tagIncest/TabooMother's Magic Touch

Mother's Magic Touch


Author's Note: Everyone in this story is eighteen or older. Promise.

*~*~* Part I *~*~*

Claire was at her wits' end. She paced back and forth and checked her watch for what seemed the thousandth time. Where is she?

Her heart jolted when she heard a knock. She rushed to the front door, yanked it open and was overcome with relief when she saw her younger sister, Amy, waiting on the other side in her nurse uniform. "What took you so long?!"

Amy blinked at her in surprise. "I came as soon as I - "

Claire didn't wait for her to finish. She grabbed her wrist and dragged her into the house, pulling her toward the living room.

"Whoa!" Amy said, as she tried to twist her arm free from her sister's surprisingly strong grip. "What's the panic?" Her eyes went wide. "Is something wrong with Tommy?!"

Claire gave her only the briefest glance, but it was filled with worry. "Yes."

She led her sister into the living room. The television was on. Noise blasted from it as a jumble of superheroes in colorful costumes exploded across the screen in a frenzy of action. But the dark-haired boy on the couch seemed oblivious to it all as he stared impassively toward the side window and thousands of dust motes seemingly suspended in a single bar of pale sunlight streaming through the half-closed curtains.

Amy yanked her arm free from her sister's grasp and rushed toward the couch and her only nephew. He was dressed in loose-fitting, blue pajamas and had a thick, heavy blanket draped across his lap. "Hey Tiger, it's me, Aunty Ames."

She brushed his hair away and pressed her palm against his forehead to check his temperature. His only response was a blink. She moved her hand to his wrist and placed two fingers against it, checking his pulse as he continued to stare lifelessly toward the window.

Claire wrung her hands as she watched. "You don't need to do that. His problem...it's not medical...I mean, I don't think it is."

"What do you mean?" Amy gently cupped her nephew's chin and turned his face toward her. "I thought you said you needed my help?"

Claire swallowed hard as she stared at her son. Three months had passed since that fateful morning when she'd discovered him collapsed on the bathroom floor, mouth and eyes open as he stared dumbly toward the ceiling. The paramedics who responded to her desperate 911 call whispered to each other it had to be some kind of overdose. The doctors thought it could be encephalitis or some form of autism. It wasn't until weeks later that anyone learned the truth.

The specialists called it Kirkman's Syndrome, an extremely rare condition that leaves its victim in a zombielike state, only able to respond to the most basic of commands. They couldn't tell her if her son would ever recover or if he was even still in there, all they agreed on was that he had to be institutionalized. Claire had brought him home instead. She told herself she was doing the right thing. Now, she wasn't so sure.

"I - I do need your help," she said. "Tommy has to see his specialist today. We have to be there in an hour."

Her sister stared at her, puzzled. "What are you saying? Is there something wrong with your car? Are you telling me you need a ride?"

Claire swept her hand through her hair and shook her head. "No, it's nothing like that. It's just...I was trying to get him dressed, and - "

"Wait, why are you getting him dressed? Doesn't his care aide do that? What was her name...Consuela?"

"Yes, I mean...no, she can't. I had to fire her."

Amy stared at her in surprise. "Fired her? Why?"

Claire took a deep breath. She knew there was only one way to explain. She took a step forward and cringed as she lifted the heavy blanket from her son's lap.

Her sister's jaw dropped and her eyes went wide as they took in the unexpected sight of her nephew's thick member jutting obscenely from the opening in the front of his pajama bottoms.

"That is the problem," Claire said, turning her head away so she wouldn't have to look at her son's painfully erect cock, almost standing straight up. "And that's why I had to fire Consuela. I caught her with it in her...in her mouth."

Amy's eyes nearly bugged out. "You're kidding me! Consuela?! Isn't she, like, fifty?"

Claire nodded and winced as she remembered the moment she'd walked into her son's room and caught Consuela. The short, heavy-set woman with the dark silver-streaked hair and penchant for prayer was supposed to be helping Tommy get dressed. Instead she was hunched over him with his pajama bottoms pushed down around his knees as she lustily sucked on his stiff cock.

Claire crossed her arms and shook her head, trying to shake the disturbing image from her thoughts. "Anyway, that's why I called you. I need your help."

Amy's eyes had been locked on her nephew's thick, swollen erection since it had been revealed, but now she forced herself to face her sister. "Umm, when you say help, what exact kind of help are you hoping for?"

"I have to get him to see that specialist and I can't take him there like that, with his...thing...sticking straight up," Claire said, obviously exasperated. "Isn't there some way you can make it go down?"

Amy's eyes went wide as saucers as she glanced back at her nephew's huge, hard dick. "Umm, there's only one way that monster is going down. Let's just say you should have let Consuela finish what she'd started and then fired her."

A look of anguish flashed across Claire's face. She turned toward her sister and quickly shielded her eyes with her hand as she accidentally caught a glimpse of her son's embarrassingly erect cock. "But you're a nurse. You're surrounded by male patients all day long. Doesn't this ever happen to them?"

"Umm...yeah, all the time, but - "

"And can't you just flick a finger at the base or something, and that makes it go down?"

"I wish it was that easy."

"Then how do you..."

"Let's just say, most of the girls I work with - they went to the same school as Consuela."

Now it was Claire's turn to have her jaw drop. "You mean they," her voice dropped to a whisper, as if worried her son might overhear, "they suck them?"

"Only if the guy is cute or has a really big log, most of the time they just close the curtains and get them off with their hand."

Claire stared hard at her sister. "And...and do you get them off, too?"

"Please," Amy said, as her cheeks turned crimson, "I'm a professional. I can't answer a question like that."

"But you have?"

"Wait a second." Amy glanced at her nephew's massive erection, close enough to touch. "Why exactly are you asking me this?"

Claire took a deep breath. "Can you do it for Tommy?"

Amy's face flashed with surprise as her eyes darted between her sister's imploring gaze and her nephew's jutting cock. "You have got to be joking."

Claire wrung her hands and cringed as she forced a glance at her son's painfully swollen member. "You probably think I'm a monster for even asking, but the last time I took Tommy to see this specialist I barely had his pants off when his thing started getting stiff and just kept growing and growing. By the time the doctor got there it was pointing straight at the ceiling. Of course, the doctor didn't care, he didn't say a word, but he had this blonde intern with him...she couldn't have been a day over twenty...and the way she kept staring at Tommy, at his...at his thing."

"Trust me," Amy said, as she squeezed Tommy's thigh and took a long look at the thick pole protruding from the opening in the front of his pajama bottoms, "my nephew has nothing to be embarrassed about."

"It's not Tommy who was embarrassed," Claire hissed, "it was me! When we came out of the examination room I saw her, that fucking blonde intern. She was whispering and laughing with the Asian girl at reception. The way they tried to hide their smiles, I know they were talking about Tommy and me!"

"I'm sorry," Amy said, as her hand lingered on her nephew's thigh, inches away from his hard cock, "but you should have just let Consuela keep sucking him. She obviously knew he needed it. I mean, I can't do it," she said, as she stole another peek at his thick, throbbing length, "I'm his aunt!"

"But that's exactly why I called you," Claire pleaded. "It's hard enough seeing him like this, but Consuela...he doesn't even know her. You're his aunt, he loves you. He's always loved you. And you're a nurse. You're already taking care of all those other men's needs. Your nephew has needs, too."

Amy stared at her sister in disbelief, and then shook her head as if just the thought of what she was suggesting made her light-headed. Her cheeks flushed and she forced herself to eye her nephew's stiff cock, so obviously needing to be touched. "Oh my god," she murmured, "I can't believe I'm actually going to do this." She slid her hand across his thigh and curled her fingers around his hard shaft.

"Whoa!" Claire exclaimed, as she quickly turned her head so she couldn't see. "I didn't mean do it right here! Take him upstairs to his bedroom."

"Oh, of course, sorry," Amy said. With more than a little difficulty, she stuffed her nephew's oversized erection back inside his pajama bottoms. Then, as the doctors had instructed, she gave him a basic command. "Up, Tommy."

He instantly rose to his feet and stood facing forward like an automaton, his rare condition allowing his brain to understand and follow only the most basic of instructions.

Amy took his hand. "Come with me, Tommy." He went with his aunt, his swollen cock straining against the front of his cotton pajamas as he followed her. She glanced back at his hard-on and nervously bit her lower lip. "Don't worry, sis" she said, trying to reassure Claire as she led her son toward his bedroom, "I don't think this is going to take very long."

Claire watched them disappear up the stairs, and instantly started to second guess her decision. Did I really just ask my sister to give my son a handjob?

She paced back and forth and worried she'd made a terrible mistake. Why did she care if a hundred blonde interns saw her son's erection? In the condition he was in, a hard-on was the least of her worries. Wringing her hands, she finally made her decision. She needed to stop this now.

Claire raced up the stairs to the second floor and hurried down the hallway toward her son's bedroom. But when she reached the closed door she hesitated and, taking a quiet step closer, pressed her ear against the thin veneer.

From the other side she heard heavy breathing and a soft, steady, fap fap fap sound. Then she heard her sister's voice.

"Holy cow, Tiger, I never knew your cock was so big. Does that feel good, having Aunty Ames' hand wrapped around it? Oh yeah, I can tell, you like that." The soft fap fap fap sound filtering through the closed door seemed to pick up speed, becoming more intense, more urgent. "Oh yeah, that's it. Come on, baby. You like having your favorite aunt pumping your big fucking dick, don't you? Oh yeah," she moaned. "I can see it in your eyes, you fucking love it."

Claire staggered back from the door, the sound of her sister's dirty talk echoing inside her thoughts. It had been one thing catching Consuela sucking her son's cock, but now, knowing her sister was in his bedroom with his hard-on in her hand, whispering obscenely in his ear. She took a step forward and gripped the doorknob.

"Oh my gosh, look how good that's making you feel. Your balls are getting so full." Amy's voice drifted through the thin door. "You like having me take care of you, don't you Tommy? I can tell you need this so bad. Show Aunt Amy how good she's making you feel. Come on Tommy. Come for me."

Claire fell back from the door, more confused than ever. What if her son did need this? His cock had been so stiff. That's what Consuela had insisted as she packed her bags to leave. Boys like Tommy need to come all the time, she had said. Trust me.

Claire tiptoed back down the hallway and quietly went downstairs. She sat on the couch, clasped her hands together and held them in her lap as she waited. It seemed to take an eternity. Then she finally heard footsteps at the top landing.

Claire leapt to her feet and watched as her sister led Tommy down the stairs. He was dressed now, wearing faded jeans and a long-sleeved button-down shirt, and his dark curls had been brushed. Otherwise, he had the same expressionless demeanor he'd worn when first led up the stairs.

Amy, on the other hand, looked flushed and seemed blissfully unaware that half her hair had shook loose from the ponytail she normally wore it in. She gave her sister a sheepish look and said, "That problem? It's...umm...all taken care of."

Claire couldn't help herself as she wrung her hands once more and searched her son's face. "How was he?"

Amy's eyes flashed and she broke into an ear-to-ear grin as she lovingly stroked her nephew's arm. "Oh my god," she said with a deep sigh, "he was amazing."

Claire turned beet red with embarrassment. ""That's not what I meant. Did he seem...uncomfortable?"

Her sister gave her a reassuring smile. "Tommy was fine. You did the right thing, calling me. He was definitely overdue for a...release. And when his problem pops up again - trust me, it will - you just call me and I'll come right over and take care of it."

Amy led her nephew back toward the couch, sat him down, and gave his shoulder a loving squeeze as she bent forward to kiss him lightly on the forehead. "You take care, Tommy, and remember - Aunt Amy loves you."

Claire watched from the window as her sister drove away and then checked her watch. They had half an hour to get to the specialist.

Tommy was still on the couch, staring at the dust motes floating in the bar of sunlight streaming through the window. She turned toward him and leaned close, her face inches from his as she searched his eyes for any sign of recognition. There wasn't even a flicker. She lifted her son's hand and gently touched it to her face, closing her eyes as she brushed his fingers against her cheek and whispered, "Was she right, Tommy? Did I do the right thing?"

*~*~* Part II *~*~*

Claire swore as she glanced over her shoulder into the backseat where her son was staring through the side window at the dappled sunlight beneath a nearby maple. Three days had passed since they had seen the specialist. Three days since he'd told her what they all told her: your son may be like this forever.

Claire had been so relieved that Tommy hadn't got an erection during the examination that she didn't even let it get to her when the doctor patiently explained the same thing a dozen specialists had already said - they had no idea how to cure it.

"Kirkman's syndrome is extremely rare. Very little is known about it or what causes it. There are drugs and treatments we can try, but for all we know the cure could be something as simple as a bump to the head. That's the problem, we just don't know. Your son doesn't seem to be in any distress, but if you find it too hard to care for him...we can make arrangements."

Claire had heard it all before. Normally she raged, but she had been so pleased to see the disappointed look on the blonde intern's face when she discovered Tommy's cock wasn't sticking straight up like the last time that she considered it a small victory.

But now her big problem was back again.

Claire adjusted the rearview mirror down so it was aimed at the gap between the seats as she speed-dialed her sister. Her son had been fine when she'd dressed him but now his obvious hard-on was straining against his sweat pants.

She spoke as her sister answered the phone. "Hey, sorry to bug you, but Tommy's problem has...umm...popped up again."

Her sister's voice dropped to a whisper. "You know I'd love to help if I could, but I can't. I'm at the hospital."

"So are we."

"What? Where?"

"At the back of the parking lot, beneath the trees. Tommy has an appointment today. They're bringing in a new batch of specialists to see him and I don't want them to see him like this."

"You don't think it will just go down on its own? How hard is it?"

Claire glanced into the back seat where her son's hard-on seemed more swollen than ever. What was she supposed to do, give his cock a squeeze? "I don't know. That's why I'm calling you! You're the expert."

"I'm an expert when it comes to nursing, not...that." There was a moment of hesitation, and then her sister whispered, "I'll be right out."

Claire drummed her fingers against the steering wheel. Finally, her sister appeared, dressed in her nurse's uniform as she hurried across the parking lot while trying to hide her face from the bored ticket taker in the pay booth as she headed toward the SUV parked in the shadows beneath the maple trees. She automatically climbed into the backseat and slid close to Tommy.

Claire twisted around. "I really appreciate this, but you didn't have to come all the way out here. Isn't there a room in the hospital you can take him to?"

Amy stared at her as if she was crazy. "Do you want me to get fired? What happens if someone walks in and catches me? Oh, I know, I'll just tell them it's okay, he's my nephew."

Claire's cheeks turned crimson. She nervously twisted her bracelet back and forth. "Then where are you going to do it?"

"Are you kidding me? I only have ten minutes before I have to be back. We're going to have to do this right here. Right now."

Claire turned to argue and immediately stiffened as she spun back around in shock. Since taking over her son's care since Consuela's dismissal she had seen her son's penis in every state: soft, semi-erect and rock-fucking-hard. But the sight of her obviously eager sister tugging Tommy's sweatpants down around his ankles and letting his huge erection spring free was just a little too disconcerting.

"Oh my god," she whispered, staring straight ahead through the windshield so she couldn't see what was happening in the backseat. "I shouldn't be here. I'm going to stand outside."

"Are you nuts? What if the security guard wonders what you're doing and wanders over to see?"

"Then I'll go for a walk. Text me when you're...when he's finished."

"You're not going anywhere. I need you to keep a lookout and warn me if anyone comes near."

"Why can't you just watch?!"

"How the heck am I supposed to see if anyone's coming with my head in Tommy's lap?"

Her words hit Claire like a bucket of ice water over her head. She spun around to confront her sister. "What do you mean, with your head in Tommy's lap? Don't tell me you plan to," her voice dropped to a whisper, "to suck him!"

Three of the buttons on Amy's top were already undone and she was pressed as close to her nephew as she could get as her hand stroked up and down his stiff, ready cock. "Of course I'm going to suck him. How the heck do you think I made him shoot last time?"

Claire stared at her in shock. "I thought you gave him a handjob. I told you to give him a handjob!"

"No, you told me to take care of him. Believe me, I wish I could have gotten him off with my hand. It was taking so long I thought my arm was going to fall off, and I've taken care of enough patients during my rounds to know when a handjob just ain't gonna do the trick. Consuela must have spoiled him, because Tommy definitely needs a warm mouth wrapped around his big cock if he's going to come."

Claire clapped her hands against her ears. She didn't need to hear this. Not now.

Her sister grabbed her shoulder and shook it. "Hey, he's my nephew. I don't feel any better about this than you do, but we're wasting time. If you've changed your mind that's fine, I have patients to get back to. Otherwise, you need to keep an eye out."

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