Mother's Milk Ch. 05


We both moaned in unison at the sheer taboo pleasure as my milk freely flowed into his thirsty mouth. At first he sucked gently as if worried he might hurt me and then as the sweet warm milk filled his mouth he began to suck in earnest. As he sucked harder my pussy began clenching in raw desire.

My left nipple began to ache and leak in protest at being ignored.

Tom stopped sucking for a moment and looked up at me, his lips and chin dripping with my milk.

"Oh my God mummy. You taste so fucking good. I'm so hard for you now," he declared.

"Oh yes son mmm it feels so good to feed you again," I moaned in pleasure as I felt his hard cock pressing against my body.

He stopped feeding from me and knelt between my legs, his hard cock throbbing.

Then he began to pull on my left nipple. This breast was very full and it hurt just a little as he milked it with his hand. I wasn't sure what he was trying to do at first but I was enjoying the pleasure laced with just a touch of pain as he kept milking me harder and faster and soon he had a stream of milk squirting out of me. Then I clicked what his plan was as he aimed the stream of milk at his erect cock. So I helped him by holding up my heavy milk laden breast and he continued to milk me like his own personal mummy cow, tugging on my udder, and soon his cock was soaking wet with breast milk.

He was moaning in delight and rubbing himself to feel his milky cock. It obviously gave him great pleasure as I saw his pre-cum glistening through the milky surface of his erect penis.

Tom then stopped milking me and got up and sat beside me on my bed.

"Suck me mummy," he demanded as he lovingly, yet firmly reached behind my head and pushed me down towards his hard milky cock.

I didn't fight it, I gladly did as he asked and sucked my own milk off my son's hard cock. I tasted the mixture of his pre-cum and my breast milk and lapped it all up.

Tom was moaning and I could tell he was very close to cumming. I got up and moved so that I knelt between his legs. Tom was writhing in ecstasy as I began to milk my own breasts and aim the trail of milk at his heavy cum-filled balls. I coated his cock and balls in more of my milk and as he was lying on his back, the milk trickled down to his asshole. I grabbed his legs and held them up to expose his tight little asshole to me and I watched my milk run down his ball sack to his puckered hole. Fuck it looked so kinky and hot.

Then as he held onto his own legs to keep them out of the way, I dived in and licked his hole, lapping up the milk from it. I rimmed him and sucked and slurped up my milk from his balls and asshole. Tom was moaning loudly as I pleasured him. Then I pushed the tip of my tongue right inside him, darting it in and out.

He could not hold back any longer and he grunted as he came, shooting his cum all over his stomach. I felt him shudder as he spurted his white sticky essence on himself.

"Oh fuck yes!" he groaned in kinky lust and then he lay there panting as he rode out his orgasm.

I stopped my oral assault of pleasure and looked up and grinned at my son, enjoying the look of satisfaction on his face. I then moved so that I leant over him on my hands, my big milk filled tits hanging down, touching his body as I licked up his cum from his stomach. Oh how I had missed the taste of my son's cum.

"Oh my God mum. That was fucking amazing!" Tom exclaimed once he stopped panting.

I crawled up further and kissed my son. I got great enjoyment from giving my son such pleasure. In a lot of ways it was more satisfying than actually cumming myself.

I then lay back down beside him. My breasts still holding plenty of milk, but no longer sore from being too full.

We both lay there for awhile basking in the afterglow of our kinky fun. I had my head on Tom's shoulder and I enjoyed just listening to him breathe for a little while.

Our resting was cut short by the cries of James waking up for a feed.

Tom got up to get him and I took the opportunity to go pee before I got myself ready to feed my other son.

As I washed my hands after doing my business, I also used a face cloth and washed my breasts and nipples too. I just wanted to make sure I was clean and didn't have any traces of Tom's cum on them.

I then put on my robe again and got back into bed and Tom passed me the hungry James and I soon silenced his cries of hungriness changing them to contented sounds of suckling.

Tom went and showered and got dressed again for work while I fed his son. When he returned from the bathroom, he kissed me good bye and promised to return again the same time tomorrow morning.

He apologized for not helping me to cum too but I told him not to worry, it would be my turn tomorrow. We both grinned at that thought and with one last kiss, Tom left for work.

After I fed James, I lay him in the basinet that used to belong to Tom, while I got dressed.

Then I had an hour of talking to baby James and enjoying holding him before Jen arrived. She stayed for awhile and we talked of baby things over a cup of tea.

I expressed some more milk for her to take away with her for the next two feeds and I told her I would drop by her place in the afternoon with some more after I go shopping.

I did just that after Jen left. I went shopping and brought some more maternity bras as my breasts seemed too big to fit in the ones I had purchased when I was pregnant. I also went grocery shopping and restocked my panty and fridge.

Then I came home and after putting the food away, I made myself a nice healthy lunch. I knew it was important to eat well to make a good supply of quality milk and as I was feeding two sons now I had to do all the right things to maintain my milk, both in quantity as well as qualtity.

I then expressed some more milk, enough to sustain James until the next morning and took the bottles over to Jen.

James was asleep when I got there and Jen was taking advantage of the break and had her feet up in the living room. I had a key so I had just walked in quietly just in case baby was asleep.

I put the bottles in the fridge and I noticed that Jen had washed the other bottles ready for me to take back.

I motioned for Jen not to get up when I entered the living room and she gave me a smile of thanks and stayed where she was.

I peeked into the nursery and saw James fast asleep in his brand new basinet and I gave him a kiss on the forehead and left him in peace to sleep.

I informed Jen that I had put his milk in the fridge and insisted that she not get up and explained that I was feeling a little tired too and was going to go back home for a rest myself. I gave Jen a kiss on the cheek and left her to it, picking up the empty bottles on the way out the door.

Once at home, I did go and have a lie down and ended up falling asleep for an afternoon nap.

When I awoke, I felt really full again and managed to express enough milk to full up all the bottles I had brought back with me. At this rate we are going to need to buy more bottles! I just seemed to have an endless supply of milk.

I made myself some dinner, then took a long hot bath and went to bed to watch TV in bed.

Soon enough I felt sleepy again and switched off the television and lay down to sleep. I couldn't help but smile to myself as I drifted off, knowing that tomorrow morning I would be feeding both my sons.

Morning soon arrived and I got up feeling well rested but uncomfortably full. I got up and showered to get clean before Tom arrived with James. My breasts were so full that they leaked while in the shower and my milk ran down my body.

I was grateful to hear Tom walk in as I dried myself and put on my robe. I knew relief was so to be mine.

"Good Morning mummy," said Tom as he came up to me and kissed me.

"Good Morning son," I replied, "I'm so glad you are here Tom. Look!"

Tom looked where I indicated as I opened my robe to him and he could see how extremely full my breasts were and how they were still leaking. His eyes gleamed over with lust.

"Oh mummy. You look so full. Does it hurt when you are so full like that mum?" he asked with concern but with a definitely underlining of desire.

"Yes it does son. I need some relief, and I need it now," I answered assertively.

James was asleep in the car seat, but I took him out and in doing so he woke up. I wanted to feed James first today to get some instant relief from my engorged breasts.

I sat on my bed leaning up against some pillows and James latched on to my left breast and quickly began to suck hungrily causing me to sigh in gratitude as my milk flowed, nourishing him.

My right breast ached even more now though and the leaking increased.

Tom could see I needed help and without asking if it was ok, he lay next to me and began to suckle on my right breast.

I wasn't really sure if I wanted to feed both my sons at the same time but as Tom was still fully dressed and he wasn't trying to touch my pussy or do anything else sexual, I figured he was actually just trying to help relieve the pressure of me having too much milk. So I smiled at him as he was really helping me out a lot.

Tom looked as contented as baby James and he even closed his eyes a few times as if lost in some private world as he drank my milk. I stroked his hair lovingly as he suckled on me while I fed his son on my other nipple.

James was soon full and had fallen asleep while feeding. Tom got up and picked his son up from my arms and then burped him before lying him down in the basinet. He then tucked in his sleepy contented baby.

"You must be full too son," I said to Tom cheekily as he stood beside the bed smiling at me.

"Not even close mummy," he replied with a grin, "I could never get enough of you mummy."

I smiled up at him and then stood up and took off my robe and lay back down on my bed. Tom took my cue and undressed and got on the bed with me.

He was hard already.

"I made you a promise yesterday mummy and I intend on keeping it," Tom said as he started to caress my big breasts.

I grinned at him, I hadn't forgotten and I was definitely looking forward to him keeping his word.

Tom then moved and knelt in between my legs and began to pull on both my nipples at once. He really seemed to enjoy milking me like this.

"You make me feel like I'm your pet cow when you do that," I said with a giggle.

"Oh you are mummy. You're my beautiful pet mummy cow and I love these wonderful milky udders of yours," he replied cheekily.

I couldn't help but giggle at that and at the same time it really turned me on. Tom just kept pulling on my large nipples and soon my milk was flowing out of both nipples at once.

Then he just pulled on my right nipple and held his left hand underneath it to catch a handful of milk. He squirted my milk into his cupped hand and then transferred his hand to my pussy and rubbed my milk all over it.

It felt good and he did it a couple more times so that my pussy was soaking wet with breast milk and he rubbed it into me. Then he made me gasp in delight as he dived in and began frantically licking my milk off my pussy.

His tongue lapped all around my outer pussy lips and then he sucked on my clit. I was moaning and panting in pleasure when he suddenly stopped. I was about to protest but it was just a temporary pause as he leaned over me and sucked on my breast to get a mouthful of milk. But he didn't swallow it, instead he got down between my legs again and while holding my pussy lips open he spat my own milk into my virginal opening.

Oh fuck that turned me on, my pussy was clenching and producing its own liquid nectar.

Tom paused again as he took a good look at my milky pussy and he glanced up at me with a cheeky lustful grin before diving back in for another oral assault.

My son licked and sucked hungrily his mother's cunt, making me moan and writhe in incestuous lust. He knew he had me and it wouldn't be long before his efforts would be rewarded.

The squishy sound alone was so exciting with the combination of my milk and pussy juices and my son's saliva as he licked and sucked, flicked and nibbled on every inch of my cunt. The vagina that he came from two decades ago and that his own son had came from just a week ago.

My son's expert tongue produced the desired result.

My back arched and I grabbed tightly onto the sheets as a fireball of ecstasy traveled from my cunt all the way up my body and exploded into a million sparks of pleasure in my brain.

I cried out and shook from the intensity of my orgasm. I think I must have stopped breathing for a moment.

Then I gasped for air and just lay there panting unable to speak for a moment as Tom licked up my cum.

Tom moved up and leaned over me on his hands and knees looking at my expression of euphoria and smiled down at me.

"I think mummy might have liked that," he said as he licked his lips, still tasting my cum on them.

I just reached out and grabbed him, pulling him in for a kiss. We kissed passionately and I tasted myself as our tongues danced with each other.

"Oh son. I loved that so much and I love you so much. Thank you Tommy," I said with love and gratitude.

"I love you too mum and you taste delicious mmm yummy mummy," Tom replied.

He must have worked up a thirst with all that licking as he then leant down and took my left nipple in his mouth and began to suckle on me again. He just started out sucking gently as he hovered over me. I could feel his erection graze against me a few times, and then he changed positions and lined up his hard cock with my wet slit and slowly pushed up inside me. His mouth never let go of my nipple as he entered me.

It felt so good to have my son's cock in me again, even though it was only a week ago since we last made love, it seemed too long ago. My pussy clenched around his hard shaft as if welcoming it back home where it belonged.

There was no denying it, I was addicted to my son and his glorious cock that gave me such pleasure and I had no intention of giving up something this good. I knew our relationship was one of love and mutual obsession and as he slowly pounded into me while drinking my milk, I made up my mind I would continue to use the breast pump on myself even after James is weaned off my milk so that I can keep producing breast milk for my first born son for as long as I possibly can.

Tom started to fuck me harder and faster and suck on me with more intensity too. I pushed back against his thrusts moaning in pleasure with the sensation of him suckling on my nipples at the same time as fucking me. Double the delight as my nipples tingled and my pussy pulsated from the sexual stimulation my son gave me.

Tom muffled moans and his intensified fucking told me he would cum soon, so I responded to his body language by bucking my hips up harder and faster to meet his thrusts.

He tensed up and let my nipple fall from his mouth as his climax took him. I watched my milk spill out his mouth and run down his chin as he froze for a moment then grunted and groaned as his cock expelled spurt after spurt of his warm sticky cum deep inside my pussy walls.

The image of my milk spilling out of his mouth somehow pushed a deep hidden button within me and I came again, moaning in elation.

Tom collapsed on top of me and I just held him there as we both panted trying to get our breath back while we enjoyed the afterglow of our orgasms.

"Oh fuck mum. That was so intense!" exclaimed Tom once he could talk again, "I've been wanting to do that ever since you first got pregnant."

I smiled and kissed his forehead as he lay resting, using my big soft tits as a pillow.

"Me too son and it was just as wonderful as I imagined it would be," I replied.

Tom tilted his head up and we kissed with love and passion.

I wanted to just keep him here with me all day like this in my arms but reality kicked in as baby James began to stir in his basinet and I glanced over at the clock.

"You had better get up and shower and go to work son," I said with regret.

"Yeah you are right mum. Unfortunately," Tom replied disappointedly.

He got up and I followed him to the shower. I decided to get in with him this time and we lovingly washed each other. It was so tempting to take it further and play with him but I knew James would be awake fully soon and I didn't want to make Tom late for work.

We got out and dried ourselves and got dressed. Tom picked up his son and gave him a hug and a kiss on the forehead before passing him to me to attend to.

Then he kissed me goodbye with a promise to see me again tomorrow.

I stood in my room with baby James in my arms feeling more like Tom's wife than his mother at that moment and smiled knowing that tomorrow was going to be as wonderful as today and so would the day after that and the next for a very long time.

Finally I had all the good things that I had been waiting for all my life.

I felt happy, content and complete.

Life just couldn't get any better than this.

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