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Mount Walt


"Did you ever wonder.....mmmm you still have the tightest pussy....what another man would feel like?"

Her eyes were just starting to glaze, and when she focused them to look at me, I saw surprise. Partly it was because I didn't talk when we fucked-I grunted-but the real surprise was the subject.

"Oh, you are a tight pussy expert now, are you?"

"I am, and yours is. C'mon. You didn't answer my question. Who were you thinking about just now?"

It was about 8 months ago, and I finally said what I had been thinking for years. I often imagined I was watching somebody else fuck my too-pretty-for-me wife while I was inside her. I know, I know. I'm supposed to fantasize that I'm fucking a young sex-crazed starlet, but that never worked for me. What worked was fantasizing that she was letting a young sex-crazed hunk fuck her.

"Ooohhhh god, honey.... I feel bad, but I was."


"Your boss....ooohhh god honey I was imagining that he was fucking me...ooohh that's it, fuck me hard."

I could feel my cock get stiffer, more sensitive, and I swear it grew.

"Call me Walt as I fuck you...uunngg you're so hot...imagine I really am Walt fucking you."

I watched her face. She stopped moving momentarily and her eyes opened wide to stare at me. Her desire to yield to my request was evident, as was some fear. When she finally let her desire overcome her fear, her cry of surrender oozed with emotion.

"Ooohhh god....ooohhh Walt....ooohhh god fuck me hard Walt honey."

She closed her eyes as she gasped Walt's name, and it was easy to see she was becoming lost in the fantasy that I really was Walt. I suspected I had already been Walt many times in her mind as we fucked.

"Yes, I'm Walt. I love to fuck your cunt, Gina....Mmmm damn you're hot....How does it feel to have my cock where no cock has ever been? My big cock is touching your cunt in places that have never been touched before."

I did feel bigger, and I was certainly being more forceful as I held both her hands above her head and stared down at her face as I pistoned with powerful thrusts.

"Ooohhh god ...Walt.. yes.. oohhh Walt.. oohhh I love your cock...oohh god Walt honey... I love your huge cock in my cunt."

Her speech impediment was arousal. Words came unevenly: sometimes staccato-like, other times with huge time gaps between them. Sometimes I could barely hear a whisper, other times I could have heard her screams of passion from the house next door. She exhibited a reasonably large vocabulary of unintelligible sounds that were apparently involuntary. I heard a whimper or a sigh or a gasp or a moan or one of a dozen other sounds expressing pleasure with each inward thrust of my ready-to-explode cock.

She kept her eyes closed, but the rest of her face was a mirror for her lust. She rolled her head back and forth to a hidden rhythm, and she exposed her gorgeous neck each time she arched her back from a pleasure spike. She licked her lips frequently and the muscles in her face tightened and relaxed in a chaotic pattern, each one of which expressed excitement and arousal.

I bent down to nibble on her neck, then moved up to whisper in her ear. "Gina, I'm going to fuck your eyes out".

"Ooohh god yes...ooohh god Walt honey... fuck me blind....yes ooohh god yes... that feels... so good."

I let my eyes wander down her body. She was breathing hard, and her tits rose and fell to match her panting. God, what tits. They are still as firm as the day we met, and the sag that has become obvious in so many women her age was barely evident. They rippled each time I bottomed out and her nipples, which were almost purple from blood flow, bounced from the culmination of the ripples. I released her hands so I could feel them, but I didn't slow my stroking. Her back arched when I first rolled her nipples in my fingers, and the harder I squeezed, the more she arched to push them further into my hands.

"Ooohhh god... ooohhh god Walt honey....oohh god... that... feels... so good....oohh god fuck me...mmm... pull my tits....squeeze them hard...ooohhh god... ooohhh Walt."

I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was wet from her own exertions and from the sweat I dripped or rubbed on her, and her upper body was flushed to a reddish tint. Her hands, free to move after I released them to squeeze her tits, clenched and relaxed haphazardly. She moved her arms as if she couldn't find a comfortable position, but the continual motion was just another sign of her intense pleasure. Her arms hugged me tightly for a short while, and then she placed them flat on the bed while she writhed. She grabbed my ass briefly and held me tight against her while she ground her cunt against my pubic bone. She helped my hands squeeze her tits, and then she gently rubbed her clitoris. She stretched them back above her head, in the position they were when I held them there together, and turned her head to kiss me. As we kissed with the passion revealed by the sloppy exchange of saliva, she put her hands flat on the bed above her head and used them to push her entire body up like she was trying to do a backbend.

Her upper body was animated like I had never seen; but as I looked down to see my cock pounding in and out, the movement of her upper body was less than what was below. A complex combination of rotations and pelvic thrusts matched each stroke I made, and she clenched and relaxed her pussy in a rhythm that didn't match my pumping frequency. There was squeezing pressure on my cock that made her pussy as tight as a virgin's when she kegeled; and when I bottomed out on each forward thrust, she was pushing up to get my prick as far into her as possible. She gave a little rotation when I was fully inside that wrenched my cock sideways, and my cock was being stimulated like never before. The energy she was expending was at least as great as my own.

Yes, there was no doubt she was on an entirely different level of arousal from our normal fuck.

My cock throbbed as I felt the familiar signal for imminent orgasm, so I stopped to prolong my pleasure. She didn't like me stopping, and she began trying to fuck me from the bottom by using her arms and legs to pull her cunt up and down and back and forth on my motionless cock.

"Ooohhh... god... don't stop.... ooohh...Walt honey... keep... fucking... me... ooohhh.. that's it.... oohhh... god... mmm... I love.... your.... huge cock...... mmmm.... in my......... mmmm...... cunt."

The time between each word increased as she approached orgasm and the pauses were filled with little whimpers and moans. As the frequency of her words decreased, the ones she spoke became louder.

I have always loved to watch her when she disappears into her own little pleasure world, but tonight was especially exciting because every indicator of her arousal was magnified as we both fantasized that I was Walt. I knew the signs of Gina's impending climax, and I knew that when her dam burst, it was going to be shattering.

"Mmmm damn you have a tight pussy Gina.... Kirk's cock must be a lot smaller....I'm going to ruin your cunt for him."

I watched her face to see if she would catch the "tight pussy" comment this time, but it went zooming by. Her full focus was the pleasure she was receiving as Walt fucked her.

"Oooohhh god.....Walt....I'm....coming.....ooohhhh....god....yesss........ oohh god..... ruin..... my.... pussy.... for..... Kirk... ooohhh.... god.... Walt.... honey...oohh........yes......I...love...it..... you.... are..... so-oo-oo....... much..... better.... ooohhh....... god........ yes......... ooohhh........ yes."

When Gina comes, she has contractions in some of her pussy muscles that are as involuntary and as powerful as a man's. It is almost impossible for me to stop when her cunt milks me with her orgasm, and this was no exception. What was an exception was the intensity of my climax. It was the most concentrated pleasure I'd felt in many years. It was also one of the quickest simultaneous orgasms we'd ever had, and, wonder of wonders, the first since our honeymoon where my erection didn't shrivel after ejaculation. I started stroking again almost immediately.

Gina looked at me in shock. "Didn't you come?"

Her orgasm must have been as potent as mine. After 10 years, she knew my orgasm and she never had to ask before whether I came. This was the first one she was ever unsure about, so I knew her entire concentration had been on her own pleasure when she came.

"Yes. Mmmm it was great. The best in a long time". I kept stroking. "Walt wants to fuck you some more."

She stared into my eyes as if sizing me up, then closed them and grabbed my ass with both hands.

"Ooohh god Walt honey....you can fuck me whenever you want."

I pinched her nipples while listening to her moans. She moaned because her mouth was too occupied to talk: I tongue kissed her as vigorously as I pumped. I was enjoying sex more than I had in years.

"Turn over. I want to pinch your tits as I fuck you doggie style."

"Ooohh god.. Walt honey ooohhh.... You can fuck me.. however you want."

"Damn right....uuunngg you're my cunt now....I'll fuck you whenever and wherever and however I want...tell me your cunt belongs to me."

"Ooohh god Walt honey it does...oohh that's it...fuck your cunt...mmm it feels so good."

I was picturing her in all sorts of positions as Walt fucked her. I'd long had a suspicion that Gina liked to fantasize about somebody else fucking her, but what surprised me was the erotic power the image of Walt fucking her had on my id. I usually imagined a nameless stud fucking her, but now there was a name and a face and a relationship attached to the man I imagined was fucking her. I watched my cock slide forcefully in and out, and I pictured myself standing up behind Walt watching as he was the one fucking Gina doggie style. The cock I saw going in and out didn't belong to me, but rather to Walt. It was as close to an out-of-body experience as I've ever been.

I was on the brink of orgasm at least three times before I came again. Gina had at least 5 in that half-hour interval, and each time she screamed how much better Walt was. The more she said it, the more excited I got. I even woke in the middle of the night and Walt fucked her again.

That was the beginning, and I either was Walt or I talked about Walt every time we fucked for the next eight months, until last week. I've probably fucked Gina more in the last eight months than I did in the five years before that combined, and I know the real Walt fucked her more than I did. It lasted about two months where I was "Walt" as we fucked and it stayed our private fantasy, but that wasn't enough for either of us. We finally decided to try to orchestrate an affair between Gina and poor Walt, the totally unsuspecting object of our plot.

Poor Walt? He's 28, 6'4", 220 pounds of lean muscle, vice-president of information technology, and, as Gina later discovered, hung like a prize stallion. He's smart, considerate, funny when he wants to be, and extremely sexual. Women are his hobby. He has supreme confidence-justifiably-that he can nail any woman above the age of 18. One other thing: wedding rings are invisible to Walt. Yeah, poor old Walt.

Our company manufactures and wholesales women's clothing, and Walt is legendary here. Every guy wants to be like him and every woman wants to be with him. We employ relatively few men, and because women like to talk, every guy here has heard women talking about what a stud he is. I'm sure every woman has too.

Walt usually dates women from outside the company, but he had been with at least a dozen of our own when he was promoted to be my boss. It is sometimes awkward when a younger colleague is promoted, but Walt has handled it with ease for almost two years now. The thing that makes it the easiest for all us older managers is that he deserved the promotion because of his work. Plus, most of the managers here are women and they love to do what he asks.

His promotion didn't change his lifestyle at all, and he continued to be an equal opportunity pursuer. Walt caught women of different races, religions, occupations, and marital states. He didn't just catch them for a night-if they were worth chasing, he wanted to catch them and keep them until he had them broken and tamed-and hopelessly in love. He loved them back with all his passion while they were together.

When he was with his flavor of the month, as we all jealously called his latest, he was the perfect suitor. He took her to exciting places and events. He introduced her to interesting and well-known people. He sent her flowers a couple of times per week. He went shopping with her at least once a week and spent freely buying clothes and jewelry for her. He called her in the middle of the night to tell her he missed her. He sent her to his own professional photographer for a complete portfolio, one any model would be proud to present, and boudoir poses were only included at her suggestion. He listened intently to what she said at all times. In short, when he was with her, he was 100% with her.

Walt appears to be constantly in love, but obviously not with the same woman. I haven't talked to him about it, but my guess is that he wants the emotional high one gets when they first fall in love, so he falls in love repeatedly. I think that the instant the euphoria begins to wane, he looks for another. And he doesn't just drop them and say goodbye. He knows how to gracefully tell them it's over so they aren't pissed at him, just sad it's over. His parting gift is always valuable and personal-his attention to what they say always clues him in on their deepest desires. Tears flow when he tells them, but they all seem to be thankful they had the chance to share part of his life with him.

Of the women in our company Walt had fucked, at least half were married. We often saw him with married women who didn't work here, too, so he routinely found companionship from women supposedly committed for life. When Walt took up with a married lady, two things happened. First, he treated her like she was single so everybody knew they were "dating"; and second, everybody knew she would be back with her husband before long because Walt would move on. And we suspected a third thing: the poor husband was going to suffer through a lifetime of unfavorable comparison. Walt has more people charting his moves than Emmitt Smith does, so we all knew he would stay with his newest flavor at least a couple of weeks and rarely more than 3 months. A girl in sales, one of his former flavors, maintains a "Walt timeline" dedicated to tracking Walt's relationships. Gina's on it.

Walt has the looks, money, and personality to get anybody. The funny thing is that he doesn't always end up with 22 year old supermodels. Poor Walt likes the company of women, and some of his longest lasting affairs were with middle-aged housewives who were still beautiful, a description that fits Gina perfectly.

Walt, Gina and I all work for the same company, but Gina is in Sales and Walt and I work on systems. I'm the Manager of Production Technology and Walt is my boss, VP of Information Technology. Gina works on another floor of our building so we are close enough to have lunch if she isn't out trying to sell more women's clothing. If Walt and I didn't work together, Gina wouldn't have been dreaming he was the one fucking her. The subsequent events were so glorious, magical, thrilling and intensely erotic that even now, after Walt has moved on to another beauty, Gina and I thank our lucky stars every day that Walt and I work together.

I should say a little bit about Gina. I'm 39, and she's 7 years younger-note how I didn't tell her age. She's 5'4", 110 pounds, 35C-22-34, blonde, blue-eyed, quick to flash her perfect teeth (but slow on other body parts, much to my dismay), firm, with the most perfectly smooth skin ever. She's also smart, but more than smart I think she's quick-witted. Her clever retorts come back almost before my words have dispersed into silence, and she can cut people to shreds verbally better than anyone I've ever known-although I've never seen her do so unless she was attacked first.

You should know one other important thing. I knew I would never satiate her even before we got married. She was about to graduate from college when we met. Yes, she was still a virgin and quite religious, although there were things she was beginning to question. I was 16 months divorced and not religious at all. Who would have suspected we would click like we did, but in two months I was fucking her a couple of times a day and in ten months we were married.

Gina was multi-orgasmic from the first time I fucked her. Ten years is a long time to always be randy, but Gina has never refused me. No 'I've got a headache's. No 'I'm too tired's. No 'I'm on my period's. No no's, ever. She really likes me to fuck her, but I've always known in the back of my mind that she would really like it regardless of who fucked her. She loves the act of fucking, and since her capacity is greater then mine, I always get totally satisfied. She initiates sex most of the time. Her pussy flows with the mention of sex and dirty words or graphic accounts turn it into a sloppy mess. When the conversation at parties turns sexual, I know I'll be attacked in the car on the way home.

I felt like a normal guy before I met Gina-a guy who wanted more sex than he got. After I introduced her to the joy of sex, I still felt like a normal guy but I thought Gina's appetite for sex might put her in a borderline nymphomania category. Even before the wedding I felt guilt because I knew I would never be able to fully satisfy her. My consolation was that I didn't think any individual man could.

As I said, I had been Walt as I fucked her for about two months before we took our daring up a plateau.

"Uuunngg fuck what got into you?...mmm you're sloppy."

She had just finished sitting down on my cock and I was looking up at her as she hunched with extreme vigor. She was still wearing her dress and I had barely made it in the front door. It was a Friday and I was looking forward to a drink and a sit to let the work frazzle lose its bite. It wasn't to be, but sometimes you get more than you want. As soon as I walked in the door, she was on her knees taking off my shoes, socks, and pants. Her tongue and lips and throat and suctioning cheeks brought full wood in short order. She pushed me to the floor, and then filled her extremely wet cunt with every millimeter of my cock in one quick gravity-assisted drop.

"Ooohhh..god....Walt honey... I talked.....mmm... to Julie today.... ooohhhh.... god.... she said....mmm...you used to....ooohh god... fuck her... a lot.... ooohhh.... fuck me Walt honey......... ooohhh....... yesss....... oohhh..... god ..... I'm...... coming.... ooohh.......... god... yes... ooohh........ yess... mmm..... god."

A new record. I couldn't have been in her two minutes. Fortunately, I wasn't ready to come but I loved the feeling when her orgasm milked my cock. I let her get through the most intense part before I spoke.

"I remember Julie well. Mmmm your cunt is more talented Gina...so what did Julie have to say?" I did know Julie. She and Gina had gone shopping a few times, and I met her husband a couple of times at company parties. Nice guy.

"Ooohhh god.....Walt honey she's still in love with you....she said to tell you that you could fuck her anytime."

"I don't go backwards Gina....mmmm take off your dress...I want to watch my cock going in and out of your cunt."

It wasn't like her to wear anything at all when I fucked her. Unlike many men, I find total nudity to be the most arousing.

She lifted the hem and before it got to her waist I saw it.

"Uunngghhh fuck you shaved your pussy....uuunnngghh...uunngghh damn.... Uunngghh that looks great....sooo hot....uunngghh what made you shave it?"

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