tagInterracial LoveMotorcycle Gang Ch. 04

Motorcycle Gang Ch. 04


Jodi was torn after Jack had left her. If she kept her mouth shut and Rodney found out about Jack being able to have free sex with her, both she and Jack were in deep trouble. But Jodi also knew that she didn't want her secret to get out. People back home were still wondering how she disappeared and why. She never planned it but when it happened it made her deepest fantasies and desires become reality. She loved her new life and she loved being a whore for Rodney and his gang. She needed it more every day.

Her mind was made up and she knew that when she saw Rodney the following day, that she needed to tell him about Jack and hope for the best. She was afraid of being exposed, but she also was even more afraid of losing this new lifestyle and particularly the hard black cocks she regularly craved and got from the gang members. Her selfish needs won out. She had no choice but to hope that Rodney would still keep her. He showed up most days in the early afternoon and Jodi prayed that he would come to see her tomorrow.

As Rodney entered the suite, Jodi was sitting on the sofa reading a magazine. She immediately put it down and waited for him to speak to her. She was wearing a very short silk robe that just covered barely covered her pussy as she sat there. It was pink and tied loosely with a silk belt. Her only other garment was a matching pair of pink stiletto heels. For some reason, when in his presence, she never spoke until he allowed her to and sometimes he had no interest in her speaking at all. She was owned by him and his gang and they would decide how they were going to use her. She instinctively knew her position and accepted it as if she had found the true meaning for her life.

"So how have you been doing for me, slut," he asked her.

Her head dropped down when she spoke and she wanted to make sure he understood that she was with him and no one else.

"The man who came here last night knew me from my church at home. He told me he wouldn't tell anyone back home that he saw me if he could have me free of charge from now on. I knew I had to tell you so you could decide how to handle this," she said in a small voice that was barely above a whisper.

"I see. So this pillar of the community is trying to hold me up, is he? Well we can take care of him. You did well in telling me. Never try to keep anything from me. It just isn't smart." Rodney smiled as he said this and Jodi knew she had made the right choice by telling him. He reached out and pulled her to her knees in front of him and Jodi immediately began to unzip his pants and undo the buckle. She pulled his big cock out and had it in her mouth a moment later.

"Suck it good whore and get it nice and hard," he demanded as his hand took her head and moved it down onto him. Jodi pumped and sucked on Rodney's cock and felt it growing quickly in her mouth. Her tongue worked over the head as it expanded and she was immediately felt wet fluid between her legs. Her head bobbed up and down on the hard cock meat until he pulled her off his cock by her hair and ordered her to bend over the edge of the couch. Jodi held the fabric of the couch tight in her grip as Rodney positioned himself behind her and with one hard thrust, he forced his huge cock deep into the sexy slut. He then began to move himself in and out of her with hard long strokes and Jodi knew she would cum very fast on this black cock she needed so much. Rodney had a firm grip on her hair as his pounding increased.

"Oh, yes, fuck me hard. I love your cock in me. Please fuck me hard," she groaned as he kept up his constant pace. She looked over at the other two gang members and they had dropped their pants and were stroking their big dicks. She watched them walk to her as Rodney was moving deep into her. Reaching out, she took one of their cocks in her left hand as the other gang member came up in front of her face and watched as she placed her sexy lips around his fattening dick and begin to swirl her tongue around it.

Rodney had found her hips with his big hands and was pulling her back onto his cock as she sucked the other biker into her mouth and jerked the other one's hard cock. Even though Jodi was getting regular sex everyday from a string of well heeled customers, nothing ever compared to the savage brute force and sexual stimulation she got from Rodney and the other gang members. They owned her and she was theirs for the taking at any time. This coupled with her deep submissive desire for big black cock drove her crazy whenever they used her. Her wet cunt was being battered by the rough gang leader but she needed it just like this; all savage carnal lust with her as their receptacle. She was conscious of Rodney talking to the other men as he used her.

"You boys see that sexy new ass we picked up on the road the other day? He asked. "I let the other boys break her in but I want to get some of that ass later today."

Hearing him casually discuss another woman while he was pounding her so hard drove Jodi crazy with lust. She wanted to prove to him that she was the best of all. She knew she was going to cum very soon. It was another proof to her that she was a possession and a sex slave to them and she was driven over the edge just by that knowledge. She was screaming onto the cock in her mouth as Rodney brought her to orgasm and kept plowing her relentlessly. Her loud moaning was vibrating the cock in her mouth and suddenly she was flooded with the warm cum which she eagerly swallowed.

"That's it you fucking whore," the biker roared as he filled her mouth, "take my cum, that's it, take it all!"

Jodi continued to suck him and clean off his cock before he finally pulled away from her and walked to the bar to get a drink. The other biker quickly took his place and she began to suck him as hard and deep as the first black biker.

"Let's sandwich this bitch, Rodney," the biker said and pulled away from Jodi's mouth. He had her hair and as he pulled her upright, Rodney's cock also pulled out of her. The biker grabbed her under her thighs and lifted her up until he could slowly sink her wet pussy down onto his hard cock.

"Oh, God, yes," Jodi groaned as she was fully impaled on him and wrapped her arms tightly around his thick muscular neck. She then felt Rodney move up behind her and place his cock at her tight ass opening and begin to force himself into her. The fat head popped inside and she screamed from the pain and the pleasure which all mingled into an amazing sexual sensation. Sandwiched between both men, Jodi was bounced on both huge dicks as the worked into her and drove her near another climax. The closer she got to cumming, the more she screamed and moaned and pleaded with them.

"Oh, please, fuck me hard. I need your cocks. Oh, please, I need it so bad. Fuck your slut, oh, please," she wailed as they increased their pace and made her into a crying piece of fuck meat. And then she felt Rodney stiffen and knew he was about to unload inside her. With this knowledge, she started to cum so hard and with such intensity that she dragged the other biker over the top and they all were cumming together and groaning and pounding at her helpless cunt and ass. They battered her in between them and she drained their cocks with their fluids deep inside her. As they finished, they let her go and she slid slowly down their bodies and to the floor. Still coming down from the intensity of her orgasm, Jodi crawled between Rodney's legs and began to suck and clean him with her mouth until he just pushed her aside. She then went to the other biker and used her mouth to clean him up as well. Rodney had already pulled up his pants when the biker pushed her aside and she fell onto her side on the thick carpeting of the suite.

"I will be back tomorrow morning for you and we are going to make a road trip back to your home town and see this asshole who wants to cheat me out of my property." He said as they all followed him out of the room.

As they approached her town, Jodi was frightened that she would be recognized riding on the back of the big Harley behind this huge black outlaw gang member. But the more she thought of it the less she was worried. First, she was dressed in the gang colors which consisted of a sleeveless denim jacket that was left opened so that her braless tight tube top could be seen to about an inch above her skirt waist, leaving her mid section bare. Her new breasts were so much larger than they had been that they alone would attract attention away from her face. Her black denim skirt was short and rode high up on her legs as she sat behind Rodney and she held him tightly as they entered town. Her head was partially covered by a black patterned bandana/scarf that covered a lot of her red hair, which was her most distinguishable feature. Her big sunglasses also helped her hide her identity.

It was early afternoon and Jodi pointed out the way to get to Jack's house. She then realized that it was too early for him to be home and told Rodney he would probably be at the church and just his wife would be home right now. Rodney smiled and kept going toward Jack's house.

"He took advantage of my property so now I take a piece of his property," he chuckled as his cycle pulled in the back of Jack's driveway which was hidden from the street. The other bikers were behind Rodney as he came to a stop behind a row of hedges that blocked the view from the street. He walked toward the back door of the house and rapped hard on it. A tall blonde woman came to the door. She was pretty but very modest in the way she dressed in baggy tan slacks and a blue cotton button down shirt. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail which ended in her mid-back.

"Can I help you," Audrey asked as she saw only the large black man in front of her who seemed to block out the entire door. She looked nervous just staring up at this enormous man. Most people came to the front door and she didn't expect to see someone ringing the back door. She had few black people visit her and never black men.

"Yes, Ma'am, your husband Jack sent me over to look at something in the house. He's over at the church and wanted me to drop by to look at it," Rodney said with a captivating smile on his face.

"Oh, Jack sent you? Then please come in," a relieved Audrey Cutter said as she opened the door and moved aside as he entered her home through the kitchen door in the back. He went into the center of the room near the counter and turned as she looked up at him.

"What was it that Jack wanted you to take care of Mr.," she asked, "I'm sorry, I didn't get your name."

"He wanted me to come over and take care of you Audrey. He said you needed some attention," Rodney said softly but with a large smile on his face.

"I'm not sure what you mean Mr., whatever your name is. I don't need anything at all from you," she said as the panic started to enter her voice.

She watched Rodney walk back to the door and was relieved that he was heading out of her home. When he got to the door he held it opened and then she watched the other men enter her kitchen along with a red haired white woman who was dressed just like them.

Audrey asked again, "Please, what is it you want?"

"I am told that you don't give your man what he needs in the bedroom. So I thought I'd come by and give you some lessons. That way Jack won't have any need to fuck my working girls when he visits Tulsa," Rodney said softly as his hand reached out to slowly unbutton her shirt.

Audrey backed up in an attempt to get away from him and then felt the edge of the kitchen table on her ass.

"Please don't do this," she begged as her blouse was opened and pulled off her shoulders. Her breasts were larger than they looked when hidden behind her oversized clothing.

"Take the bra off and let me see your big tits. Do it now!" Rodney said raising his voice and leaving the frightened housewife no alternative. The bra was unsnapped in the center and she dropped it to the floor and put her hands down to her sides.

"Now take off your pants, bitch, and do it fast," he ordered as she undid her belt and then the zipper and slid them down her long legs to her feet. Stepping out of the tan pants, she stood frozen in front of the black giant in just a pair of white cotton bikini panties and brown leather three inch high heels.

Pulling a knife from his pocket, Rodney saw the total fear in the woman's eyes as he moved closer and then reaching forward and taking the cotton fabric in his hand, slit each side and let the panties fall to the floor. Except for her heels, she was naked. Her husband Jack was the only man to ever see her like this and she was ashamed for being forced to display her body. She wondered how Jack was involved with these men and she recalled the statement about her husband being with one of this man's women. It didn't make sense.

Rodney placed a hand between her legs and slowly began to rub her softly between her pussy lips. Two other men were at her sides and one leaned forward and began to suck on her right nipple while the other black biker had his hand all over her other breast. Audrey closed her eyes to force this scene from her mind. But her body felt the caresses and the big finger slowly work into her exposed pussy. The only sounds in the kitchen were those of the men working on her naked flesh and taking their time to get her nipples rock hard and to extract some juices from deep inside her. Rodney would put his finger deep into her and then slowly pull it out. He would then rub her clit for a second or two before moving back inside her.

Audrey had a very simple and unrewarding sex life. Jack would move above her in their bed when he want sex and with no foreplay at all begin pushing his large cock into her. At first it always was dry and painful, but when he started to pump in and out of her, she always got wet and began to move back at him as her enjoyment increased. But every time she became aroused and started to get into the moment, Jack would climax and grunt and roll off her. Audrey never had an orgasm from Jack and had on many occasions resorted to using her hand the exact way that Rodney was now using his. Her nipples had always been very sensitive and the double attention they were now getting was also stimulating her. Her nipples were very hard and aroused as the men sucked and pinched them harder. Her body was reacting to these men even as her fear and confusion as to why and how this could happen in her quiet suburban world clouded her mind.

Rodney turned his head to motion Jodi to join them. As she got close to Audrey she noticed that the tall blonde had her eyes closed and she could see that her body was becoming aroused.

"Eat he cunt," Rodney said as Jodi kneeled down in front of the woman and moved her face closer to her pussy. She could see the wetness surrounding Rodney's finger as he pulled it out and stepped back to allow Jodi some room. Audrey almost jumped when Jodi's tongue first licked her swollen clit and then worked all along her pussy lips and back up to her clit. Her eyes shot open from the sensation as she looked down to see the top of the head of this redheaded woman between her legs.

"No, please, not a woman," she pleaded as Jodi began to tongue fuck her between bouts with her clit. Audrey was becoming very aroused but the idea of having a woman eating her was something she just couldn't comprehend.

Both men were sucking her tits now as Rodney stepped on a chair and got on top of the kitchen table the blonde wife was leaning on. He pulled out his cock and straddled himself over Audrey. She was leaning back and being supported by her outstretched arms. Pulling her hair back he began to force his big cock into the woman's mouth. She automatically opened and accepted him before she even knew what he was doing. Then she realized that she had the black biker's cock in her mouth and she tried to move away from it. It was hopeless because of the grip Rodney had on her hair. Never in her life had she done this to anyone although she had heard of many women who did this for their men all the time.

Jodi had pushed her up onto the edge of the table to allow her more room to get at her wet cunt and she could feel Audrey slowly moving her hips along with the tongue assault. Jodi loved knowing that this up tight church woman, this pillar of respectability, was spread out on her own kitchen table have her tits sucked on by two black bikers while she had a cock in her mouth and a woman eating her cunt.

Rodney could feel the woman begin to suck on him as he moved in and out of her open mouth. Her tongue began to swirl over the large cock head as she allowed more of the hard black dick to use her face. Jodi took two fingers and pushed them into the woman's cunt as she sucked on her clit. Remarkably, Jodi felt Audrey's high heels come to rest on her shoulders as her long legs were now pulled back and she humped the biker redheads face with her needy cunt. With all these conflicting and competing sensations racking her helpless body, Audrey began to moan loudly. It wasn't a sound of a person being taken against her own will but one of a woman who wanted this to continue. As this was going on for several minutes, Rodney decided to pull his cock out of her mouth and get down off the table top.

As soon as the cock left her mouth, Audrey opened her eyes to see why it had been taken away. She saw Rodney pull the woman away from her soaking cunt as the big biker moved to take her place between her legs. He placed his cock at her cunt opening and took hold of her under her thighs. Looking down at her he slowly pushed his big dick into the blonde wife as she looked up at him and moaned out loud. Taking her legs and pushing them back, Audrey rested her high heels on Rodney's broad shoulders as he began to work harder with a constant in and out motion.

"Oh, God, you're so big," she moaned as he moved in her cunt. Her body was in such a highly aroused state that she met each hard stroke with her driving hips. Leveraging herself using her heels on his shoulders she was able to move with him as her ass drove up at him. She felt her mind was going off into space as she experienced the first orgasm of her life from being fucked. It was something she could never have dreamed of being this good as her body rocketed with the explosion and she moaned and cried out as never before.

"Oh, please, oh, please, it's so good. Don't stop, please don't stop," she begged. "More, oh, please more," she called out as Rodney kept his massive cock deep in her and moving with a hard and steady motion. Her orgasm continued for a very long time and Audrey knew she wanted this to go on forever. As it slowly subsided, Rodney pulled out and pulled her forward and then turned her face down on the table as he sunk his cock back into her and began fucking her again. One of the other bikers lifted her up a bit and placed himself between the woman and the table so she had no choice put to have his cock in her face. She placed her mouth around it and as Rodney fucked her from behind (a position she had never tried before) she began to suck his cock. Although she had never used her mouth on any man before today, she had an instinct for what he wanted. Her mouth tightened on his cock and she used her tongue all over the fat cock head and the sensitive underside. Audrey felt hands on her head forcing her down on him and she willingly submitted to his needs. At the same time, Rodney was using her from behind and she loved the way she felt as he filled her with more hard cock than she ever knew any man possessed. The sensations once again starting to envelope her stuffed cunt and she knew she was building to another big orgasm. Rodney pulled her mouth up and off the other biker and asked her if she wanted him to make her cum again.

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