the head was buried inside her hot cunt. Mom then did something incredible. Her pussy started to close and open on my cock head. I could feel the head of my rod being crushed as if it were in a collet made of velvet.

"Does my baby like what my pussy is doing do his big manly cock?"

"OH YEAH. Baby definitely likes it and wants a whole bunch more too." Man oh man your pussy feels so hot, tight, and wet, mom. Have you been doing pussy exercises to make it do that?"

"I have been able to do this little trick and many others for a long long time. In fact the first time I did this to your dad, was when you were conceived. Maybe if we're lucky history will repeat and I will have another strong handsome man around the house."

"There's no doubt in my mind about that dear. Why don't you see if you can do that to my whole cock instead of just the head?" Without any warning she fell down onto my legs, my cock buried into her wet cunt in a split second. The warm wet walls of her woman hood surrounding my hard cock. No sooner than that, when I felt my entire cock being deliciously crushed by her talented pussy.

"My God mother I think I in heaven. Promise me you won't stop. Let's just sit here and you milk my cock like this until I fill your pussy with my semen. Okay?"

"You got it love. Your wish....... is my command. Just lie back and cloooose your eyes and concentrate on my pussy. I will suck the hot cream from you balls and you can shoot all of it my waiting hot cunt!"

"Mother your nothing but a wanton slut, and I love you. Fuck me bitch. Suck my cock with that pussy. Make me shoot, yeah baby make me shoot. I can feel it building....... Keep working that cunt baby....... Don't stop..... Yessss yessss here I cum......... Mil....kkkk myyyyeeeee.... fu... cking cooo.....ck..... UNGH..... UNGH... UNGH... UNGH.. Oh...yes... mom!!!!" I was sure my cock was shooting a gallon of sperm. The sensations going through my body were unreal. The sperm kept pumping and pumping, so much so that it started to overflow and leak down my shaft along inside her and out to cover my balls and stomach. You could hear the sucking noise her pussy made as she kept milking me. I was sure she was trying to suck the cum back inside her. After the last of my cum had been drawn from me, mom looked down and smiled. She gently pinched my nipples and rolled her hips on mine making squishy sounds and trying to rub he clit against my pubic bone.

"You know baby. This could become habit forming, a habit I certainly would never break! Mmmmm you feel good even when your soft. Let's go take a nice hot shower and you can shave my little quim. Hey I've got an idea! Why don't you shave me and I'll shave you. That way we can be skin to skin we do the dirty. Come on it'll be fun. I may even blow you after, if your good!"

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