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Mother's Secret


I am writing this story because I can't share what happened to me with anyone. For which society has placed these laws and beliefs around the world I could spend the rest of my years behind bars and worse not taste and fuck the one cock that has brought ecstasy which I have never known.

This cock belongs to my son. Now don't just start thinking that I am this hot older slut. Well the older part is true but I am not slut and I am far from to being considered hot. I am a 180lb 5’4” woman with brunette hair with a touch of gray, and green eyes. I don't turn heads, unless I am trying to catch their attention. Now then there is my son whom is a stud, muscular, with some baby fat, brown eyes, and 6’2” and a 7 inch cock that is so sweet.

My life has been dull for many years. My husband whom I can't stand to be around for no more than a few minutes sleeps downstairs. Next to that room is his office where he spends most of his days sitting there, coughing, smoking his Marlboro's and watching CNN all day.

Me I work all day while the bum stays home and does nothing. The only enjoyments I get are seeing my grandchildren and having a few glasses of wine before bed, which contributed to how me and my son have become sexual lovers. Unfortunately my son does not live with us any longer. He has gone off and bought a house and found a wife to spend his years with. But he does pay me visits from time to time.

I remember the first time my son and I were together. It seems that it was only yesterday though it had been two years. I was sitting in the family room with a fire going, there was seven inches of snow on the ground and it was still falling. I sat on the couch wrapped in a fleece blanket, though the heater was working hard and the fire was roaring there was still a chill in the air. I had a novel on my lap and a glass of wine on the table. I had been trying to read the book but my worries over the fact that my son had not made it home yet made it impossible to get into the words on the pages.

I heard the front door open and had to fight the urge of running into the foyer and questioning John on where he had been all this time. I could feel my heart pounding hard in my chest, partly due to relief that John had made it home and then partly due to anger that he had even gone out in this weather and had kept me worrying this whole time.

I listened as his footsteps got closer to the room I was in and turned around when I heard him in the doorway.

He stood there smiling, waiting for me to explode with questions but I didn’t give him that benefit. I smiled at him and said hello. He looked disappointed that I was not going to do my typical over reacting Mother thing. He walked into the room and sat on the couch beside me. I kept quiet, staring at the fire.

"Well mom, I brought the snow blower like I promised, I'm going to take care of the driveway right away."

I nodded in response, and off he went. Sitting here on the couch with nothing but my thoughts; thinking what a nice boy I have, who comes over in times of need. Too bad though, there are other needs I need filled, but he is my son. I shouldn't have such thoughts like those. Granted he is a tall, strong, handsome man and I know he is good with the ladies. I remember the days when the phone was ringing off the hook, and he would leave for a few hours and then come back smelling like sex. Hmmmm how that smell turn me on. Oh god, look at me. Thinking about my boy in such a way. I should be ashamed. Gosh, to think he would even be interested in an old lady like me. What do I have to offer? Nothing, but my love as a mother. I wonder how he is doing out there.

I didn’t have to wait long to find out. He came back in, shuddering from the cold, "all right I’m not going to that right now. Snow’s coming down too hard and it is way too cold out there." I smiled at him, "would you like some hot chocolate or some of my wine?"

"I’ll take a cup of hot chocolate." I got up to make him some, "oh Mom don’t worry about it. I’ll do it." I nodded my head and sat back down.

When he came back in with the steaming cup of cocoa, he sat down on the couch beside me, sipping the warm drink, "now that hits the spot! Where’s Dad at?"

"Where do you think he is?" I said a little more mean than I should have.

He cleared his throat, "I see. I don’t know why you stay with him Mom. He is no good for you."

Tears came to me eyes as I heard the protective tone my son’s voice had taken. "There is no reason for you to worry about that John."

He came closer and put his arms around me, "I always worry about you Mom. I want you to be happy."

"That’s a long shot."

"What can I do to make you happy?"

The first thought that went through my head was to tell him I wanted him to fuck me but I could never say that to him. "I don’t know John."

"How long has it been since you had sex?"

My eyes opened wide in surprise, "what? John, you don’t need to know those things."

"Will it make you happy?"

"John stop." I could feel the blood rising to my face from embarrassment and desire. I watched as he brought his lips closer to mine, though there was something telling me to stop him, I couldn’t

Let him kiss me, but it was too late for I felt his warm lips on mine which in turn caused me to moan. Oh god how did this boy ever learn to kiss; oh god his tongue, his tongue is snaking all over the inside of my mouth. God he is making me so hot, so wet. Oh my, he is groping my breasts; oh yes John, that's it, pinch those nipples. God it's been so long, but this is so wrong, so terribly wrong. I need to stop this.

As I'm about to push him away I accidentally or subconsciously placed my hand on his hardon, and what a hardon it felt like. So big, thick, and I bet it's even juicy. I'm certain that it would be sweet tasting too. Hell all the times I licked my fingers clean from fingering myself, the juices were so sweet, I'm sure my boy is the same.

But still this is wrong, OH GOD....he is fingering my pussy. I knew I should have put on some panties when he told me he would be coming. Oh god, I can't stop this now, oh hell might as well go with the flow. If I'm lucky hubby will walk in on us and then leave forever. I can be only so lucky, but then again I do have my son here about to fuck me, hell anything is possible now.

He pushed me gently back onto the couch and lifted my dress up, revealing my sopping cunt to him. I could see the desire in his face as he bent down, his tongue going straight to my clit. I jumped, and moaned loudly as I felt his tongue flicking across my hard bud. My hands went to his head, holding tightly to his hair as he worked my pussy. Making me feel so good.

"Mmmm…Mom your pussy tastes so good!"

I moaned louder, "Oh John your tongue feels wonderful! It’s been so long since a man has licked me. Oh God, I’m going to cum!"

He sucked my clit in harder, nibbling and licking it faster, "cum for me Mom!"

I lost it then, I felt my juices shoot out, filling my son’s mouth with my cum.

I pushed his head gently away when I could take no more and he came up to kiss me again, letting me taste my own cream on his lips.

But once I came I also started to regain my senses. I realized what just happened, regardless of how good it felt, it was so wrong. "John honey, that was great, but I am your mother. You aren't supposed to do things with your mother like that and I shouldn't let you. Yes I did enjoy it but it was so wrong. Hell, what would your father think if he walked in on us?"

"Mom I don't give a damn what that old bum thinks. He doesn't deserve you. You are pretty, kind, you know how to treat a man, and you obviously like to have sex. To hell with him, I could be your lover, your son, your everything. Just let me mom, you have no idea what pleasures I can bring to you. God that orgasm you just had is only the beginning. I have made girls pass out from such pleasures. Mom, if you are willing I can show you things you never even dreamed of".

I began to ponder the question but before I had time for one thought to cross my mind he had his dick freed from his pants. I stared at him in amazement, the look still on my face as he climbed on top of me, his cock entering my slick pussy easily.

"Doesn’t this feel good Mom?" He said as he began to thrust in and out of my long deprived cunt.

"Oh Yes John, but it’s not right!"

"Shhhh…..just feel it. Feel my cock in your pussy, feel it driving deep inside of you."

I began to moan as I gave up my thoughts. I felt myself begin to cum again and welcomed it.

"Oh my Baby, my little boy, you’re making me cum again!"

"Mmmm….that’s it Mom. Let it go, cum all over my cock."

My words were lost as my body began to shake with my second orgasm

"OOOOHHHHH GGGOOOOODDDDD YEEESS THIS FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!" Then there was nothing but pure ecstasy. I can't remember the last time I felt something so sensational. But why, is it because all the other's weren't up to par, or were they pure amateurs in bed, or maybe it was, yes that's it, the reason for such an orgasm for a woman to experience is that she was fucked by her son.

Thanks to the orgasm and losing my train of thought I found myself still on the couch with my son hovering over me pounding away at my cunt. Oh god, have I never even thought of using that word C U N T! But that is what it is; hell that is what I am. A slut, son fucking, cunt. God I love it. I don't care about the reprobation anymore. I just don't want this to end. I need this, hell I deserve this. All those years for that limp dick sitting there watching CNN, I finally am getting mine. Oh god I feel his cock getting bigger, oh lord he is going to blow it all inside of me. "YES SON, CUM IN YOUR MOTHER. You don't need to worry about me getting pregnant for I made sure I fixed that problem years ago."

I heard him moan as those words escaped my mouth. He pumped his hips harder, I watched as his eyes and lips pressed together, and the blood rushing to his face turned it red. I wrapped my legs and arms around him tightly as I felt that final thrust, heard him grunt, and then felt the release of his cum shoot into my pussy. My muscles tightened as I began to cum once more. The feeling of my son's seed filling my womb, filling the place where I had carried him so long ago brought such pleasure to me that I could barely breathe as he finished.

I let out a sigh when I felt him pull his organ from me, and for just a second there was a stunned silence as we both stared at each other. I knew what we were both thinking, that was the best cum that I or he had had in a while, and I knew that it was all due to the fact that we were mother and son. It didn't take him long to break the silence, "Clean my cock Mom!"

I eagerly obliged, moving to allow him to lie back on the couch, I came up between his legs and took his cock in my hand. Slowly I ran my tongue up and down my son's cock, tasting the mingled juices of our recent fuck. I moaned as I took him into my mouth. I began to swallow him down, taking his whole length completely down my throat. I heard him let out a sigh as I began to move my lips back up.

With my constant tongue attention his cock began to show signs of life again. The more I licked and sucked, the harder it got. Licking all his juices and mine off his juicy shaft.

As I continue to suck his cock I found his hips began to gyrate for he is nearing climax again. God he has so much more to give. Once the gyrating of his hips began to quicken I increased the speed of my up and down motion of my mouth and sucked harder than I have ever sucked before. I also began to play with his sack and that just set him off. Exploding all his love juices down my throat. Blast after blast of semen, his love juice. MMMmmmm Tasty. When I was finally done, I looked up into his eyes and said, “I love you lover.” He replies, “I love you mom.”

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