tagIncest/TabooMother's Marriage Movie

Mother's Marriage Movie


"Son, don't pack up your camera as yet ..."

Jay was yet to get used to being addressed as a son, at least not by anyone other than his mother Radha, that it took him a second to realise that his new father Gobind was talking to him ...

"... You have some more shooting to do tonight!" Gobind continued ..

"Oh really?" Jay was surprised .. " But I thought that we are done for the day?"

Which would have really been the case since he had been at it since the morning ... and it had no doubt been a very memorable day indeed.

Why? Because Radha -- after spending 18 years as a widow in the dreary, drabness of a one room government flat with her son Jay -- had finally seen her spirits, and material fortune, take wings in the shape of an unexpected courtship, proposal and finally today's marriage to Gobind -- the reclusive art critic and, as she and her son now knew, multi-millionaire art collector.

It was a marriage that took many of Bombay's social elite by surprise. Gobind was over 70 years old and many of the city's crop of grand dames had -- in their youth and childhood -- nurtured covert and not-so-covert hopes of netting him. But as the years rolled past and he flirted with all but committed to none, they had one by one lost interest -- or hopes -- of finally making it to his magnificent flat on Marine Drive, as something more than a guest! Then all of a sudden it happened and the city was abuzz at the horrid thought of how that rank outsider -- and some jealous women used words that were worse -- like Radha managed to do what had eluded so many for so long.

They were no doubt an odd couple! Gobind with his 6 foot 2 frame -- without which his paunch would have been even more noticeable -- and a dusky face framed by his thick white beard and a head of equally white hair, was a quite a contrast to Radha's lissome youthfulness. At 38, few would have guessed that she had son who had turned 18 -- the fortunate product of a brief and unfortunate marriage that had ended when her artist husband had perished in a terrorist attack leaving her with an unborn son. But the years of struggle and solitude had failed to leave any mark on her fair and finely chiselled face, the large, liquid eyes framed in arching brows, a firm chin, the long curly hair that when loose hung all the way to her flaring butts and of course those small but firm tits -- that were usually hidden behind the layers of her saree's anchal (or pallu).

The world -- the small world of the school where she taught art and the neighbourhood where she lived -- knew her as quiet, unassuming, conservative widow, resigned to life of insignificance with her son, but little did they know of what happened within the private confines of her single roomed flat that she shared with her little boy.

But both worlds -- Gobind's big world of Bombay's glitterati, and Radha's little world were in for a shock when the two were suddenly spotted together in a slew of social events that finally culminated in today's temple marriage that was followed by a small eclectic reception at a boutique hotel, where Jay had been the official video photographer!


For Jay it had not been a surprise because he had seen it coming. He had known of Gobind ever since he had met her mother ... nearly a year back. In fact there was little in Radha's life that Jay was not aware of and vice versa because after years of loneliness, mother and son were close, very close ... sometime more close than what was evident to most 'outsiders' ....


"Oh we are done for the day, for sure, but I am not so sure that we are done for the night!" there was this wicked grin on Gobind's face that intrigued Jay.

Gobind, Jay and Radha had just returned to Gobind's grand penthouse apartment on Marine Drive and were lounging in a vast drawing room that overlooked the Arabian Sea -- framed by the lights of the Queen's Necklace many, many storeys below. It had of course been a long and tiring day and the three of them were sitting around with tall, chilled glasses, sipping at the sparkling bubbles of Madame de Pompadour.

Radha was still in her bridal finery -- an unusual red and gold Dacca muslin saree where the traditional motifs had been replaced by the erotic symbolism taken from the panels of Khajuraho temples! The red spaghetti-back blouse with its plunging neckline, that showed off the swell of her milk white breasts, had of course been a dick raiser at the reception .. with most lady guests trying to shoo away their male companions from the temptation of ogling at the bride. At each of her wrists was a jangle of bangles -- all gold and diamond and on her slender neck she wore a delicate collar made of gold chain mail, encrusted with tiny diamonds. Balancing this collar was an unusual necklace -- made in the shape of two intertwined snakes of gold that came together -- hood to hood -- on her breasts. One hood was crowned by huge white diamond while the other an even larger blood red ruby. The symbolism of the hoods in arousal -- white and red, male and female, lust and love -- would of course have been evident to to those who shared Gobind's penchant for patterns! Gobind himself was no less resplendent! With his long white beard and his snow white locks that stopped just short of his shoulders he might have been a medieval prophet or sage who had time-travelled into 21st century Bombay! But that had only added to the heady mystique created by a stunning white and gold sherwani jacket, with the same Khajuraho patterns kantha-stitched with red and gold.

Jay had of course been seeing all this all day, through his view finder, but now that he had put his camera away, the eroticism of the scene hit him hard and suddenly there was a tightening at his crotch as his dick started to assert itself!

"What would you mean by that?" Jay rearranged his legs and adjusted his trousers in a vain attempt to hide the tent that threatened to erect itself.

"You would agree that this was an unusual wedding ...."

"I suppose so .."

"And that your mother and I make an unusual couple .."

"One of a kind no doubt .."

"But the wedding video that you have shot is like the millions of wedding videos that are shot every day all over India ..."

"Weddings are the same all over the place .... so what else could I have done?"

"Nothing, nothing ... you have done the very best ... I am quite sure of that ..."

"Then what?"

"But have you shot the wedding?"

"Of course, the registration, the temple ceremony, the reception and even little things like your friends ogling at my mother!"

"But that is just the trailer to the real movie ... which is about to begin now, in this flat, in that room and on the bed!"

"Good gracious! And you want me to shoot you with my mother on her bridal bed?"

"And why not kiddo?"

"I mean .. that would be ..." Jay stammered and stuttered in confusion ... "so embarrassing ..." he finally managed to blurt out.

"Embarrassing for whom? You, me or your mother?"

"This is too much ... I don't know ..." Jay was still spluttering, " ... and did you know of this ma?" perhaps she could offer some help?

"Look son, your mother and I have no qualms about this at all", Radha was obviously in the know and Gobind was speaking on her behalf as well. "It is our wedding and I would like to have a record of what I did to my newly wed wife on the conjugal bed!"

"But me -- shooting pictures of my own mother -- being, .. being .."

"Being fucked ..." Gobind completed what Jay was not able to .. " and tell me why not? You are the closest to her, and now to me as well, so who else do you think should shoot her in the buff?"

"Well ..." Jay was still at a loss of words ...

"And it is not that you have not seen your mother in the nude!! Radha has been telling me of your little escapades ..."

Which was true of course. It was not that mother and son had been living in sin but in the cramped confines of their erstwhile flat, privacy had always been at a premium and it had all begun when little Jay was, well very, very little and his mother Radha had never been too much of a prude while changing or bathing. But then of course neither mother nor son had given thought to the fact that with years rolling by little Jay was not so little any more ... and it was a fact that they did have only one bed to share and when it was cold and there were two people under the blanket there is always a bit of touchy-feely that happens ... especially when that touchy-feely is in fact rather pleasurable for both. With puberty breaking out in Jay's loins it was always a pleasure for him to fondle his mother's tits, squeeze her butts and once in a while even check out her bush and for Radha, the years of widowed abstinence had created a void -- or dammit, she had to admit it, a need or greed -- that could only be fulfilled by a male body, or to more precise a penis, a prick, that she could loving fondle to a full erection.

Both of them knew of course that it was perhaps wrong but then again neither had any intention, or even the courage, to talk about it. Moreover, none of them would quite think through why, if at all, it was actually wrong while both seemed to find it quite pleasant and since no one else had any chance of knowing about this cosy matter -- the relationship had progressed along the razor's edge! There had been occasions when Radha had found her son's erection pressing into her crotch a bit too hard but she would somehow manage to either turn around herself or as was more usual, turn her son around and whisper a quick and quiet word of warning in his ear.

Jay was of course a very obedient boy and never, ever, would have gone beyond what his mother was comfortable with but there had been an instance or two when his hormones would act too rebellious and he really could not curb himself and Radha had, willy nilly, been left with no other option but to quietly jack him off to defuse the explosion that was building up in her son's loins. But then she too would have a had a day or two when the fire in her own body would seem unquenchable and throwing caution to the winds -- and her clothes off her body -- she would pick up a big piece of carrot or radish -- vibrators were not readily available to a middle class Bombay girl -- and shove it into her cunt and pump it up and down for a shuddering orgasm ... oblivious and indifferent to the fact that her son was watching her in her naked ecstasy and jacking himself off as well!

What was really off the table and totally taboo -- in fact Radha would refer to it as the lakshman rekha, the line that a mythological hero had drawn on the ground which when transgressed, by his disobedient sister-in-law, had led to untold misery -- was the act of actual penetration. Radha had in fact made it very clear to her son that she would not be comfortable at all if he tried to actually fuck her in any orifice -- cunt, asshole or mouth! "Kid ..." as she had once warned him when he had become extremely insistent, "this may sound rather old fashioned, but penetrating and ejaculating inside me is the prerogative of he -- and he alone -- who has burnt away my inhibitions in the fire-ceremony of a Hindu marriage". That was that and once spoken, it was the law that governed mother and son.

"OK Gobin ..", Jay stopped to correct himself, "OK Dad, if that is what you and Ma want then who am I to say no ..."

"Excellent ... and I hope you have enough film because I want you to do a thorough job and leave no detail out."

"This is a digital video camera with gigabytes of space .. so I can all shoot all night!"

"You could shoot all night but we have to see if this old man can keep up with his young wife.!"

"Oh come on Gobind ..." Radha rebuked him gently, "Don't you ever get that idea ... because I really know that you are THE stud who is about to quench the my desert-thirst!!"

"But now that you are my legally married wife ... let me share with you a dark secret?"

"What? Don't tell me that you have three other equally married wives in three different flats in the city?"

"On the contrary .. and this a secret that should not go beyond the two of you ... you should know that you have married a 70 year old virgin ... who is eagerly looking forward to his first fuck?"

"What? Don't tell me ..." Radha's disbelief was genuine. "How come? When half the women in the city would be happy to dance naked for you"

"Not for me but for my money ... and that is why I have kept them all at a distance .. until you dropped into my life like rainbow on a cloudy day."

"I am really flattered Gobind, that you are so highly besotted of me ...."

"But Radha, has it not been like this since the original Govindji himself ... as documented so erotically by Jayadeva in the Geet-Govinda."

"But today the chronicler will be my son, Jay ... and the analogy would be complete."

"So Daddyji, why dont we start?" Jay was getting impatient.

"Right, sooner the better ..." Gobind drained his glass and nodded the others to follow suit. "I have some ideas but if you two have any better ones ... let me know"

"Let us start with what you have ... sweetheart" Jay felt a wince of envy as he had been the only addressee of that word in the past ... but he let it pass.

"Come my dear Radharani, let me begin with my worship of you ..."

Gobind led his wife Radha out on the terrace and Jay followed with this camera. The residual traffic of midnight Bombay was 25 storeys below but here there was only the bright, silver beams of the full moon -- now high in the heavens -- to light up the silence.

"Radharani ... would you please reveal yourself in your pristine nudity?"

"I need your touch to shed these layers of modesty ..."

"So let me begin with this saree of yours ..." Gobind picked up the anchal in his hands and went around Radha in an counter-clockwise fashion until all 22 yards had been unwrapped and discarded on the floor -- and Radha stood in her fancy lace petticoat and blouse. The blouse was next -- as Gobind unthreaded the various straps that held it together, followed by the bra and for the first time, Jay was staring at his mother's tits as they hardened -- in the viewfinder of his camera -- in the cool breeze that was blowing in from the Arabian Sea.

Gobind stepped up behind her and cupped Radha's tits in his hands, squeezing them gently and nuzzling at the nape of her neck -- and Jay realised that he was getting tight at this crotch again!

"Let me let loosen you hair ..." and before she knew, Radha's coiffure for the evening had dissolved into a glorious mane of cascading silkiness that stretched all the way to her butts. Gobind took the snake-hood locket and used it to tease her tits -- as Radha closed her eyes in pleasure.

And then his hands dropped down to her waist and released the cords of her petticoat which dropped away and even Jay let out a gasp of surprise when the tangled triangle of his mother's pubic bush came into view.

The pressure on Jay's crotch was getting bigger with his erection but there was no respite from his videographic duties as Gobind had taken his naked wife for a slow spin around the moonlight terrace. It was as if a fairy herself had chosen to leave her clothes behind on the stars and had come down to earth dressed only in the light of the full moon! But wait, she was not totally naked because at her throat glistened the choker, on her breasts bobbed a hooded snake and at her wrists were winking the diamonds embedded in her clinking bangles!

"Hey kiddo, we want a formal marriage portrait for ourself"

"We can shoot here but it would be better off in the room where we have more light!"

"So let us go in ... as otherwise my Radharani might catch a cold."

"Yes .. my Gobindji ... you are still fully dressed .."

"That is how our portrait -- at least the first portrait -- would be"

Radha and Gobind walked back into the comfort and elegance of the well appointed drawing room. Jay followed them and switched on all the lights -- including the two massive chandeliers.

"How do you want the portrait to be?"

"Have you seen the one of Salman Rushdie and his newly wed Padma Lakshmi?"

"No ... dad .."

"Well you have Rushdie in a tuxedo with the nude Padma as a trophy on his arm."

"You mean you will be dressed and I will be nude!"

"To begin with ... at least ..."

"Then let me at least brush my hair .."

"Sure ... but before that I want to remove all the ornaments ... I want nothing but a just my Radharani -- clean, 100% woman with not a single foreign atom on you."

Gobind helped Radha to remove the choker, the necklace and the bangles and Radha combed her long hair until it hung at her breasts.

"Should I cover my tits? Or should I ..."

"You can cover one -- the left one -- but let the right nipple be visible ... it is looking very cute peeping sticking out like that"

"So are we done? Ready for the shoot?"

"One sec ... you have combed the hair on your head ... but not down there ..." Jay pointed to his mother's cunt with its thick bush of curly black hair.

"I will get Habib to come and fix it next time ..." smiled Gobind, "but let me let me try to brush it down for the time being." He took the comb and started to run it across his newly wed wife's pubis.

"You are tickling me ..." squealed Radha, "that will be enough"

"Ok Ok ... now stand back and let me take the pictures ..." Jay started clicking ...


"Are you done?" Radha was getting impatient. "I am feeling horny as hell .. after posing in the nude ..."

"Oh come, come, one more picture with you kissing me on the lips ...." Gobind grabbed Radha by her shoulders and tried to press his lips on hers, but his wife had other ideas ...

"I have had enough of your lips ... dearest ..." as she freed herself from his clasp and started to unbutton his trousers. " and now I am looking for something bigger!"

"That is fine .. my little brother is waiting for you .." Gobind fondled Radha's hair as she went down on her knees.

"You could help with your sherwani .... my dear while I go for what I have hungered for, for all these years."

Jay had switched from his still camera to the video one and watched as Gobind took off his precious and priceless sherwani while his Radha pulled down his trousers. Jay shot the entire sequence as his father stepped out and away from his trousers and stood in the middle of the room in his jocks -- that had tented monstrously!

"This is a historic moment ... that I want you to capture for eternity" Radha announced in mock solemnity, "when I shall see for the first time, the immense potentiality of my hubby's wonderful cock!" which by now of course was erect and straining at its constraints.

"I really want to delay and prolong the pleasure .." Radha was stroking the erection, and Gobind gave a low groan of pleasure. "But I really don't think, I can wait any longer." and without further ado she pulled down the jock and stared admiringly at her husband's cock!

Jay could barely keep his eyes on the viewfinder as his mother lovingly stroked big, black, engorged, uncircumcised prick in her hands.

"Oh God .." she could barely speak in excitement, "but this balls are so big!!" as she fondled the two potato sized testicles and then she could not resist herself any longer .. "I have to eat these now ...." pushed the thick, black penis into her mouth.

Jay zoomed his perspective closer -- if this was indeed a historic moment for his mother, then he might have a close up of her with the cock in her mouth -- and focussed on the thick, black tube of his father's penis as it disappeared through his mother's lips. Radha was deep throating, pushing it in and out and Gobind's groans were getting louder and more incessant. Would he or would he not ejaculate? Jay would have done so long ago, but he -- and perhaps his mother -- had yet to learn that for people past 70, ejaculation does not come so fast .. even if they were as excited as a teenager in heat ... as Gobind was!

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