tagIncest/TabooMother's Needs

Mother's Needs


Being 45 years old, the mother of 2 kids and the wife of a truck driver was hard on Janet. Her husband Jake was away on the road more then he was home. Sometimes he was gone for weeks at a time. Her children had grown up without her father around and she had always been upset about it. One thing she had always done though was try not to upset her husband by nagging him about it when he was around. He made good money and loved his job, but she couldn't help but wonder sometimes how he got by sexually without her around. She had heard the stories about truckers on the road and she always hoped that her Jake wasn't like the others. She had always been faithful to him and she hoped that he was doing the same, but she was never sure.

Janet could have cheated on Jake on several occasions. She wasn't the hottest woman in town by any means but she wasn't completely unattractive. She stood 5'4 and weighed about 145. She had a nice shapely body to her and had always been complimented on her nice round ass. She had nice 34c breasts that still were standing up nicely for her age. She had decent facial features, but that was where her age was starting to show a bit. That didn't stop the local men from hitting on her from time to time, but she had always told them she was married and moved on. Then she would go home later that day and use her vibrator and think about the guy that had hit on her

Then one afternoon Janet was at the grocery store. She was wearing a sun dress with no bra or panties and wasn't wearing any makeup. A really cute guy that was about 15 years younger then her and built like a rock asked her if she wanted to go out that night She did the usual and turned him down, telling him that she was married and was not interested. She watched with lust as he walked away. She couldn't help but to watch him walk and sigh as she checked out his muscular frame and nice butt. She continued shopping but knew what she was going to do when she got home. Her daughter Tammy was 16 and was in school, and she knew that her 18 year old son Steve was working so she would have the house to herself.

On the short drive home Janet had been rubbing her shaved pussy through her thin sundress and managed to work herself into a pretty good frenzy. She couldn't wait to get home and finish the job. When she arrived home she quickly unloaded the groceries and put away the cold items. She hurried up to her room and didn't bother closing the door as she pulled her sundress up over her head. She went to her dresser and pulled out her plug in massager and plugged it in next to her bed. She laid back and immediately switched it on and placed in on her already swollen clit. The vibrator hummed and felt great on her clit as she thought of the handsome man earlier in the day. She closed her eyes and imagined him man handling her and fucking her furiously as the vibrator sent her into a furious orgasm. He body trembled and she moaned out loud in ecstasy as she came harder then she had in a while. She was so lost in the moment that she hadn't even heard the door to her house open or close.


Steve was just like any average teenager. He stood a little less than 6 foot tall and was a skinny kid who weighed around 160. He had never been an athlete or popular and he hadn't had many girlfriends. He had only had sex twice in his life. He really didn't know how to use the 9 inch tool that he had been blessed with. The girls he had been with couldn't handle his size and things never seemed to work out.

He had graduated high school a year earlier and could not decide what to major in college. He had decided to take a year off of school to figure out what he wanted to. In the meantime he had found a job working at a local movie store. He had been working one day when his boss had told him to go ahead and head home early because things were slow. Steve was happy to go home so that he could play some X-Box. He hoped his mother wouldn't be home so that he could watch his favorite porno in the living room and jerk off.

As he pulled up to the house he noticed his mother's car in the driveway. He figured that jerking off was out of the question now which was too bad because he had started to look forward to it. As he entered the house he heard noises coming from upstairs. As he walked up the stairs the noises got more defined as he started realizing that it was his mother's voice coming from her room. He approached the door just as Janet was having her orgasm. He knew he should be turning away but he stared in amazement at his mother as her body bucked and she moaned loudly with pleasure. He was shocked when his cock started immediately getting hard in his work pants.

He watched his mother as her orgasm ended. Her breathing slowed some and she took the vibrator off her clit and set it aside before she quickly shoved 2 fingers inside her and started fucking her wet pussy. He could hear how wet she was as she worked herself hard. He couldn't help but unzip his work pants and let out his big tool and start jerking it right there as he watched his own mother pleasuring herself. He started jacking off his cock and watching her as her breathing started to quicken again. He couldn't believe how hard he was getting from watching his own mom. He was watching her work her pussy so intently that he didn't even notice her eyes opening.


Janet was in ecstasy. She couldn't believe how powerful the orgasm had been, but she was craving more. She wanted to feel something inside her. She laid the massager down and quickly slid 2 fingers into her empty hole. She fucked herself hard and tried to work herself back into another orgasm. Her frustration mounted as her fingers failed to give her the pleasure and fullness she needed. It was then that she heard a creaking noise and opened her eyes. Janet was shocked to see Steve standing in the doorway jerking off and watching her. Her eyes were immediately drawn to the 9 inch tool that he was jerking. She couldn't take her eyes off it. She pulled her fingers out of her pussy and looked at his eyes just as he looked up and noticed that her eyes were open.


They both just froze, looking at each other and both obviously stunned at what was happening. Neither knew what to say or do. It was Steve who spoke first. "I. I'm sorry mom." He said as he fumbled to try to get his massive member back into the opening in his pants. "How long have you been standing there?" She asked. "I guess I've been watching too long." He responded as he managed to get his hard cock back in his pants and turned to walk away.

Janet didn't know what to do; she just knew that her son's monster cock had been hard as a rock while he watched her masturbating. Her pussy was aching with desire to be filled. She just laid there naked as her son walked away and she heard his door to his room close as he entered it. She stood up and walked to her doorway and paused for a minute to think. She then approached his door slowly. She tried to be quiet and listen to what he was doing as she heard him unzipping and taking his pants off. She cracked the door open as quietly as possible and watched him as he laid back on his bed and jacked his still very hard cock.

That was enough for Janet. She knew what he was thinking of and she knew what she needed. She opened the door and walked right over to the bed and leaned over and pulled Steve's hand away from his cock and replaced it with her own. She jerked his swollen member up and down and then wrapped her lips around his fat cockhead and sucked him into her mouth. She couldn't believe how huge he was. Her husband was only 6 inches and she had never even seen a cock this big. Now she had one in her mouth that belonged to her son and she was trying to get as much of it as she could down her throat.

Steve couldn't believe what was happening. He laid back and watched his mother with lust in her eyes as she sucked his tool. He had never had a blowjob before and it felt unbelievable. She slobbered all over his cock and her drool ran down the shaft as she managed to get about 6 of his 9 inches into her mouth and down her throat. She had her hand wrapped around the rest of his shaft so that she could jerk off the rest. He had no idea what to do. Should he reach out and touch his mother's wonderful breasts which were hitting his leg each time she went down. Should he tell her to stop?

He knew that stopping wasn't an option. He was feeling more sexual desire and pleasure then ever before. He was getting a blowjob from his mother and loving it. The only problem being that he was about to cum and it was all about to be over. He felt awkward saying it, but he knew he had to. "Mom I'm gonna cum."

Janet didn't care though. One thing she had never done was let anyone (not even her husband) cum in her mouth. She had no idea why, but she wanted to taste Steve. She wanted to feel him pulsing in her mouth. Janet pulled his cock out so that just the head was in her mouth and started jacking him off quickly.

Steve couldn't hold back any longer. Janet was stroking his cock furiously as he let out a loud moan. His cock exploded into his mother's mouth filling it with shot after shot of his huge load. Janet did her best to keep it in her mouth as she kept jacking Steve off so that she could get every tasty drop. She swallowed wave after wave of her son's wonderful seed. She didn't slow down until she felt him starting to go limp in her mouth. His cock softened as she licked the last bits of his cum off the tip of his head.

Janet stood up slowly and released her son's cock. She looked at him and smiled as she wiped the remains of his cum off her chin and licked it off her fingers. "You have some tasty cum kiddo." She said with a grin on her face. Steve was speechless. His mom had just given him his first blowjob and she looked hot as hell standing there licking up the last of his load. Janet turned and knew he would be checking out her ass as she walked out of the room. She swayed her hips a little more as she walked to give him a show and then looked back over her shoulder at him with a seductive smile and said. "Mom's gonna go take a shower now Steven. You can come join me in a minute if you are up to it." Then she walked out of the room.

Steve just laid there a minute. He wasn't sure what he wanted to do, but then he heard his mother humming a tune down the hallway and then heard the shower turn on. His mind raced as he thought about his mother soaping up her naked body. He stood up and slowly walked into the hallway. He approached the bathroom door and peeked around the corner. His mother was in the shower. He could see her figure through the stained glass as she soaped up her round breasts and toyed with her hard nipples. Steve wasn't surprised this time when his cock started getting hard again. "Are you out there Stephen?" His mother asked. Steve was still uncomfortable with all of this but he responded. "Yes Mom."

Janet pushed the door open so that Steve could see her better. She smiled when she noticed that his big member was growing again. She pulled the shower massager down and placed it between her legs. She turned it to massage and shuddered as the powerful jets pounded against her clit. She watched his cock get fully hard as she moaned softly with the massager between her legs. "Come here Stephen." She said in a bit of an authoritative voice.

Steve walked forward and entered the shower with his mother. She placed the shower massager back in its place and ran her hands down his arms as she turned and leaned back against the wall. When she reached his wrists she grabbed them forcefully and pulled is hands up to her tits. Steve took over from there as he grabbed her tits firmly in his hands and squeezed them together. "Oh yes Stephen, that's a good boy. Play with Mommy's tits." She said with excitement in her voice. "Now get your face in there and lick my nipples." Steve didn't have to be told twice. He dove in and licked and sucked on his mother's nipples as he squeezed and fondled her tits with both hands. He worked on one nipple for a while and then moved to the other as his mother leaned back and enjoyed it.

Janet couldn't wait anymore. She reached down and grabbed her sons cock and started jerking him off again. "I need it Stephen. I need you to fuck me with your big fat cock." Steve then did something she didn't expect. He grabbed her wrist as he stepped out of the shower and pulled her behind him. She was surprised but stepped out behind him. He jerked her around roughly in front of him and pushed her over the sink so that she was bent over right in front of him. She thought how good it was that she had her tubes tied a few years ago as she felt the head of his cock probing her ass crack downward until he found what he was looking for. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment as he started to slowly push his hard cock into her soaking wet pussy. "Oh Stephen, your cock is so big." Janet said as his thick shaft stretched her hole wider then ever before. He got about half of it in her and then pulled it almost all the way out.

"I want it all Stephen!" Janet ordered. Steve responded by ramming all 9 inches of his cock deep into his mothers pussy. Janet screamed "Oh fuck!" as her sons cock plowed her deeper then anything had ever been. "Fuck me Stephen, fuck me hard!" Steve put his hands on her shoulders and pulled his cock almost all the way out again. Thinking how hot it was that the first person to take his whole cock was his horny Mom. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back to him as he drove his cock back inside her. She screamed out again as she felt the huge cock stretch her to her limits. He pulled out almost all the way one more time before he grabbed her hips and started fucking his mother as hard and fast as he possibly could.

Janet came instantly. Her wet pussy clenched up around Steve's cock as her body raged into orgasm. She moaned loudly and called as Steve continued his assault on his mother's tight pussy. She couldn't control any part of her body as wave after wave of her climax rushed over her. She was like a screaming rag doll as her son gave her a vicious fucking that was harder and faster then any man had ever given her. Her juices flowed down her legs.

Steve felt her pussy clenching around his cock as he fucker her. He was giving her everything he had and was pulling her hips back each time he thrust forward as he laid his pipe into her hole. His mother was cumming hard on his cock when he bucked forward and filled his mother's pussy with his cum. He gave her a few more hard thrusts before he collapsed on top of her and let his cock spasm inside her as her pussy milked him of the rest of his load. They both just stayed there breathing heavy as he laid bent over her as his sweat dripped off his face and onto her back.

She let out a soft moan as he slowly pulled his cock from her hole. She enjoyed the sensation of their mixture of cum oozing out of her stretched out pussy and down the inside of her thighs. Janet just stayed there for a moment as she reflected on what had just transpired. She knew it was so very wrong, but she hoped deep down inside that it wouldn't be the last time that her son would fuck her senseless.

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I did the same to my mother and aunt.but at different tims.when i fucked my aunt she was screaming that i to big i didn't care.i made her cum and i was getting ready tounload in her she no don't cum inmore...

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