tagInterracial LoveMotorcycle Gang Ch. 02

Motorcycle Gang Ch. 02


Jodie couldn't believe that just a few days ago she was a suburban wife and mother who was a valued member of her church and also on the PTA board. She baked cookies for the fund raiser and in charge of the church Women's Guild Spring Flower Sale. No one would have ever suspected the deep, dark secret this 38 year old red haired beauty had buried for the past several years. She did her family and community duties and not a soul would have dreamed that Jodi was a slut for black men. She had been very careful and discreet about her addiction and never did anything near her small Oklahoma town. Her trips to either Tulsa or down to Dallas were carefully planned so her child was picked up from school, her meetings were either covered or not planned that day, and her husband was busy with his work.

But Jodi had a deep and nagging need to be used by big black cocks. She couldn't go more that a week or two before she had to make a trip to Tulsa or Dallas to meet one or two or many more black men to use her the way she needed to be used. But things changed drastically a few days ago when she had arranged a two day trip down to Dallas to visit with her parents. This always gave her many opportunities to hook up with black men to satisfy her gnawing and consuming needs. During past trips she would visit with her parents and then go out all day on the pretense of seeing old friends that she had grown up with. Of course, the only people Jodi saw on these all afternoon "friend" trips were black men with big cocks who made her do all the things she had desired and craved and fantasized about for the past many weeks.

But this trip hadn't gone as planned and Jodi was taken by a black motorcycle gang and was now their property. They took her at a roadside bar/diner in the small town of Atoka, Oklahoma, where she was fucked by several of them and also by one of their white female gang whores. Jodi was hooked from the start and powerless to do anything but follow their directions and orders. She was living out a fantasy that others would have called a nightmare. Dressed in the gang's colors with a tight tank top and gang vest and a very short black denim skirt with heeled black boots, Jodi looked very sexy. Her body was meant for these clothes and she was a stunning slut in this new outfit. Since being taken by the Black Knights, she had never gone more than 3 or 4 hours without a cock in her mouth, cunt or ass. The more they used her the more her addiction grew.

The Knights had also taken everything of value from her including her cash, credit cards, jewelry and her car. Her wedding band and engagement ring were taken from her as one man fucked her like a brutal animal and made her beg him to please take her rings. The car disappeared the first day and she had never seen it again. She knew they sold it on the black market to a chop shop and it would never be seen again. Now she was being called into the leader's small bungalow in the middle of a compound that was way out in the middle of the plains. As she entered the room, she saw Rodney, the leader sitting in a chair beside a small wood stove with his legs extended and his face drawn up in a sneer.

"Come here slut and let me take a look at you," he barked at her and Jodi walked the 10 feet to him and immediately dropped to her knees in front of him and lowered her head.

Rodney put his hand under her chin and looked at this beauty that now belonged to him.

"Stick out your tongue, whore," he said as Jodi complied.

"I think today we are going to pierce that tongue so our bitch can give us more pleasure. Is that okay with you, whore?" he said looking directly into her eyes and not giving her any will to resist.

"Yes, please pierce my tongue, Sir," she whispered as her body shuddered and her cunt became wet. Many times she had wanted to have her tongue pierced but knew that it was forbidden by her church and she would have been vilified by the congregation for degrading her body. Also, how could she tell her husband, who believed that oral sex was a sin, why she was doing it? But Jodi had wanted to feel the heavy metal ball on her tongue and wanted to feel the reaction of her black men when she sucked their cocks.

"Stand up and take your top off, bitch," Rodney commanded.

Jodi rose to her feet and dropped her vest onto a nearby chair and then pulled her tank top off revealing her nice 34 b breasts for her owner. He looked them over and reached out to feel their size and to squeeze the nipples and see how they reacted.

"These tits need to be bigger and fuller, don't you think so, cunt?" he said in a matter-of--fact way as if he were discussing a loaf of bread.

"Yes, Sir, they should be bigger for you," she said as she welcomed his hands on her sensitive flesh.

"Take off your skirt and thong now and let me see the rest of my bitch," he ordered as she quickly unzipped the skirt and then dropped the skirt and panties to her ankles and kicked them away. Rodney reached out and placed his large index finger between the folds of her cunt lips and ran it the full length of her pussy. She was so wet already that his finger was coated with her juice in no time.

"Take your hands and spread your cunt open for me, slut." He told her and then watched as she reached down to open herself up to him. Jodi was trembling as she did this and her arousal was continuing as he made it clear that he had full control of her and he indeed 'owned' her. His finger played with her swollen clit and ran into her accepting cunt and then back to her clit again.

"I also want your hood pierced just above here," he said as he rubbed her clit a bit harder. Jodi gasped as he fingered her and stood still in front on him while he continued his playful fingering and teasing.

"Yes, Sir," she moaned as his hand moved on her and then forced two fingers deep into her cunt.

"Turn around and when I have my cock out, I want you to sit on it and fuck me," he told her and she moved quickly to comply. Looking through her naked legs she saw his big hard cock come into view and as he held it up, she lowered her cunt down onto him until he was fully inside her. Placing her hands on her knees, Jodi began to lift up and then drop down onto this very big, fat cock that was buried in her. Her ass acted like a machine piston and kept pounding down on Rodney's dick and drove her crazy from the sensation. Jodi couldn't control her rising feelings and suddenly she came hard as she rode him. She cried out from the intensity of it and knew that she needed to keep moving or Rodney would turn brutal very quickly. Her body was trembling and out of control for a minute or so until she finally gained some muscle control and keep fucking his rock hard dick.

"You like to fuck don't you, bitch," he said softly as she worked her wet cunt on his cock.

"I love getting fucked," Jodi admitted to him as she was again starting to feel the very beginnings of the sensations she craved.

"In a few weeks when we have changed you up into a big-titted white bitch, I want to turn you out and sell your white ass whenever I need some money. You don't mind if I turn you out do you bitch?" Rodney said as he slapped her ass hard as she drove down onto him. The effect of the slaps to her ass and the hard cock deep in her cunt started her moving ever closer to another orgasm. But she also knew that the idea of becoming a prostitute for them and fucking strange men for money was making her that much hotter. Again, he smacked her and she increased her movement on Rodney's hard cock.

"I asked you a question bitch," he snarled at Jodi as a hand went around the front of her and took a hard nipple and squeezed and twisted it.

"Yes, I want to be your whore. Anything you want me to do, Sir," she groaned from the mixture of pain and pleasure that filled her body.

"Good, I knew you wanted me to be happy with you," he said as he felt her cunt spasm again around him as she increased the speed on his cock. Rodney shouted and moaned and then began to fill his new bitch with cum. They were both cumming and grinding at each other for several minutes until at last Rodney shoved her hard and sent her sprawling onto the floor.

"Leave now," was all he said and Jodi slowly got up, grabbed her clothes and moved out the door into the night air. As her naked body felt the light breeze outside, she saw two of the bikers look over at her and then motion for her to come to them. They sat out by a fire pit and were drinking beer in the semi-darkness. The fire was going strong and Jodi didn't bother to put her clothes back on as she walked to them.

One stood and grabbed her hair and dragged her to the big tree truck that was lying on its side and served as a long bench. He sat down and pushed her to her knees and Jodi immediately went for his zipper and belt and managed to free his big black cock from his pants. Her small hands grabbed the man's meat and stroked it a few times before she bent her head to take as much of it in her mouth as she could. Her hand stroked as her head bobbed up and down when she felt someone positioning her on her knees and she knew that she was about to be entered from behind. Then she felt the head of his cock push into her wet cunt and plow deep with one powerful stroke. Even with Rodney's cum still in her, Jodi could feel this bikers cock totally fill her. She gasped around the other cock and began to moan as she felt this black cock take her cunt with hard strong strokes.

"What a hot cunt you have bitch," he whined as he felt every place that Jodi had inside her needy pussy. Jodi pushed back at him and moved hard on the cock that filled her so much. The other biker had her head in his hands and was face fucking the slut and forcing his cock into her throat and cutting off her air for brief time periods. Jodi loved this rough treatment and could feel the tight grip he had on her hair as he used it to leverage his cock deep in her throat. She loved two cocks at once and these men were driving her crazy.

"Wait a minute James," the man in her mouth said as he pulled out his cock and looked down at her face. "Maybe she doesn't want our cocks. Maybe we should stop," he said as the other cock in her cunt stopped pounding her.

"Do you want us to stop bitch?" he asked her. "Or do you want to get fucked by us both?"

"Please, I need to be fucked. Don't stop. I need your cocks and your cum. Please fuck your whore. I need your cocks so muck...please...please...fuck me, fuck your slut" Jodi whined at them. It must have done the trick because they both started up again and Jodi was being hammering deep in her cunt and her mouth once again. She was so overcome with sexual frenzy that when the cock in her mouth erupted she was surprised and almost choked on the massive amount of cum before she was able to open her throat and swallow it down. No sooner had this biker pulled out of her than another one took her hair and began to force her mouth down on his black cock. Her cunt then exploded again in a shattering orgasm as the black cock in her pussy fired cum deep inside her welcoming womb.

"Look at the fucking whore cum on my cock. What a slutty piece of fuck meat," the man said as she was then mounted again from behind and stuffed by another cock. He used her for some time and then pulled out and flipped her over on her back and grabbed the ankles of her high heeled boots and really fucked her hard.

Jodi looked up at this lighter skinned black biker and said, "Oh yea, fuck me like that. Use my cunt hard baby. I like to be fucked hard like that. Give me that hard black cock. Fuck your whore baby...fuck her good."

He was working very hard on her and his body crashed hard onto hers with repeated blows from his hips. Each blow smashed her clit onto her pubic bone and was making her crazy. His hands took her nipples and pinched and twisted them and this drove Jodi off again and she was screaming from the intensity of the orgasm. He pulled his hard dick out of her and moved over her face and stroked it until he began to cum and shoot all over her beautiful face. He covered her nose and eye and she tried to catch as much as possible with her tongue. When he was done she looked up and another big cock was just beginning to erupt over her face and more cum joined the first batch to soak the slut with the white cream.

Another cock now took her cunt and buried itself in her and pumped her hard for a minute or two before pulling out and positioning the head at the opening of her tight ass.

"You want your ass fucked, don't you cum whore?" he said as he pushed forward and popped into her ass.

"Oh, God, please....yes, please fuck my ass. Push that black cock in my white ass. Ass fuck your whore...please, please," she begged as he drove it deep and settled all the way inside her ass. She screamed from the pain and penetration but she wanted this too. She needed to be used like this and by so many of these hard black dicks. He held her thighs to his chest as he worked his cock deeply in her ass and made her scream and beg as she looked up through her cum drenched eyes at this man who was making her his cum dump.

Jodi looked to her right and saw a hard cock being stroked by a biker and she instinctively reached out and took it in her hand and began to jerk him off. A cock was over her head again and she opened her mouth and took it in her sucking lips and relished the size and taste of it.

Jodi knew that this could last for hours and that they all wanted to take a turn at the new white cunt. Thoughts of her home and husband and family were far away and the only thing she wanted right now was more cock and more cum. Compared to these men her husband didn't have a cock at all. His short skinny little dick was a joke and she needed exactly what these bikers were giving her.

The night ended for her about an hour later when she had a cock in her ass and one in her cunt at the same time until they both came and forced one final orgasm from her. Then as she lay there on the ground, several bikers jerked off over her naked body and several even pissed all over her well fucked sexy curves. Then left alone, she finally was able to get herself up and walk to the shower room to clean up and then to the small shack she shared with 3 other white sluts.

Sleep came quickly that night and she was awakened the next morning by the sound of motorcycle engines revving up and a strong hand on her back pulling her out of bed.

"Time for your trip to town, bitch," Rodney said as she rose and began to dress in her usual outfit. She had no idea what a trip to town entailed but she followed him outside and climbed on the back of his bike and they rode off with 5 other bikers alongside them. It was a 45 minute ride into the small town where the bikers turned off the main street and pulled up to a small tattoo shop off a side street. As they all walked inside it was obvious to Jodi that they had been there many times before. The white owner was a huge man with tattoos and piercings that seemed to cover his entire body. His head was totally shaved and his muscles rippled under his tank top.

"What do you need Rodney?" he said as the two men exchanged a brotherly embrace.

"My new bitch needs her tongue and cunt done, just the way you always do it," Rodney smiled.

"Are we paying in money this time or something else?" the owner asked.

"No money this time, Steve, just use her any way you want to before you pierce her. I'll leave her here with you for a few hours and you can bring her back over to the bar outside of town when she's done," Rodney said as the rest of the group walked out of the place and started up their bikes.

"Is she a good piece of ass?" Steve asked.

"Yea, the bitch she loves cock and moves her cunt real good. You won't be disappointed," Rodney said over his shoulder on the way out.

As the biker left the store, Steve walked to the door and locked it and put up the 'closed' sign. He turned to Jodi and pointed to the back room and watched her move her sexy ass in front of him as he followed her. Inside the treatment room was what looked like an old barbers chair and a few cabinets and tables with tattoo needles and piercing tools and rings and silver studs. Jodi shuddered as she looked at it all around her and was both afraid and excited by it. The walls were covered with designs for tattoo art and she saw the emblem of the Black Knights prominently displayed there.

"Strip, cunt," Steve said as he moved to sit on the barber chair and watched as Jodi took the vest and put it over a side chair and the tank top and skirt and thong followed. She stood there and knew what he wanted so she walked to him and undid his huge western belt and unzipped his jeans and reached in to pull out a very big cock.

"Suck my cock, whore," Steve said in a snarl and watch Jodi drop her lips around the fat head and begin to jerk him off with her hands. Her tongue worked at the sensitive underside of the white dick in her mouth. He became harder and harder and finally his cock was as big as any of the black bikers she was with the past many days. As she worked on Steve's big dick, she knew that after today, with the tongue piercing, she would be able to really make men go crazy when she sucked their cocks. She had dreamed about having the tongue ball in her mouth and was becoming highly aroused from her thoughts and also from the big cock she was sucking. Many minutes went by as she sucked Steve like a cum crazy whore until she felt his hand grab a fistful of her permed red hair and pull her off him.

"Go sit your ass on the end of that table so I can fuck you," he told her as she moved back to the table's edge and leaned back spreading her legs open for him. He moved up between her thighs and placed his hard cock on her wet cunt lips and began rubbing it along the full length of the aroused flesh. Jodi moaned as he kept rubbing her this way and her hips jumped every time he teased her clit.

"You want my cock to fuck you, bitch?" he asked her as he continued to rub it along her exposed pussy.

"Yes, I want your cock. I need to be fucked hard. Please put it in me and cum in my cunt." She pleaded as she looked at him through half closed eyes in the haze of her sexual lust. He then forcefully moved his hard cock into her and drove it all the way. Jodi screamed from the invasion but her legs went up to grip his waist with her boots and pull him into her even more. Steve pulled back and then began to fuck her very fast and with a savage fierceness. His hips moved back and then pounded in her again and again as Jodi was going crazy from this brutal attack. She liked it rough like this and she could feel her body almost ready to cum.

"Oh God, yes, do it hard. Fuck me like that," she pleaded as Steve kept up the pace and felt her convulse around his cock as her orgasm hit her and drove her into massive spasms. He used and battered her like a rag doll. She kept cumming as Steve continued his assault on her until finally she was released from this amazing orgasm. Steve knew she had cum hard and as she backed off a bit he pulled out and then flipped her over on her stomach. His fingers dipped into her wet cunt and he then took her hot juice and smeared it on her tiny ass ring. His wet cock pressed hard on the small ring and with a hard push, he was able to get the head inside her ass. Jodi moaned from the feeling. It was painful, but the pleasure was also just below the surface. As Steve moved more and more of his huge meat inside her ass, Jodi moved her hands to grip the edges of the table and steady herself to take his deep plunges. She knew Steve was almost ready to cum and she began to push her ass back to meet every thrust from him.

"That's it whore, fuck me with your ass. Move your ass, you bitch. Make me cum," he said out of tight lips as his orgasm hit like a train wreck and he started to shoot cum deep in her ass. His hand reached out to grab her red hair and pull it back to force her deeper onto his exploding cock. Jodi felt the pulsing of him inside her and was pleased that she had made him cum so hard.

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