Mother's Night

byWill Wanton©

"Goddamn," I puffed with squeaky voice, "I just couldn't hold it, mom. You're my...(swallow)...ass did the trick."

"Don't worry about it, honey. It's not even half past twelve. We've got all night and all weekend, and we've got a long way to go before we've covered all bases." After her last word she slid her fingers from my asshole and stuck them in her mouth. Wantonly and sucked and licked the ass juice from her fingers.

She came lying next to me and lit a cigarette. "So now you know what it's like. What it's like to actually experience what you write in your stories. How did you like it?"

"Mom, I honestly have to say you surpass any fantasies I might have had. When you fantasize, the scents and tastes are not clear, not real. But know I know what your body really tastes and smell like, and it's better than I ever imagined. You know, I've been fantasizing about your feet for so long. Each time you put your stocking clad feet on the table as you were watching the television, I secretly ogled your feet. The way you moved them, curled your toes. My mouth was usually watering at the sight. After that I usually went upstairs, write another part of a story, and then jerk off. The next thing I did was fantasize about your ass. What your asshole would look like. What it would smell like. I wanted to know so badly I rubbed my own asshole with my fingers, and smelt at them, pretending it was your asshole I smelt. Than I'd beat off and cum hard. After that I decided to look for dirty panties in the wash bin. And when I found them, I pressed the brown part against my nose so I could smell your ass on them. I'd squirt in your panties, and throw them back in the bin. After that I look through your closet and get a pair of clean knee stockings, and licked them, and sucked the foot part into my mouth, pretending your foot was in it."

My mother was masturbating heavily as she listened to what I said I did.

"I found your vibrator, mom."

My mother momentarily stopped frigging herself and looked surprised, then continued jacking herself off.

"I found it in the top of your closet. I thought to myself: dad went out of the house such a long time ago, and you haven't had any male company for so long, you just HAD to have had a vibrator. So I searched your closet. When I found it, I made sure nobody was home. After I knew for sure, I first smelled at it, and I could smell your cunt on it, mom. So then I took the vibrator in my mouth and sucked it as if I could still suck off your pussy juice."

"You know, Simon, I didn't just fuck my pussy with that thing, a fucked my butt with that thing too. I used to slide it all the way into my asshole till the very end of it. So even then you were tasting my ass, you just didn't know it."

"Had I known, I would've just gotten hotter, mom."

My mother put her hand on my flaccid member and started to stroke it calmly.

"Now that you've tried out some of your fantasies, were there any others that come to mind?"

"Well, lately...I've begun to notice how prude and introvert Cindy (my oldest sister, 21 years old) is. She always wears long pants, thick wool sweater closed to the neck. While it's obvious that she's got big, nicely rounded breasts. And those glasses she wears look good on her, but give her even more of that prissy frigid demeanour. She usually wears pantyhose or stockings, nice light brown ones, just like you do, and I've noticed long ago how good her feet look. So...lately I have begun to fantasize about her. But she's so damn prude, I guess it'll never happen."

"Well well. So you're really starting to get into the family thing, huh? You nasty boy. Tell me, have you been thinking about Paula (my youngest sister, 17 years old) too?"

"Not really, Paula is more of the slutty type, so between the three of you I would think she would have been the one most likely to fuck her own relative, and it kind of diminishes the excitement. Which doesn't mean I wouldn't like to shaft her all night."

"You know, Simon, ever since I've found out you were fantasizing about me, I've started fantasizing about you, as you know. But I have been thinking about Cindy and Paula too. The most intense fantasy I've had so far I've had a few days ago, even before I decided to seduce you. I fantasized about the four of us, on this bed right here, fulfilling all of our wildest fantasies in a really hot family get together. Me and Cindy wore brown knee stockings, the ones that turn you on, and Paula wore a nice black lingerie set. The things we just did were nothing compared to the things we did in my fantasy. You wanna know what, Simon?"

All I could do was nod.

"You were laying on the bed, watching. Paula was sucking your cock, it was dripping with her spit. Meanwhile she was massaging my toes. You and her were watching as me and Cindy were laying in each other's arms, frenching like hot lesbians. Our tongues slid all over and around each other and we were snowballing drool like thirsty bitches, sucking the spit out of each other's mouths. God, how I loved the taste of her saliva, Simon."

By now I was tugging at my shaft gain, which had been growing to maximum proportion through my mother's monologue. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing. My mother was telling me the hottest details of what she did with her own children in her fantasies.

"Paula momentarily stopped slurping on your cock and took my toes in her mouth, sucking noisily on my stocking clad toes. Cindy was sucking on my fat nipples, Simon. I squeezed my tits hard, and milk squirted out. Cindy stuck out her tongue, and I aimed straight for it. The milk was squirting all over her tongue, and she swallowed my tit juice. I laid back with Paula still licking and sucking my toes, which were literally dripping with spit, and spread my legs. I grabbed Paula by the back of the head, and pulled her face deep into my wet pussy. While Paula was alternately slurping away at my feet and your cock and balls, Cindy was slurping away at my hot, buttery cunt., Simon. Can you see it in your mind? Her glasses even fogged up from the heat of my slit. She lapped up my juices straight from between my thick cunt lips. Her whole chin was wet and shiny from my juices Then I turned around and got on my hands and knees, looking backwards. I supported my body on my elbows, and Cindy was hanging over my ass with her face in a way that enables you to see her face as well as my butt, Simon. And while Cindy was looking you straight in the eye through those glasses of hers, she started lapping over my smelly asshole, Simon. She poked hard into my shithole with the tip of her tongue, and started moaning. Then she drooled over my pucker, and slid her tongue deep in my butt, Simon. Your prude sister fucked your and her own mother hard in the ass with her wet warm tongue. You could see clearly how her tongue continually disappeared into my ass as she tongue fucked it. And you could see me squeezing her tongue right back out with the rim of my brown hole."

I couldn't restrain myself any longer and crawled over my mother. I started lapping over her fleshy tits like mad and sucked her huge nipples into my mouth. Breathing hard my mother squeezed her melons and I felt her warm milk squirt into my mouth.

"Drink mommy's milk, Simon. Suck my breasts and drink my milk."

I held my tongue out and my mother squeezed her boobs again. Milk came out in no less than three squirts simultaneously, squirting over my tongue. I closed my mouth over the giant aureole and nearly sucked half my mom's tit in, which was a big enough trait as it was.

"Fuck me, Simon! Shove your cock in my cunt and pound me deep and hard."

I quickly took place between my mother's thighs and aimed my rod between her big brown flaps, put it against her rose shaped vaginal opening and slid into her searing hot and dripping wet snatch. Instantly I started jack hammering my cock into her slit, so hard my balls were slapping loudly against her ass.

"That's it, fuck me hard, I want to feel your balls pressing against my asshole, that's how deep I want you to go." Slurping, sloppy sounds filled the room as I drilled into my mother's pussy like a pile driver. Each time I slid out, a frothy white ring of pussy juice was on my cock and the draft that went along my shaft felt cold. My mother crossed her legs behind my ass pulling me in deeper. As good as I could manage with that leg lock on my ass, I pumped in and out of the sucking, frothing cunt of my mom, which felt like a hot oven. "Your pussy is so hot and tight, mom. My cock feels like it's burning up.

"My pussy's hot for your cock, Simon. It's hot and wet because of you," my mother responded as she took my banging lying down.

I managed to get up with my upper body, so that I had a good view of my mother's body, shaking on the bed because of the force my pounding loins had on hers. I looked her in the eyes, and lifted her legs. As my rod kept sliding between her brown slippery lips, I brought her feet to my face and started to lick her toes again. Then I ripped open her stockings and took her naked big toes into my mouth. As I stared into her eyes, I sucked on both of her big toes at the same time. I sucked and slurped on them with a bobbing head, as if I was sucking a cock.

"Let's turn around. I want to sit on your thick cock and ride you," my mother stuttered.

I climbed off of her, my cock slipping out of her twat with a nasty pop, smeared with white cuntal oils. I laid on my back and saw my mother swaying her body over mine. She aimed my cock upwards and slid over my pole in one movement, making it slide in to the root. My balls were pressed beneath her ass so I spread my legs wider to avoid them being squashed under my mother's weight. Then, like a woman gone berserk, my mother started hammering her ass down onto my crotch. Hard, pounding noises filled the room and the bed was squeaking so loudly I thought we were going through it and hit the floor.

" "Ooohh, yeaahhh. Your cock is pumping me so nice and deep. Am i nice and wet for you, Simon? Is momma nice and wet for my boy's deliciously thick cock?"

"You're cunt is like an oven, mom. It's almost like a wet, warm sponge milking my cock."

Time and time again I felt pounds of soft warm flesh pound down onto my lap. I was amazed I hadn't had the urge to cum yet because of this wildly fucking woman, my own mother. She bent over towards me and stuck out her tongue. I saw my mother's tongue started to drool and I sucked her tongue into my mouth, slurping down her delicious spit. As we snowballed each other's saliva we fucked like this for minutes.

"Jesus, Simon. You got me so fucking hot. I can't stop thinking about the feeling your tongue made fucking into my ass. I need something bigger and harder. FUCK ME IN THE ASS! FUCK YOUR MOTHER'S ASSHOLE, SIMON! Come on, I wanna feel your cock hard and deep in my shitter."

So my mother slid off of my swaying prick with a plop. She laid on her back, and pulled her knees up till they pressed against her tits. She reached her arms around her hips and pulled her butt cheeks wide apart, exposing her brown pucker once again.

"Wet it with your tongue first, Simon. Use your spit to lube up my asshole!"

So be it. I once again dove face first between my mother's smelly buns and licked, sucked and spit on her spastic brown crease.

Now I climbed against her with my knees on the outsides of her hips, and pressed my purple helmet against the largely swollen rim of my mother's anus. Her asshole fit me like a warm glove as I slid into mom's ass easily, thanks to the excess spit.


I bent over, and supported myself with my arms. Then I started doing what my mother asked for. Like a madman I started pounding my cock into my mom's squeezing asshole. In between I wet my fingers in her pussy and lubed my cock with her juices each time it slid out of her tight hole. The blood rose to my head because of the heat her ass gave me, and the friction of the clinging walls of her ass on my cock scorched my shaft. My balls kept pounding at her cheeks and I was getting to the point of no return.

"Mom, I have to cum, I can't hold back any longer."

"I want you to cum in my ass, Simon. Squirt your load into my asshole. Then after you're done I'll squirt it right back out of my ass onto my hand, and I'll lick your cum right off my hand."

The thought of this was too much and screaming I emptied my balls into my mother's hot, milking asshole."


After about a minute I climbed off my mother exhaustedly, and my cock plopped out of my mother's gaping asshole with a nasty slurping sound. She quickly got on her knees, and held her hand beneath her ass. Then I saw my mother squeezing my sperm out of her swollen sphincter, onto her hand, followed by a wet fart.

"Look, Simon, this is what I'd do for you."

Then she brought her hand to her face and licked the cum she squirted out of her asshole, off her hand, only to swallow it while looking me in the eyes with a coy smile.

After she completely cleaned her hand with her tongue, she laid back next to me, and lit a cigarette.

"From now on you'll sleep with me every night," my mother said matter of fact. "And if you give me all the pleasure I need, I'll do with you whatever comes in your mind."

"Everything," I asked her mysteriously? The thought of my two sisters, especially Cindy, raced through my mind.

"Everything," my mom answered, and took another drag from her cigarette.

"Have you ever wondered if Cindy and Paula would be in for a hot night for real, mom?"

"You leave that to me, Simon," my mother answered smiling, "I'm sure it'll work out fine."


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