Mother's Little Hero


Mom starting getting ill before we could call for the police. I knew we had to make a choice, so I told that thoroughly beaten bum to leave. He left quietly, the only noise coming from his clapped out truck. Our security camera showed his 'B and E' (breaking and entering), so we had even more on him for any lawsuit.

I rushed mom to the emergency room. Mom's regular OB-GYN was out of town. The attending OR resident physician came out to me thirty minutes later.

I could tell it wasn't good news. He re-assured me that mom was absolutely fine; I settled back on the couch in relief. Then he said that the baby did not make it. It hit me hard, if only because I knew that mom would be devastated.

Sure enough, my mother was totally shaken by the experience. She was released the next day by the hospital. As usual, I was the only one there for her; I helped her into the car and out, thereafter serving her hand over foot.

Mom now had one of those outrageous figures that some new moms have. Her figure went almost immediately back to normal--except for her breasts, now huge and engorged with mother's milk.

For the next six weeks, mom seldom got out of bed. I would attend to her every need and whim. Often she would grab me to hug, to hold, to just know I was there for security.

After six weeks, mom's woman's cycles had returned to normal. To this point, believe it or not, after fingering her lingerie, seeing her perform on DVD and with a co-worker, we had never actually 'consummated' our new bond...our new love.

It was 11:30 pm one night when mom asked me to sit in the living room; she wanted me to see how her figure had recovered from the fateful pregnancy.

As she came out in a short pink teddy, I got hard, rock hard. To my surprise, she saw that and came up to me on the couch. Her hand reached in and keyholed my burgeoning cock, taking it from six inches to seven, eight and finally ten.

Her other hand cradled my family jewels. She was stunned that my testes were too large to be held by one hand. Swollen with love and potent seed, they drooped noticeably.

Weighing them in her hand, they actually were too heavy for her to heft forcing her to drop them. So loaded with sperm-laden cum that they were about to burst, they fell back to my thighs with an audible slapping sound.

Mom grabbed me by my huge cock, making me stand up. She walked me to her (our) bedroom. She pushed me onto my side of the bed, and then told me to keep my eyes closed. I did.

After a few moments, I felt the bed shake gently as she got on her side. She told me to open my eyes, whereupon I saw her wearing that strange 'nursing bra' that she had me buy for her.

As I stared, I finally figured out why it was made that way. With a snap, and a click, the buttons were undone and the entire right side of the bra fell away. There was the most beautiful breast I had ever seen. It was just like before, only bigger, much bigger, with green, red, and blue veining. Her nipple had gone from dark pink to brown and now was much bigger.

As I stared at that magnificent thing, without warning, mom put her pinky finger in my mouth, making it open. Then she pushed that big beautiful nipple in.

I wasn't sure what to do, but Nature had my tongue smash against that thing as my lips drew fiercely. Soon enough a drip, a drop, a trickle, and then a heavy gusher of warm, sweet mother's milk filled my mouth. My gorgeous mom, my long-time platonic love interest, was repaying her debt to me.

As I suckled noisily all that delicious breastmilk, our platonic relationship ended. With an audible slap sound, my manly ten inch cock got bolt upright and hard as titanium. When I finished the second breast, I felt strangely, well, invigorated. I looked down and to my embarrassment, I noticed that my pre-cum had spewed from my manhood as I drank that drink of the gods.

With a sweep of her hand, mom whisked that thick drop of precious goo from my huge babymaker, putting it on the lips of her pussy. Minutes later when I wasn't looking, she used her hand to force that stuff deep inside of her.

Mom undid the entire nursing bra and put it over my face. She fell back onto the bed, flat on her back. Drawing her knees up, she welcomed me with open arms.

As I mounted my mother, my ten inches of virility found the right place without any problem. Nonetheless, to show that I was incredibly welcome, mom's re-assuring hands did the actual insertion of my oversized cockhead into the damp, dripping, entrance to her love cave.

As I rubbed back and forth across the dripping lips of her wonderful pussy, the rough uncut cockhead caressed and stroked the oh-so-sensitive tissues within. When I got near her clit, she tensed and moaned, letting me know that that was a good spot to concentrate upon. I didn't stop my attention there until she had moaned in her first real orgasm from a man ever.

She had a second one when my oversized babymaker scraped and dragged its scratchy uncut head up and down before driving in firmly. When I bottomed out in there, mom screeched for the third time.

Still being new to love, I wasn't sure what my ten inch probe was feeling in there. I guessed that I was supposed to enter someplace deep inside of her.

I felt a place where the tissues gave way for an opening. Guessing (correctly), my cock doubled its thickness. My balls, already swollen, inflated to the size of oranges just before they tensed up. As they released their enormous tension, they propelled my fertilizing seed into my mother's once-again fertile womb with fantastic force.

In the stillness of our bedroom, we could actually hear my cock painting her womb white with baby-making sperm. It sounded like a squirt-gun, actually a 'super soaker', as the spray continued. So much love, so long delayed; it was no wonder that my ejaculation lasted for minutes.

At the end, my formerly magnificent sack was suspended below my still proud cock, a hollow shell of what it had been moments before. Meanwhile, my mother's totally unprotected and once again fabulously fertile womb was now awash in cum—which was about 95% pure sperm.

As we both caught our breath, my mom kissed me, thanking me for 'always being there' these past few years. Our lips met once again, as if we were husband and wife. Then we snuggled together, in love, and fell fast asleep, utterly exhausted.

Sleeping on our sides as we always did, my erect ten inch cock was between us, touching her belly and mine. Her sperm-filled pussy was leaking out excess cum as we fell asleep. It kept leaking out at flood levels all night.

At 3:45 am, a distant thunderstorm awakened both of us. In the dark, we kissed deeply.

Me: "Mom, I know this is crazy and all, but I think that we could move to where no one knew us and, well, maybe consider getting married...I know that's crazy, but..."

Mom: "No, sweetheart, that's a wonderful idea. Florida is hundreds of miles away. I can't think of anyone that would know us there. As to making it legal, that is impossible; we have the same names and they could check. But, it's still a darling idea. It might be hard to find good jobs in this economy, but it would be a new start. Most importantly, we would be together." [She kissed me.]

After that night, we slept together not as mother and son, but as 'man and wife'. We would make love constantly; during the warm summers, we would normally sleep in our birthday suits only, on top of the comforter. I learned how to caress her breasts, stroke her popping nipples, brush her silky thighs, and kiss a demure, soft foot as she slept, without awakening her. It was nice...

My mother was still determined to repay me for my kindness and for saving her from that horrible intruder. So, during these wild summer weekends, we'd be nude around the house 24/7. Mom would let me 'do her' every time I got a notion to.

You cannot imagine how hot it was to watch a baseball game with a cold one while having my mom around in the nude. It was kind of like those Playboy 'where are they now' stories where the Playmates were in their 40's but were even hotter than they were before.

To think that I could grab her as I sat, pushing her slavering pussy lips onto my hardening cock, pressing her on top of me, whenever I felt like it...well, WOW!

It was not unusual during those sexy weekends to have my mother making dinner with her pussy dripping white liquid, the very seed of life. One time, I saw that and turned mom around, ready to enter with one powerful thrust.

Thankfully, she reminded me that I would be burning her perfect behind on the stove; I apologized and put her up against the fridge before plunging in.

With a manly grunt, I locked lips and disgorged a copious spend deep inside of her. God, I felt so manly; here was my 'sextoy', the ultimate woman. Best of all, she had a 'creampie' drooling out of her 'highway to heaven' almost all day.

Well, it was inevitable: with all of that extremely potent seed remorselessly being pumped into an incredibly fertile womb, it was bound to happen. At some point during one nude weekend, mom conceived.

During all of this time we had had freedom because the law firm was footing our bills. Then we got an email informing us that they would no longer be paying for anything. Our hearts fell and we wondered what had happened.

The next day, a lady partner of the firm arrived at our door. Wearing an expensive Dior wool ensemble, she came in and explained everything. Her firm opposed three lawyers for all the suits mom had filed.

In binding pre-trial arbitration, the various people, law firms, and insurance companies had made a blanket offer of $3 million. With the firm's cut of $800,000 plus $66,964 in our expenses, would we go for that?

Well, we almost stripped that fine looking woman for a pen to sign; the heck with 'the principle of the thing', we just wanted the money. I asked her before she left if we made it an even $900,000, could they fix mom's name.

Well, a friendly [ex-partner] judge rubber-stamped mom's name change. Now we had a cool one and a half million (after taxes) and a mom of mine with a new last name.


Naples, Florida is a fantastic Gulf-coast town, with pristine white beaches and the shimmering Gulf to watch the sun set. None of our neighbors suspected a thing about the new couple that moved in.

They might have thought that I was a tiny bit old to be married to my hot young wife, what with my graying at the temples hair. I was probably the only male in North America that used that Clairol color to try to look older.

My mom, barely into her 40's, always dressed young, with hot pants or a tie-around blouse. Of course, when her belly was beautifully swollen with child, she had to dress a little bit more maturely. I wanted her to 'flaunt it' with a skimpy top and regular slacks, leaving a big gap for that yummy tummy, full of life.

Unfortunately, mom wouldn't go for that. Anyway, after the fifth child, mom finally went on the 'pill'. It was either that or we'd have to consider buying a used bus and two new homes, from all the unprotected sex we were having...

We had tried condoms, but the normal sized one wasn't big enough for my cock or my load. When I pulled out, I could tell something was wrong. This was just before our fifth and final kid. We had planned on only four...

After the first year since moving to Florida, with a Florida driver's license in our hot little hands, mom and I snuck over to the county clerk. We filled out a form and sheepishly submitted it, not sure if we'd be approved or locked up and put on the six o'clock news.

Well, with a click and snap of that bureaucrat's silver stamping device, it was official: my beautiful mother and I were now married. With a beautiful home on the sea, a gorgeous wife and five kids, I had found true happiness.

Years later, I went back to school and finished a four year degree, but I never had to use it. It was poetic justice that the people that had wronged my mother were forced by the courts to make amends, and pay the way for our happy new life...

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