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Moulin a Trois


I am an American on vacation in Europe for the first time. I have been here for two weeks and been in nothing, but meetings and conferences sustaining myself on stale muffins, runny eggs and day old coffee with boring co-workers for what seemed like eternity. It was my last night here and then I would be returning to my kindergarten teacher wife, dog and two year old twins. I missed them, I admit, but the daily grind of family life had become...mundane.

Everyday it was the same repetitious series of events... breakfast, work, dinner, playtime with the kids and two minute sex with my wife twice a week. I wanted a little adventure, something a little rocky road in my vanilla world. This is what led me down a crowded, dank alley on a European street.

"Hey Buddy want some action" said countless voices as I headed down a long strip. I ignored these voices because paying for sex just wasn't my speed. As I continued this walk taking in the scenery filled with the zealous, the hesitant and the indecisive I spotted a woman.

She was standing propped against a wall like she owned it. She looked out of place here-like the lioness surrounded by tigers-up to the fight, but not wanting to sweat.

She looked like a 50's pinup girl with curves and her red hair pulled back in a knot at the base of her neck. She lifted her eyes, almond shaped eyes the color of fine whiskey. She cocked her head at me as if to say come closer.

"Hello" I said. She did not respond instead looking me up and down from head to toe.

"Are you here for the show?" she said in a gravelly whisper.

"No, but I could be." I said. She looked at me and walked into the alley and motioned for me to follow her.

The first guard looked at me with piercing gray eyes as I went to walk through the curtain behind her "Wait" he called as the other guard put out a beefy paw.

"He is with me" she said in a tome that left no room for argument.

"Sorry Nela" he mumbled as he moved aside and I stepped behind the curtain.

Inside were people sitting around a stage. It was dark and the stage was empty. As we made our way towards a seat, I began to look around. People were smoking, drinking and laughing like any other club.

Except some people were doing this naked. Other people were also in various stages of kissing and fondling. I was already feeling myself harden as I took a seat beside Nela.

She reached in her bag and took out a thin cigar which smelled of strawberries. I fumbled for my lighter and lit it for her. She took a long drag and then moved toward me and put her mouth on mine. Nela blew the smoke into my mouth and then looked at me.

I expertly blew the smoke into the air and moved my mouth over hers. As she slid her soft tongue into my mouth, she reached between my legs and had her hands around my head so quickly I could not react. Nela broke away from the kiss to get a good look.

"Very good, American men always have good size yes?" as she stroked my penis with her tiny black laced covered hands. I moved my mouth back on hers as she took me in her hand and began to twirl her fingers around my head.

"Have you ever been to this kind of show before?" she purred as she used her other hand to cup my balls and caress them through her hands, gently tugging the hair.

"No" I said barely paying attention to her words.

"Then you are in for a treat my friend" she said as she tucked my penis away and the light dimmed. "You don't want to miss this" she said and leaned back in her seat.

A spotlight fell on the stage and a chair. On the chair was a woman of about 20 years old. She was a Claudia Schiffer lookalike with a massive pair of tits.

She stood up and she was wearing a corset on top, exposing a thin layer of pale skin and on bottom a thin piece of cloth wrapped around her ass and legs leaving her cheeks bare. The girl said no words, but held up a sign saying Laura.

Laura sat back down and spread her legs so we-the audience could see her vagina. I was close to the front so I could see that she was hairless and when she put a finger in I could see her clit which looked like a small pink button buried deep in between her lips.

Nela saw back in her chair and removed her suit jacket. As she did this I saw she had nothing but a bra on underneath. It was white and lacy and I could see her brownish tinged nipple peaking through the lace.

As she bent forward to remove her shoe she made eye contact with me and then lifted her shapely leg onto my lap. I unbuckled her shoe and she slipped it off and slid her narrow foot against my penis and rubbed the tip with her toe through my pants.

Not to be undone on stage, Laura was fingering herself furiously on stage to the eager catcalling of the audience" Stick in two fingers" to which she happily obliged, stretching herself wider.

"Go for three" called another. Laura lifted her head at this and then leaned back and inserted four of her fingers as deep as she could. Then she teasingly closed her legs and rolled over and pointed her finger off stage and beckoned for someone else to join her.

I turned my head and another woman was coming on the stage. She was Indian and had inky thick black hair that seemed to swim down her back and her front like a shadow. She held up a sign saying Ash and then she swung back her hair revealing a pair of double D' topped off with two little chocolate chip shaped nipples.

Ash turned towards me and we locked eyes. Her eyes were dark, so dark I felt like I was looking into a never-ending sea at dusk. She then turned and looked at Nela and licked her lips revealing a tiny piercing at in her tongue, the tiny jewel glittering against her doll shaped lips.

Nela's eyes were glued to the stage as she looked at Ash as a hunter looks at his prey. As she watched Ash's every movement, she took her own hand and put it between her legs and began to rub herself slowly.

Overwhelmed, as the action in the seat next to me seemed bound to become as hot as what was happening on stage.

Ash walked towards Laura, who was now seated on the chair again leaned forward and gently touched her magenta stained lips to the valley in between the Laura's ample cleavage, leaving a trace of her lipstick across the her boobs.

She looked out into the audience and gave a teasing smile, slipping her tongue out and licking her lips as if to say "what do you want to see next?"

Ash pulled the corset down giving us a small view of a piece of Laura's tit. She them pulled it back up and massaged the boob with her hand kneading the flesh as Laura put her head back and parted her lips in ecstasy.

"Suck it" said a man sitting to my right who had one hand stroking his penis and the other buried deep between the legs of a tiny Asian woman sitting next to u who was moaning louder then the people on stage.

Ash must have heard him because next she roughly pulled back the corset revealing a huge globe of pale flesh topped with a strawberry nipple on top, the point arching towards Ash's waiting mouth.

Ash sucked in the nipple slowly into her mouth and let if follow back out bouncing in her hand, She then took both boobs out and began alternating sucking and licking both with a frenzy.

Nela turned towards me and took my hand and slid in gently between her legs. She was slick down there and surprisingly had a full bush. I gently tugged on her hair and then slid one finger inside her. She began to rock with my hand, gripping my finger and slowly rocking her hips back and forth.

Laura stood up Ash's lips still attached to her nipple and motioned for Laura to lie back on the floor. Ash moved back on the floor spreading her legs up and waving them towards the audience, jiggling her tantalizing thigh flesh at us. Laura grabbed her legs and crouched down between them. She began to look around as if she was looking for something. She then motioned off stage as she had done before.

An Adonis of a man walked on the stage. I was not homosexual in the least, but the man that came on stage looked like an Italian model that belongs on the back of a motorcycle in Vogue.

He entered naked, holding himself in his hand. He had long pink penis which reminded me of an Italian sausage about to burst out of its seams. He too held up a sign saying Tino. Tino came forward smiled and Laura took his dick in her hand giving it a long lick hello.

"Lick it like a lollipop" came the yell and then laughs from the frat buy aged table on the other side. I turned my head to have a look around and that same frat boy had a college aged girl straddling him backward as they watched they show, she grinded on top of him and he massaged her topless form.

As I turned my head again, I saw a silver haired man crouched on the floor sucking hard on the dick of another man.

Laura smiled into the audience and quickly began to suck on Tino's cock. As she did this, Ash sat up and joined her. As both of their asses poked out at the audience and swayed, teasing us, Tino was in everyman's fantasy world.

As Laura began to suck on his head, Ash moved in and began licking his shaft up and down, up and down. Tino reached out with both hands and began bobbing their heads up and down. Laura began to move her hands up and over his shaft still sucking on his head; Ash moved her head down to his balls and began to lick slowly.

"Enjoying the show" whispered Nela as my eyes came back to hers. She was lying in my lap now with one eye on stage and one eye looking at me.

"Yes" I said "but enjoying you more" as I stroked her ass. She smiled and turned her face in my crouch giving little cat licks to my throbbing penis.

But I digress back to the stage.

Tino kneeled down next to Laura who moved him between Ash's legs. She took his dick in her hands and moved his penis close to Ash's glistening vagina. Laura moved around them now so she was facing the audience and inserted his penis into Ash's vagina.

Ash arched her back when he entered and then Tino took over. He made slow, but hard strokes into Ash. He rocked her body along with his slowly at first and then faster.

Nela had stopped licking me now and was sitting up, alert staring at the stage with a little smile on her face. I reached over and began to massage her thigh. She turned toward me and then to the stage and touched her watch. I smiled, nodded and massaged a little higher up her thigh

Laura watched for a minute and then she moved herself astride Ash's face slowly lowering herself as Tino reached his hands over and began to rub her breasts.

Tino began to moan and pump faster into Ash as Laura began to move herself over Ash's mouth to the same rhythm as if they were all one snake moving in sync with each other. Tino pumped one more time furiously into Ash and then stayed inside her and sat back.

Laura also moved herself off as Ash and moved back. Ash sat up with a reddened glistening face and smiled at the audience. They stood up and took a bow. The audience clapped and wolf whistled. Ash held up a sign that said intermission.

"What could possibly top that" I thought aloud.

"Oh I don't know I think I know an idea" said Nela.

Guess I better wait and see.

To be continued....

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