tagIncest/TabooMother's Milk and Lingerie

Mother's Milk and Lingerie


Since I turned 18 I have experienced many changes in my life. My dad is not around much anymore since he spends most of the time in Europe, and I think he has a family there. I have always thought my mom was the most beautiful woman in the world, and she is quite attractive, and dresses well. I have found comfort and pleasure going in to my mom's room and lying on her bed. The first few times I lay on her bed I just imagined her in bed with me and stroked my dick until I came while I breathed in her scent. The next time mom was out I found she had left a pair of pantyhose on the bed so I felt them and rubbed them across my face. I slipped my legs in to the pantyhose and over my dick. My legs looked so pretty and I searched some more and found one of mom's bras. I put this on as well and stuffed it with her panties. My cock was leaking all over the pantyhose so I stroked it and came all over the pantyhose. Cleaning up was a pain and I hoped she would not notice what had happened. This went on for a few weeks and soon I had tried on all of mom's lovely things and used her make-up and perfume.

What changed everything was when mom got pregnant, though I'm sure she hadn't planned it. She became even more attractive, and her figure was even more sexy with her pregnant mound. Her breasts became larger, and her bras that I tried on were bigger as well. Her larger pantyhose felt great over my cock as they allowed more free movement while I stroked myself thinking of her. Mom was enjoying her pregnancy at first, and she was more intimate with me, touching and hugging me, I guess due to the hormonal changes going on with her. I didn't care, I loved the attention and just being with her.

I got the shock of my life when mom said to me to go to her bedroom, there was a problem and she had to talk to me. I thought, oh shit she's found out what I've been doing. I went in to her bedroom where I had felt so much pleasure with a feeling of doom and gloom. How embarrassed I would be, and how disappointed and disgusted my beautiful mom was going to be, and how it would never be the same. I started to cry as I entered her room, but she did not seem to notice. Mom was sitting on her bed wearing her red outfit and her shapely legs were in the black pantyhose I had worn yesterday. I knew she wasn't wearing panties because of the smell of the pantyhose and even now I was turned on. Her makeup was perfect and her pouty red lips were the color of her hair. She kicked off her red high heels and motioned for me to sit on the bed next to her. I did as I was told and noticed her long red nails and how good she smelled. I looked down at her silky legs and stared at her painted toes and her lovely feet. I thought, well at least I get to look at her lovely body, and smell her lovely scent while she lowers the boom. She started to speak and I turned and stared at her pretty face and sexy tongue. I slipped my arm around her shoulders and thought what the hell, I might as well. I was crying and mom was shaking but my dick was hard as a rock.

Mom then said the most amazing thing! She said she was having troubled with her breasts, that the milk was not flowing and she was in agony. I was so relieved and so shocked as moms lovely body pressed in to me and her leg pressed in to my leg. Oh how I wanted to make love to her right here on her bed. When I resumed listening to her I heard her say I was her closest family member and she trusted me to keep her secret and to help her. I said I would do whatever she asked and I could be trusted to keep my mouth shut. Mom then said she had tried all of the mechanical methods and nothing worked. She begged me to suck her tits to get the milk flowing and relieve her pain. She said I did not have to drink it, just get it to flow freely and that would be enough. My face turned white and I thought I was going to faint. Mom started to cry and said if I didn't help her she didn't know what she was going to do. I turned to mom and hugged her and rubbed her back with my hand. I told her I would be glad to help her and she kissed me right on the lips. My hand squeezed her soft leg and my dick was ready to explode.

Mom then moved up on to her bed propped up by pillows. She had me lay my head face up on her lap. She said I did not have to do it if I was scared or embarrassed. I said, I just hope I can help you. I watched in shock as mom undid the buttons on her red blouse and removed it. She was wearing her newest white nursing bra which I loved to wear and pretend I was her. I was about to see something that I had seen a lifetime ago and I slowed my breathing and tried to calm down. Mom then opened the flap on the bra exposing a large nipple which she lowered on to my mouth. I was sweating and shaking a little as mom ran her fingers through my hair. She asked me in a whisper to suck her nipple, which I immediately began to do. No milk came out, so mom pressed her breast firmly in my mouth and said for me to suck harder. I reached my arm around moms leg and grabbed hold of it as I sucked her stabbing tit as hard as I could. Oh, it felt so good to have moms tit in my mouth and to be feeling up her sexy leg. Mom began to squeeze her tit and a blast of sweet milk hit the back of my mouth. Mom sighed and laughed as I tried to swallow as much milk as possible. I started to cum freely in to my tight jeans as the milk ran down my face. Too soon the milk stopped flowing and mom kissed me hard on the lips and said try the other one now son. I sucked on the second tit and as the milk was flowing mom was moaning and I felt wetness on my hand that was rubbing her leg. She was having an orgasm while I was sucking her tit. I moved my hand closer to her pussy and sure enough I could feel her juices. Mom then pulled her tit out of my mouth and said thank you so much, son, you were great, I feel so relieved. I staggered in to my bedroom and passed out on my bed.

I could not wait until the next session and set up the video camera in moms room, hidden away so she could not see it. I had to record this since I new this wouldn't last. That night mom told me to meet her in her bedroom. My jaw dropped when I walked in the room and I saw her new outfit. She was dressed in a merry widow outfit which exposed her breasts and her legs were in sheer black nylons with high heeled slippers. I said wow mom you look stunning and she smiled and said I just wanted to reward you son for your great tit sucking. She said that I might as well get more comfortable, so I said I would. I asked mom if it would be okay to wear a pair of her panties since they looked so comfortable. Mom said it would be okay to wear any of her things since she knew I wore them anyway. I stared at her and she smiled and my dick went hard. I found a bra and matching panties and a garter belt and stockings. Mom said I looked so pretty and she helped me with my make-up. She shared her perfume with me, and put a wig on my head.

That session was different, to say the least. We sat side by side on the edge of her bed with our stocking covered legs brushing each other as she opened her bra. I started to suck her nipple and the milk soon flowed in to my awaiting mouth. Mom kept the nipple in my mouth when her tit was empty and I licked and chewed on it. She was moaning and my hand slid up her silky leg to her panties. I slipped my hand under her panties and brushed her pussy. Mom's freshly shaven pussy was wet and she started to stroke my erect cock as I rubbed her cunt. I looked in the mirror and was amazed to see me looking like a younger version of mom rubbing her pussy while she stroked me. I turned to her and kissed her as she stuck her tongue down my throat. I turned mom so she lay on her back and my hard cock pressed in to her panties.

Could this be happening? Was my beautiful mom going to allow me the honor of fucking her, was my ultimate fantasy to be realized, was their enough room on the video camera to catch all this, was I going to satisfy her? Mom pushed her panties down while I was thinking all this and grabbed my cock and stuck it in her pussy. I looked in the mirror and began to slowly screw my mom. She was thrashing around and biting my ear, and clawing my back and her cunt was squeezing my cock and pulling it inwards, and milk was freely flowing from her nipples and we both came together and I kept pumping sperm in to my mom until I was finally dry and kept fucking her until she came again and again. Mom fell asleep in my arms and I slept soundly and dreamed of screwing her all over again. I was a cross dressing motherfucker now and truly happy. I woke up in the morning when my sister called to say she was pregnant and had a problem only I could solve.

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